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ffgDNEHUAV MoKNINQ, OCT. 16,1878.
Agents for the "Courier.*
'WfnOCKWKlX, Kililyvillc.
N KU8H I* M, Uhlllicothe.
Il II W AOKRS. M, Agrmsy OHy.
tiKKBNLASU, I' M, liataflB.
1 K Ktrkvllle, Iowa
O IlYBOl.T, M. ni*Kri'tWV
bllOS HALR. Belknap.
CASTLH, ol Fiiloon .t UaKtlc.
gg-Changlng Address**
"ttnbaeribert wishing tbeiraddreM changed mast
give the name of the rost OSlce to which the pa
*r hti been sent aa well a
iMy desire it changed to.
|m Monday's Daily.
[".J. Lafferty, a well known citizen
Eddyvillo, died at that place yes
of consumption.
,4 Bold Robbery
^Saturday night, John Flomming
eived tho attention of thieves
twice during theevering, but fcrtun
ately the pilfering scouydrela in both
instances were promptly nabbed and
now rest in security in tho county
jafl. The Grit case occurred early in
the evening and was a very bold
trick. John was standing near the
door waiting on a customer when a
young iad,
15 or 10 years of age, came
in, looked around a little, and in re
ply to the question of tho proprietor
as to whether he wanted to buy any
thing said not, but as he went ont
grabbed a pair of boots and ran.
One of the Pallisters witnessed the
transaction from across the street.
The boy ran a short, distance, gave
the boots to a partner, and for a time
their escape acemod to be certain.
Policeman Cummings, however, soon
had the boy and not longaftor caught
the man and lodged them in jail.
About the time of tho fire a well
dressed stranger kickcd in ono of the
windows, picked up A pail of boots
and.shoesand madeofl'. Patsey Noon
na was at the Ballingall House corner,
heard the breaking of the gUss, aud
at once took in the situation. He
went galloping down the Htrcet aud
overhauled the fellow at Hill's cor
ner, recovered the goods and inarched
the prisoner off to jail.
It is the opinion of many that they
are the party who set the building on
fire for the purpose of attracting at
tention while they got in their work.
They are probably a gang working
together, and are strangers to the po
lice of tho city. The last mentioned
thief if* a well-dressed, kid-gloved,
plug-hat rooster, while the other two
are more of the tramp order. They
will probably be taken care of for
some titne by the county, even if the
State is not called upon to assist in
their care.
Since the above was written we
learn the boy and man above alluded
to, earlier in, the evening stole a silk
handkerchief and a pair of pants
from Messrs. W. X. Jordan & Suns,
Which together with tho boots taken
from Flemming were found by Mar
shal Trotter hidden in the stork yards
Slid fully identified by the owners.
Fred Burns, such is tho name he
gives, was arraigned in tho Mayor's
court, this morning, on the charge of
house-breaking in the night nud
grand larceny. He waived examina
tion and was held to answer to the
District Court in the sum of $500, in
default of which he was committed.
In tho case of tho man and boy for
petit larceny in the I'lemining case,
each were sentenced to thirty days in
jail, and received the same penalty in
the Jordan case. The man gives the
name of John Davis, and the boy
that of Iennis Kneeland.
From Tuesday'S lailv.
£. II. Clapp, Jcneral Stock Agent
Of tho Chicago Rock Island & l'acitie
railroad, was in the city to-day look
ing after the affairs of tho company.
Mr. C. is the general agent for all ihal
company's business iu Iowa over the
main line and its branches except the
K. & D. M. south of this city and the
Southwestern from Eldon west,
which will be under the management
of our C. L. Warren, for the last, sev
eral years connected with the K. & 1).
M. Tho team is n strong one, and if
all departments of the C. it. I. & P.
are managed as well as the stock de
partment will be, there will be little
cause for complaint. They arc both
energetic, live men, and Witt make
business lively.
To Whom It May Concern.
1 havo lilled your orders for groce
ries, you have forgotten to pay me.
Ftease pay your account, within the
next 15 days it will save you costs.
15-5td2w A. E. MCCITE.
CHEAP WKLLS. II. Bayston, Ot
tumwa, is prepared to bore wells of
any size, and sink the tubing at low
(Vices. 25 w4
Henry Watterson says in his pa
per that "the result of the election in
Ohio means, as to the next Presiden
tial campaign, Grant and plenty of
hard money.'' Well, the people are
in ihe mood to endure such an inflic
tion. Let it come.—Dubuque Times-
Death In the Staff of Life.
y the use of deleterious linking
|W*vder, bread becomes, instead of
healthy food, an unwholesome mass,
ruining the digestive orgaus. This
danger may be avoided by using on
ly Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder.
Which is decided by chemists to be
perfectly wholesome.
One hundred and twenty acres of
gocd land 1% miles northeast of Ot
tomwa, in Dahlonega township. A
good house and barn, orchard, grapes
&c. Most all in cultivation. I will
give good time to pay for it or sell
for cash at low figures.
For particulars apply to T. Itior
dan, J. P., who will sell or rent.
will also sell 80 acres of unim
«£Woved land in section 21 Center
toirnship. T. RIORUAN, J. P,
"Domestic Still Ahead
The Johnston Hu tiler Co. took all
Ike premiums offered at the Wapello
County Fair, just closed. On the
"Light-running Domestic" and Elias
Howe they took two—one for the
best Family Machine, and one for the
best Manufacturing Machine. Also,
One for the best Cheap Family Ma
chine they took with the "New Howe"
The public should make a note of
sse awards, as they show what our
st judges hero think of the relative
merits of both DOMESTIC and HOWE.
Circuit Court-
Commences next Monday, Oct. 21st.
#he following aro the petit jurors for
e term:
C. H. Lockwood, W. T. Widger,
Hhoa. Rnssell, Fred Ott, J. M. Angel,
llbos. Newell, Leander l'owelson,
John McLoney, Stephen Wilkins,
Harvey Dickens, J. II. Con well, Low
jfOlney, B. D. Wolf, J. D. Newell,
Andrew Pierson, Joseph Ainloy,
JRohn Lantz, Jesse Ituckner, Willis
oung, Henry Rhinehart, /. Pickett,
obt. McCormick, E. Long, Enoch
Why shiver and shake with the
ague Use Dr. Marshal's Fover Mix
ture. Warranted to cure. Sold by
1. L. Taylor & Co.
IPoflTflE—8ANDERM—By IU-v. I. P. Teter. Oct.
N, Mr. R. P. VoxtKU ana Ulan JKiav 8ANIimh,
both of tain city.
4 'J-. All of Mr. Pouter'4 (Viand* with Mm (Treat liap
tr aad.MiMM* »etade*
Council liluOs polled 1,454 votes
About 300 less than Ottumwa polled
The Republican majority in eigh
ty-three counties in Iowafootsnp 11,
A fashion periodical says that "short
costumes are made to hang perfectly
straight around."
Tho last words of a dying Utica
man were: "Tell all my friends that
I died of Fall house-cleaning."
Mr. J, J. Steadman, the young and
talentod editor of the Creston Gazette
has been appointed postmaster at
Creston, Iowa.
Kiser & Pierson bought over two
thousand bushels of oats on the
in this city Saturday. It wasn't
very good day for oats either,
"There's no place like home"—un
less it's some nice young girl's home,
when the old folks are at class-meet
ing, and tho match-box is empty.
The county taxes lovied this year
amount to 10?^ mills, which is 1 mill
more than was levied last year. This
is tho result of Democratic economy
and "Reform."
Mahaska county, heretofore report
ed as giving Weaver 197 majority,
gavo Sampson 56 majority, which
makes a difference of 253 in Weaver's
reported majority.
Charles Barsby, of Carroll coonty,
in an insane freak of temper tried to
kill his wife with a breakfast-table
knife the other day. He is in jail un
til his temper cools off.
Scott county gives the Republican
State ticket a majority of 1059, and
Price'# majority over Brannon in the
District is 2,300 over Brannon and
Geiger, (greenback) 500.
The starch factory folks are getting
a fair start and the result of their la
bor begins to show. They have just
finished setting their water wheel
aud now tho brick work is going np
Tho Red Ribbon organization at
Centerville has disbanded by mutual
cousent of its members. The furni
ture, checker boards, dominoes, etc.,
have been taken possession of by
Keokuk Constitution A great
quantity of brick is now being ship
ped over the K. & D. M. to Eldon and
Ottumwa. At the former place they
arc building an addition to their
round limine.
During Soptembcr, twenty-nino of
the priueipal Western railroads and
their branches earned $10,538,570—
decrease of$l!12,853 from tho amount
earnod during the corresponding
period in 1877.
The Eddyville Advertiser says one
J. W. Nash has been in that place for
some time passing himself off as a
single man, but his father has written
Nash beseeching him to coino home
to hi* wife and child. Girls will do
well to beware of strangers.
The grain receipts in this city are
simply immense in comparison with
the last three or four years past, and
Baker's wagon yard is crowded with
teams almost every day. Kiser &
Pierttou are also buying large quanti
ties of oats. It is strango where it all
coines from.
The oat meal mill folks are filling
all the vacant buildings in town with
oats. They recently put some two
thousand bushels in tho room lately
occupied by O. Tower, on Market St.,
and tho weight proved too much for
the floor, which gave way, precipitat
ing the wliols of it into the basement.
Members of the new Congress have
now been elected in Vermont, Maine,
Orcgou, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana,
Ohio, nud West Virginia—fifty-five
in all, of whom twenty-eight are re
publican*, twentv-t wo democrats and
four democratic-greenback fusionists,
and one vacancy to be tilled in Ver
The Keokuk Constitution saye:
The marshal of Hamilton and the
sherlfl'or Hancock county, III., were
in the city, last uight, and stated that
the white man concerned in the War
saw grave robbery had been caught
at a point just below Warsaw. They
say his name is Henry, and that one
of his hands is shot off and he cannot
No OM missions,
No Expenses.
On Improved Farms Only.
In Sums of $500, $1,000, $1,500, ftc.
Call at once. J. O. BRISCOE,
OTTUMWA, Iowa. 7-10wtf.
Constitution Out at Centerville,
last week, as we learn from a gentie
uian just from there, there was a man
who was divorced on Tuesday, mar
ried on Thursday, and bad a seduc
tion suit on his hands on Friday.
Nothiug slow about that town.
We announce to the 1!I.ACKSMITIIS
of Wapello Co., that we have on hand
a FDI.L supply of BLOSSUI'UO COAL,
which we will sell at the lowest cash
prices. We have secured the best
grade of this kina of coal, and solicit
a liberal patronage.
UKNJ. W. l.Ai»I, & BRO.,
(HI w-i) Ottumwa, Iowa.
We wish to call the attention of the
readers of the Weekly COITRIP.K to the
advertisement ofThos. H. Phillips in
this paper. Mr. Phillips is one of the
most enterprising boot and shoe men
in the state, with whom it is a pleas
ure to do business. We can cheer
fully recommend Mr. P. as a prompt
and reliable business man.
The attention of the readers of the
Weekly COURIER is invited to the
handsome advertisement of J. G.
Meek. He has bought an immense
stock for cash at the prevailing low
prices, and will sell you goods as
cheap as tho "rest of mankind" or
"any other man." Now you go and
interview Meek and see how it is
The I)es Moines litgitter makes
suggestion that is a good one. It is
that the Legislature at its next session
provide that judges of elections may
begin to count votes before the polls
are closed. With two sots of judges
the counting could begin in the mid
dle of the day, and the full result be
known by 9 or 10 o'clock at night.
This is the plan in the Now England
States, aud there it has always work
ed to advantage. As the Register
adds, the present plan in Iowa is uu
necessarily tedious, and too hard on
tho single set of judges who general
ly have to work all night, after
a con
fining day's work or else put Off the
counting until the next day.
The attention of our eonntry read
ers is hereby called to the advertise
ment of O. K. Abels, one of the old
est and most reliable grocers in Ot
tumwa. Mr. A. understands the
business in all its branches, keeps
large and choice stock, and sells at
bottom prices. He will bny your
eggs, butter, potatoes, etc., and give
you tho highest market price in cash
or groceries. When yon come to
town to trade, give him a ea|fc
For Hale.
Twenty-five carriages, top and open
buggies, spring and lumber wagons,
Sleighs, bob sleds and sulkies. Twen
ty sets double harness, ten saddles
and bridles, on good terms or will
trade for good horses. A. J.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Sec
ond street, botyeea Market and
Court ?4*d6twtf.
Up in Janesville, Wisconsin, a girl
became offended at some remarks
made by her friends because (he
"•at np" with her beau, and she sent
the following letter to the editor of
a newspaper there: "Mr. Editor,
there are ten or fifteen Girls on
Lincoln street neithor of them hare a
feller, now because me and my feller
go and set on a Stoop of A Facant
house an engoy our Stives for A few
hours of an Evenin, they Are Mad
now if those Same Girls head A fel
ler they wood sit—Yes they wood Sit
on A bunch of Nettles if they head A
feller to sit with them.
A large and complete stock of
clothing, Gent's Furnishing, Hats and
Caps, to be sold at cost by Llttlo
The Fire.'
Tbe fire Saturday night partially
destroyed a small ice house belong
ing to Col. Ballingall in the rear of
Nick Baker's warehouse. The dam
age was very trifling, not over twen
ty-five or thirty dollars perhapj.
This fire occurred between 12 and 1
o'clock, after people generally had
gone to bed, but the hose cart from
tho central station was soon on the
ground, and put out the fire almost
instantly, deluging the little build
ing with water from top to bottom.
Notice to the Public.
I am now offering my entire stock
consisting of Men's Wear, at and be
low cost to change business.
The Davenport Democrat, now that
the election is over, talks honestly
and good sense. It says:
The aggregate amount of the Na
tional debt reduced since March 4,
18W5, is over $672,000,000— about one
third of the present debt—and se
cures an annual reduction of interest
of more than$48,000,000, which is an
other good evidence of the improve
ment of tho times. The clouds are
breaking away. Resumption day is
Will democratic greenbackers be
lieve this when it comes from one of
their principal organs
Little Nusbaum has a stock of
clothing amounting to $15,000, which
must be sold by January the 1st, to
close business.
The Cincinnati Enquirer is a dem
ocratic paper. Thus its comment on
the misfortunes of a democpatic Con
gressman "Congressman Acklin, of
Louisiana, has. been requested by the
democratic committee, of that state,
to get off the ticket. The charges
made againBt him of seduction and
beastiality have been declared too
true. Ho is the nice young man who
attempted to ruin a lady in Washing
ton last winter He must be about
two-thirds monkey and one-third
Save the profits on your Winter
outfits in the clothing line, by buying
of Little Nusbaum. He is selling at
cost to close business. 16 w2
W m. Barrett, one of the brothers
who bought Wrn. Long's farm, last
spring, made an attempt to take his
own life while laboring under tempo
rary insanity. He attempted to cut
his throat with a razor, and has com
pletely severed the windpipe, but
not cut the artery. He is lying in a
very critical condition. Dr. Cook
who was called to see him this morn
ing, says that it is almost impossible
for him to live.—Sigourney Review.
Rev. I. P. Teter will address the
people of Christiansburg, Sunday,
Oct. 27, at 3 o'clock, I\ M., on the
above subject, 16w2
George Alfred Townsend hates
Tilden. Hear him: "Which is the
nioro demoralizing—Butler arousing
the poor to bo President, or Tilden
using the gains of a sinister life to
buy it? I prefer Butler's way. It is
at least saucy: Sam's is a mere Pres
idential sneak-thieving. Butler is an
amusing pirate Tilden is a crumpled
miser, stunted and smitten by the Al
Subscribers to the Weekly Coum
EU who have contracted to pay wood,
are requested to bring it in soon, be
fore the roads get bad. 16-w 1
missioner of Internal Revenue has
decided that druggists who sell
Stomach Bitters" will be required
to pay a special tax as liquor dealers.
This is a revocation of previous rul
ings in regard to theso particular bit
ters, and, therefore, it is decided ad
visable that it should take effect and
be enforced only on and after Novem
ber 1st, 1878.
Read Robinson Bros.
Now advertisement in this paper. S.
Robinson, of that firm, has been
east some time purchasing goods, and
we feel safe in saying all who call on
them will be sure to get value receiv
ed. w
A terrific tornado struck Monticel
lo, Jones county, at 5:30 p. m. Tues
day. The Catholic church and a
dozen houses were destroyed and
thirty houses badly damaged. No
lives were lost, but several persons
wore injured.
In Richland township, the German
church was destroyed and several
buildings damaged.
It was no doubt a branch of the
same blizzard that visited this place,
Shepherda Coal Mines.
I have choico coal on hand all the
time, at my bank three miles north'
west of Ottumwa, two miles sooth of
Salem Church. Leave orders with
W- E. Jones, or T. K. Shepherd, wtf
Some soulless scoundrel on Suudaj
evening last threw a goose into the
midst of the assembled congregation
at tho South Hill M. E. church, Bur
lington. The goose squawked and
flopped about, and, in addition to
this, had very dirty feet. She was
put ont and the services continued.
Efforts are being made to find out
who did the job and punish him as
he deserves.

In sums to suit.
On farm and city property. For fall
particulars call on
Otflce over 1st National Bank. o8-3m
The Democratic papers of the First
District are trying to find out who
defeated Ilobbs for Congress. The
Ft. Madison liemocrat says the Bur
lington Gazette did it And the Ga
zette avers that it "gave Ilobbs just
six times as much support as the
Democrat did."
This, then, must be what killed
Best Thing Out.
O'Uarra's Patent Lifting Jack for
raising buggies, wagons, threshing
machines and billiard tables. Call
at Peek's livery barn and see it
Says Joseph Cook: "I am no lu
natic, I hope, as to Sunday, but I
look abroad over the map of popular
freedom in the world and it does not
seem to me accidental that Switzer
land, Scotland, England, and the
United States—the countries which
best observe Sunday—constitute al
most the entire map of safe popular
WANTED.—To purchase a mule,
well broke, full grown, and not over
46 inches high. Enquire of B. W
Ladd, Supt, over tibefc Bachmen
jewelry store. septllwtf
Of «h« Board of Supervisor
Wapello County.
Adjourned melon, Oet., 1878
Oct 10,1878.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. Members all present.
President Postlewaite in the chair.
Minutos of last day's proceedings,
Sept. 11, 1878, and special meeting,
Sept. 28,1878, read and approved.
Mr. Hardy offerod the following
resolution, viz:
Resolved By the Board of Supervi
sors of Wapello county, Iowa, that
the following taxes be levied on the
assessment of the year 1878, viz:
State tax 2 mills
County tax 4
County School tat!.- *.1
Bridge tax.
Special briage.
Poor Farm ...1
Bond and Interest
Poll tax 60 cts. per poll
And the Auditor be and is hereby
required to extend upon the tax
books the taxes herein levied, and
also to ascertain the percentum nec
essary to raise the various sums
which shall have been certified for
school purposes ty the several secre
taries of school districts on or before
Oct. 12, 1878, and levy the same upon
the assessment of each and alt inde
pendent and township districts so
certified also all city taxes certified
by city authority, and all other taxes
which may be certified according to
Chair declared resolution adopted.
On motion adjonroed till to-mor
row morning, 9 o'clock, A. M.
M. B. MVKKS, Auditor.
Oct. 11,1878.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. Members all present.
President Postlewaite in the chair.
Minutes of yesterday's proceedings
read and approved.
In tho matter of the appointment
of Sheriff Mr. Fair offered the follow
ing resolution, to-wit:
Resolved By the Board of Supervi
sors of Wapello county, Iowa, that
Thomas Bedwell be appointed Sheriff
of said County during the suspension
of D. W. Stewart, Sheriff of said
Chair declared resolution adopted.
On motiou adjourned to meet pur
suant to law.
M. B.
We havo no ropors-in or drummers
on the street. Wo do our business at
home and employ no stool-pigeons.
We have been informed that people
are tracked and hunted about town,
for tho sake of selling them clothing,
by ineu pretending to be from our
house. All such are frauds of the
first water and use our name as a de
coy. Any one- reporting an occur
rence of the kind, with the name of
the perpetrator of the scheme, will
confer a great favor on the under
signed. CHAS. SAX & BRO.,
The Clothiers.
Wm. Daggett, of this city, has re
ceived from C. M. S:hwarz, of Ed
wardsville, 111., a sample of sugar
manufactured from the stalks of com
mon field corn. Mr. Schwarz has re
cently established a factory at that
point and has succeeded in manufac
turing a very superior article of su
gar, which any one can see by calling
at this office. He writes Mr. D. as fol
EDWARDSVU-ILE, III., Oct 13, 1878.
MR. WM. DAGGETT, Est*.—DearSir:
Stewarts process does not differ much
from mine except where 1 uae aul
phurous acid water, he perfected this
to a dioxide of sulphur which he has
patented. We heat the juice to 1£0
degrees Fahr. to get the action of the
vegetable albuaiensin the juice which^
has coagulated at this point aud put:
in milk of lime enough to turn the red
litmus paper blue—keep up the heat
till boiling point when shut off, tak
ing the scum off the top, let it settle a
few minutes and draw the clear juice
off, when this has cooled down to
about 150 degrees dioxide of sulphur
is put in to neutralize the lime (blue
litmus showing red) otherwise the
lime would act on the sugar and turn
the juice dark. It is now boiled down
rapidly in a shallow body to 235 de
grees or 23t, using extra finishing pan
at latter stage where it can bo stirred
to prevent scorching—run into cooler
and when cooled down to about 90
degrees put iu a warm place to gran
ulate, which it does readily.
The sample enclosed is made from
the common field corn, called here St.
Charles White.
Mr. Stewart's book is now out and
gives all the information on the sub
ject desired. Price $1.00. Address
F. L. Stewart, Mnrrvsville, West
Moreland Co., Penn. Yours truly,
Common field corn yields only 1
per cent loss than sorghum cane and
only 5 per cent, loss than Louisiana
sugar cane. Tho time is near at hand
when every farmer, who has any get
up in him, can make his own sugar
and bo independent of Cuba or any
other country for that article which
is so largely consumod in this coun
try. We shall take occasion on the
first opportunity to lay bofore our
readers further information on this
very important subject. We havo ob
tained the statements we have made
from an article which appeared in
the Chicago Tribune.
Tho quickest and most certain rom
edy for colic, dyseniory, diarrhoea,
etc., is Dr. Marshall's Arabian Oil
Try it. Sold by J. L. Taylor & Co.
Did you ever lose any money Did
you ever ransack your pockets to find
some change which you was sure you
placed there, and when you discover
ed that it was gone, lost, do you re
member how badly you felt? Yet
people lose money every day, and
kuow it not. Here is a person who
buys an article for $10.00. If he had
known the proper place to buy it at,
he might have bought it for $9.00,
and perhaps for less. Did he
not lose money out of his pocket?
We can tell you how such leakages
may be avoided. We can not say that
we are offering disinterested advice,
for we are speaking in the interest of
a firm which already does by far the
heaviest business in their line, and
which rests not in their effort to do
more. We refer to Chas. Sax &Bro.,
the Clothiers. We have seen their
stock,—we have priced Ihoir goods.
The merchant without an assortment
will blow about the "grandest stock
on earth," the extortioner about being
the cheapest man in the land. Dis
card what you hear, but judge for
yourself. When buying clothing
drop in and see the Sax Bros. They
are pleasant, affablo people. They
will show you through with pleasure
They will give you their prices. They
won't clutch you by the arm and re
fuse to let you go out, or force you to
buy. But if you are not convinced
that Sax's have double the assortment
of any house in Ottnmwa if you
don't realize that the only way you
can keep from "losing money," is to
buy of them, you will be a lonesome
exception. Make a mental note of it
See Sax's goods and Sax's prices be
fore you buy, and it will save you
Mrs. Corbin, sister of Gen. Grant
was awarded the first prize at the
New Jersey State Fair for the best
homemade wheat bread.
Money to Loan
At 8%, and 9% interest, (prin
cipal and interest payable in curren
cy) on long time. City property or
improved farms aa security.
We have good facilities for nego
tiating wster, gas, municipal and all
kinds of bonds.
julyl2d*wtf Lanoft HAaaeir.
Wapello County Official.
The Auditor has furnished us with
the official vote of Wapello county,
but at too late an hour to be put in
for to-day's issue. Bel*# W«
give tho majorities:
Sanson (rep.) for
Farnsworth (g. b.) Z
Elbock Auditor... ly
Devln Treasurer.57
Farrington Reg. Land 6. 41
Gibbons (dem.) Atty. Gen 37
Knapp Sup. Judge..., 105
Runyan Clk Sup. C'rt 54
Elliot Reporter S. C.. 45
Burton District Judge.300
Townsead Dist. Atty 66
Thompson dem) Clerk 906
Kirkpatrick (rep.) Recorder 120
UheinlMU-d (dem.) Supervisor 17
Baker (rep.) Surveyor, no opp.
There were £61 votes cast in favor
of tax to buy poor farm and 1106
•jprinst the tax. Majority against tax
227. _______
Travelers Take Notice.
The following are the freight trains
on which you can travel on the C. B.
St Q. railroad, and these only:
Eastward on
8, Ottumwa to Burlington.
10, to
12, Mt. Pleasant to Burlington.
18, Ottumwa to Fairfield*
Westward on
7, Burlington to OttunilHi
9, to
13, to
Eastward on
8, Creston to Ottumwa.
10, to
12, to Chariton.
18, Chariton to Ottumwa*^' ,t
Westward on
7, Ottumwa to Charity,
9, to Albia.
11, Chariton to Creston.
13, Ottumwa to Creston.
Passengers will not be carried upon
these trains unless they are provided
with tickets or passes.
PISCATORIAL.—B. F. Shaw, State
Fish Commissioner, passed through
the city yesterday with his fish car.
lie was accompauicd by his son, Mr.
Edward Shaw, who is assisting his
father in the work of distributing
fish. The car is capable of carrying
about 80,000 tisli. It is BO arranged
that the young spawn havo every ad
vantage ot their native element. In
one end of the car are two large hogs
beads. From these pipes run through
the car. Underneath these pipes the
cans containing the fish are placed.
On one side of each can is a small
aperture covered by a close wire
screen. The water runs in at the top
of tho can and out through the open
ing in the side, thereby keeping tho
water, not only fresh, but continually
in motion. The hogsheads are filled
about every threo hours from the
tanks along the railroad lines.
Mr. Shaw was on his way from Ca
sey to Muscatine. At Casey he put a
large number of fish into the Middle
rivers, and sent several thousand far
ther west to bo placed in tho Nisna
botny and Turkey rivers aud the
Keg and Mosquito creeks. He will
distribute 80,0(H) fish between Coun
cil Bluffs and Davenport on this trip.
He put 5,000 in the Pes Moines river
in this city, depositing them at a
point near the Itock Island railroad
bridge. The tish are black, yellow
and striped bass, pike, sunfish, crop
pies and channel catfish.
Mr. Shaw has been doing valuable
work this fall, lie passed along the
Mississippi river, and removed thou
sands of tish from the stagnant pools
left liy the falling of the main stream.
In these pools he found many fish al
ready dead, and hundreds of others
that could not live but a few days.
Ho removed the living, and placed
them into tho healthy, purs streams.
This, together with tho work of gen
eral distribution, has made the task
no ordinary one. Tho railroads
throughout the state have been very
liberal and accommodating to him.
lie estimates that already he has
traveled over 5,000 miles this fall
over the railroads in the state, hav
ing always one, and somotimes two
and threo men with him, and the
railroads have not charged him a cent
for transportation. From Muscatine
Mr. taUaw and his son will proceed
along the .Southwestern road with
their car .continuing tho work of dis
tribution SL'he state has reason to re
joice over the excellent work being
dono by Fish .Commissioner Shaw.
It will not be long until all our prin
cipal streams will stocked with a
superior quality of tish and an abaa
danceof them.—iStute Rej/ister.
"Deacon Wilder I want you to tell
me how you kept yourself and fan^i-1
so well the past 'season, when all
the rest of us have been sick so much
and have had the doctors running to
us so long."
"Bro. Taylor, the answer is very!
easy. I used Hop Bitters in time and'
kept my family well and saved large
doctor bills. Three dollars worth of
it kept us all well and able to work
all tho time, and I will warrant it has
ost you and most of tho neighbors
one to two hundred dollars apiece to
keep sick tho same time. 1 gness
you'll take my medicine hereafter."
See other column.
Sandy Stone, of the Gale City, has
been up this way and this is what ho
has to say about our town:
"Our neighboring city of Ottumwa
is displaying evidencos of enterprise,
growth and prosperity that must be
very gratifying to its citizens. A big
pork packing establishment is in pro
cess of erection near the junction of
theC., B. & aud K. & 1*. M. roads.
The foundation is also being laid for
a largo manufactory of somo kind
near the new water power, and nu
merous improvements in tho way of
private residences and other bsild
ugs are iu progress."
Hayes, of Itloomtield township, re
ceived a telegram last night stating
that his brother-in-law, John Meyers,
of Washington County, had been
mortally wounded by a bull yester
day morning. Mr. Meyers was one
of the first settlers in this county, but
removed from here £somo twenty
years ago to the farm in Washington
county, where he has since resided,
lie has acquired a handsome fortune
in farming and live stock, and was,
up to the time of the accident, a stout,
active man. All the old settlers of
the county will remember him well,
and be pained to hear of his sad mis
fortune.—iState Register.
says the total expenditures on the
new capitoi last month were 917,537.
Of this amount $9,159 was the pay roll
of workmen.
The roof on the east wing, one-half
the roof on the north wing, and one
quarter of the roof on the west wing
are completed, and the
entire structure
will be enclosed this fall.
All tho stone setting on the west
wing will be finished to-day, and all
on the north wing by Saturday of
next week, unless bad weather pre
The stones for the statues in the
west gable are in place and rough
hewn. Mr. Cotton, the sculptor, has
taken the contract to complete the fig
ures for |1,540. It is expected that
they will be finished by tho Ith of
July next.
Recently a young married couple
in New Orleans determined to visit
the "old folks," who livo in one of the
coast parishes, and surprise them by
diaplaying a new grandchild. Ac
cordingiy they started for the ances
tral home, but when the young man
and hi* retinue reached tho paternal
mansion and their advent was an
nounced, the old man, afraid of the
fever, peremptorily refused to see his
son or his wife or his child, and
furthermore ordered them off his
premises and, despite all remon
strances, they were obliged to depart,
greatly chagrined.
A report was brought to town Sun
day that Mr. Packwood, familiarly
called "Old Uncle Billy," had died
suddenly the night before with heart
disease. He was one of thc old set
tlers in this country and was univer
sally esteemod and looked up to by
every one who knew him. Ue was a
warm-hearted, generous man, always
willing to ahare anything bo bad
with a neighbor, and never weary of
doing a friend a good turn. Ilia al
ways ready joke and hearty laugh
will be missed, especially by the
young. He died as he had lived
without giving any man just cause to
be his enemy. Peace he wilb
Agency Independent.
Congressional Majorltlee.
Of the majority for Col. Sapp, in
the Eighth District, the Nonpareil
Returns to date show the following
majorities in this district on Congress
i'».K0 V.
••(•ait 115
a** aoo
2 4
Netmaj. for Sapp as far as heard.4,o:il
The counties from which returns
are yet to be received are Shelby,
Taylor and Ringgold. It is estimat
ed that the first of these will increase
Col. Sapp's majoritv not less than 200
the second 200, and the third 400. If
these expectations are verified his
majority in the district this year will
reach 4,800, as against 4,122 in 1876.
The Mitchell County Press says
Mr. Deering's majority in the Fourth
will be nearly 8,000—as follows
Hardin TOO
Black flawk 900
Floyd 858
Corro Gordo 500
Worth 453
Winnebago 3
Hancock 200
Mitchell .875
Howard 125
Chickasaw 450
Bremer 400
Grundy 475
Franklin 625
The Iowa City Republican estimates
that Mr. Clark's majority in the
Fourth District over both Carter and
Brown will reach from 3,500 to 4,000.
Benton gives him U25, Poweshiek 700,
and Tama 400.
I'hellville Xetfs says "Charles Leon
ard, son of E. Leonard, of this vicini
ty, and John Young, whose parents
live near the coal bank, went to Kan
sas, only a few weeks ago. Wednes
day, October 2d, while the two men
were riding in their wagon in Deca
tur county, northwestern Kansas,
they were tired on by a party of hos
tile Indians from an ainbush, and
John Young was fatally wounded.
Charles Leonard at once put the
team into a run and fled from the
savages, bearing his companion in the
wagon. The Indians fired seven
times, but neither was hit again. Af
ter reaching a settlement of whites,
one of them went 40 mileB for a phy
sician, but Young died on the 3d, be
fore medical aid arrived. He was
about 24 years old.
Feeding Animals.
BIIHV Calendar.
This is the fattening time of the
year, Beeves, pigs, poultry, take on
flesh well at other seasons, but this
month and next especially before the
very cold weather of December
comes, they fatten rapidly. All stock
should be put in good order for win
ter. Soft corn, nubbins, grown grain,
green pumpkins, and such fruits as
are liable to decay, ought to bo fed
out to the cattle to get them in good
condition before cold weather comes
on. Beeves should have full feeds of
scalded corn-meal and oil-cake on
corns-stalks or chopped hay. Sheep
should have their allowance of grain
increased, especially those that are
fattening, though so long as pastur
age is fair they should be kept upon
it. Swine must have the small pota
toes, boiled and mixed with meal
all their feed ought to be cooked.
Oil-meal is excellent and economical
feed used with other things so is beef
or even pork scraps. Mix finely pow
dered charcoal and a little wood ashes
occasionally with the food of hogs,
especially if they do not come to the
soil their growth and fattening are
much promoted by it.
To Prevent and Cure Coughs and
A reliable remedy is necessary in ev
ery household. Parker's Ginger Ton
is just the medicine needed. It rad
ically cures Coughs, Colds, Sore
Throat, Bronchitis, and even Con
sumption if used in time, by its pow
erful specific action on the Stomach,
Kidneys, Skin, Liver aud mucous sur
faces of the Throat and Lungs. It
accomplishes the cure in a wonderful
ly short time, and removes all pain
and soreness from the lungs. It is al
so a most valuable stomachic remedy,
etl'cctually removing Dyspepsia,
lluadache, Liver Disorders, Costive
ness, Nervousness, Low Spirits, Wake
fulness, Heartburn, Cramps, Palpita
tion of the Heart, Sour Stomach, &c.,
and gives a chcering comfort and
freedom from pain that surprises ev
ery one. Buy a fl.00 bottle from your
druggist, J. L. Taylor & Co., or a
sample bottle at 15 cts. aud test its
mqrits. tilljanl
Carlo, Gatti, who is known through
out England as the "inventor of the
penuy ice," has just died in Loudon,
leavingbehind him an immense prop
erty. II is life happily illustrates what
energy and frugality can do for a
man. {Io ci^ie to London poor, but
brought a thrifty young wife with
him, and for a tiuio they supported
themselves by sciliug roasted chest
nuts. This business flagging in the
Summer, however, ho bethought him
self of the ices of his native land, and
his success wu immediate. He open
od one shop after another, until Lon
don became supplied vith ices in
Summer and fine cqtTee in the Win
ter. Ho then opened a large restau
rant au:l catered for members of Par
liauient, until from the streets he.cf me
to livo in a fiue bouse, and died with
a reputation of being worth £1,000,
"Christian" Guide Rook to Rulp
Thore is more than one roa4 to ry
in, and the American Christian Re
view gives the atationa on the road as
1. A social party.
2. Social and play party.
:i. Croquet party.
4. Picnic aud croquet partjf.
5. Picnic, croquet and daw*,
(i. Absence from church.
7. Imprudent or immoral conduct.
8. Exclusion from the church.
9. A runaway mateff.
10. Poverty and discontent.
11. Shame and disgrace.
12. ltuin.
We Challenge the Werld.
When we say we believe, we have
esidence to prove that Shlloh'a Con
sumption Cure is decidedly the best
Lung Medicine made, Inasmuch as it
will cure a common or Chronic Congh
in one half the time and relieve Asth
ma, Bronchitis, Whooping Cough,
Croup, and show more eases of Con
sumption cured than all others. It
will cure where they fail, it is pleasant
to take, harmleaa to the youngest child
and we guarantee what we aay
Price 10 cents, 50 cents and $1.00. If
your Lungs are sore, Chest or Back
lame use Bhiloh's Porous Plaster. Por
sale by J. M. Taylor & Co., Ottnmwa,
D« Yra Believe It
That in this town there are scores
of persons passing our store every
day whose lives are made miserable
by Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Sonr and
distressed Stomach, Liver Complaint,
Constipation, when for 75 cts. we will
sell them Bhiloh's Vitalizer, guaran
teed to cure them. For sale by J. L.
Taylor & Co., Ottnmwa. Ia.,
The most popular and fragrant par
fame of the day HACKKXTACK, try it
Sold by J. L. TAYLOR, Oiomwa,
About this time look ont for an in
crease of applicant* for marriage li
From Acute to Chronic
Is an easy stage in cases of dyspepsia.
A slight attack of indigestion, espec
ially when there is a predisposition
to digestive weakness of the stomach
must speedily culminate in the more
obstinate torm of the disease. It ia
well therefore to adopt preventive
measures early. Although Hostet
ter'« Stomach Bitters overcomes, if
persisted in, cases of dyspepsia of
long standing, it is obviously the
part of wisdom to use it ere the mat
ady assumes a chronic phase. This is
particularly true, because as dyspep
sia advances, it engenders other bod
ily evils, such as disorder of the liv
er, constipation or undue looseness
of the bowels, nervous disorders, hy
pochondria, sleeplessness. These mal
adies are both prevented and reme
died by the Bitters, but how much
better to check them in their outset
with the great alterative, than to wait
until they establish a firmer foot
hold la the system.. Buraly the ad
visability of this maat be appariv
Cyrus Card was married the other
day, and on his wedding notices
were the words, "no cards." But
then he doesn't know what might
Bob. Toombs says that "the jack
asses in Georgia will elect Alex.
Stephens to Congress as long as he
lives, and after his death will elect his
A New York Judge advises men
who discover pickpockets at work
to shoot them without warning.
"Kill them," says ho, "that is the on
ly way to deal with such fiends."
Des Moines Register: "One of
our weather prophets predicts that
two inches of snow will fall between
October 27th and 29th, and that there
will be a flurry of snow this week.
Statistics show that the actual con
in tho
United Statos
value of *t8,000i000!
estiSMoratV)r0^S',d !,n
of thc
this District has probablv killed two
of the new railroads tlmt Des Moines
would have had by the first of June
next. Capitalists will uot invest mon
ey by the hundred thousand or half
million dollars in cominuniti en
dorsing Communism and its war up
on capital and prosperity.—State Reg
Members of the Greenback City
Committee, it is said, must pay their
dues or they will not be allowed to
sit in that body. There ought to be
no trouble in doing that. They have
only to write on a slip of paper, "This
is a dollar," and chuck it into the
hat when thoy pass it around.—Bos
ton Post.
STAJ^D BACK.—Don't crowd tho
thing too fast. To tho victors belong
the spoils. Let tho democrats have
the first chance, greenbackers next,
and when all these have been sup
plied by (ienurul Weaver with the
much dpsired greenbacks, then, and
not till then, can republican orders
be filled. Address all orders for "fi
ats" to Hon. Henry Hodman Trimble,
General Manager for General Weaver.
Davis Co. Republican.
The Oatanr Liniment* are of
two kinds. The WHITK is lor the Un
man family the YF.I.LOW is for horses,
sheep, and other animals. Testimo
nials of the effects produced by these
remarkable Preparations aro wrapped
around every bottle, aud may be pro
cured of anv druggist, or by mail
trom the Office ot THE
PANT, 46 Dey Street, New York Cily.
Jan 9 wly
Corner Store, opposite First Xa'lontl Bank, KM
been Ka»l
To supply his Lam-Trade. No man buys Gotds
lower tha» Meek, be will favor yon.
200 Ladies Cloaks--$3
and Upwards.
200 Beautiful Trimmed
50 pieces Pall Dress
Goods, lOcts.
60 pieces Cashmere,
at 25cts.
Do call and we the Largest Stock la OttWiWa—
It will pay.
Shawls, Skirts, Waterproofs 75c,
Homemade Jeans and Flannels
Tarns, Blankets $1.50 iter
pair, Calicoes New
Styles, 300 pieces.
[email protected]~It will pay you to jaat go to
Meek's Store and see the Big Stock.
Is ni iiilt'rmil mill
^lUtnly f,,r |"TniaiiMil ciin- of tlie
dlwaMM named U lnw. Il lias Ui ii u*l
wj,th ginKiilttr Hiircvsw fur ai-li (if
n(,l never known Iu fail v,li-'ll
U4&1 according to iliiH'litim. No ill I
lect# or laj0g:r M'att-riii£
lite li* aau
can aruK1 iroui
For Rlu'iiuiatlMiM. Soiiqiltlii
and llu- Ctiraliw Ynt-. U :ill
otLci iviiif'l ii-j
For ill 11|4' I'lU'lV it r, li. vi-H
the pain in xliorL time.
For Diplitliria. More Throat,
ANMIIIIH and COIIKIIM, it ia tin- most
certain iviucdv known.
For K«*rvWHM anil SW'k
aehe, whore UI1« it ban Ix-ni tru-d no
other uiwlicino will over ho nxed.
For BuriiN, S«aldn. CliiiflngM,
Bitea •'Oil NtingM, it i» th. prcnteat
For Cut*, Wound*. ItruiM*M *nd
Htoedlnigtt, it will ileal llu-in .|.iJly.
For C'*n»li|alt»n. HIIIOMM
•HN, and Noiir Nlttltl
•ch, it fltt'U all utile? luedu n.
For CvtaiieoiiM
Neltle Kaxh »d Krynlp-
ClBA. no other medicine iit|iiircd.
For faterrh, try it if all other med
icine* have failed to cure.
For Toothache and Gamrhe,
nothing will completely kill the pain.
For Lame Kitck or Side and Npi
HHl DllM^MMCH, never known Iu fall.
For Bowel t'uiHplaiulH, Diar
rhoea, and 1'ollc, have
it on hand at all timer".
For HwelliuiP* antl liitlauiuin*
Uom, iuterual or external, it will cure
For the Eye*, it will reduce inflam
mation and heal mrenewi.
For Kidney Complaint*, used
aa directed, will Have untold guttering.
For NervoUMUfMM :URI fcileep
leMMUCMM, iu old aud JuUU^, il id better
than narcoticM.
Aa a Nerve Tonic* it can act be
For Hen Nieltuem, a radical cure.
For Flleti, a "lire cure.
Bold by all LiruggixUi. Prepared by
Lawaon Chemical CoH
J. u TAYLOR & CO.,
At WkolMat* or Mall.
Will take place at
of Decatur. I
Assignee's Notice of His Appoint
At ottiimn-n In fluid District, on the
SStb (tar ot
Septi'inlier, A L, 1S78.
The urnlerHi^npil horehy frlrM notice of bis ap
pointment a** AriMlKner of Sttmiifl McCutlnugu,
cf Ottumwa, in tin1 county ol' W:t[K'lln timl state
of Iowa, who haa txru A'ljii'tk'f'l a bankrupt upon
his own petition, iT the liintrlct Court of tho
states, in :itnl lor nai«l Dnrrict.
OC12-WI) DUUOUM. Assignee.
Notloe of Aeslgnee of His Appoint
DISTRICT OF IOWA :-89. (InBankruptcy).
At Ottumwa, Iow:i, thc Soth of Spptcmlier, 1H7S.
The unrterniffnotl hereby gives notice of his ap
poiiUmeiit HS assignee, in the matter of N LOet
faart, in Bankruptcy, of Ottumw*,tn the coonty
of Wapello, antl State of low*, within said Dis
trict, who hit* been adjutigetl a Hankmpt upon his
own petition, by the District oart of Bail Dis
To Whom it may Concern.
PINKIIAM, Assignee.
Notice is hereby given to whom it may concern:
That on the :M of October, IKTJ*, there WM
opened antl publicly read in the office of the Clerk
of the Circuit Courtof suit! County and State* an
1 vv
K ritlfty
writing purporting to be the Last
bvment of Samuel Orlffee, late of said
'Mhand youarefurther notified that
mVhf '*11V
November, 1S7K, had been
Win. at which fpr'ngnm! pro^f ol said
aii»':ir at\[ -luni 1--V-CHIS mil-rested may
b* admitted tn|ir..u"te
should not
theestit oflhomitsh Carver,l'f-«-ft*-d lateoi',»id
coonty. All persons indebted to said ».«tate will
make payment to the undefined, andtUose hAV
inpclaliiiH against thc 0«me will present them le
gully auihentM'.ated, to raid Court tor ullnwtiitre
Dated ottumwa, Oct, 11th. I&7S.
octlG»w£w Administratrix.
0. K. ABELS,
The Grocer,
Opposite First National Bank
solicits the trade of the
Aal -guarantees First-Clasr
Weight, ami the
Awarded prim at Oaftmlal BxpaWon for
ckewing qvalkim and wdlwina on
& e**r
mdtr of nwafenfty and jlmartsy. Thi beat tobacco
t*er tuade. As our Mil* «Crtp trada-mark la cloaalr
teltate.1 on Inferior Ipoda. aa« that Jnelmm'*
on orery Hold by all dmtar*. 8«nd foraaanfe
tots to C. A. JAOUO* k Co., Mfra., Patenbere, V*.
A lirofuo carda(perf«rt beautle*) with name
Mm If 10c. ontflt loc. Turner Card Co Ashland,
Mill II Beautiful Concert Grand ADflAII
JHIIU Pianoa.coai 11.600, oeiy yflQMN
$425. Bnperb GrMd Sqatra
If you ara a man of business, weakened by the
strain of yourduties.nvoM tiimilAntu and take
you an- man of letter*, foiling over yourm
?ht work, to re.-lore lnnin and nerve WiusU'.t
fou are young, and -ntlerin^r from any indisf.
lion or dissipation, take
If you nit* married nr y«»unjc or old, suffer
Ing.irom poor health ur hniKuiBhlOtf on
alH'l of airkm'.sa, take
Wh. wwr youuiv, whnvver yon are, whenever you
fW't that your Hv8U*ni ntvoa clean-ins toning
or stinml.itiiiir. without Intoxicating, take
Dave you kidney or urinary complaint
-'i-eu** ni 11 it* hnweN, Mood, liver or
nerves Yon will laMniivd if von take
1 you are Himply ailing, are weak and low spir
ited, Iry it! Huylt. Insist upon it.
Your drn^'iet kwp* it.
It may save your Life. It ht« saved
Hundred*. F,.rM i i., Uyi,ir At'-o,
Eronnaiy of Fori,
On Wednesday, Oct. 330.1818.
Send for Catalogue. liarriatown, HI
Ntyle and Flaiah,
Gteaeral Warkiag Qualities.
Manufactim rs of the
l*rlnr« of BAM Barters,
OU-lntted Miltn llange, iold'0 Krt, Irou CrocA
Cook, Vale Collctre, and Complete
l-ines in all Varieties.
Branch W&rehouy, 3t-3 Wut»iAh Chica
go, Ills.
F-r •aleby all llmt-cluRa dealers. oclt-w3m
Retail Dealers
I ..AM I*
Will KftT*' irion^y and
obtain their goodd ftt
hole«al« hv st-uding
foraBanipU' bt»l. ot our
Table Ware which wo
»iip|tly for +4. Ctuih «o
recelptot goods. Prio**
listeand ftinrsbad
with each trackage.
Addrea* STAU GLASS Co, Pittsbarg,
I* Die DIRK) ROUTE Iwtween the KAST wd
Counoil Bluff*,
Union Pacific R. 1.
F»T al! points in Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming
Montana, N vada, Alizoaa, Malta
and OulifOrnta.
Tbrough Oaif
Aid the SHORT UNK to all I
i 'ei
Unexcelled in Economy of Fuel.
Unsurpassed in Construction.
Unparalleled in Durability.
OMlspoted ia the BSOAfi CLAJX of He ma ue
Groceries, Full
Lowest Trices,
S3*All kinds of Country Prodnc« wanted for
Wbidb lie will pay C»*li or Groceries. ocl678wtf
New Advertisements.
U A C®-D A W.
PSIIM, *1,100,
o n
Organ* IH.
Klagvit Upright nanos, ooat
$800, osly W56.
Now Style Upright Pltnon, 1113.50.
Chureh Organs IS stops.
Orgsna 12 atop*. S72.60
oaat $KA0, only #115, Klegtnt W75 Mirror Top
•anannlj llir,. Trerooii.lou.8aertUc« tocloaaoat
pmtent «tock. Nrr 8t»*m Factory aoon to be
erected. Newapai«r wl much Information about
eoat or Pianos ami organs, tent f.ea. Plane*al
df?»s DAMKL BP.ATTY, Waablngton, N
AN A DAY to Aftenta caDTaasIng for the rira
9 nil' V tattor. Terms ami outfit Pre*. Ad
dreaa o VicKKKT, Anemia, llalne.
ft ChrnmoCarilft.CupiiU.Mottoes.Flower^vtc
Wm O no iwo with mitue,
I.'hs. card
N V.
Geo. P. Howell Co's
Mftny persons suppose this list to tM composed
of Cteftp, low-priced newspapers. The tact Is
qoite otherwise. The Catalogue states ex*oUy
what the parera are. When the name of payer
Is printed In Full Face Type It la In ftverj In
stance the beit paper li#the place. When printed
in Capitals it la the only paper in the place. When
printed In roruan letters it Is neither the beat nor
the only paper, but is asnally a very good one,
notwithstanding- Thc Hat gives the population
of every town aud the circulation of every psper.
It is not a Co-operative Mat IT 18 NOT A
CHEAP LIST. At the foot of the Catalogue for
aach state the Important towns which are not
covered t»y the 11 are *nnmeraud. IT IK AN
HONRsT 1,1ST. The rates charged for advertla
lng are barely one-flfth the publishers' schedale.
The price for one inch four weektt In the entire
Us: I* £*'0. The regular ratee of the papers for
the »ame apti"e an* tune are The list
Intitules iOi newspapers, of which 1H3 are Issued
Dally and K(»7 Wit-kiy. They are located In
dlfTereni riites and towns, of which '22 are State
Capitals, places of over population, and
444 County tieau. Lists sent on duplication. Ad
dress Jeo 1' Howell A c.»*g Newspaper Advertis
ing Hnreau, 10 sprice M, (Printing Doase Sq.),
New York.
eie sis
For Sale by W. F. McCARROLL & SON, OttnmwB, Iowa.
than amr fttwt
UU BflTPfl'O
uu.i uiuu a
I __
One Price To All. I
.-'in.! Iior*
i:.\ I It A1.
aliout mtca ot fata wlU
U| M»iy lag u
BT/masr ow
Alt'! (too. fasa. Afwit,
IMC .A. B0"XT IT »G- OO.
My Stock of Piece Goods—Gents Fur
nishing Goods, Hats, Caps, and Ready-Made
Clothing is now Complete, and having bought
largely for every Department, and made
special effort in securing good styles, I ask
an examination of Goods and Prices before
purchasing elsewhere.
Coffins. Casket*, Met#^
Sir-ficiuribB «'*•. U8*Me St.,Chicago.
Physicians certify that theso goods ora
more effective, produce better results
than any others, and that they nse them in their own families.
KMu«,E8lm the Gems of all Odors,
LCMoSuBur iFTwablc, healthful Liquid Dentifrice.
I'MJI tile World. iii.-
STEELE ft PRICE, Manfrs., Chicago, St Louis & Cincinnati.
••yj i
We are now in receipt ol a well aeieeted Stock of
*Fall and Winter Dry Goods,
Embracing all (he Latest Styles and Novelties In DRESS CfOODS, Brqcadcii,
Cashmeres, Alpaccaa, Lustres, and BLACK and COLORED SILKS, at asrteo
ishingly Low Figure*. Table Linens,Towels,Napkins, and Marseille* Spreads "V.
very cheap. A fall line of Prints and Bleached and Brown Mnalins mt the
Lowest CASH PRICES. Bearer Cloakings, Waterproof*, Cassimsres, Jeans,
Blankets, Flannels, to suit all. Cloaks, Shawls, ana Felt Skirt* in Great Va
riety. Hosiery, Berlin Gloves, Trimmings, Ribbons, Handkerchiefs, Corsets,
Ruchings, Collars, Cuffs, etc., very cheap. A lot of Ladies'and Cblhmn'*
Shoes, very Low to Close. Returning thank* for the Liberal Patronage be
stowed npon ns, wo kindly ask a con tin nance.
No. 12 West Main Street, Ottnmwa, low*.
Near the I 'ostofllce.
BBUE you will get good goods at one prlc and no jewing. The above firm has been In bnsl
nes.i for three yritrs, anil, notwlthaunilinKtbe hard times, tbey have not gone Into »hodily or
poor goods, and every one gets full value for their money. They nell for caah, altogether, and
can give you bargain*. Bexliifs, you can get the beet Women's, Muses'ami Children's Calf
Shoes, aa well aa the celebrated Falley Oak Kip Boots-more than 20tlO pairs »f them sold and all
gave aatisfact'on. UememlxT the above honse keeps everything you ran possibly want in the ihoe
line, from the very flneat made to the ooanest, ami no goods are misrepresented, itememlier the
Pall and Winter of 1878.
feh27dftw «lt Cm. Ifala and Market Stiveta
We aro NOW READY TO FILL ALL ORDDRS for Delivery in
part of the City, thc besl qualities of
Seasoned and Unseasoned Wood.
Sawod and split into any ei?e anil ftkape wished. Our Coal is n eighed on
the improved "Howe Standard Scale," and the public may rcat assured that
all orders will be promptly lilled, and that vutitouicrs will get what they or
der, aa to (QUALITY and QUANTITY. We shall keep constantly on hand
a full supply of the best grades of all kinds of Fnel, and will sell at the Low
est GAMII prices. Orders left at the offico or A. E. McCue's store will re
ceive prompt attention.
We solicit a liberal patronage. BENJ. W. LADD & RRO.
Yards on Commercial near College St., one-half block from East Main
Wholesale and Retail
Wfttehmaktr and Jeweler,
Gents' and Ladies' Gold & Silver Watches
American and HWIM, in great variety.
fMlluMIA Holltlaj Trad*: Diamond Rlnga, AmcthjM, Topu,Caa«o, a allrtfMaot floH Bflaca
Of Oorham Manufacturing Com pjuiy, Tabl* Hpoom, TeaSpomu. Fork*, ButMr-KBLTM. ftatarSpeOiM
TaalMa, lee Sata, Caka Baakota, Caitore, Butter Dlahaa, Oard BnMtm Baoon Holdara. Cap
OhUdraa a totta, Ac, Rofei Broa. kpoona aad Fork*.
Clocks, Watchea and Jewelry repaired la llrat-olaaa order. Xugravlnf to order.
Coart,keepaeoaatattly eakaad
BaeertBB a«t»'1
i mly
!.» »b"w
ikf -aK'"*"'""'.'
All hu .-UK-.'f
•i '.-nl*. i
LETTER iintj.
i n
K\'!ij"ivc territory
Advertising Agents,
IN *. Teartk at., oiaclaaaU, Ohla,
Advertising Agents,
IN *. Teartk at., oiaclaaaU, Ohla,
Afatttikertaa* to raaalie' adverUaeaMBU let
taia paper, imartu Mrntaked free
spoa appUoattoa.
U lead rwoMaapa let o«r Adtarilaera'
Afatttikertaa* to raaalie' adverUaeaMBU let
taia paper, imartu Mrntaked free
spoa appUoattoa.
U lead rwoMaapa let o«r Adtarilaera'
ki: t'ARM t%rU*aaaut township, Wap
i iio county, Iowa, well Improved, good
Uaro, Uraaary, two good well* MIMI a
priiis, young orvhanf, •maU fruit of mil kinds.
If sold in ft) days I will Kive ponioHtdon ttdK Fall.
Will & iw five acre* good corn itt the icuytiio.

Price, $| ,6ito--$l,ooo d«wn, «u irnm one to
four yt'artttme. For turUer iot ri»H.tnn inquire
on the premise* tferee tin lea uorthvunt t" Ulttdeil*-
Penmanship Institute.
School opens 8*pt-
Penmanship Institute.
School opens 8*pt-
Wrilo tor circulars
Wrilo tor circulars
and Specimens of PennuinHhip. A4div*s
aug^l-wim ottnmwa, Iowa.
and Specimens of PennuinHhip. A4div*s
aug^l-wim ottnmwa, Iowa.
mmd MOUI'MIM-: MMdr
III an.l r*«iUlycurwl. I'aia
II IplllHBkvt. V. S-i-J il-mip
||l 1 II ^^vlfar fill) uwth'Mhw. 1*. CarllAo,
^0 IP Is* WttbU(tuu M., Cbkayo, UL
oet 80wly
A JC PKKlll'l W4TCH tKtt r«4|W-«
ftiinrvrryankr. Out*
1) Uaylord
o,. ClilcsipK Uk
ootsowiy r"

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