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J3!TeM $2 ru annom, Casi.E
QFrom Jefferson. Out readers Mill find
on out first page, a letter from Jefferson,
which though a little old, we neverthless
'give it place, and heretiy return our
thanks id the writer. If it should be con
venient for him to write again, we should
be pleated to hare hi in mail his letters so
Mto reach ua by Wednesday or Friday
morning'a mail, otherwise, it may be su
peneded by the proceedings obtained by
the papers from Jeflerson.
! A communication will also be found
In another column from "Madison." We
,shoui(J be pleased to hear from him as of
ilen as his other du'.itjs will permit. Up
on the subject of Internal Improvements
'he talk just "like a bonk," and we hope
he may succeed in infusing some of bis
Own feeling and spirit on this vital ques
tion, into the minds of many others. We
earnestly hope that the fluttering expecta
tions of the friends of the improvement of
jour river,' may be realized, by an appro
priation on the part ol the Legislature, of
tthe small sum asked for in (he bill now
'pending before that body. .
- 'OWe have received tho January No.
or the Western Journal. It is published
)n monthly numbers of 70 pages, and six
numbers to constitute a volume, the 6th
and 1 2th Nos. to be accompanied with a
general index. Terms $3 00 per an
tiim, or to clubs of four, or more, at $2
bo per annum, in advance. The Prospec
tus will be given in our next.
Changed hands. The Lexington Ap
peal has been discontinued, and the estab
lishment has passed into the hands of II.
B. Branch, Esq., who has commenced the
publication of the Lexington Journal.
The Journal is democratic in politics.
"Tar Review, at Jackson, has passed
into the hands of H. S. McFarland, and
has been removed to the city of Cape Gi
rardeau. The Review v ill remain 'Jem'
ocratio usual.' ,
' 2j?The weather remains in statu quo
'that it to say, every thing atrll under
ice, with every symptom in favor of its
"GrTJie last number of the Metropoli
tan ' eoyst "The .Constitutional amend
ments have passed the House of Repre
sentatives, and have been1 twice reatf in
tue Senate. It is believed that they will
pass the Senate, tub silent io, and become
a part of the fundamental la-w."
til! ;- 1 , , rt
rgj-Hon. John McIIenry, Representa
trVe from Bales county, died in Jeflerson
Cftylon the evening of the 8th inst. His
dUease wag pneumonia, which terminated
in death in a tew days.'
, r " "
$J. 3-, Sinatoiis Rc-lecto Hon.
Geo. E. Badger has been re-elected for
sit 'jeare by the Legislature of North
Carolina. '
Hon. A. P. Butler has also been re-e-UotedJbr
six years, by the Legislature of
South Carolina. !
s.W i
.'23"Jbmes Cooper has beam elected a
member of the' U. States Senate by the
Legislature of' Fenni-ylvania, for six
year from the 4th of March next, in this
place : of Hon. Simon Cameron, whose
term expires with the 3d.
-hi . .
Got the Fever.An editor in Illinois of
fers printing establishment for sale, he
having become most grievously afflicted
with the California gold fever.
-IT"" -' '
JJ"A proposition has- recently been
submitted to Congress to cede back to the
State of Maryland, that portion of the Dis
trust . donated by her to the Government,
and which is not occupied' by the Public
'Tliis movement originated in a desire to
arrest the agitations in Congress, created
by the abelilionisli in (heir efforts to a
Uolish slavery in (he District. Metropol
itan. '.
n this county, on the 11th inst, by El
der Daniel Briggs, Wilu S. IIoiXanb,
M. D., of' Henry county, to Miss Jotiet,
eldest daughter of James II. Lay, Esq.,
of this county. ' T ' ' '
1 WLeap year is gone, and with it has
passed away the-privilege of the girls to
Vq the 'courting,' the boys must now re
sume their duty, end' we hope to seethe
parsons' services moiwin d.'ruund than for
tjje rtt twelvemonth'' ..
For the Visitor.
JtrrtRsoN Citt, Jan. 14, 1849.
Mr. Visitor : Your location in a pros
perous young city, on the banks of the
beautiful Osage, and near the centre of its
magnificent valley, is one wel calculated
to excite a deep and lively interest in ev
ery thing that concerns your quarter of
the State. Notwithstanding the growth
and prosperity of your city is now the ad
miration of a large and growing popula
tion, and well located for a still further
and more rapid advancement, there are
certain drawbacks that will prevent you
if not removed from entering the list
as a competitor with the other young ci
ties of the State, for the goal of superior
ity. The mnin obstacle is the unimprov
ed condition of your river. It is true,
your cilistens and counties have already
manifested a commendable enterprise and
public spirit but their means are not suf
ficient to accomplish the great object so
much desired. You need the strong arm
of the Slite to assist you in your effort to
improve your river. A small appropria
tion of money not more than thirty thou
sand dollars by the Stale, added to the
available meahs of the Osae Association, j
will insure the completion of one of th
most useful improvements in the Missis
uppi valley. While other portions of the
state appear satisfied to remain a half cen
tnry behind the hindmost State in the Un
ion, your Osage people have caught the
spirit that made New York and Pennsyl
vania, and gone to work, and have now
accomplished more than all the balanee of
the Stale. Such conduct shows a deter
mination to try to keep pace with the pro
gressive spirit of the age, and accomplish
a work that will prove to posterity that a
people superior to the savage has occupi
ed the land
But as before remarked, you need the
assistance of the State. Here a most im
portant question comes up. Will she as
sist you, or will the representatives from
other sections act like the "dog in the
manger" P I conclude that a majority of
the members of the General Assembly
now in session, are gemtemen capable of
taking liberal and enlarged views of all
such questions, and thus believing, I ean
see no good reason why you may not ex
pect a eourse of legislation (o prevail that
will encourage the enterprising spirit of
your people, and thereby bring into requi
sition the mighty resources of wealth and
national greatness that nature has so-boun
tifully distributed through the length and
breadth of South-west Missouri.
Yes! I conclude that Missouri's states
men w ill no longer suffer a narrow-mkid
ed and contracted policy to continue, that
can only serve to chain down the energies
of the people and keep them in poverty.
hen it becomes known to the Gener
al' Assembly, that the work of improving
the river has progressed' so rapidly and so
successfully, as to need but a small sura of
money and one year of time to complete
it; and when they reflect that one hund
red thousand industrious and energetic
people are to be the recipients of its ben
fits j who are now scattered. over a terri
tory larger than many of the kingdoms of
the world, and capable of supporting o
million of people ; I may safely conclude,
that justice and magnanimity will prevail
in the Legislature, and the Osage bill
which is now pending, will become a law.
Should these flattering anticipations be
realized, a new era in the history of the
State will now commsnee. The people of
other portions, seeing the advantages of
your improvement, will emulate your ex
ample, and commence and prosecute sim
ilar works, aided by the State, until one
universal scene of prosperity and happi
ness will meet the eye in every direction.
I know, Mr. Visitor, that you hate la
bored long And hard in the good cause;
and so have all your conspicuous men.
for such labor, the day is not' Jar distant,
when an intelligent and happy people will
acknowledge a debt of gratitude to those
who gave the first impulse to a system of
messures that will have worked so fortu
nate a revolution in the condition of the
people of .the State. Then continue your
efforts. Your Representatives here are
doing their duty. Col. D C. Ballou, who
has slbod up to you "in six troubles," is
still bending his energies in the same
way. By the by, he is one of the mbst
useful men in the General Assembly
cautious in assuming positions, and ener
getio in sustaining th'em; consequently,
he is seldom wrong. He is just the kino
of a man that Missouri is now needing to
take the helm of State.
Having made this- digression from my
subject, I will continue it far enough to
inake a-f tssir.g remark about one other of
the many promising men from the South
west. J. T. Crenshaw, of St. Clair coun
ty, has already attained an elevated posi
tion in the General Assembly. He is
deeply devoted to the interests of his con
stituents, and to the great interests of the
Slate at large. Liberal and highrainded
in all his actions, -vilh "a clear head and
stout heart," logical and strong in his rea
soning, and wilhal personally popular
Your Osnge interest will not suffer while
in the hand of such men. '
Please let me hear from you in answer
to (his letter. It may be that a correspon
dence With a friend from another quartet,
may bring out something that may, per
possibility, be of some benefit to the great
cause of Internal Improvements.
Very respectfully,
T.y Telegraph for the St. Louis Union.
Washi.nctos, Jan. 8.
SrxATe. Mr. Underwood presented a
petition Irom sundry citizens of Kenluckv.
praying Congress to legislate in favor of
removing (lie blacks or that Stale to Libe
ria. Mr. Hale moved to lav the netilion on
the table, which was negatived ayes 10,
noes 30. '1 he petition was referred.
Mr. Atherton, Irom the Committee on
Finance, reported back to the Senate the
House bill (o supply the deficiency in the
appropriations for the fiscal ear ending
June, 1840. 6
Mr. Berrien, from the Committee on
the Judiciary, reported back to the Senate
the bill intioduced by Mr. Douglass, pro
viding lor the admission of Calitbrnia into
the Union as a Stale; accompanying said
bill Mr. B. submitted a report adverse (o
ihe provisions of the bill.
ntr. Mason moved that ll
e report be
printed for ihe use of the Senate.' Unon
ii.:.. . . . iii. .
uiim muiniii a uroiracien neoaiH piikhph.
which was ended by a motion to postpone
1 lie Senate then went into executive
session, and after sometime spent there
in, adjourned.
Iloust. Mr. Butler moved a reconsid
eration of the vole by which "a bill es
tablishing a board of commissioners loset.
tie claims against the Government," was
relerred to the Committee on Judiciary.
Ihe motion was debated, the vote re
considered, and the bill placed unon the
calendar in its order.
Ihe remainder of the day (he House
was engaged upon unimportant business.
Washington, Jun. 9.
Sekatf. Petitions for abolUhiiicr sla-
very in tho Listriet of Columbia, were j
presented and laid en the table.
Ihe Senate then proceeded to I he con
sideration of the bill respecting rei iproeal
trade between the United States aud Can
Mr. WestcDlt and others siioke in favor
of the bill, and urged its passage.
Messrs. i-'lielps, Downs and MecnW, op
posed the measure vehemently, and char
acterized it as unnecessary and improper.
After w hich, the bill was laid over for the
On motion of Mr. Allen, the Senate
went into executive session, and after soma
lime spent therein, the doors were opened,
and the Senate adjourned.
House. The House refused to suspend
the rules, so as to allow a resalulion io be
introduced intruding the Committee on
the Judiciary to report a bill for Ihe effec
tual apprehension of slaves escaping from
one Slate info another.
A petition was presented, prayinc the
establishment of a board for the settlement
of claims against the Government. Re
ferred to Committee on the Judiciary.
'i he House then went into Committee of
the Whole, and took up the bill carrying
into efTect the 12th article of the treaty of
peace witti Mexico. Up to the hour ol
adjournment, no definite action was had.
WASimcTos, Jan. 10.
SexATi. Mr. Allen introduced a res
olution instniclircr the Committee on the
Judiciary, to inquire into the constitution
ally ot Congress, appropriating money to
ransport free negroes from the country.
This resolution was debated at length, and
finally adopted.
After transacting unimportant business,
the Senate adjourned.
House. The Speaker announced the
first business in order, to be the motion to
reconsider the vote, passing Mr. Bolt's
resolution suppressing slavery in the Dis
trict of Columbia. '
Mr. Wentworth moved to lay the mo
tion to reconsider, en the table; which was
The vote was then reconsidered, and
the resolution brought before the House.
: Mr. Stewart submitted an amendment,
to the effect (hat the corporate authorities
be empowered to suppress the (lave trade
in Washington. . . ;.,-..
Mr. Lincoln submitted an amendment,
liberating all slaves born aflter the year
1850, and providing that the Government
pnrchaie all the present slaves, and secur
ing te Maryland and Virginia the right to
reclaim all fugitives.
, Mr. Mc Lane offered an amendment, and
much confusion prevailed throughout Ihe
proceeding, and the House ad jo urn ed
wiihout tnj definite action.-
' By Telegraph for the Reveille.
New Yoax, Jan. 9, 1849.
ranee is quiet. The election excite
ment is declining, and confidence is being
inuiuiy rcsioreu. i ne lunusliave advano
ed since the election.
Louis Napoleon polled 4.G08.000 voles.
ana nss a majority ol at least one million
Votes over his competitors. It is though;
that either Lamarline, Gamier, Pages, or
Arago, will be made Vice President, and
that M. Boxio will be invle Minister of
On the 2 1st of December, the first Tres
dent of the French Republic will be pro
claimed from tho Hotel de Ville, where,
at the same lime, the new rniniitry will al
so be proclaimed.
At Louis Napoleon's inauguration gen
eral amnesty wiil be proclaimed to all ex
cept vincents end prisoners.
There is increased confidence amongst
the commercial and monied classes, and
French funds are still rising.
Some disagreements have taken place a
mong Napoleon's friends, the particulars
.. I. .V I. . '
JL . .. .. . '
ui muii are unimportant.
The Pope of Rome intends residinir in
. o
r ranee.
No news of importance from Ireland.
The Slate trials are being proceeded with.
Justice Perrue issued an order refusing
to allow (he Irish papers to publish the
proceedings of the trials.
Protraslination is the Thief of Time.
A truth as solemn as it is imnorlanl. Hut
it is cue. nerhar... flint i t i,.il .i
, ( r. j . . ... .....j ,
until some woful neglect has caused a long
and painful disease. I low necessary it is,
then, to pay due attention to the slightest
symptoms, and to act with promptness and
. i. : , ,., . - .
"" W"!C" ,,re 10 us 01 l,le
in cases which
1 prpnfpKt mi-imiit atwt ii..A.ti..iAl.. ..............
i p inuuuic.
i '',e r'ght remedj lor removing an enemv
SO falal to mir h:imiiifKe Lnmt. D(. I
U'istnrs Balsnmof Wild Cherry to be a!
sovereign remedy for all Breast and Lung VOTICE is hereby given flint Ihe under
effvclions. Il has cured Consumntion 1 !? si';ncd 1,n obtained Irom the Oik f
i . '
when so lar advanced that the patient ex-
perienced those miserable sensations caus
ed by the" death-like chills which olten l'ol-
W , - .
the perspiralion of the niglil and
morning, the hHrrassirip cough and exiiec-
.oration, di.ressmg p i ihe chest and
iiiiiiL'iiny oi Dreaming, tno woc-bfge-,,
sinking feelings produced ly this disease,
when the anxious friends had given up all
hope ( the patient's recovery ; but tup.
posed him hopelessly sinking into un ear-
ly grave
Do not prftcraslinate ! but make use of
"Wistar's Balsam" and live healthy and
happy. See WUtar's treaties on Con
sumption of the Lungs. To be had of a-
c.. l .: .
, . T, 0 !
t or sale by iJrown & Dunn, W arsavv.
Jktok i RemeJy. The Medical Faculty !
,, , , . i , . J
on all hands, and all others who have tried .
them, ara testifj ii g i!mt Dr. Brapg's In- i
Queen Vegetable V01,r Coaled Pill ...!
v4-eii v cgtiauie ."Migar Coaled I HIS ore,
v i'i-p"oi uicuiuiiio oi iiic
an. Kiti i i
In. i.n v Iia ........ ... . il. '
"b1 1 " ,'vi !i.i iini.i; cures in uroken-:
,i ... i , w. i ;iu liuiuj i. urinsieaa is noi a resident
downcotitliiutions, where enlarged Spleen; of this Ktiite.
Loss of A ppetite, Dyspepsia, and Cener-
al Del Hity are fast pulling down their vie- i
Urns into the grave, which none butatru-jnf our Henry Circuit Court, at the Coiirt
ly 'Heroic Remedy' can do. The Tonic '. House in the town of Clinton, in Ileriry
Fills build up and strengthen the tyZXX ,,hLTJ.ef
irom i lie very siari. 1 1
e ,l . . i . . i
icy drive out the
it were not by
disasters by storm, as
,. , , ., . ,
uonn Bnu asng H'e ener-
gies, but by augmenting these forces, from ,
the moment they are taken. Tl.ry are
truly a wonderful medicine, and we advise
the sick to try them.
See Dr. Bragg's advertisement in ano
ther column.
Sold in Warsaw only by
There j no J)oM about the virtues of
WORT AND TAR in curing Consump
tion, when such men as Dr. Wm. J. Rich
ards, Judge Wm. Burke, Dr. II. Cox,
Professor in Cincinnati Medical College,
and others of equally high standing, give
their testimony. See advertisement.
Sold in Warsaw, by
Final Settlement.
NOTICE is hereby given to' alt creditors
and others interested in the estate of
Charles Ileale, dee'd., that the undesign
ed administrator, intends to make a final
settlement at the next term of the County
Court of St. Clair county, to be held oc
the second Monday in February i ext. By
virtue of an'order of the County Court a
foresaid, made the 9th day of January,
1849. WM. J. MAYO, adm'r.
of the este of Chas. Beale, dee'd.
tOOO by
JList vf Letters
REMAINING in the Post Office in War
saw, Mo. on the 1st day of Jan., 1849.
Alexander Thot II Acock Mrs E A
Brown B T
Bell Nelson
Bannoh John
Berry Fuget
Cates R S 2
Bowers Theo
Bridges Elisha
Celfee J W
Carrico J Q
Cannon Jas
Culler A
Crawly Mary (col'd
Clancy Cornelius
Chrysup Fletcher
Case W m
Coats Thos
Dickerson S C
Dent Henry 2
. Densman Thos 2
DuffieIdCB2 ,
Davidson Ann
Dritkill Thos
Davis Wm
Dixon G W
Emerson B II Flurry Henry
Frisloe Mary Ann Field Emory 2
Frazier John IGrav Svdnev Mr.
Gum Lucy Ann Giboney Alex
Harms Harm . Holland W S Dr
Howard Wm Hill B Dr
Heneberg J C Hickman J M
Husbands Annmrs Holland RiVhil
Huffman Mary A Holbert J K
Henderson J B
January Jas E 3 Jackson W'P
Jackman Thos
Montgomery Henry Monreati M
Murphy Jos Rloore Sohn
Martin HP
Nisbef Martha Peak JaS
i Richardson Jas A
' S-T
Schmith Christian Smith W
Shull Hem
; Weaver S.irol
' Willard Johnson
Thtiniian Elish.t
Winston Jas
Wilhird Martin
Warren Jas F
j " e,L" ,u'irjr
IT. I.T'OM ADD f vi
i ianl3-f75I.T '
: L J
! I.tim ;n ..)
erson calling for any of the whol e
please say "oiitrhsed."
Administrator's Notice
me iienry bounty Court, Loiters of Ad-
ministration on the estate of John Geo rl.
dccM.. bearing date the 11th day of Janu-
ary, 1319.
I All noNnnu nnulfii ol.. l... . ! a l
I I v lit. uit; s. JMllfl tlri!1Il( aill
estate arc hereby notified to exhibit them
j for ftowpfe within one year from the
frt! Kny 2K?
; inro, and u such rlnints be not presented
within three years, they will be forever
jan 13-
County or Hckry.
Yorember Term, J. D. 1818.
Jons J. Crikstea'd,
:AU 1 Petition
sad. v,"ct'v
Em,t-y R. Gbihstfa
ON the Isf day of November, a. n. 1 1S,
the said complainant filed in the Clerks
j. . .. .
"moo oi me iienry circuit until, ii ri fi-
tion for a Divorce, alledpin.? that hit witV,
the said Emily R.Gi instead" about tfie 1st
"f N'W'bnr, wilfully left his
bcu, board find house, and abandoned and
wilfully deserted & absented herself from
tlle sa'd Petitioner, without a reasonable
CBl,s,f for years and more, which facts
so a edired haro boon .i,.t .
1: . i ' . .. ....
lmuuij iu iaw,ann aiso mat me sasi ye-
titioner hast fiteH an ntfwtavit Gli..u iniv ln.t !
.. r. -""' i
t herefore it is ordered that the said Ein-
P .,nn ste'"' hf" !,B7r,hat e
'held on the third Monday after th
; Ion,,.aT j" March next, and wi
, , , .. . ' urtu.i aim
the fourth
thin the
iiii nix uiijs ui sain Term, u
first six days of said term, if the term so ,
long continue, and if not, then befo.e tho !
cnd of the term, plead, demur, or answer
to said petition, the same will be taken a
coniesseit, ami a decree entered according
to the prajrerof said Petitioner.
And it is further ordered that a copy of
this order be published in some news on.
per printed in this State foretaht weeks
successively, the last publication thereof, !
to be at least four weeks before the com
mencement or our said nexterm.
t - , F' A' PLNNELL, Cl'k
fWE undersigned would respectfully in
1 form all persons who intend to go to the
great mining district of California, that
they will, during the ensuing spring and
summer, be prepared to furnish at their
store at INDEPENDENCE, Jackson Co.,
Mo., at the cheapest possible rates, and
upon the best of terms, all articles which
in FiTrWJ ,.0.u,akLa "P wmplete
OUIHTS, for the trip, whether for those
who intend to go through by wagons or
othervyise, In large or small ebnipauies
and will also give such information as to
the- route and manner of travelling over
the plain as will save the noviciate from
suffering the hardships consequent to
them, who have not had experience in the
Jornado de desert." All letters address-
wit V. ' "P""11'8 object (port paid,)
trill be promptly answered. -
r , WHITE A CO.,
Formerly of White & Ayreir, of Warsaw
Independence, Jan. 1st, 1849.
Springfield Advertiser will publish to
the amount of $5 and send account to-W.
t- Co., Independence.
M' i "ww ii ...
WlfEREAS, Benjamin Good in and 8a
rah his wife, on the 6th day of Norem
ber, 1816, coneytd to Theodore Swittler,
a certain parcel or tract of land lrins; and
being situated in Henry countyState of'
Missouri, to wit i the east half of the S.
W. quarter, and the west half of the 8. E.
quarter of section No. S7, in township 43.
of range 24, containing 160 teres, as will
appear by reference to book D, pares 41
and 416, in the Recorder's office of the
county aforesaid, in trust, to secure! Rob
ert C. Henry, or order, one note dated No
vember 1846, for $246 98-100, one day af
ter date i and whereas, the said mete in
due and unpaid, and the same has been
.snea io james M. White. .mni-
Now, therefore, at tho request of said
James M. White, the undersigned. i"rust
tee. will, on the 29th day of January, A.
D. 18-19, at the Court-house door in the
town of Clinton, county and State afore
said, sell the above described, real, estate
to the highest bidder at public auction) for
cash in hand, and upon such sale, will ex
ecute a deed thereof to the purchaser fit
fee simplu. ,
. theodCtre switzler,'
janC-4M9 , .Trusted
Administrator's Notice.,
NOTICE is hereby given that the un
dersigned has obtained from the Cleric
of the County Court of Henry County,
letter of administration on the estate of
Melindu Hancock, dee'd., bearing date
the Tith (Jay of Derember, 1848. '
All persons bavin? claims against said
estate, are hereby notified to present them
lor allowance w ithin one yeaf from the'
dale of said letters, or Hiv .....
eluded from having any benefit of salj es-
iai ami it such r Minis nre neA prelented
w ithin three years, they wilf 6e forever
i'iii i ru.
CuUSTt or Warrkn.
In the Warren County Court tYovembtr
term 18-18. .
SMOXG (lie records and proceedings o?
said Court, made cn the fifth rtnv nf..M
trin is the followiuir. to wit ' -
SA MUEL T. GREGORY Curator of the
Estates of Wiiiiam E and Eliza A.
Kiee- ( On oyplicaiion for salt of Jttal
Kslute.) y
VOW here said curator 'files his petition
11 lor the xale of the real estate w,f l
hci is, fof the education and support of said
heirs, on inventory of fh .l ....it
the remaining personal cstrt'e, with its ap
praised value, and all other asset in his
lining, nit- won e vorif ml l.v nil!. ...:.
I: in theft-fore ordttrnl. l.v thn P.,.. t.i
all persons intere.vt. il be notified of said
appJnali,,,, and petilion, by publication
ttiereol in some newspaper printed in this'
Male, for six vvi'eki
of this court; and thnt unless cause to the
contrary bv shown on or before the first
day ot said next term, mi m.l. u.m i.-.
made for the sale of tlie whol.., or so muctf.
ol the real estate of said heirs, as will be'
sufheient for the purposes aforesaid. ,
I, '1 nomas .1. Marshall, Clerk of sail1
Court, do certify thnt the foreeoinir ordei
Im'y copied from the record fnuiv nlllr
(;iven under my hand and seal of office,
at cilice, this 30th day of November j
ri i;i ... '
janC -GM9 U" "M, & C,
Wondciful! Kxtraor:liiiarv!!
MiratulotisHI .
fONSIJMPTION ca it eaCoaaD.'-Andl
I we deiy th whole world to produce
sueh sironr and undoubted testimony from'
men of such high standing as we have, in
-A ISi) l.AR, in ruiinir ennsumptiou. aad'
L . ' ..
oreuKinc; up me most (listresinsreotis;h iis
ft fi w Imnrw .
- . v-
Coniw.y,V, Despair not there is Hopij
even for the Dying.' ''"
This is to certify that some time since,'
I was taken with a pain i tny side and .
breast ; I railed in the aid of several phy.
siehins, but they failed to give me any ri-'
lief, and for the space-of one year I sfrew :
rai nlly worse. In addition lit rhU t
attacked with a violent congh ; althouah'
" excellent physic.on lived htthe same
house, and used the greatest exwrtiou, an
paid tho stric.cst attention, . it baffled all'
bfS skill-two' others were called in, one
ot which was nn aged and skillful physiv
eian, but all their efforts proved' alike uu- ,
availing. At last, a physician h(j'was
hood, came to see me, nnd declared that I'
mii-nuni- a earn meetiuir n th. ii;i,v,.-
j could not last more than one day longer i
, also, all the vast number .who came to see
mi-, oeueveo rnat a tew days at mOstmust'
end my earthly career. My friends were .
row cafled in to see me die ! But my bro-"
I her, h this crisis, (hearing Of the aston-"
iii.iS cures penormed by Dr. Rogers'
ced taking it, and strange to'tell, before t,
tirely cure I ; from this time f racovered"
rapidly, and'-when I had used two bottler
I was able to assume my family avocations
as usual. I am fully satisfied that if if
had not been for this excellent- Medicine,1"
I would now be In my grave, tttd mutt,i'
justice, say that I truly return'my sincere'
thanks to the inventor of thl bricelesr
medicine, end would recommentf all per-
sons afllicted with diseased luntrt. to vivo',
it a trial. 6 :I
Stanton, Feb 7, 1846. -m .o;i '.. "i..
Wc, the undersigned, dd certify that the'
account of Mrs. Rowe is eorrce; we be--ing
personally acquainted fWltVsil the elr-
eumstances. i. u
R. P. Joiiaso!, P. E. XfVTBiVe
Thos. CaAio, Jos. tti. - r
Sold by Brown A Dunn,. Warns w, T.J
Dr. Hutchison, Boeitviile, . -t
Huston ft Bascbm, Lexio .
ton.' Orders may be addressed to
II. SLAKSLKY ic Ce , t.
UfVU IIHII a UOIT e. thn rninh w. . an.
Compound Syiupof Liverwort aad far.V
went to ChiJlijothe and back; a distance'
or sixty miles) iu thirteen Hours; to jret
some of the above mediln, I .-v.r-. .

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