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Fa hit shed Daily and Weekly at 16-24 Second
Avenue, Bock Island, III.
J. W. Potter.
TBM Dally Sue per month; Weekly n.00
pm aanam; In advance $1 .SO.
AH eonwunlcations of a critical or argumenta
tive character, political or religious, most hare
real name attached for publication. No eucb
articles win be printed over fictitious s-natures.
Inoymoni communications not noticed. '
Correspondence solicited from every township
In Rock Island coutily.
Veiskiav. September i'ii. 1893.
Always in season an advertise
ment in the Daii.v Ai;;is.
Eilalia may now go back to Spain,
her noe elevated at the rest of royal
ty. What other of them has had the
happiness to moot McAllister face to
Walter Be ant believes that Chi
cago will be the metropolis of Ameri
ca. Chicago wilf regard Walter as
rather stupid. Couldn't he see that
he is already that?
IjErmaxv has Doen burning Robert
Louis Stevenson's book on Samoa, be
cause it makes unfavorable comments
upon their attitude toward Samoa.
Germany ought to know by this time
that the ashes of a book are mora
vorous than the book itself.
TnE progressive king of Siam has
been trying to induco his people to
Imitate the ways of civilized nations.
His reward is seen in the attempt of
one great civilized nation to bully
and rob, while another great nation
looks on and docs not offer a rebuke.
The report that there has been
over 700 deaths from cholera in the
Bouthern part of France Mnco
May sounds formidable. But
the southern part of France is a large
place, atd there have probably beeu
over 700 deaths from colds there dur
ing the same period of time.
ICiM-apeil Iion Caught by an Elephant.
An exciting and remarkable scene oc
enrred yesterday at Barnsley, where
Day's menagerie is being exhibited.
The manager states that abont 4 o'clock
Bartlett, the keeper, accidentally left the
door of a cage containing yonng lions un
fastened. Bartlett was afterward sur
prised to see one of the lions loose. Hap
pily no siwctators were in the show at
the time. The keeper immediately armed
himself and sent for aid. Blank car
tridges were fired to keep the lion at bay.
Luckily, it came within reach of a power
ful elephant named Jumbo II, who was
fenced off by means of ropes and stakes
in one corner of the show. The elephant
seized the lion with his trunk round the
body, and placing his foot npon him
held him down. The keepers, who had
secured ropes, noosed them, and putting
them on the lion's legs secured and
dragged him into the cage. Westmin
ster Gazette.
m Ild Mr. Kelly Ilojiight?
Did Mr. Jolin Kelly do the'rTght thing,
or did he do the wrong thing, yet the
only thing possible under the circum
stances? According to his story he was
dining in a restaurant with a woman
when the latter complained of the too
manifest n'Jiinration of two elderly men
"who sat at a able near. Kelly was
abont to remonstrate when, so he says,
they got up and, on pretense of looking
at a picture which hung over the table,
one of them addressed a remark to his
companion. Mr. Kelly smote the in
truder between the eyes, breaking his
glasses, and was arrested. It is a repeti
tion of Guy de Maupassant's story of
"The Coward" over again, except that
Mr. Kelly was courageous. But what
was he to do? A cat mny look at a king,
says the proverb. Yet if the way of
looking was objectionable, what was
Mr. Kelly to d' Xew York Evening
This Happened In C'lticuco.
A little Chicago .Vyear-old (everything
happens in Chicago this summer) was,
according to a raconteur on a suburban
piazza last week, at one time bidden by
her mother to be very good on a certain
evening when the pastor and hLs wife
were to take tea with her parents.
''You must not speak unless yon are
spoken to; if yon really want anything
you must ask fur it very prettily and
properly," was the oft rejieated injunc
tion of the mother, and the child sat
down at the table with a crushing sense
of the importance of the occasion.
As the meal progressed she found her
self in need of something. The minister
Bat next her, and after due consideration
she decided to appeal to him. "Mr. A.,"
she began, raising her grave blue eyes to
his face, "will yon please, for Christ's
sake, to pass me the butter?" New York
Gentlemen Wtio Aspire to lie Kluukeya.
With the exception of Lord Carring
ton (who did very well indeed) the offi
cial actors in the ceremonial at the
duke's wedding appeared to be very im
perfect in their parts, and it is a wonder
that no accident took place. It was odd
indeed to nee a uumlier of aristocratic
personages walking backward with the
appearance of lx'iug saturated with the
most slavish servility, but even more
grotesque and remarkable were the con
stant nnd profound bowings and scrap
ings of all the courtiers.
Lord Palmerston once remarked to
Lord Dalling, who refuted the saying to
Charles Lever, "What a happy arrange
ment it is that in an age when our flun
keys aspire to be gentlemen there are
gentlemen who ask nothing better than
to be flunkeys," and he never said a bet
ter thing. London Truth.
This is the sorrowful story
Told when the twilight fails.
And the monkeys walk together
Holding each other's tails:
"Our fathers lived ia the forest;
Foolish people were they.
They went down to the cornland
To teach the tinners to play.
Our fathers frisked In the millet,
Onr fathers tl ipped in the wheat.
Our fathers hut in the branches.
Our fathers di.need in the street.
Then came tin terrible farmers.
Nothing of pit y they knew.
Only they caught our fathers
And set them to labor too!
"Set them to w irk in the cornland.
With plows and sickles and flails:
Put them in mudnallcd prisons
And cut off tl eir beautiful tails!
"Now we can ti au-h our fathers.
Sullen and bn .ved and old.
Stooping over t ie millet,
Stirring the s lly mold.
"Driving a fool h furrow.
Mending a ni':ddy yoke.
Sleeping in mud walled prisons,
Meeping tlu i food in smoke.
"We may not s eak to our fathers.
For if the far nep knew
They would cone up to the forest
And Fi-t i to lalxir too!"
This i the honible Mory
Told as the tv iiight fails.
As ttie monkeys walk together
Holding each othe r's tails.
IJudyard Kipling.
Two Ktrai Re ltrotliem.
It had always Iwen the habit in the
Ward family if tn-o relatives differed
strongly to arrange not to lie on speaking
terms. Dr. Willia n G. Ward was once
asked how much he had known of his fa
ther's first cousin, Sir Henry Ward. He
replied quite gravely: "I only saw him
twice once as a 1hv, when he came to
see my father, and then again I had an
interview with hit 1 about a matter of
business son after I came into my prop
erty. We arrange 1 at the end of it not
to be on speaking terms," quite a super
flous arrangement, as Sir Henry Ward
lived at that time in Ceylon, of which he
was governor, am" in fact never came
again to England f ir a prolonged visit.
Dr. Ward and li s brother Henry had
been estranged for a year or so, aud one
night they met at the Haymarket thea
ter. Each of thei 1 had for the moment
quite forgotten the quarrel, and friendly
greetings passed, and they had a talk
about the play. J.'ext morning came a
letter from Henry Ward:
Dear William 1 1 the hurry of the mo
ment tonight I quit.- forgot that we had ar
ranged to meet us strangers, and I write this,
lest you should misu iderstnnd me. to say that
I think we had better adhere to u Arrange
ment, and I remain, lear William, your affec
tionate brother. Henuv W'Aitn.
Dr. Ward replie 1 :
Dear Henry I. too, had forgotten our ar
rangement. I agree with you that we hail tet
ter keep to it, and I remain your nfTVnionate
brother, w. O. Ward.
San Francisco A rgonaut.
The Kpiilemlr of Liberty.
The idea embod ed in American insti
tutions is the most radical that ever took
the concrete shap- of legislation. We
may say, without being charged with a
boastful spirit, that we have on the
whole the best got ernment on thcaplanet.
That is to say, the government which
offers the largest opportunities and pro
duces the greatest amount of content
ment and prorperty.
It is a good thing for 100,000 of onr
citizens to visit E irojie every summer in
order to compare -lie condition of affairs
abroad with that njyed at home. And
it is safe to assort that no man can travel
in, England or Germany or Russia or
Italy without real hing the proud conclu
sion that the American flag represents
more popular rigl ts and a more advanced
political economy than any other strip of
bunting that finals in the breeze. The
tourist who reaches Sandy Hook after a
three or six mon lis' journey in foreign
lands withnnt having his pulse jnmpinto
the nineties ough' to have been liorn in
Nova Zembla or Tinalmctoo. New York
There is a popi
ents that harmon
erudition of so al
quite beyond the
child and to be
venrs nftorlie is?
5it all. and hen
or maiden has w
Ah. the much ab
ly wonld all artir
vocabulary and
American child!
mar. and pramm
ing kind that if
fascinating, and
that the music
young or old, is
atid Fradltion.
lar fallacy among par
y means erudition, and
struse a nature as to be
reach of the every day
reserved for the later
n wn up, if undertaken
hieflv when the vonth
hat is called "talent."
lsed word! How plad
t banish it from th'
from the ears of the
Harmony is only grain-
ar of such an entertain-
rightly presented it is
f a nature fo essential
il non possessor of it,
rippled. Harper's Ba-
Waited Twentj Yenrs For a Solution.
A bit of pure i nd harmless mischief at
recitation at Ya e was the device of a
member of the c'.ass of 172. who intro
duced at recitation a turtle covered by a
newspajier pastel on the shell. The tutor
had too mnch piide to come down from
his perch and so ve the mystery of the
newspaper's circulation, but 20 years
after, meeting a memlier of thedass. his
first and abrupt question was. "Mr. W.,
what made th it paper move?" New
Haven Cor. New York Post.
The gold mins of Tern were so rich
that Atahuallpa, to buy his ransom,
filled a room 22 by 17 feet to a height of
9 feet with gold jn vessels. When melted
they produced 13,4S0,710 of gold.
The Yezidees, a peculiar Turkish sect,
cut off the bead of any one who inad
vertently speaks the word "devil." "sa-
tau or anythirg with a
similar mean-
It is a time hr nored custom in Quincy,
Fla., to salute a newly married couple by
firing a camion. This is to remind them
that the battle of life has fairlv begun.
When Maha Mongkut, father of the
present king t f Siam. died in 1868, his
body was embalmt 1 and left sitting in
state for nearly asar and a half.
It is said that a pinch of salt placed on
the tongue and allowed to dissolve slow
ly is helpful in sick headache.
Erp4nsfve Experimental
It cost the people of the United State
about $25,000 in a couple of hours the
other day to settle in the minds of the
officers of the ordnance bureau whether
some armor plates made by the Carnegie
and Bethlehem steel works respectively
were as good as they ought to be. It
was found that they were, and what
that means can be imagined when one
of the plates was 17 inches thick, weighed
31 tons, and was attacked by shells
weighing 850 pounds each, the last ones
fired from a 12 inch gun at a distance of
only 319 feet, striking it with the force
needed to move a mass of 21,600 tons, or
43,000,000 pounds, through a foot of
space. The projectile went through.
We take it that that did not surprise
even the experts, who are used to think
ing about those inconceivable masses
and velocities. But what did surprise
them was that' the hole it made was
nearly as clean cs if it had been drilled,
and that not a crack appeared about its
edges. Though this particular projec
tile was l..st having been deflected and
fallen into the Potomac the other pro
jectiles which penetrated the same plate
were found in jierfect condition and fit
to be used jigain. Th.Tt seem almost
more marvel. us than the perfection of
the plate.
Meanwhile the people of New York
may take some satisfaction in knowing
that down r.t :-.;:my II jk t lie war de
partment has jrist mounted a gun that
will throw a l.dOO pound projectile and
make a hole in the heaviest armorclad
ship nnw afloat at a distance of six
miles. If we must spend monev on what '
we hone are pnrelv peaceful experiments
it is a comfort to know what we get for j
case illustrates the
: hese troub'es i ..
-i : - a'"! '','! , i :..t
Is it Gradually Growing Duller?
Catarrh Causes it Stop
it Now.
Mr. Peterson's
danger of ' : -run
or. :.!;'
by e i.:i' v i..
A very large per cent o. luese cases
of deafness and roaring noises is due
to the extension of catarrh to the
eustachian tubes and inner ears.
Many of the most remarkable cures
that have been accomplished bv the
physicians of the Scott Medical In
stitute have been in the restoration
of hearing lost or dulled fr -ni ca
tarrhal extension. It is foliv in wait
for a trouble like this U git v.en ii
seif. It don't get v;i!'. :;!.iavs
gets worse, until frequently the hear
ing is entirely destroyed. A thor
ough course of treatment with a ca
pable specialist, who goes right at
the cause of the trouble and removes
is the only hope.
c an si
ana ins medical asso-
' cure all cases of deafness
d by catarrh.
Xteafncsft and Kinging Noise.
C an?- o M&ke S500 or Better.
A r'.im cli:irci'. yen farcy. Wei', r.aii ftrd
jtl-lpt 'or j (iiir-clf. on hnve caturrt1. 5" is
offered f-r an aicuRihle cac of cfanr h !n t!:e
lita ', hvthe p'ojirietor of Ir. Sau'C"- Catarrh
i.onv.ny. j -r.
Sm:toms of fa trrh Headache, ehstrncion jS1'
tt. ;uf i'ii- . u.nii itt!.ii:(; 1:110 i:if ii.ria ,
sometimes profuse, watery ai d ncrki, ar otiii-rs,
thlc-., ten:ici u -. mil oup. pnri:!eti', blo.iv,
niitriil aMl offer. :v : ey s weak, r:i;."n." in tiie
eir, deafness: i iln- ve hrearh; Mne'.l and tasre
inil aired. a::.i 1 -eneru: b; i y. dn'.y a few of
these p niitofiis ire l'ke.y tT bt t resent at once.
I r. suce's Kemerty cures tne tor-t ra-e?. n!y
Mi cents, sold by dri:i-i:s:s everywhere. $."00 or
a cure. Either wou'd be acceptable.
A Reliable Druggist's Opin
ion of Kickapoo Indian
K very Chemist, Every Botanist and every
physic-inn who is unprejudiced recognizes
in the Kickapoo Indian Remedies rare and
valuable finalities not possible to be found
in any others.
The- also recopnize the fact that the In
diitHs liy their life, training and natural
knowledge, secure the very choicest kind of
roots, lmrks nnd herbs, gathered at the
right season nnd properly prepared to pre
serve their medicinal virtues.
No class of people in the world can com
pete with the Indians in this particular.
That is why Kickapoo Indian Sagwaand
the other Kickapoo Indian Eemedies al
ways (jive such satisfactory results.
M. O. MortrT. East rorc.r.ASs. Mass.
Mr. SI. O. Morev, Dispensing rimrnincist.
East Koucluss, "Mass., is a well-known
ilriu(,wt ci.i.1 n r.1iu,iit t l.iMi sfnnilini-.
I'nder date of February 10, Mr. (practice.
Storey writes: Should w
"It gives mc pleasure to indorse
Kickapoo Indifm Sngwa, not only from
observation, but from my own per
sonal use, and I always take pleasure
in recommending the Kickapoo Indian
Remedies to my customers, particularly
Kickapoo Indian Sagwa. which, to my
personal knowledge, has proven very
beneticial to several people in this
town who have suffered with blood
disorders. Sagwa has certainly
performed some wonderful cures
The KickntKX) Indian Kemedies de
serve the widest recognition and the
fullest confidence. The safety
guaranteed in the use of this remedy
alone is sufficient to commend them to
all thought I ul people."
When your Blood is bad nnd your skin
tells the tale by Blotches nnd Ernptions;
when your I.iver is out of order, your Stom
ach not performing its Duties, and a Dull,
Heavy, Eansruid Eeelinc pives you Warn
ing do not defer. Respond to this Signal of
Assistance From Nature.
Drive these bad feelimrs out of yonr
system before n long spell of sickness
makes vou its victim.
Kickapoo Indian tsapwn Is the best reme
dy for von to use, because it never fails to
benefit nt once and restores health, strength
nnd vipor to the debilitated if its use is
followed. Best of nil, you are not filling
your svstem with Iodide of Potassium,
Arsenic, Strvchniue or Bismuth.
You do not have to take any pills with
this remedy to relieve yourself of the ac
cumulation of minerals from its nse.
Kickapoo Indian Sacwa restores the
stomach, liver nnd kidnevi to a condition
of perfect health anil when these organs
nra healthy they need no medicine to muke
them perform their duties.
Kickapoo'lndian Sagwa,
made bp the Indians from Hoots, llurkt and
Herbs o their otcn pathrring and curing. The
grandest Lirer, Stomach and Blood lienorater
iiioirn. All drungists. fl per bottle; 6 for fo.
Anduver, Ill
Mr. Peterson say he is c-u-r-e-d.
and as well as he ever was. Dr.
Wilson says he is c-u-r-e-d. Write
and askMr. Peterson if it is not so.
To the l'nbllr.
Dr. Wilson has reported a -case
like the foregoing, each week or two.
for the past three years in the tri
city papers. In the case of Mr.
Peterson. Dr. Wilson would state, he
has lived in Rook Island ciaintv for
over 30 years. He is director " of a
lire insurance company, and is also
connected with the management of
Augustana college. Is he a man to
In-relied on? Let t he public jude.
Within the past three months Dr.
Wilson has published the statements
and picture? of a number of minis
ters who say under their own signa
tures that they have been c-u-r-e-d
at the Sett M'cdieal Institute, Can
they be relied on as telling tie truth?
Let the public judge.
Dr. Wilson has noticed a senseless
, tirade against him by a young lirm
trying to do business in the tri-cities.
j Some three weeks ago Dr. Wilson in-
t serted in the papers a statement to the
effect that lie would notice this babv
( lirm no more in print. Today he
says the same thing. It is no pleas-
ure for us to work for nothing.
I Dr. Wilson lias business interests
j at stake in this stat". The blowing
firm" have nothing to lose here
. nothing that can be touched there
fore we decline to 'b:irk where we
' can not bite."
! Dr. Wilson wishes to announce
, to the general public that his diplo
' ma is registered with the county
'clerk in this city and shows he has
practiced medicine years before
either of this --reat lirm" entered
condescend to answer
this "great lirm" in the manner in
which they assailed the Scott Medi
cal Institute, we could brinjf forward
proof, which we have held in our
possession for months. that
would make them beat a hasty re
treat from our city, or wish they had
never opened this discussion.
Dr. Wilson's plan has always been
'let our patients talk for us." And
when he has to "blow his own horn"
for the sake of deceiving the public,
he will take down the sign "Scott
Medical Institute" and close his bus
iness. Does this look reliable? Let the
public judge.
Treatment, $5 a month.
Ishnd Buggy Go,
Phaetons, Surries, Buggies, Spring and Farm w
to ci' I nad c?t oar Lrw
It will pav vou
Before Buying.
Factory;and.Ware Room on Sixteenth strec
between First and Seconl aver.o-.
Eetai: trade cpe.:
Roek Island Savings Bank
Rock Island, III.
Open daily from 9 a, m. to 3 p. m., and Saturday evening" from T to s Qv .Cli
Five per cent Interest paid on Deposits. Money loaned cn Per? nr."
lateral or Real Estate security.
'. L. MITCHELL, Pres't. F C. DkNKMAXN. Vice Pres't. J
s- c::
P. L. Mitchell, F. C. Der.Vann. Jobn CroMneh. Phil Mitchell n P H
E. W Uurst. .1. M. Biifonl, John Volk.
Jackson Jt 11c kst, S iie:tors.
hn. , ..
L. si-
Began bijincfs Jnly 8, 1S90, and ocenpj th sonthetet cornerof Mitchell 4 Lytdi's em
Flour, Etc.
fiennone 1098. 231 Twentieth stree
All Kinds 01 Carpenter Work Done.
General Jobbing done on short notice and satisfaction gaaraEle-i.
Office and Slwn f2l Twelfth Street. ROCK ISLAM'
Established 1SS0 ISMS.
Save money by bujiDg your Crockery, Glaesvare, Ce
lery, Tinware, Woodware, and Brushes, at tte Old aid
Reliable 5 a?d 10 Cents Store.
MRS. C. UIITSCH'S. 1314 Third Ave
Manufacturer of a'l kinds of
Gents' Fine Shoes a Spec ialty. repairing dore neatly and prempfy.
A share of your patronage respcctfnKj solicited.
1618 Second Avenue. Hock I-.;:
l(IO . . o . . o .
Medical Institute.
221 Brady street, Davenport, Ia.
Ovek Amkkicax Exi'kessC'o.
SPECIALTIES: Catarrh, Eye,
Ear, Xose, Throat, Lunp;s, Nervous
Diseases, Skin Diseases, Chronic Dis-
K ti. Hudson. M. J. Pake
All kinds of Carpentering promptly attended to Es:ir:
furnished when desired.
Stop cor. First are ard Seventeenth at. Keck IfOaui
Roek Island Brass Foundry
u- oi orws. oronae ana amminnm bronae casrfng, aU shades and ttn-iir.
a speriaity of brB metal pattern and artistic work.
Shot vv Office At li Hm Mc, ne. i.er fern latdinp. . kci E is:
J. MAGER, Prorr!-:cre:
Ask Year Oroeer for Them .
IThe Christy "Otsteb" aid Cfcnfy "TfT
tnstflii'ly removes and forever destroys ob
jectionable ha' r, whether upon the hunt's.
face, arm or neck, withort di-cnloraMon
or injury to the most delicate skin. It
C Ki"A' mi b Wilson. acknowle(i(rd by phy.i-
cions as the highest authority and the
- most eminent dermatologist and hair pe:ia
list that ever lived. During his private prac-
' ticeof a life time among the nohlity and ar
. lstocracy of Enmps he "prescribed this re-
cipe. Pete, gl by tr ail, securely packed.
c Corresoondence conflttential. 6ole Arents
.' for America. Address TUB SKOOKL'M
- South 5tn avenne. ftcw lort.
O 'O'
Or MCE llOL KS: 3 to 11 a. m.A
to 4 p. 111.. I to 8 p. HI.
On Sundays the oflice will be op
from a a. ni to 4 p. in.
Metropolitan Hotel,
Broadway, Cor. Prince St., Sew York (
ReStted and renovated under new managi
on the European pln.
Room rates SI a duv and nnward .
Restaurant equal to the best in the city tt mod
erate rate.
Htreet can from all R. R. stations and
boat and ferry landings pass the door.
City 'Bus and Express Line.
Telephone Rock Island or Harper Hotels for 'bus or expr'
wagon and you will receive prompt attention.
Contractor and Builder,
1131 1123 Fnrth avetue. Residence 1119 Fourth avenue.
Plane and specifications furnished on all classes of work ; also ajtent for WHler's F'ot''
v --ul. 1. 1 jitir.Fvuicmiiig new. sty iisd and desiraoie.

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