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Saturday morning visitor. (City of Warsaw, Mo.) 1845-1849, December 23, 1848, Image 4

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?.cO' V ' - .
. .Ji..i J ! 1
' L. H AIL...
I1 VMJUUMA ttilMlliiUm
t,i H'ith the commencment of (he New
Year, the undersigned will issue a nrotith- i
. ly publication with the above title, to be
devoted to tm Interests of that portion of
t the community enframed in Aoricl-Lture:
.embracing in its scope all flifcl pertains
. to the Plantation, the Farm and Hie Oar-
Jen. !;..'..
,. i The importance of St. Louis, in a com
mercial view is admitted by every one.
Here the farmer and tho merchant bolt for
the market for the produce of the country,
as well as for merchandise. Heme, this
, city in the centre whence emanate intelli
gence to the surrounding country. This,
then, is the appropriate place for the pub
lication of a journal devoted to the inter-
ests of those engaged in that noblest of all
pursuits the ciiltivaiion of the soil j for
at no other point can the editor so effectu
ally hold intercourse with the farmers, and
. learn their wanfs, wishes, and opinions, or
, so readily distribute his publication thro'
. the length and breadth i f our great fertile
; The Valley Fabmer will be of aprnc-
tical character. We shrll aim to render
ourselves particularly welcome in the hou
ses of the small fanners, the new settlers,
. and those just setting out in the business
men who have often too much occasion
to feel, when reading the agricultural
works of the day, that they are not print
ed for persons in circumstances similar to
theirs, but for men who h.Tve surplus cap
ital to invest in costly experiments, or ex-
pensive implements, or in a system of ex
tended operations, while their humbler
wants and wishes are entirely overlooked.
, While, therefore, we shall by nt means
disregard the welfare of those engaged in
the business on a large scale, we shall al
so' endeavor to be useful to that more nu
merou class of our fellow citizens whose'
operations are necessarily more circum
scribed. The farming interests of (he
people of the Valley of the Mississippi
and the application of the principles oT
sctence to its climate and soil, are the ob
jects which we have in view. Arrange
ments have been made, and are making,
to secure the contribution? of so;ftc of the
best practical agriculturists of the coun
try to Its pages, and no expense or labor
,will be spared to present the friends of ag
ricultural science a work from which both
profit and may be derived.
Experience has abundantly proved that
a mixed agriculture is essential to the
prosperity of the country : and therefore
we shall uniformly discourage the culture
if any one staple'to the neglect of others.
Hemp, Tobacco, Wheat.Corn, Flax, Hay,
t)ats,jBarley, Castor Beans, together with
various other articles, are all profitably
raised in the different sections of our val
ley. ' 'The horse, the ox, the mule, the
WiWp, the hog, &c, are all worthy tri at
tention of the farmer, both for use at home
and for market. All these will be kept
prominently in view, and each will receive
attention.'at'our hands. Conscious that
the true position of the fanner is not as
generally admitted as it should be, we de
sign to give a concise '"HisTony or Agri
culture," its benefits, and the great de
pendence of other pursuits on this class of
' our fellow-citizens. Our aim, in short,
will be to mak the Valley Farmlb iufe
rior,to no similar publication in the United
States; and being designed expressly for
the farmers of the West, and published at
a cheaper rate than any other similar work
we can confidently call upon them to sub
scribes' Its superiority over eastern pub
Hcations will consist chiefly in the appli
cability of its articles to this section thrf'
To the Garden and the Orchard, we
shall devote no inconsiderable portion of
our pages, and also to the proper care and
treatment of the various animals and fowls.
The improvement of the breeds of our do
mestic animals; new inventions in agri
cultural implements; the chemical analy
sis of aoils ; new systems of cultivation ;
improvements in farm bouses and other
buildings; the rotation of crops, etc.; the
changes in the political world a (Tec ring
our domestic' anil foreign markets ; new
, avenues for the transportation of our sur
plus produce, or improvements in old ones
all will receive attention at our hands.
We design to devote a portion of each
number of the Farmer to Floral Affairs
and Hon,eholJtcrtiomij. In this depart
ment we have the assurance of valuable
assistance from some of our fair friends,
and we hope that others will favor us with
the productions of their pens.
The engravings and embellishments of
the Valley Farmer will be euual to those'
of any of its cotemporaries,and its w hole'
appearance will be a creditable specimen"
of the present advanced condition of the
art of printing.
TERMS. The Valley Farmer will be
published on the first of each month, on
rdiw and clear.type, each number contain
ing 20 large double octavo pages, belies
a cover of four pages for advertisements,
making at the end of the year, a volume
of 2-10 pages (exclusive of advertisements)
W'ith a title page and index, and contain
ing as much matter as is usually embraced
in two ordinary sized octavo volithies of
ouu pages each, and will be sent by mall
or otherwise to subscribers in any part of
iuo union, ,ai me ki lowing rates pay
tnents in all cases to be made in advance:
One copyj one year, $1 ; six cdpies, $5 ;
.i oopies, ru J HI copies, $20; Ai copies,
$30 ; Ti copies, $50.
Remittances may be made bytrlail at
Mir yisk. The first number will be issued
so as to reach all the postolfices in this and
the adjoining States by the first of Janua
ry, 1849. Postmasters are authorised and
requested to act a agents for us. Those
vending us clubs exceeding six in number.
will be entitled to the Farmer one' year
wunouicnarge. . ,
nov24 35 Locust St. St. Lotrls.
Who wants Tar Now ?
A Bbls. North Carolina Tar, Just land
1 im irom M. L.0111S uaK, lor sale by
' - ' i Mote Soft Hats!
WT)02;EN Monterey Hats of the ioftest
Lkt.A In-l-fff't n-rfuW. hv
1848. 1848.
John T. Martin's
Far famed i$' noted Established WareJiouse
For Cheap 9f Fashionable
C-JYtf. 118,
Formerly Xo, 114, Main St., St. Louis.
Motto- am determined to sell lower than
any other house in the U. Stales.
Goods are rushing in by every pa'kcl!
The house is, now filled I Three large .
ries crowded with goods ! My stock thi
fall will be tremendous large, by far ex
ceeding any ever before received, and at
such low prices that will defy any and
I am determined to supply every Coun
try Merchant, and also all Retail custom
ers that come to this market with the ready
casli. I have put the pricbs down so low
as to make it a matter of impossibility fof
any house to ofler the same inducements.'
It must be apparent to every one that I can
doit possessing the advantages that I do
purchasing, manufacturing and selling
for nothing but Cash, or Xo. 1 City paper.
The tremendous amount of business I
do, will enable me to sell at a very small
profit, which I always have'done, and will
continue to do. Residing in tho City of
New York, and manufacturing my own
Goods, and having the advantages of the
market my brother, CHARLES G
MARTIN, conducting the business in St.
Louis and the long experience I have
had in business the past sixteen years, en
ables me to get up a stock in a far superi
or style to any other.
My patterns are the st and most fash
ionable that can be had, and are warrant
ed to set and fit as well as those that can
be had at the most fashionable tailors.
This fall I will have over
450,000 GARMENTS,
consisting of every style' and pattern that
will be worn.
Beware of being deceived by those Mio
tell you "their's is Martin's" for there
are numbers that do, and are mean enough
to stoop to anything. Bear in mind that
my store is NO. 118, instead of NO. 114.
The numbers on Main street having been
altered, makes, my store No. 118. In
front you will Snd the name in mammoth
gilt letters
On top of the house a large No. 118.
I have the largest and deepest Clothing
Warehouse in the west. And remember,
that I have but one s'ore in the city.
To Country Merchants All orders
thankfully received, and arran'ed tojie
packed correctly, at the low est cash prices.
'77s no trouble to show Goods!
septa JNO. T. MAttTIN.
Wanted Immediately !
a Knnn 1,1 gom silver,
fP Jl JUUl1,000 lbs. clean linen and
cottrfh rags,
fiOO bush. Castor beans,
600 do Flaxseed,'
4(H) lbs. Feathers,
5H) do Tallow,
5'W do Beeswax?'
In Cxdiange for any of the above arti
cles, will be given Drugs and Medicines,
all sorts of Paints, Oils and Dye stufls,
School Books, letter and cap paper, win
dow glass, Varnishes, 4c, 4c, by
may:) J BROWN & DUNN.
Perfumery, Fancy Articles, &c.
C COLOGNE, Rose Water,Bear's grease,
) Bear's Oil, Ox Marrow, Macassar Oil,
Hair Brushes, Tooth do'., Violin Strings,
all sizes ; silk and cotton purses, fine
pocket combs, pocket books, silk walch
gunras, occ, ior sale ai me uiiijt .-uore,
low by inay20 U. & DUNN.
SALERATUS, Rice, Pepper, Ginger,
Spice, Cloves, Cinnamon bark, etc., for
sale by mayiO B. & DUNN.
MOKING TOBACCO, Pipes & match-
1 es, tor sale at the Drug More by
HYMN BOOKS. Dupuy's, Christian
and Methodist Hymn Books, fur sale
at the Drug Store by
mayl3 Biwws & du.-njn.
"ATTENTION is invited to the follow
m ing liberal ofler of the Grwfenberg
Company: "Every person purchasing a-
ny article of the Company's medicine, is
entitled to a year's subscription to the
Western World a hrst rate family news
paper;" These celebrated Medicines for
liriNDOW GLASS, 8x10,10x12,10x14
T 12x10, and 12x18 Just ree'd and for
sale by may 13 BKOWN & DUain.
rpA LLO W CANDLES Just ree'd. 100
X lbs., and for sale 'cheap at the Drug
Store by may!3J M. . u.
SCHOOL' BOOKS Elementary Spell
ers,' Goodrich's 1. 2, 3 and 4th Read
ers, Olney's Geogiaphy'& atlas, Smiley 's
Pike's aha Smith' Arithmetics, c, for
sale low-by mayi3 B. & DuNN,
Spring Jlrraitgem'ents
JAMES ATKISSON'ii now receiving
a very complete asKtfrtuieut of '
Dry Goods tnitt Grocericn,
purchased at low prices, and beint sold
liu. than vr hpfurfi hflVred In Warsaw.
the Citizens of Benton 'and the adjoining
eouritiet are respectfully invited to call
nrt l.uv the cheaoest Goods ever before
brought to this market, "positively and
no mistake." . maytt
IDER VINEOAIT 1 Hbl just ree'd
Mid for salt by (.mtyuj B. t U.
Tlie largest most complete yd.
Spring supplies for I 818.
"lirE are now receiving direct from
f T Philadelphia, a complete assortment
CI NESy&c, which" will render our stock
the largest and most complete everbro't
to the South-west. W'e tender our thnnks
to Physicians and Merchants for their for
mer patronage, and respectfully solicit a
continuance of it, and that of many new
ones. We invite the Physicians of South
West Missouri, who have not laid in their
Spring supplies, to give us a call and ex
ainfne our stock and prices ; we are con
fident they will be pleased with both.
Our stock consists in part of the follow
in5 Drugs and Medicines
or.. Sulph. Quinine,
50 lbs Calomel, American' and English,
20 do Blue Mass
10 do spts Nitre dulcis,
25 do Atpia Ammonia,
40 Lbs powdered Rhubarb,
50 do Cream Tartar,
40 do Bi earb. Soda,
25 do Taiiaric Acid,
200 do Epsom Snlts,
15 do Garb A calc Magnesia
60 do flour Sulphur,
50 galls. Castor Oil,
40 do Alcohol, .
40 do Sweet Oil,
40 do Spts. Turpentine
20 lbs. Balsam Copaiba,'
50 do Nitric Acid,
25 do Oil Vitriol,
15 do muriatic acid,
10 do carl). Ammonia,
15 do powdered Ipecac,
50 do Roll Sulphur,
Gum arabic, Chloroform, siifrar lr.ad, fad
scillac, opium sulphate, acetate and mu
riate of Morphine, borax, red precipitate,
Corrosive sublimate, Lxt. ol Butternut,
gentian, belladonna, II yoseininus, Dande
lion and colocyuth, isinglass, cayenne
pepper, manna, orange peel, &c, &c.
Three and Fourfold pocket cases, thumb
lancets, spring do, silver and brass, Cath
eters, Bougies, ispeculums, tootli keys &
forceps, cupping instruments in cases,
PaMs, Oils, Dye-Stuffs. Varnishes,
Glassware, cVc, SfC.
50 kr?s white Lead, No. 1, pur
80 galls. Linseed Oil,
50 lbs Blue Vitriol,
100 do ground Logwood,
50 lbs Indigo, Spanish float,
50 do Dutch Madder,
60 do Lampblack,
100 do Spanish Brown,
KM) lbs Venitian Red,
50 do ext. Logwood,
5 do Muriate of Tin,
Cochineal, Chtome Green f.'nd Yellowy
Spanish whiting, Prussian blue, yellow
ochre, Nicarauca, Paint brushes, all
sires ; Rotten stone, Pomiee stone,
Glue, Copal Varnish, No. 1.
Sponge, fine & coarse, Japan
Varnish, Black do., Coach
do.; a large assortment
of shop furniture,
cbrisisting'of Tincture, Specie Jars, &c,
Oil Bottles, Vials, cVc, iV.c.
Confeclionaries, 8fc,
L'tftnon Syrup, do Acid, Candy, &c. &c.
Uooks, Stationery, &c,
V. S. Dispensatory, Dunglison's Dic
tionary, Watson's Practice, Carpenters
Physiology, &c, Elementary Niellers,
Goodrich's 1st, 2d, 3d & 4th readers, Ol
ney's Geography. Smiley Arithmetic and
Key, bmitu's Arithmetic & liiammar, ,vc.
In short, we have every thing usually
found in a Drug Store, all of which wo
will sell on as good terms for Cash, as the
same can be had out of St.. Loliis. Par
ticular attention will he paid to putting up
Physician's Bills all who may semi us
their bills, may rest assured that w e wiil
put up us pure n.rticlcs, and at tiie same
prices, as if they were present.
UKO wis iju.;.
Warsaw, Mo. May (i, 184S.
N. B.-Beeswax, Flaxseed Castor Beans,
Feathers, Tallow, Beef Hides mid CU-mi
Rags taken in exchange for any of the
above articles. B. & D.
rdSIN, Turpentine, Snull and Tobac
i co, for sale by B. &. DUNN.
MEDICAL BOOKS A general as
sortmcnt for sale low, by
mayl3 BROWN & DUNN.
Positively the Last Call.
i LL Persons indebted to me by note or
1m book account, are invited to come lor
ward and pay the same without delay, and
save costs. Further indulgence will not
oe given. II. II. WHITE.
Warsaw, May G, 1843'.
"1 NIC RED, Black and Blue Ink, quills,
A steel pens, fine letter and cap pflpT,
slates and pencils, just ree'd. ami fortsle
low at the Drug More, ny
Iriyl3 UIvOWIS & JJL.AA.
4 OOn BUSH Wheat, weighing GO lbs
.1 to the'bushel, clean,
2000 bush Oats,
Deer Skins, Furs, Peltries, Flax, Wool,
Bacon, Lard, Dry Hides, White Beans,
Flax seed, 4c, at"
iriaytj J. ATKISSON'S.
Tar, Pitch's? Turpentine.
A t BBLS each, and Linseed Oil, Lamp
1U black, White Lead, Saleratus, Gin
ger, Window glass, Putty, &e:, by
Tf nnessee Iron the bemt in
! Vnrnaw.
Afi TONS, funy 'ass'd., Tennessee bar,
band, round, .smiare, sheet, slab
nail rod and other Iron, and a large lot of
Castings, for tale low hy ...
Bfey6 , . ATKISSON.
.Mention, ilrery itotly.
VrE do not intend to turn our attention
If to the navigation of tho Osage,
Pomme de Terre or any other creek, but
will attend to all who may caW upon us,"
and will sell them GOODS cheaper than
any other concern in the city, whether
they advertise to sell at Cost or not. We
have the largest assortment to be found in
tho place, and our motto, "the nimble nix-pr-nre
better than the slow shifting," will
sell Goods accordingly.
5-T Call and see us. No trouble to show
you any thing we have to sell.
Whiskey "and other luxuries."
4 flfl nBI's Ohio rectified Whiskey,
Il-Jvl 10 do' American Brandy,
1 Pipe pure Cognise do
5 bbls common Gin,
5 do Malaga Wine,
ft do pure Peach Brandy,
50 bones ass'd Candies,
50 do M 11 Raisins,
60 drums Figs,
10 boxes Claret Wine,
20 doz Poughkeepsie Ale,
20 mats Cinnamon,
i 10 lbs Nutmegs,
10 do Cloves,"
f. r sale to Giocers at very low prices for
cash. fma6 J. ATK1SSON.
The first lot of Dry Goods
THIS season, are now opening at dhr
well known cheap stand. AYe have
tlie best assortment of fashionabld'Cali
coes and Summer Dress Goods, such as
Ginghams, Printed Lawns Bareges, Ac,
4c, ever brought to this market. Ladies,
you must call soon if you want good se ert-
...a .1... 11 Bml llinm nt etinh 1 . 1 ir
prices that thev are hound to go off rapidly,
Sron Iron Iron.
1 r. have just ree'd. ;0,000 Lbs
consisting of all sizes Th e Iron and ,
every sort of band, round and square iron '
spring, blister and Cast Steel Plow :
Moulds, AVagon brix'os and Costings of all
kinds. We have 'made such arrangements
as will enable us to have a first rate as-
sortmcnt of Iron always on hand, and fur i
sale at the lowest prices. I
ap! 1 5 B EN N ETT ,t SHEPAR D.
1'onl jifflrcctire.
1? ASTERN MAIL clones on Tuesday's?,
Thurdays and Saturdays, at 12 o'
clock, M.
Southern Mail closes on Sundays, Tues
days and Thursdays at 9 o'cloi-k p. m.
Waynesville instil closes ut 9 o'clock, p.
in., on Sundays.
Big Creek itu.il closes at 9 o'clock, p.
in. on Wednesdays.
Fort Scoit innil arrives every Tuesday
evening at 6 u'cloek, and clones at 9.
Leaves cdnesdny morning t b a. m.
. ... . '
Buffalo mail arrives on 1 rijay evening,
at (i o'clock, and closes at 9 Leaves on
Saturday morning at 5 a. m.
0Letters will nolle mailed after the
i ...... ..i I,....-
above tunned hour. 1
Q-The office will he open on Sundays
one Hour niter me arrival oi me rasiern
mail, and no loupe?.
Warsaw, Jan. 15; 18-18.
l LEAF HATS About 100 dozen for
sale cheap by apll 5 SHEPARD.
1F.NTLEMEVS Boots and Shoes, 4
' Ladies and Children's do., a small lot !
for sale ralhrr high:? at
inayi J. A 1 1 lrUA .
to supply ever? body, ree'd by !
Sugar, Coffee and tsall. j
150 BAGS best Rio Coffee, , , f
1)0 do lid uuality do, j
f() bbls best Lew Orleans Sugar,
250 sacks G. A. Sail, in store and for
sale by JA. ATkIM)N.
v ANGE, Limes, HagusJ Pupaw and
Ginger, for sale by
junelJ) II. If. WHITE.
r A N T E D Furs, Deer Skins, Wheat,
Beeswax, I allow, Dry Iliiles, Hemp, .
4c, 4c. EVERETT &. ASI1BL. It Y. ,
Wanted Immediately,
Busliels WHEAT,
300 do Castor Beans,
500 Lbs. Beeswax,
500 bushels Flaxseed,
10.000 lbs. Deer -Skins.
, 500 Koon, Fox uud Cut Skins,
100 Otter skins;
at the highest prices, bv
Powder, Lead and Caps.
25 KEGS Dupont' Powder,
zuuu i.tis. jiar Lean,
r,nniu,...l,i.,r,..u.inrnl ,iwt re.
. j i v TKISf JN
Chewinor Tobacco.
f BOXES low priced Vi)-ginii,JTobacc6,'
o oo line uo uo
5 do Portland, best,
5 do cor. men Me. manufactured, just
ree'd and for sale by1 ,f
novl3 JAS. ATK1SS0N.
sels, bl'k and col'd Fringes, worst
Hoods, comforters, kid gloves, silk inits,
purses, bonuet anfl'eap rildions, artificial
flowers, &c, at SHEPARD'S.
A LARGE ami wclf assorted lot of Goods
on hand, and for sale low for cash and
produce. EYERETT 4. ASUUURY. '
HAVE ree'd. per steamers LightfohtA
Wave, another of their immense
stocks of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, (iueensutare, Iroii, Castings,
Halt, Hoots, Shoes, Liijuori, etL, etc.
And our arrangements are such that we
shall be receiving and adding to our as
sortment, by every boat as long as the O
sage is navigable, and by wagons through
out the year. The following are only a
few of our principal articles :
1000 sack Salt, 40,000 lbs Iron,
600 bbls. do 20,000 do bnd4.round
150 do whiskey,' 5.000 do ass'd Steel,
10 do brandy, 10,000 dri as-'d cast'gs
10 do wine, 5,000 i)o Cot Yarn,
5 do p'ch brandy, 200 baas Coffee,
10 do Molasses, 150 bbls Sugar,
3 do Linseed Oil, 60 kegs Nails,
50 kgs white Lead, 5,000 galls sto ware,
10000 Spanish Cigars, 10 lihls Lr Sugar
10 doz br'dy cherries, 1IX) doz p I hats,
. 10 do claret wine, 50 cs boots4jhoes,
10 do lemon syrup, 20 bales domestic,
10 " Stoughto'n's hitters, 30 kgs powder,
10 do painted buckets 10 boxs C's axes,
10 do stives, 30 bags shot,
10 crates Cuccnsw are 20 duz castor oil,
and an extra large stock of Fancy & Sta
ple DRY GOODS, Fur, Wool, Leghorn
and Panama HATS, Bonnets, Parasols,
Looking-Glasses, Pictures, Picture frames
School Books, Bibles, Cap & Letter Pa
per, Gra-fenberg Pills, Lemons, Oranges,
Window Glass, Scythes, Hay Forks, Sho
vels, Spades, &c, &c, 4c.
We intend to make our sales this year
double the amount of any previous year,
am, collseqlieiltTy can afiord to sell
)ne ,in,f ugUa, fiti Thi(. w.
' ' . . .
at about
ill make
: it to the interest of all who w ish to buy
I bargains, to purchase or us.
I Country merchants wishing to rpplen
I ish at any time during the year, will find
I it to their interest to buy of us, instead of
1 frriinir in Rnnitvillp. Clrtnri pun he Kiiii-
plied with every article usually kept in a
grocery, as cheap as the same can be uot
in any market.
We barter for almost every thing raised(
or made in the country. No trouble fV
show goods
Give us a call. npli
lVtc Fall and
SAM now in receipt of a large stock ol
Fall and Winter supplies of
Groeeriea ESardtv tr e .
111 M lill II 1 V-1'llill III. IIC IIIC III 1 I II I It'll
l)losB wisllin(J to 1u,chase. My stock has
to which I would invite the attention Of
been selected with great care, and is well
adapted to the wants ol the country. I
am determined to sell them a little lower
tiian any oiner nouse in me ooiun-wesi,
. ,,,,, ,. .,...,.'
Kir ijori cii i c c r., "irnn nmmnq
,,.,.,. jly slock coll!.jst.s in part as follows
I! V
j , , Ij '
i oujj. ui k c, uiuc i icnui i.v
j C Ij O T 11
Bl'k and blue Cassimeres, P'aney do.,
Casinels, Tweeds, Ky. Jeans,
Winter, Veslmgs, Blankets, Forest Cloths,
Plain and iig'd. Black Alpaca,
Fancy do., Detains, Gala Plaids, (a new
article very rich,)
A large assortment of Prints, Shawls,
Linseys, Hoods, Lomlorls,
Philn. Plaids, Ginghams, Bonnets.
Flannels, Domestics, Bleached Muslim.,
Tickings, Osnabuigs, Drills,
Cotton Yarns, &c, &c.
Hoots, Shoes. Biota V caps.
A large assortment of Men's thick kip &
eali' Boots 4 Shoes, Buys' & Youth'
do.; misses do.; Ladies Hoots &
Shoes, a variety of styles'.
Fine Nutria 4 Russia'"
Ml. ITS.
Low crown do.; Sporting dV.j
Otter, Seal, inuskrat, Plush, ScnlVtte,
glazed and Hair Caps, Inl'ant's caps. 4c,
Tea,' sugar, coffee, salt, molasses, whis
key, indigo, modderyandlcs, tohaceo,
Principe, regalia, cSiedoras and
melee Cigars ; powder, lead,
ginger, alum, saleralus,
pepper and spice,
Loaf Sugar, Crackers and almost
every otliot article in the grocery line.
A large assortment of HARDWARE Si
Spanish, half Spanish, English 4 Ladies
Trees; Pad, Hog, 4 Wetting Skins,
Plush, Webbing, Straining Wb,
Iiraddoons, Buckles, Stirrups,
Sadler's Silk & Thread,
martingale rings, spurs, saddle bags, &c,
tfS-Wanted in exchange for Goods at
cash prices, Beeswax, Flaxseed, Reans,
I Deer A Fur Skins, Wheat, Bac'orf, Flour,
, Lorn meal, Hides, lallow, and all the
! cash you have to spare. Call and see me,
and if we do not trade, it shall not be my
II. II. AVtllTE.
RYGOODt new and fusliionable,
JtJ cheap for Cash, at
-The best
that ever grew, for sale at
mar27 II. H. WHITE'S.
TIAIS1NS 6 boxen just reo'd. and for
sale low by BROWN A DUNN.
O Whiskey for tale by
mar-27 II. II. WHITE.
ree'd. aud for sail by
-4 boxes Just
If or tor ilichdniioH'j
SA FE and certain enre for Chill iln'df
Fever or Intermittent Fever, warran
ted in all cases. Incase of failure, our
Agents are authorized to refund the mOn
ey to purchasers upon. their certificate of
the same.
The above remedy has been recently
discovered as a specific in Chills and Fe
ver, and has received a fair trial, one dose
having cured many of the most 1 ' ' '
Obstinate and protracted Cases,'
after every other known remedy had fail
ed quinine not excepted. The most em
inent physicians of this' place have' pro.
nounced the TONIC POWDERS an In
nocent medicine in their present form, and,,
may be giveri to children and persons of
wi.th impunity .and success. The under-,
signed does not deem it necessary to follow
up the usual custom of procuring individ
ual certificates fo the support of this val
uable medicine, but leaves it in the hands'
of the people to prove its own virtues up
on the principle of . , ,
and also disclaims tlie entire invention of
the medicine, but .procured the mode of
preparation frortt an honorable source, and
therefore avails himself of Ms valuer i
ST' Price per box, $1 257 '
Hichmond, Ray co , Mo., July 1S-T7. '
1 1-For sale in Warsaw by
"- It. C. HENRY.
ENTLEMEN who want very superior-'
" Cloths and Cassimei-es, can always
find them at
Everett & Aslilury i
AVE in store and for sale very low,'
CO sacks best Rio Coffee.
5 Hhds. Sugar, ''"
20 Ilhls best Cincinnati Whisky,'
1-2 Pipe Am. Uraudv,
1-2 do best Cog. do. "
i Bbl. r-Fue Lick Water"'
2000 Lbs. Cotton Yam, ail Nns. '
HASTINGS & Plough Moulds- a great'
" --' vniiely for sale cheap by .
niar27 H. II. WHITE.
('i ROOKERY 4 G I. A S SW A R E A'"
V great variety, for sale by
ntar27 II. H. WHITR.
Nails and Castings.
VLAK;E, well B.'sh'rted lot. (.r Nail
f !asfiiigs on hnnil mid for sale hv
s A '
july-M EV EK ETT 4 A Sll UI.'RY.
nev Fili
S EVERETT having associated with
him irt business, MONROE ASH;
HCRY, the business hereafter will be car'
lied on under the name h mist vie of i- '
EVERETT A- As'lllUTtlV! .
N. R- I. Everett expects mi'i'i'ieili-,
ate payim-r.f, by all persoins imle'b.ted to'
him w hile doing biiMiieis on his own ae-
count. July 21. I?M7.'
1VILL continue to do business iithe Jil
II stand of'j. Everett. '1 hey arc now'
receiving a iVesh stock of
! oTt7t;r"
ILL persons indchtt'il to me hv' note or'
book arcntiiit. are respectfully reijiiest-"
ed to fork oyer the dimes, without delayl'
Self preservation compels me to make thisT
call. Iseptll II. H. WHITE.
J. .1. BuoW.-.'. M. I).
J. Di.nn, M. D.'
IJRS. it l!0i & HI ,.Y
nAVINf associated themselves in ttf
iirneiier of Medicine, oiler their ser
vices to the citizensof Warsaw and vicni-"
ity in the various branches of the profes-
sion. The atlenlioii of both willbe given if
desired, without the usual fee of consulta
tion. Office at the new Drug Store onlhw ,
corner of Main street and the Publi
Square, w here one or both of them may at
all times be found, unless professionally
engaged. janl7
iyj.j viirii tit.
inur'27 II. II. WHITE'S. .
j is. mmn
Recehiii'ir. Foneardina i- ('ii)iuiii.stiM '
And dealer in Foreign and Doinoslie '
Main Street, Warsaw, Ma. , ,
General 1gentund Commission .Mtrchunt, '
N E W 6 ao D Si"
XX. II. W II XT 33
HAS received and is now opening a '
neral assortment of f
Wew At fashionable C.'ool,-
wlilch he cflrrs for sale at unusually low
pint-, mr ur i rumice. i nose who .
want new artd good Goods, had better cal
and see him immediately. .
Warsaw, March 37, 1847.
r . a . v. t. i .... .
T OO 4 TRACE CHAINS on hand and
Xi for sale very low by
m3 A large lot for sale low for cash M L
i"? H. II. WHITE'S
BLANKS or ovory descrlptionlcpl '
itantly eu band at this oMict, -

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