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JJ-TtllMI $2 Kl ANNUM, CA8J142
17To , "PREACHING. ;:j i
- The following appointment were made
for the upply of the Pulpit in thin place,
at the recent meeting of the Presbytery of
Osage.-- - , .
Jul 9-Rev. A Jones , ' i
Julu nx A. iu. Kensnaw.
. . , Of Michigan.
U li l , H HI V , UUIUUHj
Of Kentucky.
Eltciors for President and Vice President.
1st Dist.-J. C. WELBORN, of Pike.
2nd "
3d "
4th "
5th "
6th "
7th "
,A. McKINNEY, of Randolph.
-E.B. EWING, of Roy.
G. D. HALL, of Lafayette.
B. F. MASSEY, of Lawrence.
J. II. RELFE, of Washington.
Crn Z,lCIi.1RV lVf Vf,Oit,
' ' ' ' ' '
v.. " roii GOVERNOR,
J AS; S. ROLLINS, of JJoone.
L. HENDUICK, of Greene to.
Electors for President and Vice President.
IslDist. T. L. ANDERSON.of Marion
3d 1
4th 1
5th .'
6th 1
A. LEONARD, of Howard.
-A. W. DONIPHAN, of Clay.
J. C. RICHARDSON, of Cooper
CHAS. N. HANDY, of Benton.
ALVIN COOK, of C. Girardeau.
7th '
Charles N. Handy, Whig Presidential
Elector, wi'l address the people at the fol
luwinir time and places, to w it I
," Neosho, Saturday, July 1st
" j " Mt. Vernon, Monday, " M
' Carthage, Wednesday, " 5th ;
' ' Greenfield, Friday, " 7th
" .Springfield, Saturday, " 8ih
.' Bolivar, Monday, " IDih
Fremont, Tuesday, " Hill
Hermitage, Thursday, " 13th
. SJrThe Springfield paper are request
ed to insert the above.
A Small Business. The Missouri Re
publican has done itself the pleasure of
striking the Visitor from its exchange list.
This is piece ot cruelty on me pan oi
that magnanimous . concern, which we
have been anticipating for several weeks,
and it does not, therefore, cause us much
surprise: It i true, we may miss the
' Republican a tittle just a little at first,
but do not consider our loss as "irrepara
ble," and hope, after awhile, to recover
from the shock. gf'Maybe the Repub
lican Wouldn't "like it pretty well" if we
were to give the why and wherefore for
cutting us off, .''Thereby hangs a tale,"
, whioh we have occasion to whisper in the
little gentleman's ear one of these days.
- J5This has been a busy week w ith our
County candidates. 1 They opened the ball
on Monday in Williams township, & have
visited all the townships but one or two,
and to-day the people of this township
re doomed to undergo the infliction of a
bout a half dozen political speeches. Vt e
pity tho poor devils who make them, and
. those more, who sit and hear .them.1 We
:' have about twenty candidates now can
vassing the county, with a prospect of
some additions before the campaign clos
es. Who, after this, will dare to insinu
ate, much less to assert, that we are an
office-seeking people?
23" We believe it has been agreed Up
, on by four of the five democratic candid
ates for Sheriff, that they will submit their
claims to a County Convention, to be held
in this place on the 17th inst., by; dele
-' fates appointed py township meetings, to
be held on tho 15th at the usual places of
. voting in each township, it is also agreed
by the candidate's 'fbr representative, to
ubmtt their claims to the tame icnvrn
CCjWe lay before our readers to-day
the Address of the Convention held at
this place on the 7th of June last, for the
purpose of taking into consideration the
utility and precticablity of constructing'a
railroad from Lexington to New Madrid,
and ask of our readers a careful perusal
of the same. We would also remind our
brother editors, that the Convention re
quested that the address, as a part of their
proceedings, should be published in the
various, papers in the State. We think,
at least, that tire subject is one well wor
thy of the due consideration and .candid
reflection of the citizens of the State.--We
have ever been in favor of our State
taking a prudent and judicious step to
wards the advancement of her facilities of
trade, so that her citizens may begin more
fully to enjoy the great natural advantages
bestowed upon Missouri over almost every
other State,
Conducting, as we do, a neutral paper,
and having nothing to do with politics,
endeavoring always to give as much on
one side as on the other, we think it due
to us to suppose, that whateyer we say or
do on this subject, is honestly intended for
the advancement of the interests of our
common Stute. So much is being done in
other Slates, by the Stales themselves and
by companies, that unless we do some
thing, ours must soon be far in the back
It would have been better if the ad
dress could have beei prepared before the
Convention adjourned, to that it could
have been passed upon by the Convention
itself but as the committee was appoint
ed only a few minutes before the adjourn
ment, it was impossible to do so conse
quently the trust of expressing the views
of the Convention was bestowed upon the
committee. It will be seen that the com
mittee express much hesitancy in giving
the views of the Convention as respects
obtaining the means to accomplish this
work; and Judge Wright, who drafted
the address, as chairman of the committee,
wishes us to say that, taking as a guide,
the resolutions unanimously adopted by
the Convention, as well as the opinions of
the members in their various speeches, it
was supposed that the views expressed
in the address, in this particular; are those
of a majority, at leaf, of the Convention.
The Convention, however, was more par
ticularly intended to set the bell in motion,
and it is to be hoped that the subject will
be more fully reflected upon by the peo
ple, with the view of further and future
We are aware that many suppose that
the great cost of the work will prevent
its being accomplished but it should be
borne in mind that modern improvements
re constantly diminishing the expense of
constructing railroads. Those oontlruct-
d of late years have cost much less than
they did at first. Others have suggested
that the route is such as to be an objec
tion, but we are certain, from the best in
formation, that this is not the case, and
that its cost will not be over the average
cost of those works.
Many of our citizens, too, were averse
to taking steps in this matter, thinking
perhaps, it might draw the attention of
the South-west from the improvement of
our river, which is so much needed, and
in which such a vital interest is taken.
But we see no reason for this. It roust
be some time before the construction of
the railroad can be accomplished. To get
along ss prosperously as other people, we
must enjoy various markets. As a means
of trade with St. Louis, the emporium of
our Slate, and to enjoy the benefits of a
northern market, the navigation of the O
sage will be absolutely necessary We
hope there will be no relaxation in this
all-important work, as the prospect of its
speedy accomplishment ia now most flat
tering. If a few more of the counties
shall, according to the wuhe of a major
ity of the people in those counties, come
into the Association, there is no doubt that
the Osage will soon be made as navigable
as the Missouri. We have long lent our
honest exertions in this matter, end we
think we begin to set that we ha e not la
bored in vain.
Our part of the State has taken the first
steps towards carrying out the principles
of our Constitution, which expressly de
clare! that "internal improvements shall
forever be encouraged," and we feel bound
to support the Constitution.
On the subject of the proposed railroad,
we intend to speak out occasionally as the
spirit moves us, and we hope our friends
generally, and our editorial brethren par
ticularly, will dotheaame. i
P-Gen. John B. Clark is the Whig
candiate for State Senator from the coon
lies of Howard end ChsrHon,
Thi Canvass. On Saturday last, in
accordance with previous public notice,
Judge King and Maj. Rollins, opposing
candidate for Governor, addressed the
people of Benton county. It is not for us
to say inuch about their speeches, further
than that each spoke about three hours,
and both seemed to give general satisfac
tion to their respective friends. We must
say, however, that on no other occasion
have we teen so large a turn out of the
bone and sinew of the county, nor witness
ed such marked attention during a politi
cal discussion, as was manifested, by the
people of both parties on Saturday last.
We leave any further notice of this sub
ject with the politicians, presuming that
some of them will write out an account
of the political discussion for publication
in their leading papers.
Campaign Weeklies. I'o our friends of
both parties, who wish to read cheap week
ly papers from now until the close of the
Presidential campaign, Ave recommend the
St. Louii Union, (dem.,) and the St. Lou
is New Era, (whig,) which will be sent
weekly to subscribers for the very low
price of four bits, the last number of each
to contain the official vote of all the Slates
for President and Vice President. The
last number, containing the official returns
from all the States, will of itself, be worth
half the money. Send in your names im- i
mediately, to the Union and New Era,
and thereby put yourselves in possession
of the mod reliable informal ion touching
the present canvass. Postmasters all fl
yer the country will forward your names
and money. . .
The Western Watch man. We have re
ceived the4lh No. of a handsomely gotten
Up and neatly printed weekly, bearing the
above title, and edited by the Rev. S. W.
Lyhd, St. Louis. Tho Watchman is the
organ of the Missionary Baptist denomi
nation in this State, and is an able advo
cate and defender of the doctrines of that
branch of the Christian Church. Hie
Watchman is devoted in part to miscella
neous and family reading, and will doubt
less prove a welcome visitor to its many
and rapidly increasing readers. Terms,
$2 00 per annum, always in advance.
We shall place the Watchman on our ex
change list, and hope that its weekly vis
its may always find us "at home.".
A gentleman w ho arrived in this cily
on Monday from the Plains, reports the
war spirit very prevalent among the Indian
tribes. The Pawnees principally eem to
have incurred the displeasure of their fel
low savages, dipt. Vanvleet of the Quar
termaster's department, who left Fort
Chiles, a new post on the Piatt river on
the 5th, report having fallen in with sev
eral hostile parties.
A portion of the Oregon battalion, un
der commandkof Col. Powell, arrived at
r ort l;hilcs a lew days betore Lap!, v . leiu
The latter named gentleman W as accom
panied by a small escort only. A tram of
wagons would Jeave tor the Mates in a
few days.
Col. Powell had ejected a treaty with
the Pawnees, bv which they had ceded to
the United States, Grand Uland, a highly
important point, on which tort Chiles
stands. It is the only good location for a
military post, for several hundred miles.
Two parties of emigrants were met
near Grand Island, both progressing very
well. St. Louis Union.
Official information has been received
ht the War Department, of the ratification
of the treaty. An order was sent to Lien.
Wool, now at Monterey, to despatch one
company of the 3d mounted artillery to
wards Santa Fe, escorted by one compa
ny of the dragoons.
It is intended to unite the 7th regiment
of dragoons in California. Col. Wash
ington, 3d artillery, has command of the
detachment destined tor the retion ol ban
ta Fe. and is to ba Governor of New
Mexico, and that vicinity. The other
troops, under Gen. Wool, in the valley of
the Rio Grande, are to be drawn without
delay, and stationed to its north west, oc
cupvine fort Polk and Brown. The vol
unteer regimenta are to be emrarnea lor
New Orleans, with a view to their being
speedily mustered out of service, accord
ing to law. urgan.
I I I H 1 1 i " ' 1 1 "
Disaster at Niagara Fa its.--
peva, isanaaa, June . i ne uoai uuh
n tr t I rl V T..l.
or York, raul raruer, owner, oounairom
Black Rock, to Grand River, reached as
far as the mouth of Chippeway Creek this
morning, where (he came in contact with
a raft and broke the tow line and drifted
down the river with four men on board, as
far as the first rapids. A young man nam
ed Samuel Smith, started with a small
boat and reached her about three quarters
of a mile above the Fall, and succeeded
in aaviDK the four men. The boat, how
mvfr went over the falls. The young man
Smith deserves great credit for Kia heroic
conduct. A boat with four men startad
ahead of him but returned, being afraid to
proceed. Buffalo Com. 1dv.
Territory "r Nebraska. The fol
lowing are the boundaries of the propos
ed territory of Nebraska, as laid down in
the bill introduced by Judge Douglass. :
"Commencing at a point in the Missou
ri river, where the fortieth parallel of north
latitude orosses said river ; thence
following up the main channel of said riv
er to the forty-third parallel of north lati
tude J thence west on satd parallel to the
summit of the Rocky Mountains thence
due south to the fortieth parallel of north
latitude thence east on said parallel to the
place of beginning.
The Montreal Herald of Saturday no
tices the establishment of a line of eight
steamers this season, intended for the nav
igation of the internal waters and canals
of Canada. They are each of about 300
ton- burthen, and will carry from twenty-
eieht hundred to three thousand barrels of
flour. , Another steamer ot auout
tons burthen has been chartered, and was
to sail from Montreal on Monday, for Chi
cago direct, with a cargo of St. Ubessalt,
oil, brandy, salt fish, and other articles, in
tended as a sort of experimental test, in
view of a continance ol the trade witn the
west, if it should be found to answer.
Explosion in Vera Cruz. The Vera
Cruz Correspondent of the Picayune gives
the particulars of a serious accident which
occurred in that cily on the 3d inst. In a
bunding occupied as a cabaret, &. suspected
of having been a depot for supplies of gun
powder for the guerrillas, an explosion of
the ponder took place and killed some 20
persons, many ot whom were women.
At the lime of the explosion, Gen. P. F.
Smith was only about two doors above
the house, and barely escaped being kill
ed. Jt Busy Day. The day on which the
next Presidential election will take place,
the 7lh of November, will be a busy one.
Two millions of voters over the country
record their suffrages for a National ruler,
and as the Telegraph communications will
by that time extend nearly all over the
whole country, enough returns of the e
lection will be known and telegraphed by
the next morning to indicate with tolera
ble certainty whom the Nation has chosen.
This will be the greatest business ever
done in one day In the United States, and
the newspapers, as usual, will have a
share in it. Suiurday Post.
Indian Troubles. The Dubuque Tri
bune says, that the troubles with the Indi
ans continue .at Fort Atkinson. Gen
Fletcher, the sub-acent, had revoked the
licenses of all the traders except that of
Mr. Rice. 1 he Indians imagine in this a
design to fleece them. They threaten
Fletcher's life and hi residence is ttuard-
ed every night by a detachment of troops
Removal of Indians. The last number
of the Galena Advertiser, says : At the
last accounts from above, the Indian Agent
was collecting the Winnebagoes together
as well as he coulil. A large keel uol
was moored at Prairie la Crosse, which
they were filling with Indians, fast as
they could lu secured. A part ol the
tribe had left for Missouri.
.Adjournment of C'one-ms. The un
prcssion ecms to be general mid well
founded, that Congress will adjourn from
he firat Monday in July to the first JHoi-
ilay in October or November, and then
hold on into the short session.
A Cdrious Fact. It is stated by some
statistical hunter, that tiie sum annually
expended for bread by the population of
Great Britain and Ireland, amounts to jE25
000,000 sterling w hile the mony expend
ed in distilled and fermented drinks a-
mounts to upwards of 50,000,000 pounds
r. i ' 1 -a
Poverty in Mexico. We hear a great
deal now-a-days about the poverty in
Mexico, if the Government be poor, the
Church is not. Its annual revenue a
mountslo $250,000,000. For'.y years a
go it was $400,000,000 per annum. The
salary of the Arch-Bishop of Mexico is
$100,000 per annum, and that ot the JJisli
of Puebla, $80,000.
Look out for them. The Cumberland
Mountaineer states that ten dollar coun
terfeit notes, on the Bank of Virginia, are
now in circulation in that place.
Justly Refused. Lately, a Roman Cath
olic Priest, a strict tetota'ller, refused, it
s said, to read the burial service ol his
church over the body of a parishioner who
had died of delirium tremens, on the
ground that he had committed suicide.
Buildings , in Neva York. It is slated
(hat the cost of new buildings now in pro
gress of erection in the city of New York,
will be at least four millions of dollar.
. , Virtuous actions ever bring a tweet
nd wholesome reward of conscious good.
No one ever repented the performance of
a ood deed. . , '
fli-Why ia a soldier more tired on the
first of April than any other month P Be
cause he has just had a March of thirty
one days.
It it truly laid of charity, that it covers
a multitude of sins.
.Hillllllnl ., mm . uium-g!
Jlccomplishmentspf a Farmer Daugh
ter. The editor of the Maine larmer
tayi he is willing that a farmer'a daugh
ter, if she has the means to flo it, should
play upon the piano or guitar j that sne
should read poetry, and make herself as
polished nd refined as the Graces them
selves ; but begs her to remember that
this is but the mere spsrklings of the gem,
while the substance the worth of the
gem ia in the solid matter of domestic
knowledge; and that no young lady's ed
ucation is finished, however sccompusn
ed she may be, until she can darn a slock
ing, milk a cow, and make a cneese.
2GrGen. Cass is in his 67th year.
The most prevalent diseases of the Wess
tern and Southern countries, and more es
pecially In the Summer and Fall months,
are of a bilious nature assuming differ
ent types, as bi'ious cholic bilious diarrhoea,
bilious fever, Ague and fever &c. -all aris
ing from an obstruction of the biliary and
depatic ducts, and as a consequence, throw
ing the bile back into the circulation ir
ritating and contaminating the blood, de
priving the intestines of the natural solv
ent of their contents the bile. The ..re
sult is one, or more of the types of bilious
disease. Experience for the last five
years, has proved to a demonstration, that
no medicine ever presented to the public,
ha been so successful in correcting the
secretions of bile, restoring the equilibri
um of the circulation, and the establish
ment and preservation of health 'as Dr.
Bragg's Indian Queen Sugar-Coa'.ed Veg
etable Anti-Bilious and Tonic Pills. Hun
dreds of thousands have tried them with
entire success. "Go thuu and do like
wise." For sale by
SeeDi-. Brass's advertisement in anoth
er column.
fcf'There is a difference be
CHERRY, and nil oilier preparations of
Wild Cherry. The true and genuine Bal
sam contains, besides the extract of ild
Cherry Bark, other medicinal agtids of
great character and efficacy in the cure of
coughs, colds and general diseases of the
chest and lungs. But the important dif
ference between this medicine and all oth
ers of llie kind, is that
while other remedies give only temporary
relief to the sufferer. Read ihe fol'owing
certificate tendered us by one of our own
citizens :
Cincinnati, Feb. 18th, 1S47.
Messrs. Sttnfurd S Park Gentlemen.
I take this opporlunily to inform you of a
remarkable cure performed in my own
case, by the use of Dr. Wistnr's BaNain
or Wild Cherry. About the first of Sep
tember, 18-16, I was attacked with a vio
lent cold, which seated upon my lur.gi,
and during the space of live inonihs I la
bored under a distressing cough. I had
quite lost all hope of recovery, until n
bout a week or so ign, I was induced to
try your"B.ilsam of Wild Cherry, and be
fore I had used half of one bol'.le, my
cough was relieved, and 1 am now, by (he
blessing of God, and the further use of
this Balsam, restored to perfect health.
Yours, respectfully,
This invaluable preparation is for sale
in Warsaw, by BROWN &, DUNN.
Candidate' Department.
We are authorized to announce JAM ES
WINSTON, Esq., of Benton county, as a
candidate for Congress in this Congres
sional District. niayG
We are authorized to announce Col.
JOHN MOORE as a candidate for Repre
sentative of Kenton county, at the ensu
ing August election. may 13
We are authorized to announce BURR
II. EMERSON as a candidate for Repre
sentative of Benton county at the ensuing
August election. (marl 8
We are authorized to announce MARK
L. MEANS, Esq., as n candidate for Cir
cuit Attorney for the 7th Judicial district,
composed of the counties of Benton, Hick
ory, Dallas, Polk, Cedar, St. Clair and
Henry. ' 1 . utayV7
' - ' for SHcairr. ;''
13 We are authorized to announce JAS.
M. BLAKEY, Jr., as a candidate for the
ollice of Sheriff of Benton county, at the
ensuing August election subject to the
decisiou ot the whole people at the polls.
We are authorized to announce HEN
RY F. BURNS as a candidate for the of
fHce of Sheriff of Benton county, at the
ensuing August election. apl-9-tde
l?"We are authorized to announce A
BRAHAM SALLEY, as a candidate for
the ollice of Sheriff of Beutou county, at
the ensuing August election. aprillS
! We are authorized to announce Col.
JOHN HOLLOW AY as a candidate for
the office of Sheriff of Benton county, at
Ihe ensuing August election. mar4
tl"W are authorited to announce tha
name of JAMES W. HAWKINS as a
candidate for Sheriff of Benton county, at
the ensuing August election.
It" We are authorited to announce Wil
liam H. Ktt as a Candidate for Constable
of Ltndscy Township at the ensuing Au
gust election. . matSS
Dr. Bragg's Pills Triumphant!
Further Evidence Great Excitement -and
Panic amongst theCalomelDoctor-Dit'
ailrovs consequences of the use of JVfin
tral Medicines Timely intervention of
Indian Queen Vegetable Sugar Coaled
Pills to save a whole neighborhood from
Jht aufut ravages of that fell destroyer,
Disease, in the forms of Ague, Bilious,
Congestive and Typhus Fevers Read
and be convinced! v: -
Vas Bcren, Ark, April 15, 1343.
Dr. BrAoo Dear Sirs During the past
Summer and fall, the various forms of bil
lons Fever were very prevalent and often
fatal in this section of country. Our wor
thy none-such physicians, puffed up with
pride and vain conceit, persisted in their
antiquated practice with that universal
panacea, calomel, with such unbounded
success, that one or two, panio-struck,
scampered off and left their patients with
nature and her ineffectual efforts to repair
the mischief they had done. In one fam
ily, four cases resulted In death, In the
short space of four days ; in some case
three or four days after the exhibition of
calomel, treat prostration, tympanitic con
dition of the abdomen, and perforation of
the bowels were the result of this herold
treatment, and to prove it so to their weep
ing friends, a post mortem examination
would reveal the fact. After finding their
practice altogether ineffectual, they came
to the wise conclusion to give no medicine
at all, but continue to visit their patients,
and order flaxseed tea as a drink, and a
poultice of the same applied to the bowels 5
when this failed, with sage look, and little
faith, & hearts full of apprehension, they
would confess to their friends their fuli con
fidence in the application of blisters from
head to foot you may Riiess the result.
In this dilemma ancloniversal consterna
tion, one of your travelling agents passed
through our neighborhood, and made lib
eral d eposites of your vegetable medicines,
and distributed pamphlets, and the "Sun,"
to shed a gonial and benignart light upon
this benighted, and apparently devo
ted land. Tho manna sent to the Chil
dren of Israel, in the wilderness, was not
hailed with more hearty thanks than were
your health-restorfnp; Pills In this awful
crisis. The pecple were prepared to re
ceive them, or any thing that promised
them relief from their apparently impend
ing fate. 1 have watched their progress,
and the effects they produced in hundred
of cases and am happy to give my feeblo
testimony to their entire and triumphant
efficacy, in restoring health in aftw days,
in every instance, when they have been
taken in time, and In strict accordance to
directions. Some of our physicians,
whose love of truth and philanthropy tri
umphed over prejudices and preconceived
theories, have cheerfully abandoned their
calomel nnd lancet, end recommended
your pills in all cose of bilious. Intermit
tent, remittent, congestive and typhus fe
vers) and they freely acknowledge that
they are almost a specific in all these dis
rates. Y;iir travelling agent Is anxious
ly lookfd for niruin, as many of your a
gents arc out of pills, and the &ickly sett
son is approaching. .
With best wuhes for your success, ,
I am trulv vonr,
''"' For sale, w holesale and retail, at the
No. 51 , North 3d street, Louis.
For sale by BR O WJVtr D VXX, Warsaw.
"Also.bv O. W Rives and 3 W Bird,
Benton County; A C Moore, J W Filler A.
Leachman, Bolivar: J Price, John
Jones, W Montgomery, Williams A Peak
and Reed Bennett, Buffalo S R Roberts,
Erie; Waldo & McCulloch, Oseola; R Pat
terson, Dallas P O.j C Humes, Pleasant
Prairie; Daniel Darby, Pittsburgh.
First and Last Call!
1 LL those having notes or accounts with
jl us due prior to ihe first day of January
last, are hereby notified that unless imme
diate payment is made, such notes and ac
counts will be placed in tne hand or the
proper officer for collection. We mean
just what we say we want money and
must have It.
june21 BROWN & DUNN.
County or Bchtor. $ . "
in the Circuit Court, March term, 1848.
James M. White,
Lambert P. Ayres,
Assumpsit writ of
Charles W. White,
William P. Smith.
NOW at this day come the said plaintiff
by their attorney, and it appearing
from the Sheriff's return on the writ Issu
ed in this ease, that the said defendant
eannot be summoned, and that his proper
ty has been attached. Therefore it is or
dered that the said defendant be notified,
that the said plaintiffs have commenced an
action of assumpsit against him for the
sum of Four hundred and fifty-dollars and
twenty-five cents, ($454 25,) that his pro
perty has been attached 1 and that unless'
he be and appear before this court at tha
next term, to be begun and held at the
i,ourv-uuujo m iu vicy oi trarsaw, in
Benton county, on the second Monday in
September next, and plead to the action
of said plaintiffs within the first three days
of said next term, a judgment will be ren
dered against hjm, and his property sold
to satisfy the same.
And it Is further ordered, that a eopy of
this order be published in some newspaper
printed in this State, for four weeks suc
cessively, the last publication thereof to
be at least four weeks before said neat
term. A true copyi
, THOS, J. BISHOP, Cl'lt,

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