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Saturday morning visitor. (City of Warsaw, Mo.) 1845-1849, July 15, 1848, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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BJ B9fSft.t 9HH-v,ji n: '
- :i '" ;: ,.'!rx c'
did - . 3 v" Ui
' f
,m. .,. v.!..-: -a .:. -
Mere shall the Press the People's rights maintain,
Unaw'd liy influence, unbribed by gain.
rr.niTORs and proprietors.
NO 24.
i Office ttvrr the Strug Store,
(Entrance rsoM the Pontic Square,)
,xjr'.tv-. ' -'
,.:.' . . .-. , . TERMS:
"The Saturday Morni n g Visitor is pub
lished once a week, at Two LoltAKSper
annum, payable In advance.
,t' AovtBTtSEMESTS will be insTtcu1 nt SO
per square (of tilt fen linos or loss) for the
first insertion, ond fifty ecu's for eech con
tinuance. For one scpiaic. ii months, .$.r
do for six months, $.S do fur 12 months,
f'2 00. ., ,
.Kl-Adreitispmcnts not. marked with the
number of insertions required, will be
continued until ordered on-, and charged
accordingly. ,
A libera) deduction will lie made to those
who advertise by the year. ' Adverti
sers by the year will bo confined strictly
to their business.
; 1 Candidates announce d forV- 00.
THE VAUNT. (IC I ELi-: iKAl'ii.
' "' ' BV IUV. J. I.TO.SS.
Aloiifj the inooth and Mtrnlcr wiros
1 he sleepless heriihls run.
Fust n the rlear urd liii p ri'ys
(i slr..ming fioin ll;e Min :
No fe..U or tliishes lienl or seen
' Their wondrous f.igl.t l cii: j.
And yet their vmrds nre quii Llj ieii,
lu cities I'hr avy.
Nr summer's hent, nor in:er'i Inil,
C.:n clieek their rapid e.-mr-e;
They meet minion ei! llu- lie ice iini's riige,
TJe ronjh vritn!' weepinp einrie ;
In tile lung riijjht of ruin aiul wrail-,
As in llie hiii'e of (Ihv,
They riili, with news nf tn t r wo,
To thousands iar avi.
. ii
Put faster still tlinn tidings borne
On (hid eieetric eotil,
Hlse the nure t hoiitrlits ol Inn ul n lines
The Clinician's hie and Lord -'
Of liiui who taught in im!is and tear-,
Willi fervent lips !o pray,
Maintain liirh coTnei;se hereon earth
With bright worlds far away.
Aje! though no nutwaid w.h i bre..lht d,
Nor outward an-wrr given.
The sighing of jhut huud.le heal I,
Is known and felt in heaven ;
The long frail .wires in. y bend and breal;,
Those viewless heralds staj'v
rea.h the !
Eut Faith's wrd fhal
,!,. i ; throne .,,- '
Of God, though fal1 away. '
' "c "' EDI TO RIAL WIT..'
Two brother typ.Vs muo met after a
long kepsrai ion, duiM'g v bieh they had
each embarked in rr.thcr unpiclilaido on
ter'prises in newsjiaperdom.
'Whv, what in the world in.uli )ou
m esh 1' : , '
1 couldn't account for it , people aak
my paper' was racy, !it nd all thai ,' replied
th either. ;
'Racy .'j cried the, first 'there lies the
secret uf your failure, it cm you into debt.'
'I la ! ha t h;' laughed the second ; 'hut
what brought you down r" he a.-ked.
My subscriber abjqualulaled every
soul of 'em ran away, was the answer.
Jim away, eh ' cried the friend ; 'there
indeed lies the secret of your failure ; in
stead of your paper, your subscribers w ere
racy.' - '
Picaytltie Ktndall, in a letter from Par
i,' wrjtei thrtllhefrow n Frince of i'rus
I4 fled inomiuiourly from' Berlin. ' Not
only JiJhe drop on.bis knee tind beg most
lustily for his lilki, but the crowd even
robbed his nose in the gutter, and other
wise maltreated him. . '
'' ' koi.ni., i 1 1.1 I 1 L-
DWAai-.s-vTJiere is now exhibiting in
Havana, a female dwarf named Rhilla,
ftflpe'tt Aeart of sge and only 31 "inches
Bnfy'l grace and intelligence. , ,
rith. it is easy to hide our wealth
but if poor.il is not quite sa easy .to con
ceal our poverty! i W shall find it less
difficult t hide thousand guineas than
ha hole In'outtoat. "
in fit Jltntriea.lhxt sleamship ; has
made much the'tno'st rajiid passage acros
h Atlsntio pn teord., Iler lime wss JO
day 'nd8 .Lourf, leaving put Ihg? Imurs
detention by the log, she averaged 5C0
geographical )r.ile a day, or 15 miles an
hour, during tin whole passhrje; r ,
From ih .Model .fcneriam Courier'.
a rCT.
Amonjr the numerous isiiors to t lie
National Fair, which was held in, Wash
ington, in the fuinmer uf was a gen
tlciimii who, llio', J.ai'iusr from the, Sonth,
was limjr a resident (iiiini.g the Iron dis
tricts of Pcntisylraiiin, :uid is at prestiit
engage! in the lijaiiiiCadiire of iron, M
one of the iron esti-.LIislinieiils nt tl ; o North.
1 la is n man of short stature, stonily built,
and, t Ii ii ifili not ugly, not very preposses
sing in his personal appearance a tact
only alluded to that the sueeeedin inci
den's may be li;e better Appreciated.
To relieve bis face of the ungetiteei ap
pearance jl lud assumed by a two daj s'
growth of heard, he repaired to one of
llie "loitMirial emporiums'' of Va!:inj-
j tii. i.nd, on l'.mling all the bhrbers oi-eu-i
pied, he, nt their polite in itidion, look oil'
I his coal, ti c pi,t ,cts nf uhii h i iil.t.ii:M;d
j s.niiple-i of iraii, vri':ir. srri-rt:' j cm..',
and him;; il on a pi ammis tlie appan-l
of the oliii-r t-ilcrs, and v ailed bis 'turn.'
I Oik; of the gentlemen having 'got
j ihroiii-h," he tmd; his seat, and utider
. went I lie pleasant uperati'in of l.ciou tdia-
veil. After as!;iiu' f..ee and arr.itig
iiig iiis toil-t, lie welih! bavv ut mi i.i
jco .t, but lo! I,) his c ",::;ji in. it had dis.ip
' J ral'r-d, ni'J oil a lifcighbont-g a coat
; was diseo eret!, m el.iiined by li.o-e pre-
sent, and i'ieiililled by the barber as lha
; property nf Judge 1) . a gentleman
! remarl.nl It !.r his ul srnl-mindeihiess, as
I IK II.Oi..llil kit 'PiMft-.l I
nt M!ii:eieli!!y iudic-ates
' It w
as inn,' iiuite anoari nt that Jlli'ee
! 1' had worn away the. coat in niis-
: t. I.e for bis own, though it was of a i!if
! feicnt c.'hr, ai. i unlike Li own in oilier
i respects. liav ing ,bniness of sonic im
, poitaia e In attend In, "i nr fiielid'' found
t;imelf in a sad pre lnuiiiet,!, and ilcs
' jnilcbed one of the shop-boys wilh Jiu'e
. ' coat, to find him and eliiil an
i exchange, living '-our frit nj" lo inedit-
nN' on the w hiin -ic.d rcsnlls of tb.'ent
. iniiidrdnebs.
I .
Alter an ii''Siiccf-iSrf'iiI eareh of Miliour,
! I.'ie buy returned, and reported the f..i!iire
ol his errand. Here now w as a perph x-
ing dilemma to be phieed in he mu.,t vi
! ther priici i'd oi.t in his sleeves, or
, wear ll,e aii'iji,:lcd coat of the antique
i ic decided lipnti tlx- latter ai-
(i rii,ilie, mti in;n:ir to institute1 a e. re!i
j li.r llie Judge himself, who, it was fe.iied.
had returned to his country resilience.
lie. sallied forth, and what a delectable
J sight .e presented, etiv i hi; ed m t! c oh!,
j brass-botioned, blue eoi.t its alaiint eol
I l.i r hoary fioin the pow ih-r of mai y ve. rs.
i the sleeves reu hit g over his lingers, and
j the I. ,11 exteinlii g to w ilhin a short dis.
I ''"ice of b.ia feet I Though he eviided the
! most public thoroughfares, l0 met scver
j ul ntquaiiilaiicrf, who quizzed I nn oi; his
comical i.nnearanee : hut biiujr ol!;crivise
a poinpi.raiive strai ger, aiiJ feeling s,,inu.
,,. , ,.. ... ...7 .. , . -,. h, . ,
....,,...., 1. ,i ... t.lSI'UII -I . ,. I , . iic HI''
came re..ii'uli,' and lnu ric,i up I t'i- c..p
iti'l in quest of (he 111..11 w ho p.i-sCsScd
ll.e fpi i.iiiun of iron it was no nctcs.iry
lor himself to have. Having (raver-iM
the "grounds" wiihoul linding the ol j. ct
of his search, he proceeded to lha Rotun
da, and there rc cogni.ed the Judge, de
scribing the picture to sev eral hulie, ap
parently unconscious of the tiht and .lo
ry lit he had on. ,
Unwilling to voiiliune longer in this un.
couth garment, and not from deficient eti
quette, "cur friend" interrupted the Jndue
in his gallant occupation, and told him thai
he had on the wrong coat. Cilancing at
himself, he perceived the fact for the tirsl
time, and remarked, , with much humor
and sang froid
'So I have, sir! 1 beg your pardon.
How did it happen?" a question that
was afterward.-, explained, much lo his as
tonishment unci amusement. .
Leaving the ladies, they proceeded out
to the pcriico, where the Jm'gn proposed
an exchange, and pulled oil' the coat he
wore, for that purpose a course that was
partly followed by the oilier gentleman,
but their belligerent snd singular appear
mice hnving ullincted a small crowd a
round ihem, he drew it on ngnin, and sug.
gesled the jirojiriety of going to some
more private place. They therefore went
to the rear of the building, and exchung
ed coats, to the surprise of those who fol
lowed them In expectation of witnessing
li light. To the-bewilderment of "our
friend," ihe J tidge then searched the pock
els of his cont in vain for his pocket-book,
which he said he had placed there
.'It's gone, sir full of valuable papers,'
Our friend" recollected that the bar
ber boy had the coat with him, when he
vvss sent to look for ihe Judge, and i'or
moment suspicion rested on him as ihe
peculator of the lost pocket-look, but, t
the relief of all concerned, the. Judge
found it in, iis pantaloons pocket," Mutu
al apoUxi'- pxplsmilions ensued, and
ejith w ent Ins vay in good iuunor. Th
old Judge is now no more, but his title
has descended upon "our friend" as a so
briquet that will be attached to I. nil s
lung as lie lives. j. o.
'I lie following is an extract from the
letter published in the" United lr shmnd,
on the Khh of May, by Mr. John Mitch
ell, its editor, which led to his arrest and
coirr.nilt.il to Newgate, and subsequently
lo bis indictment, and trial for sedition, of
which he bus just been convicted, and
sentenced to 4 years' transnorlation :
J s,
"1 tell you frankly that I, for one, am
not 'loyal.' I am Dot wedded lo the Queen
of E'.ghitid, nor unalterably attached to
the house of J5runsv iek. In fact I hue
my own b.,rn letter than that house. The
time is long past when Jehovah unnointed
Kings. ' lie thing has long since grown
a numerous imposture, mid has been al
ready, in some civi'.i.ed counliies, delect
ed ..lid drummed out accordingly. A mo
dem Iving, my friends, is no more like an
ancient nuuoinled shepherd of the people,
tl'.au mi archbishop's apron is like L rim
and I huinmim. 'i here is no div ine l i"ht
i i
tioiv but in the sovereign people.
'And fur the 'institution of the c.ii;n-
iry," 1 loath and despise them ; we are
sickening and d i: g of these institutions
fast ; they are consuming us like a plague,
c.egia iicg us to paupers in mind, body and
estate; j us, making our very souls beg-
gtirly and eowataiy. They urn a failure
and a Ii'jiiJ, these institutions from (lie
topmost crow ii jewtl to the meanest de-
ircuve s n.i'ei.'oeii, mere is no souiwness
in iln m. '1 heir last hour is ut hand, nod
i, and
1 thank (iod that I live in tho davs when
1 shall v. i.ness (heir utter downfall, and
tr..iople up. n the grav o of the most por
tentous, t!,e gr.iiiiic-i, mealiest, falsest, m.d
crudest ty i..nt.y that ev er dtfurmed the
"My Vi i'.'iids, tl-.i! people's sovereign! v,
ihe land and 'fa. anil air of Ireland ; this
is the gospel that the heavens mid earth
aio preaching, and that all hearts are e
cielly burning lo embrace, liive up for
ever that old interpretation you put upon
the word 'Repeal.' Rcpe,il Is no mev e
melil ; it is i:o icclariaii mnv emm! ; i is
iui 11101,1 .-y-s-.v indie, nor 'Eighty-t ,vo' de
lusion, nnr puffery, nor O'i Diincllisin,
nor Miill.ighmasl 'green c-.'p,' stage play.
l.'Uii-souTiciog inanity ol any soil got
' .i' ....... ; J'.ii.l, li JI .ll'-C.
It is il
ity passionate slrugule ol
(,. i . ......
a lL.tion liiistciiif.il In be born in'o new na
tional li.'i;; i:i which the unspeakable
throes ol a. i the parts, arid pow ers, and
elements of' oni Iiish existence, our eon
li beration'', our I'roleslaid repeal assi,( j.
.diotis, om-lii. ant-right societies, our clulw,
clujni s and commi'lces, nmidst conelusicns
enough and the. saddest jostli.-ig an I jumii
ing, aie i.U inevilably tending, however
unconsciously, to one arid lho same, illus
liious gu.il i ot a local hgislaliire not .1
return lo 'our uncient c-niisiiiiitioir not 11
L'oldcii link, 1 r a palehvvoik parliament,
or a l-i.i! g green chapel of ease In SI.
Step!, en's but An lrit-h Republic, onu
mid iodiv i..ible.
"1 will speak plainly. There is now
provirgim the soil of lrthind a wealth of
glum, noil loots, uud rattle, Iar mere lhan
enough to Misti in in hie and comic u all
the tlili. l.il.'iltv of the Island. .Thai wealth
must nut leave us another ) ear not until
every urain is loii;Jhl for from lho bindiig
of tin; Leaf lo ihe bluing uf t,e ship.
.And an elf. rt necessury lo that simple act
of self preservuliuu will atone and the
same blow prostrate Ih i: i-h dominion and
landlordism together. It is but the one
ucl of volbion. If we rev.dve but to live
we make our country a free and sovcieign
"Will you' not gird up 3 our loins fur
this great national slrtigje, and stand with
your country fur life and laud? Will you
the sons uf warlike race (he inher
itor of coiiijueriiig mcmoiies, viih the
arms of freedom in nil your home', and
relics oJ lho gallant Republican of '13
furrier before your eyrswill you stand
fu'dii'i' ) "iir hands in helpless 'loyally,'
uud whils) every nation in ('hrisleiuloiii is
seising on ill birthright with armed hand,
ivill you l.ika patiently your Nations of
yellow ir.eal, nud your inevitable portion
of eternal contoii t ) j . , ,
''If this bo your (teteriiiinntnSn. Trolest
nnts of Ulster, then m ike linste, sign ad
dress" of loyally hint of confidenee in
Lord Clarendon, ami protest, wuli lhal pi
ther lord, your uludlerable attuchmeut lo
'our venerable iustitutions '
' Si'The first exportation of eogarfroui
Texas w as made in 1S-1G, and amounted
lo only fifty hogsheads. The crop of 1847
amounted to 2000 hogsheads, of W hich
between 500 and CiUO hogsheads were ex
ported, This year's crop is estimated at
5000 hogsheads, I( ;
Below we give a short bio
graphical sketch of (Jens. Tay
lor aiid Cass, which we copy
from one of our exchanges, al
so a neutral like ourselves.
lucre is notiun;; partisan ml
these notices, and even if there
werc,Ve should not, regard it as
a very great breach of our neu
trality, especially if we admin-!
ister the closes in equal and ex
act proportions. Eds. llsltor.
born in Orange -om.lv, A
ard was a Colonel in the Uevo -
iution, and emigrated to Iven
tuekv in 1786.
"-i"" V la) nil Vi Clil III tllUU
and woi-kefon lite farm ,1L.ar
LrxiiiRio,, till hi 180S, he re -
crivetta LieutenancvinlheTlh'.
1F.S. l.tCniin- I In" 'n sf. tiifii... i
L) 111 II1U fell
,.;,.. ;
(. ii i si. si ina-
. i
I o 1 J., w lien,
, '
r.iniKvtnii Ii1
lized ltimself in
wilh a Captain's commission, he
CMC n,m,,;nl,! I ,s 4 I. . I
...... ii riiuiiuv.li ij ua; e i ul UKiiivi
of Fort llanisonon the Wn -
bash, ad with only sixteen ,cii
f.t for tititv, he beat off 100 In-
dians in a desperate night attack
.... '
! which last seven hours! For
I this gallant exploit he was bre
j vtted Major.
j lie jtgaiu signalized hiinsclf
! in the 15lack Hawk war, by his
j energy and firmness in 1.32,
bt.itig t!ien a Colonel. And
with this title in 1837, he was
placed in command against the
Seminole Indians in Florida.
On the 05th of December was
if i . ,i ii . , ,
fought Ihe celebrated Okee-c ho-
! bee battle 1100 American
I troops, Volunteers ami regulars,
against the whole Indian forces
,i ... , ,
I in the swamps. Mis dearly-
! DOUgnt VletOfV, -v. Killed anil
!... , , ' . , ,
I t 1 . , X s. ill '
1 1 ! wountled, prevented the en
i emy from ever again embody
! ing. For this service he was
; bre veted Brigadier Octiera!.
! In May, IS ir, he was placed
in command of the army of Oc
cupation to protect ' exas a
j gainst the invasion of the Mex
I ieaus. lie remained at Corpus
j Christi till March 8, 18-HJ, when
the advance of the army mov
ed on for the ioOrande. '.'"he
subsequent victories of Palo
Alto, ilesnca de la Pahna, Mon
terey and the finale at Jbiena
Vista, are familiar to every
school boy, establishing for Cm.
Ta lor a milKary f;.me of un-
surjiaysing brilliancy.
(j:.;.. I.KW1S (ASS, the iJem-
ocratie nominee for the I'resi-
,i-,.,,... .....0 l.s-.. :.. I'i.. V
ociic 1 , tii oih 11 in ijAtici, ii.
II., in the ear 1782, conse-
nuentlv he is now CO vears of:
aire. His father was a commis
si,,.,..,! tr,.... .. sl. l.i.-l.,:
"lyiini uaici.1 j.v.uiu-
.. i .1 .ii
llOU'll .U, .UI.I set v . U UirOllgU
that whole memorable contest, i
The son recciveil acommuiuf.
ademic education, ami after-!
wanls 'studied law under the
latu b'oc! Meios of Ohio, the fa-
ndly havinj; emigrated to the!
Vtst. - "
. . i . .
Mn .sww, ..v. iivvsiuv " IUV.U1-
ber of the Ohio Legislature, ami
was particularly active in fer
reting out the. Llurr conspiracy.
Afterward he. was Marshal in
the .tame State, till the liiitish
invasion of our Canadian fron
tiers, called him to1 the army,
which he euteicd &s a Colonel;
and the next year ho was pro
moted to the rank of Urigadier
General He was under Cen.
Harrison in the subsequent in-
JULY 15,
vnsion of Canada ; in the pur
suit of Proctor, and in llit; tri
umph over the I5ritis.lt and In
, at the Mora
vian towns.
(ir:i. ('ass was
left in com-!
maud of Michigan, and after-
wards was appointed (Jo ernor i Startling Intelligence ft om Euroftd
station which he filled for ! 'oWc Jivu!utitm in i'lonce Ovtr one
18 years--ri'Mdiiij at Detroit
li( inx also , President of their
Ilistoriral Society, with kin
tired honors front olher Slates.
In S3 1 hw was appointed
.Secretary of War ly President
Jackson a pol in which he
V-01 .!,,l?",l,?,nf' 1!ll.hc
'!0 1,,"11.(C' UiP 'torc diplomat-
ic relation, alter our threatenec
i wai1- with that nation. While
l in Paris he wrote his famous
. Ill i .1 . l. r
Vgainst the nght ef
!a,til -V111 que-
u' ' treaty,
'i',!1,M,i;-T over the I rcuch to our
; 'I , . " , .
; 'iugii;g over the I' renchtoour
j . . ..
, intcrt sts. atid forever (icleatinr
; . t ... . ,. . n
; t In? amljiltotis prpjec ts ot the
! 1 ' 1 S 1 1 '
t iti,- I , , , ,
! ,-!'t V lh? w 3 lccUd lo.
L1. S hcn?,r' Hnce.
whlc.h- jmG V.'0'-1": "a arf ?f
T' m.M 1 ' prro nus
rff I 111 1 lit' hint wt Sir..
occupied itv (urn on the Ore
gon question ; and his decided
position on the Mexican v. ar,
art? familiar to all who read the
J'ij Telegraph for t,h St. Lnvii t'nion.
i Asiii.icTON, .June
Office committee, reported a bill relative
.1. l . . t . I 1:
i me riopioMiiciii oi piinnc Kieamers lo
carry Jj, ah,;,mhe Atlantic coast
Mr. John-on submitted u resolution,
C''"'"S sSecrelary of wnr lor infor-
,"aU"" !,s ,h unX ,1,,R I0"1'1 ,,e T
tessary to loitilv i roctor s Island, lor the
dl.U!llCL, Xt.' ,!...,.. i ),. ...,;,...
" '
ten thi.iisand copies of the renoit lelativ
. i-.- ' i . ' .
to ('u)ifortiia. vv-jro ordered to be iirinted.
Mr. liutler, f-cuii (he Committee on the
Judiciary, reported a joinl resolution, pro
viding lur lho extension of the boundary
of Texas, vv hich was read a third lime anii
parsed. ,
Mr. Rusk, from the C'omuuUeu on Com
merce, reported a bill for establishing a
colitction district at lirazos St. J.ipo.
?lr. H.imlin, pursuant to nolice, intro
duced a bill, w hich was read ii ml reli 1
red, makii g 15., 1 gor. Me., .1 port ol entry.
On motion, ten thousand copies of the
memorial of Ihe Chicago Convention were
crdered to be printed. . .
The Oregon lull then taken up, when
Mr. l'helps addrescd the Senate, con
tending for the right of Congress to ex
clinii! slavery I'rom this territory.
Mr. Mason hag the tluor on thi ques
tion lo-ui'irrow.
On motion, the fortification bill was t.l
, ken up. Mr. Underwood rdfem! ana
; mciu'.ment appropriating ,f 50.0C0 towards
. ii-piueinn 11. v iimiif riuiui clam. Jlvvas
"l'llieh then read a third time
, 1 r 11 ,1
i '""tioti of Mr. lienton, the Senate!
l' . , t. 1 ...
tl'ir.N ii.n.u.riiul
i in iheilnuse. , .,, .
,a..... '
, . ,,.
An lnteJliuent tierson once
. " ....-..: I. r .
?L I il IHC 111 tt 11 Iv'i' N I ' J
ll(lm M"'V"(: ."c m-iioose
.. . . i i . . . 1 1 .
YT' imi. ,ttt,uu ,t,un'
his friend's
i J
. 'I
icate. ..
,Z. iTi7,'n,,"
ft I r lend
i. I
iiiiiu vuv iie,m ituuiii i oil lyi r.
ui on.er to cain llie Rraise of
1' , ... rr. . I . " " ; "I
lew ouitn. wtiom you aesptse,
. i i i .
. . r, - ,, , .j tJ((j ()hio Asyum Bt Columbus,
"Is your l.usiuess so very the following question was pro
pressing! exclaimed a damsel to posed to a deaf and dumb teach
a wooing printer, r.s he clasped Ur in the institution: 1 '
her in lus arms. . -Would it; be wrons for it
..mi . . ... ...!
- i nose trees are putting out,
sain a young lauy to a gentle
Vcs," was the' rcplv, thev
will soon, h'tuc" ,
Vy Telegraph for the SI. Louis Union.
thousnnj Liva lust.
IJosto!, July 1.
The steamer Cambrin arrived last nigh',
bringing one week's later intelligence
from Kuropc
She brings news of the most esciltng
and startling character from France.- A
revolution broke rail on ihe 4tli, in Paris,
headed by Louis lilnnc, and ever 1,000
lives were lost. 'I here is great excite
ment and alarm prevailing among all class
es. Hopes arc entertained that the moder
ate party ill not be defestrd by ihe psr
ty advocating the establishment of an i'.m-piic.-
IIosto.x, July lt, r. si.
Louis Napoleon rekindled the old Bo
naparte eulhusi isin. As soon as IheGoi
enment crceivecl these symptoms of dis
affection, one hundred thousand troops
were concentrated at Taris. Disturban
ces occur nightly. Qn the 10th tilt., two
thousand rioters were hemmed 111 and made
prisoners; amorg them many Englishmen
and Americans, disguised as women, i At
first th National Assembly showed itself
actuated by the noblest feelings denounc
ing in louueut terms, all tyrants. The
poaulur feeling, however, was divided.
Cries of "Vive Ls Rcpubliqe," re-an-svered
and drowned by the moie t urner
oiis shouts of "Vive Bonaparte." On"
Monday preceedit.g the day of sailing,
when il w; rumored lhat Louis Napole
on had airived within the city, severs?
regiment of National Guard deserted
their standards ond raised the ' familinf
shout of "Vive L l'.mpereur."
I.nin.irtine, meanwhile, was not idle.
Tale as as! ics he mounted the Tribune and
demanded llie re-enactment of the edict of'
1S32 banishing Louis Napoleon. Whilst
speaking, shot was fired on the outside,
and his voice was drowned with shouts of
"Vive L'L'inpcrrur." Overwhelmed, he
was obliged to sit down. The decree,
however, was passed.
One National (itn.rd was shot dead on
the spot. ,
Despite this edict of ihe National As-!
sembly, the populace declared that Louis
Napoleon shall take his seat in the Assem
bly, of which lie was chosen a member.
On the l.'ith, the excitement became in
tense. The rioters endeavored to erect
barricades in the streets, but they wera
prevented by the overwhelming military'
force. ' 1
On the evening of the 13th, the Nat ion-1
al Assembly re-annulled ita slecree 04
tjie previous day, and admitted Louis Na-,.
poleou to his seat, ami thus opened the
door to civ il war. '
l.edru Ruliin oppoxd the f oceedinga
most 1 iolentiy, nnd finally, w lien lha tna'
jorily prevailed, be resigned his seat, , .
. L.ori.iriine, it is said, will speedily follow-
I. is example.
A proclamation had been issued calltnf;
the people lo arms to place Louis on lha
throne.- . .. nf
, On Wecweday, Tans wa quiet. , Lou-;
is was hourly expected. v i
Peisigny, a leader of li e Bonaparte fxc-;
t ict. lud been arrested. ,
Nearly 0. COO commr rem! houses in Par'
is alone, have snsended.! . '
t , , , , . .
1 . ' f l it
lion oi ii.j,ci.eiL :i i . .; 'L.-MJ
Ireluiul" b.ul 1mmi lwu,lnnnj' f..r f,..l-
I . .... -.-..
t I ,, . , .,'1 .
i Ji," Cmneii protest Imtdlt mt
i -be i.bandonme.il oftb. tllaUi.rm for whioli.
I . .
his faiher contended,- but he does not re-
j eeive much ...e.ni.m
The Chartist (demonstration which was
to have taken place on the J 2th, was over-'
sued by the military and police, who Ois-
i,rr'a l ieiore me meeting was organ-
i . n...;. it
tSMWt !(((
a re-
rrnt exhibition of the rautrs of
man to marry1 i black'
'I he mute replien in writing-'
'I do not know that it would
be a sin, aho tcants one.'
The questioner ilopcd.
' " '. '

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