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Saturday morning visitor. (City of Warsaw, Mo.) 1845-1849, January 20, 1849, Image 4

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... ........ Til Mi
With th commencment of the New
,r .Year, the undersigned will issue a month
ly publication with the above title, to bo
tie voted to the interests of that portion of
t t, ne community engaged in Agiccxture:
embracing in its scope ail that pertains
to (he Plantation, the Farm and the Gar
den. , , . .The importance of St. Louis, in a com-
mercial view is admitted by every one.
Here the farmer and the merchant look for
the market for the produce of the country,
. at well as for merchandise. Hence, this
city is the centre whence emanates intclli
t gence to the surrounding; country. This,
then, is the appropriate place for the pub
lication of a journal devoted to the inter
ests of those engaged in that noblest of all
pursuits the cultivation of the soil ( for
, , at no other point can the editor so effectu
ally hold intercourse with the fanners, and
learn their wants, wishes, and opinion, or
so readily distribute his publication thro'
the length and breadth t f our great fertile
...Valley. ,
The Valley Farmer will be of a prac
tieal character. We shall aim to render
ourselves particularly welcome in the hou
, tes ot' the small farmers, the new settlers,
' and those just setting out in the business
': men who have often too much occasion
', io feel, when reading the agricultural
. works of the day, that they are not print
, ed for persons in circumstances similar to
', theirs, but for men who have surplus cap-
; ital to Invest in costly experiments, or ex
pensive implements, or in a system of ex
, tended operations, while their humbler
' .wants and wishes are entirely overlooked.
While,' therefore, we shall by no means
disregard the welfare of those engaged in
the business on a large scale, we shall al-
,.so endeavor to be useful to that more nu-
tnerotis class of our fellow citizens whbse
. operations are necessarily more circum
scribed. . The farming interests of the
,, people of the Valley of the Mississippi,
and the application of the principles of
science to its climate and soil, are the ob-
Jects which we have in view. Arrange-
ments have been made, and are making.
to secure the contributions of some of the 1
best practical agriculturists of the coun
try io its pages, and no expense or labor ,
win be spared to present the friends of ag
ricultural science a work from which both
profit and may be derived.
i .. Experience has abundantly proved that
a ' mixed agriculture is essential to the
i prosperity of the countfy; and therefore
we ahall uniformly discourage the culture
of any one staple to the neglect of others.
Hemp, Tobacco, Wheat,Corn, Flax, Hay,
Oats, Barley, Castor Beans, together with
"various other articles, are all profitably
' raised in the different sections of our val
leys The horse, the ox, the mule, the
beep, the hog, Ac, are all worthy the at
tention of the farmer, both for use at home
and for market- All these will be kept
prominently in view, and each will receive
Attention at our hands. Conscious that
the true position of the fanner is not as
generally admitted as it should be, we de
sign to give a concise "History of Acbi
cvhTvux," its benefits, and the great de
pendence of other pursuits on this class of
our fellow-citizens. ' Our aim, in short,
will be tomak the Valley Farmer infe
rior no similar publication in the United
States j and being designed expressly for
the farmers of the West, and published at
a cheaper rate than any other similar work !
we can confidently call upon them to sub
scribe. Its superiority over eastern pub
lications will consist chiefly in the appli
cability of its articles to this section the
West. '..-:
- To -the Garden and the Orchard, we
shall devote no inconsiderable portion of
our pages, and also to the proper care and
treatment of the various animals and fowls.
The improvement of the breeds of our do
mestic animals; new inventions in agri
cultural implements; the chemical analy
sis of soils ; new systems of cultivation ;
improvements in Jaira bouses and other
buildings ; the rotation of crops, etc.; the
change in the political world aflecting
our domestic and foreign markets ; new ln dusii.cks ie past sixteen years, en
avenues for the transportation of our sur-! ttbles me to Bet UP a stock ,n a lar 8UPerl'
plui -produce, or improvements in old ones j or style to any other,
-all will receive attention at our hands. I , My patterns are the best and most fash
We design to devote a portion of each i lo"ftble that can be had, and are warrant-
i . i n. . . ... . A.l in mat ami fit aa U'oll as 4 Vine flint ian
numoeroi me f armer to f loral Attain
and Honseholdl Economy. In this depart
ment we have the assurance of valuable
assistance from some of our fair friends,
and we hope that others will favor us with
the productions of their pens.
The engravings and embellishments of I
the Valley tarmer will be equal to those
of any of its cntemporaries, and its whole
appearance will be a creditable specimen
of the present advanced condition of the '
art of printing.
TERMS. The Valley Farmer will be
published on the first of each month, on
new and clearype, each number eontaii.
ing 20 large double octavo pages, besi.ies
a cover of four pages for advertisements,
making at the end of the year, a volume
of 210 psgci (exclusive of advertisements)
with a title page and index, and contain
ing as much matter as is usually embraced
in two ordinary sized octavo volumes of
600 pages each, and will be sent by mail
or otherwise to subscribers in any part of
the Union, at the following rates pay
ments in all cases to be made in advance:
One copy, one year, $1 ; six copies, $5;
ISbopies, 10; 27 copies, $20 ; 42 copies,
930; 72 copies, 50. ::.;
Remittances may be made by mail at
our risk. The first number will bo issued
o as to reach all the postofiices in this and
the adjoining States by the first of Janua
ry, 1849.' Postmasters are authorized and
requested to act as agents for us. Those
ending us clubs exceeding six in number,
win Da entitled to tne armer one year
wiinoat coarsre.
X-.p.;,- i, PICKERING, PENN&Co.
aor24 . , . - , ... 35. Loeust St., St. Louis.
,YVho Wants Tar Now?
1 t Bbls. North Carolina Tar, just land
JL 1 ed from St. Louis Oak, for sale by
More Soft Hats!
DOZEN Monterey Hats of the softest
"W kind, iwjt ree'd per uaK, by
frmi j . , BENNETT A illKPJIRD,
Fresh Arrivals from
riiiladelplii.i nntl SI. Louis.
AVE have Just ree'd. from Philadelphia
II ami M. L.0111S, a iresn and well assort
ed stock of G V OD S, which we respect
fully solicit the ueonle of Benton countv
and South-west Missouri generally to call
and examine. They were purchased low.
and will ho sold very cheap, consisting of
50 Baps best Rio Coffee, 10 Ilhds. Sugar,
o udis Molasses, ouu ids. com. & best
, loaf Sugar, Whiskey, randy,
, Port V ine, com. & fine, Mal
aga & Madeira do., sack
Abbl SALT, Gun
powder, Imp. 4
pepper, ginger,
Indigo, madder, alum,
copperas, saleratus, rosin,
brimstone, sp & tallow candles,
Window glass (all sizes,) powder,
lead, shot, nails, iron, castings, cotton
yarns, linseed & castor oils, white lead, &c.
A general assortment of
Pulin leaf, Rutland, Panama, Russia, Bea
ver, Fur and Wool Hats, all qualities;
BOOTS & SHOES, a splendid stock
-?"Prints, cassimcres, cloths, sattinets.
Janes, all kinds ; Gents and boys summer
wear, a Iarze lot of heavy Domestics
besides fashionable bonets, lawns, alpacas,
jaconets, cambrics, A almost every thing
else, which they think are worthy the at
tention of the community.
In the Square Top Frame.
Warsaw, June 17, 1848.
V?X. It. We purchase amost every
description of produce. E. 4 A.
ITrEhave now a lot on hand, and will
M be supplied throughout the season,
with this celebrated Cheese.
For Family Use.
t Bbls. best Cider Vinegar, 5 do. No.
ami 2 Mackerel, 10 do IS.
O and Sugar-
house Molasses, 10,000 Lbs. best Spring
River Flour, for sale by B. fc S.
1848. 1848.
John T. Martin's
Far famed Sc noted Established Warehouse
For Cheap ff Fashionable
&JVo. 118,
Formerly Ao. 114, Main St., St. Louis.
Motto lam determined io sell lower than
any other hottse in the U. States.
Goods are rushing in by every packet.
The house is now filled I Three large sto
ries crowded with goods ! My stock this
fall will be tremendous large, by far ex
ceeding any ever before received, and at
such low prices that will defy any and
I am determined to supply every Coun
try Merchant, and also all Retail custom
ers that come to this market with the ready
cash, I have put the prices down so low
as to make it a matter of impossibility for
any house to ofTer the same inducements.
It must be apparent to every one that I can
doit possessing the advantages that I do
purchasing, manufacturing and selling
for nothing but Cash, or No. 1 City paper.
The tremendous amount of business I
do, will enable me to sell at a very small
profit, which I always have done, and will
continue to do. Residing in the City of
New York, and manufacturing my own
Goods, and having the advantages of the
market my brother, CHARLES G
MARTIN, conducting the business in St.
! Louis and the long experience I have
ed to set and fit as well as those that can
be had at the most fashionable tailors.
This fall I will have over
430,000 GARMENTS,
consisting of every style and pattern that
will be wom.
Beware of being deceived by those who
tell you "their's is Martin's" for there
are numbers that do, and are mean enough
to stoop to anything. Bear in mind that
my store is NO. 118, instead of NO. 114.
The numbers on Main street having been
altered, makes my store No. 113. In
front you will find the name in mammoth
gilt letters ,
On top of the house a large No. 113.
I have the largest and deepest Clothing
Warehouse in the west. And remeaiber,
that I have but one s'ore in the city.
To Countrn Merchants. All orders
thankfully received, and warranted to,be
packed correctly, at the lowest cash prices.
'Tis no trouble to show Goods!
septa JNO. T. MARTIN.
Wanted Immediately f
CV X Clff in Gold and Silver,
m JUUUlO.OOO lbs. clean linen and
cotton i-ags,
600 bush. Castor. beans,
600 do Flaxseed,
400 lbs. Feathers,
6K) do Tallow, v
'', ffOO do Beeswax. ,
In extharrge i'or any of the above art!
rles, will be given Drugs and Medicines,
all sorts of Paints, Oils and Dye stuff's,
School Books, letter and cap paper, win
dow glass, Varnishes-, 4c, &c, by
may20 BROWN Si DUNN.
CALERATUS, Rfce, Pepper, Gincer,
O Spice, Cloves, Cinnamon bark, Ac, for
sale by may20J i ii. & DUNN.
SMOKING TOBACCO, Pipes 4 match
es, for tale at the Drue Store by
aiay.HJ , BROW.N & DUNN,
SCHOOL BOOKS Elementary Spell
ers, Goodrich's 1, 2, 8 and 4th Read
ers, Olney'g Geography ft atlas, Siniley's
Pikc'a and Smith's Arithmetics, Ac, for
sale low by may 13 B. A DUNN.
HYMN BOOKS.-Dupuy's, Christian
and Methodist Hymn Books, for sale
at the Drug Store by
may 13
WINDOW GLASS, 8x10,10x12, 10x14
" 12x16, and 12x18 just ree'd and for
sale by mayl3 BROWN & DUNN.
T1ALLOW CANDLES Just ree'd. 100
lbs., and for sale cheap at the Drug
cuore oy imayi.ij
B. & D.
Perfumery, Fancy Articles, &,c.
COLOGNE, Rose Water,Bear's grease,
Bear's Oil, Ox Marrow, Macassar Oil,
Hair Brushes, Tooth do., Violin Strings,
all sizes; silk and cotton purses, fine
pocket combs, pocket books, silk watch
euards, Ac, for snle at the Dnur Store,
low by may20 B. & DUNN.
Spring Arrangements
JAMES ATKISSONis now receiving
a very complete assortment of
Dry Goods and Groceries.
furchased at low prices, and being sold
ower than ever before offered in Warsaw,
the citizens of Benton and the adjoining
counties are respectfully invited to rail
and buy the cheapest Goods ever before
brought to this market, "positively and
no mistake." mnyti
and for sale by may!3
just ree'd.
The largest $ most complete yet.
Spring .MippIicMf'or 1 84S.
llirE are now receiving direct from
f T Philadelphia, a complete assortment
CINES, &c, which will render our stock
the largest and most complete everbro't
tothe South-west, Wetenderoiirthnnks
to Physicians and Merchants for their for
mer patronage, and respectfully solicit a
continuance of it, and that of many new
ones. We invite the Physicians of South
West Missouri, who have not laid in their
Spring supplies, to give us a call and ex
amine our stock and prices ; we are con
fident they will be pleased with both.
Our stock consists in part of the follow
Drugs and Medicines.
150 oz. Sulph. Quinine,
50 lbs Calomel, American and Engli.vh,
20 do Blue Mass
40 do spts Nitre dulcis,
25 do Aqua Ammonia,
40 Lbs powdered Rhubarb,
60 do Cream Tartar,
40 do Bi carb. Soda,
25 do Tartaric Acid,
200 do Epsom Salts,
15 do Carb & calc Magnesia
60 do flour Sulphur,
60 galls. Castor Oil,
40 do Alcohol,
4P do Sweet Oil,
40 do Spts. Turpentine
20 lbs. Balsam Copaiba,
50 do Nitric Acid,
25 do Oil Vitriol,
15 do muriatic acid,
10 do carb. Ammonia,
15 do powdered Ipecac,
60 do Roll Sulphur,
Gum arabic, Chloroform, sugar lead, rnd
scillac, opium sulphate, acetate and mu
riate of Morphine, borax, red precipitate,
Corrosive sublimate, Ext. ol liutternut,
gentian, belladonna, Ilyosciamus, Dande
lion and colocynth, isinglass, cayenne
pepper, manna, orange peel, ic, &c.
Three and Fourfold pocket cases, thumb
lancets, spring do, silver and brass, Cath
eters, tiuucics, SpeculuMns, tooth keys
forceps, cupping instruments in cases,
tc, kc.
Paints, Oils, Lye-Stuffs. Vamhhes,
Glassware, Src, Sec.
50 kegs white Lead, No. 1, 4 pure
80 galls. Linseed Oil,
50 lbs Blue Vitriol,
100 do ground Logwood,
50 lbs Indigo, Spanish float,
50 do Dutch Madder,
50 do Lampblack,
100 do Spanish Brown,
100 lbs Venitian Red,
50 do ext. Logwood,
5 do Muriate of Tin,
Cochineal, Chiome Green and Yellow,
Spanish whiting, Prussian blue, yellow
ochre, Nicarauga, Paint brushes, all
sizes ; Rotten stone, Pounce stone,
Glue, Copal Varnish, Ne. 1.
Sponge, fine 4 coarse, Jttpan
Varnish, Black do., Coach
do. ; a large assortment
of shop furniture,
consisting of Tincture, Specie Jars, 4c,
Oil Bottles, Vials, 4c, 4c. ,
Confectionaries, 8fc. ,
Lemou Syrup, do Acid, Candy, 4c. 4c.
liooks, Stationery, &c,
U. S. Dispensatory, Dunglison's Dic
tionary, Watson's Practice, Carpenter's
Physiolosryj 4c, Elementary Spellers,
Goodrich's 1st, 2d, 3.1 4 4th readers, Ol
ney's Geography, Smiley Arithmetic and
Key, Smith's Arithmetic 4 Grammar, 4c.
In snort, we have every thing usually
found in a Drug Store, all of which wc
will sell on as good terms for Cash, as the
same can be had out of St. Louis. Par
ticular attention will be paid to putting up
Physician's Bills all who may send us
their bills, may rest assured that we will
put up as pure articles, and at the same
prices, as if they were present.
Warsaw, Mo. May 6, 1848.
N. B.-Beeswax, Flaxseed Castor Beans,
Feathers, I allow, Beef Hides and Clean
Rags taken in exchange for any of the
above articles.. B. 4 D.
ROSIN, Turpentine, Snuff and Tobac
co, for sale by B. 4 DUNN.
MEDICAL BOOKS-A general ai
sortment for sale low, bv
mny!3 BROWN 4 DUNN.
Positively the Last Call.
4 LL Persons indebted to me by note or
I a. book account, are invited to come for
ward and pay the same without delay, and
save costs. Further indulgence will not
oe given. H. H. WHITE.
Warsaw, May 6, 1848.
INK RED, Black and Blue Ink, quills,
steel pens, fine letter and cap paper,
slates and pencils, just ree'd. and for sale
low at the Drug Store, bv
mayl3 BROWN 4 DUNN.
I OOO BUsn Wheat, weighing CO lbs
A " to the bushel, clean,
2000 bush Oats,
Deer Skins, Furs, Peltries. Flax, Wool,
Bacon, Lard, Dry Hides, While Beans,
Flax seed, 4c, at
lar, Pilch $ Turpentine.
BBLS each, and Linseed Oil, Lamp
black, White Lead, Saleratus, Gin
ger, Window glass, Putty, Ac, bv
Tritciesikce Iron the heat in
Af TONS fully ass'd., Tennessee bar,
411 band, round, square, sheet, slab,
nail rod and other Iron, and a large lot of
Castings, for sale low by
I'osl Office oticc.
P ASTERN MAIL closes on Tuesdays,
Thurdays and Saturdays, ut 12 o'
clock, M.
Southern Mail closes on Sundays, Tues
dnys and Thursdays at 9 o'clock p. m.
Waynesville. mail closes at 9 o'clock, p.
m., on Sundays. j
lug Creek int.il closes al 9 o cluck, p.
m. on Wednesdays.
Fort Scctt mail arrives every Tuesday
evening at 6 o'clock, and closes at 9.
Leaves Wednesday morning at 6 a. m.
Buflnln mail arrives on Friday evening,
at 6 o'clock, and closes at 9 Leaves on
Saturday morning at 5 a. in.
2jyLetters will not be mailed after the
above named hours.
;f?Tlie cfiice will be open on Sundays
one hour after the arrival of the Eastern
mail, and no longer.
Warsaw, Jan. 15, 1848.
.VttctitioHjllrcry Study.
E do not intend to turn our attention
T to the navigation of the Osage,
Pomme de Tcrre or any other creek, but
will attend to all who may call upon us,
and will sell them GOODS cheaper than
any other concern in the city, whether
they advertise to sell at Cost or not. Wc
have the largest assortment to be found in
the place, arid our motto, "Hit nimble six
pence belief than the slow tliiU'mg," will
sell Goods accordingly.
fij' Call and see us. No trouble to show
you any thing we have to sell.
Whiskey "and other luxuries."
i (( BBLS- 0,,in rP'fiRd Whiskey,
tvU 10 do American Brandy,
1 Pipe pure Cosniacdo
5 bbls con. men Gin,
5 do Malaga Wine,
5 do pure Peach Brandy,
50 boxes ns.s'd Candies,
5') do M R Raisins,
60 drums Figs,
10 boxes Claret Wine,
20 doz Poughkeepsie Ale,
20 mats Cinnamon,
10 lbs Nutmegs,
10 do Cloves,
for sale to Giocers at very low prices for
cash. may6 J. ATKISSON.
The first lot of Dry Goods
THIS season, are now opening at our
well known cheap stand. We have
the best assortment of fasliionable' Cali- ,
coes and Summer Dress Goods, such as j
Ginghams, Printed Lawns fiareges, 4c,
&c, ever brought to this market. Ladies,
you must call soon if you want good selec-
tions, as we shall sell them at such low
prices that they are bound to go off rapidly. '
V E have just ree'd. C0,000 Lbs. Iron,
T consisting of all sizes Tire Iron and
every sort of band, round and square iron
spring, blister and Cast Steel Plow
Moulds, Wagon boxes and Castings of all
kinds. We have made such arrangements
as will enable us to have a first rate as
sortment of Iron always on hand, ami for
sale at the lowest prices.
LEAF HATS About 100 dozen for
sale cheap by fapll5 SHEPARD.
( lENTLEMEN'S Boots and Shoes, A
M Ladies and Children' do., a small lot
for sale rather hlahtt at
1 L to supply every body, ree'd by
Sugar, Coffee and Salt.
150 BAGS best Rio ColTee,
50 do 2d quality do,
50 btrls best New Orleans Sugar,
250 sacks G. A. Suit, in store and for
sale by ATKISSON..
ANGE, Limes, Hagus, Papaw and
Oinger, for sale by
Junel9 H. II. WHITE.
UrANTED Furs, Deer Skins, Wheat,
Beeswax, Tallow, Dry Hides, Hemp,
Wanted Immediately,
ttOOO Bushels WHEAT,
300 do Castor Beans,
500 Lbs. Beeswax,
500 bushels Flaxseed,
10,000 lbs. Deer Skins,
500 Koon, Fox and Cat Skins,
100 Otter .kins,
at the highest prices, by
Powder, Lead and Caps.
J25 KEGS Du-pont'. Fowder,
2000 Lbs. Bar Lead,
500 boxes best percussion Caps, jul re
ceived by J. ATKISSON.
Chewing Tobacco.
f BOXES low priced Virginia Tobacco,
r o ao nne 00 do
5 do Portland, best,
6 do common Me. manufactured, just
re c u ana lur saie uy
. sels, bl'k aud col'd Fringes, worsted
Hoods, comforters, kid cloves, silk inits,
purses, bonnet and cap ribbons, artificial
flowers, &c, at SHEPARD'S.
I LARGE and well assorted lot of Goods
Jl on hand, and for sale low for cash and
Wnn want vprv uiiiiAi(n-
XM Cloths and Cassimeres, can always
unci mem ai
Everett & Ashbury
n.WE in store and for sale very low,
60 sacks best Rio ColTee,
5 Ilhds. Siiear,
20 Bbls best Cincinnati Whisky,
1-2 Pipe Am. Brandy,
1-2 do best Cog. do.
1 Bbl. Blue Lick Water.
2000 Lbs. Cotton Yarn, all Nos.
CASTINGS 4 Plough Moulds-a great
variety for sale cheap by
mar27 11. II. WHITE.
preat variety, for sale by
mar27 II. II. WHITE.
Nails and Castings.
A LARGE, well assorted lot of Nails 4
J. Castings on hand mid for sale bv
P EVERETT having associated with
him in business, MONROE ASH
BURY, the business hereafter will be cur
ried on under the name and style of
tlt. B. P. Everelt experts immedi
ate payment by nil persuing indebted tu
nun wnue uoing ousines on ni own ac
count. July 24, 1H47.
! E V E R ET F"&AS H H U R Y
YTILL continue to do business in the old
U stand of P. Everett. They are now
receiving a fresh stock of
J. A. BaowK, M. D. J. Dunn, M. D.
HAVING associated themselves in the
practice of Medicine, offer their ser
vices to the citizens of Wars-aw andvieni
itv in the various branches of the nrofes-
sion. The attention of both willbe given if
i desired, without the usual fee of consulta
tion. Oflice at the new Drug Store onthe
corner of Main street and the Public
! Square, where one or both of them may at
an nines ue lounn, unless professionally
engaged. JanlT.
MINGS cheap at
mar27 It. II. WHITE'S.
Receiving, Forwarding & Commission
And dealer in Foreign and Domestic
Main Street, Warsaw, Mo.
c. v.ivcn,
General Jl gent and Commission .Merchant,
HAS reeeived and is now opening a ge
neral assortment of
New X, Fashionable Goods,
which he ofTers for sale at unusually low
prices for Cash or Produee. Those who
want new and good Goods, had better cal
and set him immediately.
Wai-saw, March 87, 1&17.
LOG A TRACE CHAINS on hand and
for sale very low by
ar27 H. II. WHITE.
A large lot for sale low for cash at
mar27 II. H. WHITE'S
BLANKS of every description kept o
staaUy akaadattkUohW '
HAVE ree'd. per stesmers Llghtfobl A
Ware, another of their immtnia
stocks of I , . .-, ; , ,. ,.,
Diy Goods, Gtocertes.
Hardware, Queenswari, iron, Castings,
ItaU, Hootii Shoes, Litjuort, etc.; etc?
And our arrangements are such thai we
shall be receiving and adding to our as
sortment, by every boat as long is the O
sage is navigable, and by wagons through,
oui the year. -The following are only a
few of our prin6ipal articles : , ' ' '
1000 sacks Salt, 40,000 lbs Iron, . f
600 bbls. do 20,000 do bnd A round
150 do whiskey, 5,000 do ass'd Steel
10 do brandy, 10,000 do as'd cast'g
10 do wine, 5,000 do Cot Yarti(
5 do p'ch brandy, 200 bags ColTee,'
10 do Molasses, 150 bbls Sugars
3 do Linseed Oily 50 kegs Nails, '
50 kes white Lead, 8,000 galls sto war
WW) Spanish Cigars, 10 bbls Lf Sugar
10 doz br'dy cherries, 100 doz p 1 hatrf;
10 do claret wine, 50eboota4shoefV
10 do lemon syrup, 20 bales domestic,
10 " Stoughton's bitters, 30 kg"s powder,
10 do painted buckets 10 boxs Cs axes,'
lOdoseives, 30 bags shot, '.
10 crates Queensware 20 doz castor oil
and an extra larce stock of Fancy 4 Sta
ple DRY GOODS, Fur, Wool, Leionf
and Panama HATS, Bonnets, Parasols,
Lookine-Classes, Pictures, Picture frames'
School Books, Bibles, Cap 4 Letter Pa
per, Grnifcnberg Pills, Lemons, Oranges
Window GlassScythes, Hay Forks Sho
vels, Spades, 4c, Ac, 4c. , t iv ' "
We intend to make our sales' this year
double the amount of any previous, year,
and consequently can a (lord to sell at about
one half the usual profit. This will make
ii to the interest of all who wish to buy
bargains, to purchase of us. '
Country merchants wishing to replen
ish at any time during the year, will find
it to their interest to buy of us, instead 6f
troing to Boonville. Grocers can be sup
plied with every article usually kept in a
trrocery, as cheap as the same can be got
in any market. -
Wo bar'er for almost every thing raised
or made in the country. No trouble to
show coods. Give us a call. apli2
AY it' Fall and.
" AM now in receipt of a large stock al
t- Fall and W inter supplies of
Groceries. Slardtvart.
to which I would invite the attention of
lliovc wishing to puichase. My stock has
been srlerled with great card, 'and is well
adapted to the wants of the country. I
am determined to sell them a little lowar
than anv other house in the South-west,
forC.-i.S7 Oil PIlOlUCi:,"and nothing
eke ." My stock consists in port as follows'
fit v ;(.. ..;, .
Sup. bl'k & blue French & Eng;-
ISl'k ami blue Cassimeres, Fancy do.; 1 '
(.'iisinels. Tw eeds, Ky. Jeans,'
Winler Veslings, IM.n.kels, Forest C'tuthl,
Plain and lig'd. Black Alpaca, ; .
Ftincy do., Deluins, Gala Fluids, (a new
article very rich.) .
A large assortment of Prints, Shawls, ' 1
Lineys, Moods, Comforts, 1 ' ' '
riiila. Plaids, Gimjhiim, Bonnets. 1 ' 1
Flannels, Domestics, Bleached Minlini,
Tickings, Osiiubiirgs, Drills, ,li rj
Cotton Yarns, &c, &c. .,
Hoofs, Shoes. Miits Jf cap.
A large assortment of Men's thick kip 4
calf Boots 4 Shoes, Boys' 4 Youth's
do.; misses do.; Ladies Hoots 4
Shoes, a variety of styles. '"''
Fine Nutria 4 Russia
MM .its. ' '.'';
Low crown do.; Sporting do.? ,
Offer, Seal, muskrat, Plush, Scaletta, t,
fflazed and Hair Caps, Infant's caps, At,, .
03-LlQDC23 332X2 653-
Tea. sugar, coffee, salt, molasses, whli- "
key, indigo, madder,candles, tobacco,
Principe, regalia, cazedoras and
melee Cigars: powder, lead,
ginger, alum, saleratus,
pepper and spice, ' : i
I.oar Sugar, Crackers and almost ; i
every other article in the grocery line.
A large assortment of HARDWARE K
Spanish, half Spanish, English 4 liadiar
Trees; Pad, Hog, 4 Welting Slrittt,.
Plush, Webbing, Straining Webir K')
Braddoons, Buckles, Stirrups,
Sailler's S:ll Tl,.,l . ,'
martingale rings, spurs, saddle bags, te;,- a
r ' Wanted in exchange for Goods at'
cash nripfs. Ilitp.w.y. I-'ln vn.mt.A- D.n.
Deer 4 Fur Skins, Wheat, Bacon, Flour,
oorn meal, nines, iaiiow, ana all the'
cash you have to spare.- Call and sea me,
and if we do not trade, it shall not hn m,-.
fault. . - , . -t j ,
sept!8 II. II. WHITE, '
11 RY GOODS new and fashionable,
MJ cheap for Cash, at
niar27 It. II. WHITE'S.
. - - um
J that aver grewr for sale at ' '
marev if. ll, WHITE'S.
RAISINS 6 botes lusf rao'd.'.ant! for
. sale low by BROWN A DUNN
Whiskey for tale by !
nar27 II. H. WHITE!
-4 b
jnses lust'l
1 rta'dvana for aaia ay
fcw7W.'i I

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