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Saturday morning visitor. (City of Warsaw, Mo.) 1845-1849, December 09, 1848, Image 3

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f .
, OF WlLp CHEllilY.
' Albemarle Co., Va.
. JlareA 21, 1847.
Mr Seth W. Fowle Dear Sir: I take
Pleasure in stating to yon my experience
n the use of Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry. I own a very valuable negro
girl, who was attacked with a difficulty of
the lungs, which brought her in appear
fence to the brink of the grave. 1 consul
X ted some of our best physicians, who pro
nounced her case incurable, or that they
could do no more for her. I tried many
remedies but none did a.ny good. I saw
some account of Wistar's balsam, and
thought I would try it, but had little faith
in it- I procured a bottle, which was ad
ministered according to directions, and I
saw she began to mend ; and before the
first bottle was gone she was up, I pro
cured a second bottle, and she tuck that,
and now she is, I think, cured, or nearly
so. She attends to her daily labor, and i
hear no complaints from her.
f ,' i . R. L. JEFFERSON.
Consumptive Patients! Will plpase read
the follow ing statement from the Harrison
Gazette : The credulous are invited to
read the following note from Rev. Mr.
Coldron, whose character for truth and ve
racity is above suspicion, and have their
doubts dispelled to the superiority of Wis
tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, over all o
t her remedies' now before the public of The
tame character:
,T " Cobtdon, Ind., Jan.2S, 1843.
It is no less a duty than a pleasure to
state, for the benefit of the alllicted, thut
1 consider Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cher
ry a great blessing to the human rare.
Having tried it in a case of severe nfilic
tion of the lungs, I unhesitatingly rt cnm
Inend it to those similarly nlllictcd, as the
best remedy I have ever tried, and one
'which cured mo when physicians said I
must die, and when I thought myself that
my time to depart was near at hand.
, . . W.M. COLDRON.
Caution . To guard against a spurious
thnilulioH of WisturN Billsan, put up in
Philndelphhv by. one' W. M. Spear, the
:em ini: ha the names of Henry WMar,
M. D.? Philadelphia, and Snndford A Park
tin the fine strcf engraved wrapper with,
out bolhfif these names, it is rosi rivLLT
enrnerof 3d and Chcuiut streets, sells the
filioVe medicine. Price $1 per buttle,
hold also bv
BROWN" & T)UN, Warsaw,
" " "COXA McCLAIN, Oscola,
, n1.; J. MceLhaney,
V , .''." ' ', ; Springfield,
and upon inquiry observing strictly the
above caution may bp found in evry
. towu throutjlioht, the' State. dec2
tlBoitthhj jiullctiti, At. i).
rpllE position of
X the GiaMenberff
Company in its rela
. tions to the health of
'he., community is
I now fully establish
ed ; and the admira
ble series of the
Giae'feiiberg Medi
cines are evry where
taking tlie lead of all
hi numerous portions of the coun
these medicines iii their practice; (Jntisfi-
, ed that by their use tlicy can more cer
tainly combat Dinease in a U Us forms.
And, not only do physicians sanction and
encourage their use) but THE CLERGY
. of every, denomination attest their won
derful ellicacy ; and in numerous ways
recommend them to the pet pie of their
to the same thing; in short, the public at
large hail the introduction of these medi
, There are over TEX THOUSAND A
GEXCIES of the Company in the United
States, which are not only profitable to
the agents, hut of vast benefit to the in
habitants. , .There should not be a single
f .Ifckd, Village or JIamlet,
withou t its GiWenberg Depot ; and if this
Bulleti n is ewad where there is no agency,
ajpplic at'on should be made for one at once.
Certificates almost without number, are
on file at the office of the Company, testi
fying to cures , of the most astonishing
kind ; many of which have been duly ex
amined "by the "following distinguished
gentleMeu ; ,
rRevf N.-Bakos, D. D., Francis
111,1,' Lj.,' It-Mayor Brady, all of N.
Jfk.v. ,
The power of the Gra'fenhn'rg Medi
cines over all B.Ol',S COMPLAINTS
no matte what their form or severity, is a
mslttisi of jPMrbt'ND ASTORfSITMEIIT. Let
allltMreftreVyho are thus, afflicted, and
resort HtUfhee, the celebrated Gnefen
berg Vegetable Piti.i and Health Bit
Tt'ki;l,;At all events let them call at some
on of the agents, artd' get a pamphlet
r'",4 ' GK'AtlS, ' j
'(fcpjjjll fujiyexplafu the whole matter.
t--. nSW EJWARD BARTON, See'y,
New York, September 1848.
Te Gener'aVAKent for Missouri, Is E.
, .- jrOODWARD, St. Lonis. to wHbtn
appW'&tlons for agencies may be tddress
etl, ',1 . ' j
. JiTWahove celebrated medicines irt
or sale at Warsaw, by
CM A WL8. Cloth, Cashmere, Damask
jn4 VUii Shawls, Urge ies, for sale i
beau br .rtdwij ., M. A. SIJEPARD' '
rMCKlNGS.-20 Ps. bed Ticking, from
X 12 1-2 upwards, for sale by
A GOOD assortment of Country -made
. Jeans, now on hand and selling low at
dec3 . SHEPARD'S.
(lOTTON YARNS 5,000 Lbs- all num
J bers. just ree'd. and for sale by '
MOLASSESS. 5 J8bls. N. O. Molas
ses in store and for sale at
Boots and Shoes. .
E have on hand a first rate assortment
of all kinds, including a good lot of
children's shoes.
JdeciiJ Is. & S.
STONEWARE.-6,000 Gallons Stone
ware, consisting of Jars, Churns,
Crocks and Jugs, of all sizes and the best
quality, for salo cheap by Is. AS.
K BOXES best Collins Axes,
O 5 do Paul's & Root s do.,
Yankee and Kentucky patterns, for sale
I cheap at dec2 , SHEPARD'S.
27 c t! rent
Of the Dtiy-Vast amount used per Month
The numerous and wonderful cures it
tJfeclsJs mngicfl effects vjion Bilious
ten and Fever and Jgw Great Ex
citement among the Doctors.
JL Sugar Coated Pills are now admitted,
on all hands, to be the most extraordinary
and valuable medicine in general use. It
not only acts as a specific, upon the Bilious
and Typhus Fevers, Chills and Fever,
and Fever and ague of the we stand south,
but in all diseases of debility, weak stom
ach, indigestion, loss of appet'te, impuri
ty of the blood, and all diseases prcvulent
in a western and south-western climate.
Their great power consists in their pecul
iar effect upon all the organs of the sys
tem, and the rapid formation of new and
rich btuoti, which they produce. In this
lies the great secret of their success.
They are mild and pleasant in their ac
tion, but. searching and permanent in their
'(!'( cl, penetrating the remotest recesses
of the system, by their ready absorption
into the blood, thereby infusing a new sup
ply of vitality and nervous power into all
the machinery of life. 'J ie extensive
popularity they have acquired all over the
west and south, ensures the sales of at
Fifty thousand Boxes a month.
And we find it difficult, with cur large
force of hands, and the late improvements
in machinery, which we have adopted, to
manufacture them fast enough to sfipply
the demand in the thirteen western and
southern States. One large manufactory
is constantly engaged in preparing the va
rious concentrated' extracts of which they
are composed. From the best information
we can obtain from our 8,fMi0se!linir agents
and hots of attentive' 'correspondent in
all parts of the country,' our medicino
cures, pel mon;h, not less than
10,000 cases of Fever nod ague, (1000 of
which resisted all Other treatment ;
4. .100 cases of bilious fever ;
&.::()() eases ot weakness A general debility
H, .'AM cases of various chronic diseases ;
I, 000 cases of weak !omach and loss of
appetite ;
800 cases of dyspepsia;
1,'iOO cases of rheumatism ;
1 .IKK) cases of female com plaints :
1,200 cases of ague cake, or enlarged
1 ,500 cases of liver complaint ;
600 cases of scarlet lever;
400 cases of typhus fever;
00 cases of sore throat.
This must appear almost incredible, but
the numerous letters from physicians, a
rents and those who uso the medicine,
from all the western and southern States,
catisfy us that this is a moderate estimate,
and that our medicine is. rapidly taking
the place of the various sugar coated coun
terfeits, uhk'hare ulloat, and the numer
ous tonic mixtures, made wholly of qui
niiie, which are imposed upon the public
by maiiufactui ers who live, nobody k notes
Dr. Bragg's famous Sucnr Coated In
dian Queen Vegetable Pills, are of two
kinds the Cathartic and Tonic. The
Tonic Pills are peculiarly adapted to the
quick and permanent cure of Fever and
asue, Torpor of the Liver, and General
Debility.. It is in fever and ague, chills,
fever, &c., that they achieve their great
est triumphs. It rarely requires over 12
hours, or more than half a box of the To
nic, Pills, ts break the chills and effect a
pcriiiHiient cure which is rarely the case
with the tonic mi. hires of quinine, hawk
ed about tho country by ignorant pretcud
e.is. Those who take the" Tonic Pills once
vt ill never forsake them.
Who can wonder, then, that a medicine
of such extensive popularity and extraor
dinary virtues should cause great
EKcitetnent among the DcctO'rtH
'The prejudices of physicians against
their us are at last giving way to the play
of reason, and the convictions of every
day experience, which they derive from
their patients and friends who use them.
Doctors are uow, almost every day send
ing orders from every part of the country,
for a supply of the Pills, to use in their
For sale, wholesale and retail, at Dr.
IC1NK STORE, N.-E. corner of Market
end Third Streets, St. Louis, Mo., and
Foriakbif BROWA'XDUJrjf, WarSaw.
I T Also, bv G. W Rives end J W Bird,
Kenton County; A C Moore, J W Filler &
Leseh man, Holivori J Price, John
Jones, W Montgomery, Williams A Peak
and Reed Bennett, Buffalo) S R Roberts,
Erie Waldo A McCulloch, OseoluiR Vtt
terson, VulUi P 0. C Humes, Pleasant
Prairie; Daniel Darby, ISHtbargK. '
A ( L'' vpvrftBv i" ",,,r fr
Jirjlf eu't l , fcUErWltp. .
IRON 110,000 Lbs Pittsburgh A Ten
nessee Iron, consisting of all sizes tire,
band & round Iron Castings of all kinds
Wagon boxes, plow moulds, &c, in
store and selling at the lowest prices, at
liibU n 4 Testament.
II IBLES from 30 cents to $1 75, and a
- ny quantity of at a Dime each, now
on hand and for sale by the Bcnlon Coun
ty Bible Society. They can be seen and
examined at this office. novl8
Western Journal,
Of Agriculture, Manufactures, Mechanic
Jlrts, Internal Improvement, Commerce, '
and General Literature.
Fdilors and Proprietors.
St. Louis Published Monthly, at $3
per annum in advance. oct2S.
4888 bByl
Jefferson City Steam
rasnnir boat.
rTjlHH; subscriber would inform the puh-1-
lie that he has in successful operation
a splendid new Steam Ferry Boat, now
plying constantly between the wharf at
Jefferson City and the opposite shore. He
has procured good and substantial floats,
or hnidiiic boats, and horses, wagons, Ac,
may at all times cross the river with ease
and security, and in the short time of two
minutes and a half.
The roads leading from Hannibal and
St. Charles, in the direction of Arkansas
and Texas, are now in excellent condi
tion, and as the route by Jefferson City is
forty or fifty miles nearer than any other,
the facilities of a good Steam Ferry Boat
at this point renders it the most desirable
tor crossing the Missouri river.
There will be no detentions, and the ut
most care wrll be taken to preveut any
Jefferson City, Oct. 21, 1848-:j!2.
ifj?.vii'v i:oi:i..i.vt,
SO. 4fi!
J TAVE now opened their large assort
E S ment of Fall Sl Win ier GOODS,
which they offer for sale at prices lower
than is potoilite. for any other house in town '
to take, on account of having laid in their '
entire, stock in Acw York Si Philadelphia. I
They would invito the attention of pur- !
chasers to their larcre assortment cf Dry
Goods, consisting iu part of
1,000 pieces Fancy Prinls,
20,000 yards 4-4 Domestics,
10.000 do 3-4 do
Winter Ginghams, Muslin de Laines, AI
paras, Cashmeres, Gala Plaids, Shawls,
of every vcriety, Book and Swiss Mus
lins, BiMiop Lawn, Jaconet, Ac, &c. Al
so Cloths, Cassiinercs, Vesting, Blank
ets, A.c, j;c.
Blanket & Pilot Cloth Coats, Vests, Pan
taloons, Lamb's wool Drawers & Shirts.
Hats, Caps, Hoots A Shots.
A fresh supply of superior Kip' Boots
and Shoes, also coarse Boots, Shoes, La
dies and Misses Calf and Mofdcco Shoes
and Siippcrs.
Hardwart Sr Saddlery of every description.
A full supply of beautiful patterns anddu
iable ware.
S0t Bbls Krfiawha Salt,
200 do old Rectified Whiskey,.
I pipe, 2 hf do and 20 bbls B.andy,
Port, Madeira, Sherry, Malaga, Tene
riffe aud Claret Wines.
10 Chests Tea,
100 bags superior Rio Coffee,
20 do Havana do.
10 Hhds Sugar, (a superior article)
20 kegs Dupout's FFF glazed Rifie
0 boxes Tobacco, (Congress plug.)
Indigo, Madder, Salaratus, ,-llum, Spice,
Pepper, Copperas, Rice, &c., Ac.
1,000 bundles Spun Cotton.
'The above articles will be sold for
CASH and PR OD VCE only.
nov t No. 40', Main st.
To thos'a'most concerned.
ILL those indebted to me either by note
or account, would do well to come for
ward and make immediate payment, as
money I must have from some source, and
none so honorable as the one 1 intend to
pursue. As but a short time ran be allow,
ed to any, I would be pleased you would
take advantage of it, and save me the un
pleasant duty that 1 will have to perforin
in case of failure. V Call at the store of
Messrs. Henry A Borland, and you will
(ind me at all limes. '
oct28 R. C HEJVRY,
Tremendous Excitement
fT Uulmard-of Low Prices Mmvfactu
turers ruined ! Immense arrival of neip
Fall and Winter Goods, at
M'E have just returned from St. Louis,
and having found all kinds of Goods
selling at such ruinotts low prices, we were
tempted to purchase more than double the
amount which we usually lay in at this
season of the year. These Goods are
now open and exposed for sale, and we
feel justified iu saying that we are offer,
ing the in at' from 25 to AO per ceut. cheap
er than ever before.
AU our Goods for the use of the Ladies
have been relected with our usual wrll
knoirn good taste, and are warranted to be
of the latest and best styles. Please give
us a call before purchasing, and if low
prices will sell them they are bound toga.
.0rt7 V . - BENNGTT SHEPARD. i
Km" Cilt Taxes t
TV" OTIC E is hereby given that the City
JLl Taxes for 1848, are now due and pay
able. The Collector may be found at al
most any hour of the day, loafing about
the street, ready and willing to receive and
receipt for all amounts now due.
oct28 Cily Collector.
J assorted for sale by
Couhty or Bekton.
fa Vacation, Jl. D. 1843,
Thomas Dili on
Petition for Di
vorce. Adelaide P. Dillon
ON this 24th day of October, A. D. 1818,
the said complainant filed in the Clerks
olfice of tho Benton Circuit Court, a Peti
tion for a Divorce, alledging that his wife,
the said Adelaide P. Dillon, about the 12th
day of August, 1S4, wilfully left his bed,
board and house, and abandoned and wil
fully deserted and absented herself from
the said Petitioner, without a reasonable
cause, for two years and more, which facts
so alledged have been duly sworn to ac
cording to lnw, and also that the said Pe
titioner has filed an affidavit showing that
said Adelaide P. Dillon is not a resident of
this State.
Therefore it is ordered that th6 faid .Ad
elaide P. Dillon be notified that unless she
be and appear before the Honorable' Judge
of our Benton Circuit Con rt 4 at the Court
House in the city of Warsaw, in Benton
county, on tho first day of the next term of
our said Court, which will; be begunand
held oil the second Mondayjin March next,
an within the first six days of said term,
if the term so long continue, and if not,
then befoie the end of the term, plead, de
mur, or answer to said petition, the same
will be taken as confessed, and a decree
entered according to the prayer of said Pe
titioner. And it is further ordered that a copy of
this order he published in some news pa
per printed in this State for eight weeks
successively, the last publication thereof,
to be at least four weeks before the com
mencement of our said next term.
Oct27 39-Sw.
Copartnership Notice.
THE undersigned have this day formed a
Copartncisifip under the firm of Henry
A Borland.
Warsaw, Mo. Oct.ttth, 1818.
"iANCY GOODS. Fringes and Gimps
I of nil colors A widths, worsted hoods,
comforters, mitts, shell and horn, tuck and
side Combs, hooks and eyes, dolls, jecl
ry, gloves, hosiery, pins, needles, Jic., Ac.
lor sale cheap by B. A SHEPARD.
Winter Dress Goods.
i Dress (ioods ever exhibited in this
place. Among them are
Black, P ain and Flij'd. Alpacas, Plaid
and Mode col'd. do., Oregon and Cal
ifornia Plaids, Mtuilin de Laines
and Cashmeres, coVd. and
Plaid Linseys, etc.
We are selling them 25 per cent cheap
er than last year. B. A SHEPARD.
. A1TANTED to purchase a Neero
!, ? I Woman, between the ages of
13 and .10 years one that has been
accustomed to do house work for which
a fair price in CASH will be paid, if im
mediate application is made to
sept30-tf JAS. H. LAY,
10 miles N. W. of Warsaw.
r. 13. E5AsTi:i:iV'S
Medicated Strengthening Plaster
rrIMS Blaster has been prepared under
L the ;lnmediato eye and superintend
ence of an old physician, who is a gradu
ate of the University of Pennsylvania,
and has had extensive practice for more
than 30 year in treating the various dis
eases incident to this country. He confi
dently recommends this Plaster, fi em a
thorough knowledge of its virtues,' to b
supeiior to every Plaster now in use. By
keeping ny a gentle perspiration, it is ad
mirably adapted for Pains or Weakness
in the Breast, Side, Back or Limbs ; also,
for the Gout, Rheumatism, Enlargement
of the Spleen, Liver Complaint and Dys
pepsia, and for Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
Difficulty of Breathing, Oppression of the
Stomach, Ac. ' To all persons predisposed
to Consumption, or who are subject to vi
olentcoughs and colds, they are particular
ly recoinnieuded as they give almost im
mediate relief, and for pleasantness, safe
ty, ease and certainty, they are decidedly
superior to most other remedies.
Persons afilicted with any of the above
diseases will find Dr. Easterly's Medica
ted Strengthening Plaster much superior
to any other ever before offered to the pub
lie. Physicians, druggists and dealers in
Medicines, will find it to their interest to
keep a snpply of these valuable Plasters
oo band to accommodate their patrons, 1
. I3r For sale, wholesale and retail, at the
Medical Depot of Dr. E. Easterly, south
east eorner of 3d and Ghesnut streets, St.
Louis, Mo., and by agents throughout the
Western States. i , . ' ap)25
tr For sale by Brown A Dunn, Drug
gists, agents for Warsaw, Mo,- ; i ,
S" UGAHynMsTNTb; sugarvTT
60 ssekt Coffee,
60 llbls Ohio Whiskey, - i
10 do Cog. & Am. UrsinlyJ
.10 do Wines, ase'd. , ,
6,000 hU. Cotton Yarns, ' i ' !
being rer'4 and (or isle at low prices by
enrja . V1 ; J. ATKISSON. j
JB'i!!tL'iLliJjl..l.lJ,JLJ.iI.njMH.i. -U-
IEVER ana AGUE, Dumb Aeue, Chill
. Fever', Intermittent A Remittent Fe
vers, and all the various forms of Bilious
diseases, speedily and permanently cured
This valuable medicine was prepared
from an extensive practice of several
years in a bilious climate in the Western
States, and was never known to fail of cu
ring Fever and ague, or any of the above
It is equally effectual for the cure'of Li
ver Complaint, Jaundice, Enlargement of
the Spleen, (called Ague Cake) and the
various forms of bilious diseases. These,
with the other various affections of such
climates, arising from a common miasmal
cause, are only modifications of the same
disease and equally controlled by the
same remedy. ,
Residents of bilious climates, emigrants
or persons traveling through infected dis
tricts of country, will not only find Dr.
Watson's Indian Vegetable Tonic a safe,
speedy and effectual care, but an absolute
Each bottle of medicine is accompani
ed with a pamphlet on' the Causes, Treat
ment and Cure of Fever and Ague, and
other form of bilious disease, containing
much valuable information, and may be
had gratis of all authorized agents for the
sale of the Tonic. None genuine without
the written signature of N. F. Watson, M.
D., on every bottle, Inventor and Propri
Dr. E. EASTERLY, sole General A
gent for the Western States, south-east
corner of 3d and Chesr.ut streets, St. Lou
is, Mo. Price $1 per bottle.
i'S" Forsf le by Messrs. Brown A Dunn,
Druggists, agents for Warsaw, Mo.
IS now receiving a splendid stock of
Fall and Winter Dry Goods,
GROCERIES, &c.,"&c,
whibh he is olTering at extremely ,:lmo
prices." The public are respectfully in
vited to call and examine his stork.
RY GOODS, fresh A handsome styles
JtJ of all kinds, suitable for the season,
for sale very low by J. ATKISSON.
IttrlEAT, Flaxseed, Beeswax, Dry
It Hides, Tallow and Deer Sk;ns, for
which the hichest prices will be paid by
Jlgue Medicines all ticrranicd!
BR. MORTIMER'S Tonic Mixture
v.'arranled to cure or no pay !
positively a certain cure.
y?ThrU8ton's. Watson's Sappincton's,
SpdJen't and other popular J'ills for sale
low also Quinine, at cost bv
IALICOES 250 pieces English and A
i merican Calicoes, selected with our
well known good taste, and selling at pri
ces ruinous to the manufacturers.
fUPSl-CAPS!! SOdoi Men and boys'
J Otter, Seal, A'utria, Muskrat, Plush,
C oth and Hair Caps, cheap for cash by
IOOK1NG-GLASSES Of all sizes,
i from 10 cents to $6 00, for sale by
IMRST Quality 15,000 Lbs. first rate
. article of Flour, for sale at
Calloway Stoneware ! ;;
riMIE best quality ever sold in Warsaw.
A such as Churns, Jars, Crocks A Jugs.
SCYTHES. Grain, Grass and Brush
Scythes, Sneadi and scythe stones, for
sale cheap for cash by B. & S.
Ready Made Clothing. -
DOZ Summer Coats Pants A Vests,
for sale at what the cloth costs (ma
king thrown in.) junel7 B. A S.
Sugar and Coffee !
THE best and theapel in town. ' We can
prove what wc say.
few bonnets yet left, which we will sell
at cW to close the lot call soon.
- Juniata Nails. ' ? : i
f-v KEGS all sixes, from 4d to20d,and
H I flooring brads for sale cheap by
this popular Tobacco just landed from
the "Wave for sale by '
june!7 ' B. & SHEPARD:
11' E have a splendid assortment for' sale
II lower thai) ever before by , .
juneI7 U. & STlEPARD. l
HOOTS A SHOES. We have on hand
the largest assortment ol Boots and
Shoes in Warsaw among them are Calf,
Kip, Seal and thick Boots men's Calf,
Morocco, Kip aud thick.' Shoes Ladies',
Gaiter and Morocco Boots, half gaiter,
kid; calf and kip Shoes, kid, calf and teal
Slippers, kid aud ealf Buskins, Muses'
goat and teal Shoes atid Slippers. Boys'
coarse and kip Shoes, Children's seal,
morocco, cull ana gaiter nuoes, ic, dc.
all for sale cheap-bv ,
lil.'t ll'U J'.-A 'i.UjLl'j 1'. ' 1
At your own Trice!
& the season for selling Summer dress
Goods is drawing to a close, and we al
so wish to make room, for an immense stock
of Fall and Winter Goods, we will now
sell our Calicoes, Ginghams, Lawns, Be
rages, AC., Ac.', at your own price ! He
collect that we have the prettiest assort
ment in town, and the price 'shall not spoil
a trade. Purchasers should not let this
opportunity, pas's, wfthout securing some
of the bargains which we shall offer. ':
Or Vegetable Febrifuge,
Jl sjieedy, safe and certain citrr for AGUE
if FEVER, Chill-fever, Dumb-A gut,
Intermittent J everi, and all the vunout
forms of Billions diseases. . ,- ...
riMIIS valuable medicinf fs undoubtedly
X the safest and surest remedy eVr dis
covered for the cure of the above' n'a'med'
diseases. It not only breaks the chilly but
removes tne cause iroin wnicn me aisease
originates. Its operation is both general
and soecial. While it acts generally Up-.
on the whole system, as a most pdwefuf
alterative, purilying the tiuios, irecingtne
solids from all morbid secretions, and re'
invigorating and bringing up all the vital
energies to a standard of permanent
health, it at the same time exerts a speci
fic influence upon the liver, tHgestiye or
gans and Ivmi'hatic and elahdulai1. sys
tems, cxditiug them to lieathful activity,
removing all morbid matter equalizing
the circulation, restoring theirjproper anil
necessary secretions, inns Bcuumpiisiiiiig
a complete' renoration from disease, and
restoration to sdtind and permanent health.
Those who are suite ring with the pros
trating AGUE &. FEVERS common In
the West and South those whose consti
tutions have become enfeebled by the nse
of mercury, quinine, or other violent me
dicines, should resort at once to the use of
It has cured and trill cure the most ob
stinate cases.
. Travelling with the circulation it nMi'ra
its healing current through every vein and
artery of the human body. The whole
animal economy is made to undergo a tho
rough radical ,chaueV. Even the mirid
partakes of the healthful process, and life,
that before appeared one dreary wastebe
gins again to seem worth possessing".
S y Pamphlets respecting this. Valuable
Medicine, can be obtained of the Agents
gratis. ; ; .' CI..;
CAUTION!, ..... ,j
As there are many spurious preparationt
of similar nnme hawked about the coufcJ
try, and sold on the reputation' ( thittf'
utation of the genuine ,t .
' We therefore beg leave to caution the
public -against imposition, as-we cannot
hold ourselves' responsible for the effect
which may result from the use of spurious
articles. ' ' 1 -
W Corner 3d 8t Chesmit t. St. louisi'
, i General Agent for the V est., ,
1 ' The genuine Smith's Tonic J'yrtip' is al
so for sale bv theundcrsi'g'red agents;.'
,. BROWN A DUNN. Warsaw,
i ' Springfield, ,M,(V.
and B. F. AT.B. WALLACE,
. Clinton, Mn.
i. A. TITTT A Crt. Calhoun.
COX A McCLAIN Oaeola',;
july29 , ' '
1A1NTD LAWNS, of most beautiful
styles at from IS to 25 cents, at
may ' J. ATKISSON.'
Lbs. all number's, from 5 to 12 for
sale cheap by B. A SHEPARD.-
rtni and Last Call!, ''
ILL those having notes or accounts with
us due prior to the first day of January
last, are hereby notified that unless) imme
diate payment is made, such notes and ac
counts will be placed in the hands of the
proper officer fer collection. ; We man
just what we say-i-we want money, and
must have it.' 1 ' ' ' ' .-" ' ' .
june34 BROWN.A DUNN.
S A LT! S A LTl! LtH!
1000 SACltS ground alum Salt, very
i 7 m m hi a i-.a '.da m
large ana mil, ror saie coeap oy moc
Fresh Arrivals' from ' '
Philadelphia nnl SI. I.otm.
II! E have just ree'd. from Philadelphia
H and St. Louis, sTfre'sh and well assort
ed stock ot'GOODSf which .we respect
fully solicit the people of, Benton county
and South-wesl Missouri generally to call
and examine.' They were purchased lew,
and will be sold very cheap, consisting of
50 Dag bet Rio Coffee, 10 lhds'.;$uger,
5 bbls Molasses, otxj lbs. com. best
- hiaf etrar, - WhinUev, Wsndy,'.!
Port Wje,com.cl)ne, MaU .l
. ponder1. Imp, fc. nuA !- j
..... ., JStft-
. ' . pepper, giagvN " J---V id
., Indigo, madder, alum, , f j,
"ropperai, saleratus', rosin',
. brimstone, sp A tallow caudles, 1
' Window gtea (all ia,) pewaiery
' lead, shot ,' iki), iron,' tajtlugs, cotton
yarns, linseed A cator oils, white U atl,-t.'
A general assoriment of - 4 .
Plm leaf, Rutland, Panama, Russis, lies-'
ver. Fur and Wool Hats, P tjusliiies;
ROOTS & SIIOES,-a ei.Undid eteckV
. 5 rPrints, eassuneres, tkiihs, satu&ct,
Jauea. alt kinds t Gents and boy's tuuiine
rsr, a larce lot of heavy lotnetie-
besides fiuliionable eoaets, Uwns, alpacas,
jaconets, cambrics, A aknl every thipf
elsPjMhich they think arti worthy tUa, at
ttiftou f the romruunitv, .
..i .. EVEKElTt A.SllHURt,
f . fa th e)uTt Top f Vt.
ihinmw, June IT, li.viSi '
fit. R We purchase "ir,iPl
I it leiiption tf t rodttA, " ' 'l'ki; E- A A.

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