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hoh. XLI NO. 246
Single Copies S Ceata
Per Week ISM Cents
Big Store.
Blue Front.
Your choice of any Straw Hat in the House for
Your choice of any Light weight Pants, on sep
erate table, worth 3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 for
Your choice of any Child's Shirt Waist in the
House for 5Q CEHTi
Mothers Friend and Star Waists.
We Undersell Everybody on Everything.
They Can't Meet. Our Price.
Subject Discussed at a World's
Fair Congress. !
v i r aw t Hr r B r r r r- r
Big Store. ryt Blue Front.
Our selection of new designs for the comino; sea
son is nearly all in stock, and we feel confident
your inspection will pronounce it overwhelmingly
i superior to any we have ever shown.
We have taken advantage of every opportunity in making our selection, in order to give
the people of this city and vicinity ttis choicest desisjaa fron ths product of nearly every
manufacturer in this country, at the very lowest pric-is. We emoloy only first "class
workmen, and shall be pleased to receivs your orders for Paper Hanging, Painting, or
anything pertaining to Interijr Decorating:
loom Moulding to match wall paper.
Window shades ready made and to order, all colors
Picture Frames latest styles.
Wholesale and retail book sellers and stationers. 1727 Second avenue. Bock Island
lien's Artistic Tailoring.
The Fashionable Fabrics for Spring and Summer have
arrived at
Call and leave your order
TA.E Block Opposite Habpeb House:
Is Life Wnvtb Living?
That Depends Upon Your Health.
Will cure you and keep you well.
For sale at Harper House Pharmacy.
Immense Saving with Prevent Lake Facil
ities and Some Improvements Proposed
The White City Scots at the Park
Storage Tire Sensation Arrival or an
Indian Nabob A Day for Colored Peo
ple, and the Programme.
CiIICAOO,Aug.4. Qne of the most import
ant of the congresses that are an adjunct
of the World's fair is now in session at the
Art institute. This is the Water and Com
merce Congress and the subject under dis
cussion yesterday was one of great inter
est to the northwest. It was "Lake Navi
gation." Samuel A. Thompson, secretary
of the board of trade of Dulutli, made the
principal address, and in addition to haul
ing the riiil.-oads over the coals he elo
quently pictured the advantage of a ship
Illt;ilLASIK.';s TAKK IX THE show.
canal com ecting the great lakes with the
Atlantic ocean. Hecent statistics show
tha: the average rate per tort per mile on
the railroads is about 9 mills. The aver
age ra e of the lake traffic through the
"Soo" canal is one-eighth of that. The
average cost of transporting, frieght by
rail, Thompson said, is 4.78 mills per ton
per mile, while oue lake steamer, the
ilonola. carries it at a cost of .4 mills.
Effect of I.akr Competition.
The Erie canal, the speaker said, is not
a good example of a canal. The lake ton
nage is 3U.O0O 000 per year. At the rates
charged by railroads the cost of trans
porting this freight would be enormously
greater than it is now. Railroad rates
are always subject to competition of the
lake routes, and on account of this com
petition the people save Pt least 400,000,
000 every year. If the lakes and Erie ca
nal were clewed the people would proba
ably lose t.V),000,000 per year. The speaker
cited one occasion when the railroad rates
were 8 cents, but a sudden freeze-up in
the Erie canal caused them to go to 7
cents. A ship canal to the seaboard
would not injure the railroads.
Railways Scheming for Control.
"The railroads are even now in a scheme
to obtain control of the lane traffic, and
being uiuible to transport all the grain to
the east themselves they are today using
the Erie canal and pocketing the difference
between transportation b? train and by
water." Mr. Thompson said the best route
to the sea would be by way of a caual
around Niagara Falls, which would admit
vessels to Lake Ontario. Then a canal
from Oswego through New York state,
connecting with the Hudson river, could
utilize Lake Oneida. The total cost of the
canal would be ubout $150,000,000.
System of Ton ing Proposed.
Mr. Thompson continued: "It is now
proposed to organize upon the lakes a
system of towing analogous to railroad
trains. The boats nud their tows will be
directed by the telegraph, as railroad
trains are. Tugs will take the place of
switch cngiues. In live years I expect to
sec tows going down the lakes carrying
25(000 tons of freight. With steamers
drawing twenty feet of water the lake
rates will be cut in half. Contracts have
been let for lake steamers which will sail
around the Campania or Etruria in six
hours in the opeu sea. It is wrong to sup
pose that the lake tiaflic is slow. The
boats run faster now than freight trains.
There are steamers which average sixteen
miles per hour between Buffalo and Chi
cago, while the average net progress of
a freight train is only eight miles per
A Iill n ut Knute Suggested.
The discussion which followed showed
that there was a good deal of difference of
opinion as to the proper route of the pro
posed canal. E. H. North, of New York,
argued that the enlargement of the Erie
canal would make a better route, as it
would pass through a more populous coun
try. Several other speakers sustained the
Lake Gntario route. .
A Programme of Parades, speeches and
Music The Storage Fire.
Chicago, Aug. 4. Today is Scotland's
day at the World's fair. It began early
this morning and will be kept up until
late tonight. The New York building
will be the general headquarters and there
various receptions are to be held during
the day. At 10 a. m. a reunion of bands,
iluefs and vocalists was held at the New
i'ork state building. At noon there was
a reception tendered by the ladies in the
same building. At 1:33 p. m. a parade
will take place composed of 100 pipers and
Royal Scots, IlighlandersTteocieties.etc. At
2 p. m. "the Congress ,uf- Scots" will be
held in Festival hall. Addresses will be de
livered by the chairmansMayor Harrison
and visiting Scots. At ;0 p. tn. a grand
Scottish concert will be given in Festival
hall. Miss Mab Munro, the "Scottish
Nightingale," from Nairn, will sing. Geo.
MacDonald, of Oban, known as the "High
land Laddie Violinist," will play.
There has been a sensation exploded in
the investigation of tho cold storage ware
house fire which has been promised ever
since the sraiiid urv took up the inqury.
J. J. Duggan, a stony Island avenue sa
loonkeeper, testified before that body that j
from the opening of the exposition right!
up to the time of the fire goods were
stolen, or at least removed, from the cold
storage warehouse by the wagon load.
The wagons used were express wagons
and they left at night. The implication
is that the employes of the warehouse
looted the building and then set fire to it
to hide the crime, though why they set
fire to it in I he day time is not explained.
Duggan is said to have named scores of
witnesses and a number of persons who
were in the rascality, including several
gate keepers.
Rajah Rajagan of Kapusthala, who is a
potentate from India, has arrived in Chi
cago with his suite of seven persons. He
is accompanied by ne of his numerous
wives, this lady being the first woman of
a royal Indian household who ever left her
native land. All of the members of the
party are dressed in European attire ex
cept for the huge a"d ornate turban which
adorns the maharajah's head and denotes
his rank. It may be added that although
the chief visitor is only 21 years old he has
forty wives and money e. ough to support
as many more.
Colored people from all parts of the
country will visit the fair on Aug. 25. The
excursion committee has arranged for ex
cursions from all parts of the country.
The exercises will be held in Festival Hall,
and among the singers will le Sissieretta
Jones, the black Patti; Harry Burleigh,
teacher in the National Conservatory of
Music, New York; Sidney Woodward, of
Boston, and Mme. Seilka. A specially
trained chorus of 100 voice?, the original
Fisk Jubilee singers, and the Exposition
orchestra will also particij ate. There will
le scenes from the opera of ' Uncle Tom's
Cabin," composed by a young negro, Will
M. Cook. A 11 the music will be by colored
authors. In the evening Fred Dauglass
will preside and deliver the oration.
The people who believe in balloou navi
gation are holding a congress at the Art
Institute and are quite sangnne that they
will oe able to navigate the air ship some
of these days. Nothing hos developed,
however, explaining how with a wind of
'JO miles an hour blowing in the opposite
direction from which an air ship desires to
go, enough power is going to be evolved to
carry the ship to port.
Paid admissions to the fair are looking
up a lit t le. Yesterday there were 90.907.
Clow to 0:ie of the. Mauitou Islands The
Fact Kept Secret.
Chicago, Aug. 4. One of the densest
mysteries of the great lakes the where
abouts of the propeller W. H. Gilcher, lost
in the storm of Tuesday, Oct. 25, 1S92, has
at length been cleared up by the discovery
of the wreck close to one of the Manitou
islands, near were floating wreckage first
told the story of the disaster. It was sup
posed that she had broken in two in the
storm, but it now appears that the ma
chinery was disabled and that she went
ashore. Eighteen men were last with her.
The islanders, for the sake of the stores
and hard coal with which the Gilcher was
laden, kept the secret of the wreck driven
ashore, and it was not until cupidity
prompted one of them to approach J. S.
Gilchrist, one of the owners of the vessel,
with an offer to locate the wreck if he
were paid for it, that even a suspicion of
the Gilcher's whereabouts was aroused.
She was supposed to be lying in 100
fathoms of water somewhere in the regu
lar track of vessels between Buffalo and
Milwaukee. The Gilcher was insured for
S18i),000 and of course her wreck belongs to
the underwriters. To them Captain Gil
christ referred the man who offered to
show where the wreck now lies.
The Widow of the Late Milwaukee Mil
lionaire Appeals to Court.
Milwaukee, Aug. 4. Mrs. Maria L.
Mitchell, widow of Alexander Mitchell,
has begun a suit against her son, Senator
John L. Mitchell, and the Wisconsin Ma
rine and Fire Insurance Company's bank.
The bank owes her $200,000, it is learned
from good authority, and her son, it is al
leged, is behind some $50,0u0on the annual
allowance which he is required to pay
her. When Alexander Mitchell made his
will be gave bis wife $200,000 outright and
permitted her to take this in stock in the
Wisconsin Marine and Fire Insurance
Company's bank. Besides he gave her an
annuity of fjo.ooo and the magnificent
Mitchell homestead on Grand avenue and
Ninth street.
Mississilpi Valley Kegatts.
Minneapolis, Aug. 4. At the first day's
races of the Mississippi Valley Amateur
racing association the junior pair was won
by Kirsch and Sheehan, of the Westerns,
in 10:10, the distance being miles with
a turn. The junior fours, 1 miles, was
taken by the Minnesota club in 8:35.. The
senior singles, 4' mile, was won by Koenig,
of the Westerns no time taken. The
junior singles, 1 miles, was won by
Brown, of the Lurlines; in 10:14, and the
junior doubles by Mabon and Houghton,
of the Minnesotas, in 6:50.
An Inexorable Sheriff" s Wife.
Ottawa, Kan., Aug. 4 Prisoners in
the county jail at this place set on fire a
mattress in one of the cells during the
sheriff's absence. Clouds of smoke soon
filled the jail, and the prisoners appealed
to the sheriff's wife to be released, expect
ing then to gain freedom. She heroically
held the keys until the officers arrived.
The prisoners were then marched out un
der guard and the fire soon extinguished.
More Pension Evidence Required.
Washington-, Aug. 4. Commissioner
Lochren has issued an order requiring
evidence as to the credibility of witnesses
to affidavits residing in cities of 20,000 or
more inhabitants. Heretofore the credi
bility of witnesses residing in towns of less
than that number of inhabitants has been
obtained from the postmaster of the town,
but there has been no step taken to ascer
tain the credibility of witnesses in the
larger cities. ,
Terribly Disastrous Forest Fire.
May's Landing, N. J., Aug. 4. The fire
which has burned for a week in Burling
ton county along the MulUca river, has
exhausted itself. A careful estimate places
the damage to buildings at flaO.UUO; to
timber, $1,300,000, and to the crop of cran
berries, (75,000.
Released from Her Vows by the Pope.
Kansas City. Aug. 4. Ten years ago
10 -year old Mary Brennan took the
vows of poverty, obedience and chastity
with all the solemn rites of the Roman
Catholic church and became a nun of the
Order of St. Joseph. Her family is one
of the best known in Kansas City. Mary
became discontented with her life and a
special dispensation from the pope has re
leased her from the vow.
Scores on the Diamond Field.
Chicago, Aug. 4. In the League base
ball games the following were the scores:
At Baltimore New York 6, Baltimore 7;
at Cleveland Chicago 4. Clevelaud 8; at
Louisville St. iouis T, Ixmisville 4; at
Pittsburg Cincinnati 5, Pittsburg 4; at
Philadelphia Washington 7, Philadel
phia 22; at Brooklyn Boston 5, Brook
lyn :.
Spent It in Kiotohs laving;.
ST. Louis, Aug. 4. Nicholas W. Hersch
mann, bookkeeper for the Consolidated
Steel and Iron company, has been arrested
charged with- emlezzling 7.000 of the
firm's money. Herschmann acknowledges
stealing the money and says he spent it
in riotous living.
An Ohio Murderer Hanged.
Columbus, Aug. 4. Frank Von Loon,
who while trying to rob a bank at Co
lumbus Grove, this state, Oct. 8, 1891,
killed an old farmer, w: s hanged in the
penitentiary here at midnight.
The Weather We May Expect.
WAsnisGTOs. Aug. 4. The following are
the weather indications for twenty-four hoars
from 8 p. m. yesterday: For Iowa Slight
ly cooler, fair weather; northwesterly winds.
For Indiana and Illinois Warmer, fair weath
er; variab'e winds. For Michigan and Wis
consinWarmer today, cooler tonight; vari
able winds, becoming westerly; fair weather,
except possibly light local rains near the lake
Chicago, Aug. 3.
Following were the quotations on the
Board of Trade today: Wheat August, opened
E&hiC, closed 59c; September, opened 61o,
closed 6136c; December, opened tS4, closed
5ic. Cora August, opened 3c,closed 3SKa:
September, opened c9c, closed 8tc;
May, opened 0c, closed tojc. Oats August,
opened iH, closed 23?uc; Septem
ber, opened tic, closed 24c; May,
opened i&$c, closed 29V4C Pork August.
orenl, 12.93. closed fl3.5; September,
opened 13.100, closed $12.75. Lard Au
gust, opened (7.15, closed f '.&
Live stock: The price- m the Union
Stock Yards today ranged as follows:
Hogs Estimated receipts for the day 18.0C0;
quality good; left over about ,0UU; market
rather slow and quiet but prices steady at
yesterday's decline of 5c.fl.00; shippers
still holding off in many instances; sales
ranged f4.O0a5.OO pigs, f4.5o5. light,
f3.9o.4.30 rough packing. f4.4O5.0u mixed,
and (4.3034.75 heavy packing and shipping
Cattle Estimated " receipts for the day,
12,000; quality fair; market moderately active
on local and shipping account; prices lio
lower; quotations ranged at ft.T5&V$
choice to extra shipping Steers, 94.804.93 food
to choice do., f3.854.aj fair to good, f 3 SK-a,
4.00 common to medium do, f3.&S.W batchers
Steers, t2.a3.00 stackers, f2.7ft3.40 feed
ers, fl.85O3.10 cows, f2a heifers, f.
8.76 bulls, fl.803.70 Texas steers, and fi.50
6.7S veal calves.
Sheep Estimated receipts for the dar,
8,000; quality fair; market rather active;
prices lc lower; quotations ranged at
f3.25 4.75 per 100 lbs westerns, tl.3il.00
Texas, fS.0S.01 natives, and f3.00-5.8-
lambs. ,
Produce: Butter Fancy separator, SOo
per lb; fancy dairy, 16.17c: packing stock,
1314S4c Egg9 Fresh northern stock, 13$
perdoz. Live poultry Spring chickens, 13
(12Hc per lb; hens, 113.UKc; turkeys, 10i
11c; ducks, 9c; geese, f3.ooa.00 per dot
New potatoes Early Ohio, fl.43:l-6) per
bbl; 6003 per bu; rose, f 1.93. Apples New,
fair to good, fl.7&2.50 per bbl; choice, f2.7S
3.00. Black raspberries, Michigan, fl.103
1.25 per 16-qt case; red raspberries, f 1.00.
1.25 per 24-qt case. Honey White clover, 1-lb
sections, 1517c; broken comb, 10c; dark
comb, good condition, lol4c; extracted 05o
per lb.
New York.
New Yore, Aug. a
Wheat August, 68c; September, J 11-18
7PJc; December. 76.7:c Corn Dull but
firmer; September, 474c; October, 47ic;
No. 2, 4HJw'. Oats No. 2 dull and steady;
September, a'Hic; state, 3544c; western,
34.44c. Pork Dull and steady. Lard
Firm and dull.
Tbe Local Jltrkrts
M beat ?4(jl76o.
Corn 40c (&4:3e.
Oats Ss3(ic.
liny Timothy. S. 0039 00; upland, 17.00;
Uul . $5.00; baled. S10.UU11.00.
Butter Fair to choice, SOt ; creamery, 2i;.ic
Eggs Frah, 15c.
Poultry Chickens, Uc; turkeys I- ; ducksl
12ttc; geeec, 10c.
Apples f 4 00 per bbl.
Potatoes 4U4.ic.
Onions 75c per bbl.
Turnips 60c per bu.
Cattle Butchers pay for corn ted etecrs
4.3.4c ; cows and ueifeis, i;iS!c calves
Hops 5c
Bheep ti4e.
No other
is so
No other
is so
Costs less than Half
and pleases much better
than the over-priced and
over- endorsed" kinds.
i I Judaefor vaurself-
I j
J In Cans. At your Grocer's
p.? e
i. J-
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