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To Buy That New Carpet.
W'ehivc ine imci mic ui oiusjcii, idpciiy, in
grains and Mattings in the three cities.
How alvKit Bedroom Suite-? ami Parlor Suites? We are heail
uirttT for these goods. We are showing a very line 'line of
jia-i never been better, and don't fail to see our
Fint in tho world and only $3.00 can bo used as a quilting frame.
103. 105. 10? E. Second Stre-t, D vV '"NP iT. fA.
iv:.....h ! 413
lustain Home In
alling' for Rock Island
re wing" Co., Beer.
The Best Beer Made,
On Tap everywhere.
The Rock Island Brewing Company, success
ors to George Wagner's Atlantic Brewery, I.
Huber's City Brewery and Raible & Stengel's
Rock Island Brewery, as well as Julius Junge's
Bottling Works, has one of the most complete
Brewing establishments including Bottling de
partment in the country. The product is the
very best. Beer is bottled at the brewery and
delivered to any part of the tri-cities, and may
be ordered direct from the head offices on Mo
line avenue by Telephone.
from those that purchased a pair of our
World's Fair Shoes:
we are enjoying the Fair immensely. Your shoes
give Tis great comfort. We aTe able to walk all day
and not suffer the slightest inconvenience Tnev are
ir.dspensibie to us.
MORAL Be sure and get a pair before taitir.g on
a pleasure trip and remember that we ive special at
tuition to
Second and Harrison Sts., Davenport.
0y jjj?
1803 Second Ayexroe;
Try ice cream soda at Krell &
Cream served with every glass of
soda at Krell & Math's.
Phosphates that do you good to
drink at Krell & Math's.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wivill have re
turned from their wedding tour.
Mrs. Mary Maples, of Minneapolis,
is visiting with friends in the city.
Found Health by using Monroe's
Tonic found at the Harper house
W. H. Manning, of Detroit, Mich.,
is in the city and will remain some
time visiting friends.
We serve pure fruit juice and crys
tal spring water in our soda. Re
member this and try Krell & Math's
Are you satislied with your health?
If feeling run down tfv Monroe's
Tonic, it will cure you. Marshall &
For rent A good ollice in Buford
block m Seventeenth street. For
terms apply at residence, 1804
Seventh avenue.
One fact is worth a thousand theo
ries. It's a fact that Monroe's Tonic
cures weakness, nervousness, etc.
Try it, Marshall & Fisher's.
The parents and husband of the
late Mrs. Augusta Metier desire to
express their thanks to neighbors
and friends for many acts of kindness
in their late affliction.
A horse attached to a Davenport
commission man's wagon made a
lively run along Third avenue in the
vicinitv of Tenth street last evening,
scattering eggs and other articles all
along the street. A boy who was
driving narrowly escaped serious in
jury. In a letter from Chicago to a friend
in this city. Fred Hass writes as fol
lows concerning the WorhPs fair ho
tels: --I consider it unwise to make
advance payment on World's fair
(juarters, or juite unnecessary to
make any arrangement for accom
modations, as you can do much bet
ter yourself after you come here, a
everv person knows better what he
wants after he sees them. Furnished
rooms in hotels and private families
arc so numerous that 10,000 people
could be easily accommodated in the
World's fair district. There is not a
hotel or rooming house that is at the
present using one-fourth of its capac
ity. The magnitude of the fair is mi
vast that it would be difficult to ex
press it on paper. As regards prices.
I consider them very reasonable. I
have discovered that people who
have made advance payments have
been jrreatlv taken in."
Ouit the stage.
The Cherry sisters have taken the
advice of the press and gone home to
their farm, but they now appear in
the role of litigants in a court of law.
After they had decided on a starring
tour they leased their little farm, an
imals, increase, etc., to a Mr. Houts
for a period of one year, beginning.
March 1. Returning from the tour
they decided to oust Mr. Houts ami
brought a replevin action for the
livestock. The ease was heard be
fore Judge Ellsberry, of Marion, Sat
urday. A jury was impanelled and
the hearing lasted throughout the
lay. The jury on retiring finally
agreed to disagree, and the result will
probably be another trial. The girls
have staying qualities, and though
Mr. Houts may- defeat them in their
action, the Cedar Rapids paper thinks
strong reasons exist for believing
that for him life will hardly be worth
the living during the text year. If
they would sit on the fence and sing
to him, says an exchange, Mr. Houts
would no "doubt vacate the premises
in a hurry.
Ia tho liarth Slowly Freezing?
In Spitsbergen and Greenland, in Alaska,
along tho banks of the Mackenzie river,
even in Grinncll Iml between 80 and 83
degrees north latitude the farthest point
yet reached fossil plants have been found
belonsang to the carboniferous, jurassic,
cretaceous and tertiary periods, and these
plants have been descriled by Professor
Oswald Ilcrr of Zurich. The fossil sequoias
of Grinnell Land bear an unmistakable re
semblance to the living sequoias of Califor
nia, while ths fossil laurel Laurus primi
genia of ancient Greenland is- said to bo
the direct ancestor of our present laurel.
The cold which overwhelmed the ancient
polar regions is not arrested in its progress;
the cause which first hrought it on is still
at work. Our sun is becoming more and
more condensed, and by and by it will no
longer find in the contraction of its diam
eter a source sufficient to keep up its en
ergy, ai:d with the extinction of the sun
our earth must perish. The approach of
this deadly world cliill i.i infinitely slow
so slow that history takes no note of it
but in time the now crowded portions of
the cr.rth m;;st meet the fate of Greenland
ami Spitsbergen. This day is still buried
in tho distant future, but far off as it is the
lesson of the past tells us that it is coming.
Catholic World.
Joslin, June 13 F. E. Crompton
considering that the Swedish jubilee
at Rock Island was the opportunity
of a lifetime, went down on Thursday
and did not return until Monday. It
is interesting to know that the jubi
lee is in commemoration of the
300dth anniversary of that memora
ble assembly of Upsala, at which, af
ter a 70 years' struggle, the Evangel
ical Lutheran Church of the Reforma
tion at last gained the victory and
was fully established in Sweden. We
could but notice that a majority of
the visitors were well dressed, broad
cloth suits and silk hats predominat
ing, and that they were very socia
ble, friendly and polite to all around
them. In 1993 we hope to have the
privilege to meet with them again.
Dr. Morgan, of Moline, gave an
address to the people Of Barstow, on
Monday evening last, showing forth
the benefits of the Forum. On Tues
day the Dr. and Mrs. Morgan start
Tor the World's fair to be srone two
. The cut worm is destroying whole
fields of corn, some of "which has
been tended both ways, and al
though this is June 13, there are
quite a number of farmers replant
ing, which is very discouraging.
On Monday morning we heard the
engine f a freight train tooting for
some time, ami then to slacken speed,
and finally after killing a yearling
calf, the train stopped.
John Moore, James Rathbun and
Charles F. Shafer have insured their
residences and farm buildings in the
Coe and Znma Mutual.
Mr. ami Mrs. James Rathbun and
their daughter visited with F. K.
Cromptoh and familv on Thursdav
The frequent showers we are hav
ing, combined with the heat, is caus
ing the corn to grow rapidly.
The l.ililics.
The pleasant effect and perfect
safety with which lad icy may use the
California liquid laxative. Syrup of
Figs, under all conditions, makes it
t heir favorite remedy. To get the
true and genuine article, look for the
name of the California Fig Syrup
company, printed near the bottom of
the package.
World's Fair Kate.
The Hurlington route (C li.
R. R.) will well round trip tickets
from Rock Inland to Chicago and re
turn from April 25 to October 31.
193. inclusive, at S; final limit for
return November lo, 1S93. Contin
uous going passage date of sale.
Continuous ret urn passage on or be
fore final limit. Children of five
years and under 12 years of age half
of above rates.
II. D. Mack. Div. Pass. Agt..
Rock Island, 111.
M. J. Yoi N;, A.rt., Rock Island.
A Han Thermometer.
Lean men mae the best thermometers. i Fah
renheit ntver invented better ones If the
weather ia warm and eunny, they are cheerful.
If cold and frosty, they are irritable and snappy.
If damp and cioudy, they are downcast and
gloomy. But if either lean or fat men are suffer
lng from bllionsnesa, headache, consti pation, or in
digestion, the weather will always be damp and
clondy In their locality, unless they nse Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. These Pellets are
small, aogar-eoated granules, calculated tto start
the liver and digestive organs Into healthy acti
vity, ana thereby raise low spirits, and dispe
gloom. .
Property Holder, Attention.
I wish to notify all property
holders in the Third ward who
are desirous of laying their own
walks under the ordinance recent
ly passed that they can still do
so if the work is done immedi
ately. The matter will be taken up
at the July term of the county court.
Ald. Dan Corken '
of Kendillville, informal reception Dy v J
goveriMHfjU- . -
Dedication- a Arkansas BnlMlnjr. 1
June 15 is the annlve
tance of the state of Arkansas into tl
Union, and it was thought that no mb'
nnronr.ite Idav could be chosen f
the dedication of the state building at t'
... , ... Ar;n;, VI Vic
Kits All fits stopped free by Dr
Kline's Croat Nerve Restorer. No
fits after the first day's use. Marvel
ous cures. Treaise and $2 trial bot.
tie free to fit cases. Send to Dr
Kline, 931 Arch street, Philadelphia
Pa For sale by all druggists; call
ou vours
are all caused by
Be warned ! Nature must be as
sisted to throw off the poisons. For
this purpose nothing can equal
Nature's own assistant
A pure Vegetable Compound of
Herbs, Barks, and Roots. Contains
no acids or mineral poisons.
It Is n reliable as the Hank of Em.-t.lnd.
All that i claimed for It. it will do. $1.00 a
bcttie. All druggists.
jrnnd Ave., New Haven, Conn.
0 531
Washes everything from a fine
silk handkerchief to a circus
tent; Lace curtains a specialty.
No. 1724 THIRD AVE.
A. M. & L. J. PARKER,
Telephone No. iai4
Cold as an Iceberg
That is what people say who use our Refrigera
tors, takes so little ice to run them, they are
solid oak, Bronze trimmings, dry air and free
from odor.
Save Money-
Buv where you have
a large stock to select
Easy Payments,
No Extra Marge.
Furniture, Carpets, Curtains, Stoves, Lamps,
Kitchen Furniture, Dinner, Tea and Toilet Sets.
Gas and Gasoline Stoves.
All styles and sizes, the latest improved, easy to operate,
economical, ornamental and always give satisfaction.
jsew design? lovv pki:es.
Easy Payments No extra charges
322 Brady Street, Davenport, Iowa.
"Upholstering of alljkinds to order.
Feathers renovated on short notice.
A A. iT"t . .
And Xiess.
We have sevcidiiucsot Ladies' fineOxfords
carried over from last season, mostly in A,
B and C, widths nearly all sizes, and we shall
Cut the price in two. Be sure and
be fitted before they are all gone.
New Department
162? Second Ave., under Rock Island House.
The Furniture establishment of
is replete with all the novelties of the sea
son, purchased for cash from the best
known makers in Grand Rapids. They can
not only save you money, but give you new
and choice designs in Parlor and Chamber
Furniture, sideboards, tables, chairs and
lounges. Thanking you for your patronage
they solicit an early call.
1625 and 1627
Second Avenue.
124 li6 and 128
Sisteenth Street.

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