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fTti $2 rest Anno st, Cash..
Mors Failure, The mail due here on
Sunday mojning last, wss a perfect fail
ure with the exception of a tingle paper
front Jefferson City. On Wednesday
- morning we received a full mail with back
ration, bqt yesterday we had a mail off
the Mini piece with Sunday morning.
In connexion with thin subject, we, have
been requeited to whisper a word or tw
"in the ear "of the Postmaster' at Jeflerso
City. " We dJ it cheerfully, partly on our
wn account," aa well a for others.
, Step one aide a moment, if you please,
' Mr. P. M . ' Yon are most earnestly re
r quested to send all mailable due the S. W.
by their proper route, and at the earliest
- practicable line after their arrivul at your
"office. You are further desired not to
tend through this office, both letter and
newspaper package by the bushel, which
are directed to all quarter of the State.
v The P. M. at Jefferson City may have a
" more correct idea of the geography of the
' State, than we have, but we hope he will
, iiu iugu at in ii, we vcniuro me opinion
that package directed to point on the up-
per or lower Mississippi, or to extreme
northwestern points, would reach their
respective destinations about a toon, by
taking' almost any other direction, at
they would to come by Warsaw. We
think it argues but poorly in favor of a
"' P. M.'s qualification, that when packn
' R" with full direction for town and
county, cannot go forty mile to it proper
destination, without hating to travere a
fourth part of the Slate. Come, wake up
- old fellow, and reform these tbusasi' and
' if you can't do it yourself, employ a free
born American citizen for a deputy, and
. it is possible a better state of things may
'be brought about. There, we will rest
a spell, to tee how this will work. ' 1
' Tery Sent'6e. We tee by' a corres-
pondence in a late No. of the St. Louis
Union, that F. P. Blair, Jr. , E-q. ha re
cehtly become very pugnacious, and chal
lenged the 'editor of the Union to mortal
combat. The Union man. however, teems
. disposed to look upon Mr. Blair as not
worthy of that much respect, but virtual
ly intimate that if he wishes satisfaction
-in any other way. he has only to roll up
his sleeve and help himself. We are
glad, for the credit of the crafl.lhat the ed
itor of ihe Union declined the challenge of!
Blair.i ,We were never able 1 tee how
-a man'e injured reputation could be heal
ed by a reort to this means, even though
he should blow hi adversary' braint out.
Wn hope io see this barbarous uractice
discountenanced and frowned down by
publia, opinion, a a custom which should
find no favor in the present enlightened
age of the world.
" UThe attention of parent and guar
dian in town and it vicinity, is referred
to the card of Mis Bush.. She is spoken
of by those who have heretofore patroni
sed her, a being a competent instructress
tri the several branches in which the ha
heretofore taught. ' '.
TJht attention of our merchants and
.other shipper, is referred to the card ef
Messrs. Tho. H. Larkin & Co., in ano
ther column. ' Tki firm know and doe
its duty to the printer, fc we feel perfectly
safe in warranting that those who have a
ny dealings with them, may be assured
that their interests will not be neglected.
Tht Valley Farmer. The, clever pub
lisher of (hi interesting agricultural
monthly have sent u, unintentionally, no
doubt, a second copy of the January No.,
instead of the second or February No.
As w wish to preserve file of the work.
we hoe they will be kind a to send u-
No. second. . , .
(J3We are under obligations to Hon.
J ohn S, Phelps, lor a copy of the Letter
from the Secretary of the Treasury, trans
mitting his annual report 'on the state of
ths finance. . ..
Improving ihe Fattar of Waters'. The
Mai o! Missouri is about to construct a
levee along the- West bank of the Missis
sippi, from New Madrid to the State line,
of Arkansas, a disrswee of fifty-four miles.
The Seminole reoiainuir in Florida are
, causing much uneasiness by enereuching
m-j wnue. ... .
- ? l .L .
The Wabash and Erie Can h Uea
rUmngea In the amount f $100,000 by
v tit recent, feodV , '!
For tht Vititor.
A discussion of the JVaure, subjects
and mode of Christian Baptism, and also,
the influence of the Holy Spirit on the
heart of man, has just terminated at Os
oeolo, between Rev. B., R. Johnson, of the
Methodist Church, and Elder W. Jones,
of the Christian Church W. P. Johnson,
W. II. Schrosiler and L. Wilks, acting as
The discussion commenced on Tuesday,
16th Jan., and ended on Saturday, 20lh--closing
as it begun, with a good feeling
pervading all who participated or look
part in the debate. Though each debatant
contended strenuously and earnestly for
their respective .positions, yet there was
not that ex cathedra spirit manifested, as
usual on such occasions no crimination
or recrimination was indulged in by either,
but a christian spirit reigned throughout
the discussion, which passed on harmoni
ously through the three first propositions
and to the fourth. Before taking up the
fourth proposition, it vas found that much
time would necessarily be lost in deter
mining the hvt issue upon which it should
be discussed, and that an honest difference
of opinion existed between the debatant in
determining this matter. It was agreed,
therefore, by all parties that this portion
be passed and the debate be brought to a
close by the Moderators, which was done
"feiix, qui potuit rerum cognoscere
Atque metus omneset inexorabile FA
TUM Subjecit pedibtisstripilutnque Acheron
tis avari!''
W. II. S.
For the Visitor.
While walking on the velvet bank,
Where many a "weeping willow"dratb
The sprinkle of the skimming oar, -.
That wound me round the rosy shore !
'Twas eve j and every petal bud,
Hung mournful o'er the sparkling flood,
A little bird of lily hue,
Before me from a blossom flew,
And swifily o'er the water's brim
1 rowed my fairy bark by him ;
For Hope had wliisper'd, ' Ileav'n has
'.' cent -
' This beauteous bird of blandishment
To guide thee where thy soul shall greet,
Thy lov'd ones at the Savior's feet."
How bleat the little guardian bird
His songs above life's ills were heard,
' To pilot to a place so sweet,
As that where friends each other greet.
One of those rich and diamond hours
May sparkle the eye of man
- But once in all his gloomy span !
W. H. S.
Oseola, Mo., Feb. 1849.
. By Telegraph for the St. Louis Union. .
nasT BESFATcir ! !
New York, Jan, 28. !
The steamship Crescent City arrived to
day from t hagre. It is reported that the
brings lour millions of gold dust from the
mine in California. Tins sum is proba
bly exaggerated. There hud been a seri
ous conflict at the mines.
second despatch. J '
The Crescent City has arrived from
Chagres. She led that port' on the 6th
inst., andbronght neither gold nor passen
gers. Mk report that there were fifty
thousand dollars in gold at Mazatlan, and
five hundred thousand dollars were known
to be on the way to Panama.
Iheschr. Mason Irom New Orleans.
was wrecked on the beach at Chaeres.
The passengers were saved.
Cap, Moduard, of theCresent City, re
port that four persons died during the pas
Len P. r.bratfh had msde arrange
ment to forward passengers to Califor
nia. .
The four millitmt gold story it a hum-
Waihihgtox, Jan. 2&
Senate. Sundry petition and memo
rial on various suljets were presented and
referred. Among them, Mr- Sturgeon
presented a petition from sundry citizens
ef Fenylvanis, praying Concres toJe?-
ilate in favor ef a reduction of the tariff
on oertain article ef import.
, Mr, Aihertonrof New Hampshire, pre
sented a petition, praying Congre ? leg
islate against Uif introduction ef ahryery
into the new territories., --
The Senate took up and passed bill
for the relief of Timothy Kerman, of Ohio-.
and without transacting further business,
adjourned uutill Monday, .
Ho us r. A fler the usual preli minarie.
the House resolved itself into committee of
the whole and took up the eoiiside ration of
bill on tne private calendar; after sou
tiaie spent therein, the committee rose and
repsitcd sixty-sis. .: bills I the House,
whioh were several) read third Mm
and passed. -
Mr. Johnson made an ineffectual effort
to introduce a bill giving to every poor
man 160 acres publio land.
mi .. .
i ne House men adjourned until to
V New Yoat, Jan. 26.
The steamer Canada, from Liverpool,
is due, having been out thirteen days, and
it momentarily expected. The steamer
United States, from Southampton, 'due sev
eral day since, has not yet arrived.
English and Irish Landholders. In
1775 there were in England 250,000 land
ed proprietors, who were reduced in 1815
to 30,000, and now they do not exceed
10,000. In Scotland there are only 3,000,
and in Ireland 6,444 land owners, so that
it may be said the 19,111 sway power o
ver 30,000,000 person.
The editor of the Stuben Courier pub
lishes his list of marriages under this head
of "Joint Resolutions." He has a deci
dedly legislative turn.
A Matter of Taste. An old man in
Stockport, aged from 90 to 100 years, has
been in the habit of Using a cofiiin as a
Dr. Franklin, in speaking of education,
says : "If a man empties his purse into
his head, no one can take his treasure from
him, .
Worms!- Worms!! Worms!! .'-The
greatest pest to mothers and children are
worms. The symptoms of their preence
in the stomach or bowels of children, are
sick stomach frequent attempts at vomit
ing a tickling sensation in the noni, that
causes them to pick it with the ringers
a pale, sickly countenance, with parox
ysms of pain in the stomach and abdomen
and sometime extreme lassitude pros
tration of the whole system, and even
death! When any of these symptoms
are observed in a child, you should loose
no time in procuring a box of Dr. J. M.
Martien's never failing Worm destroying
Medicine, and give it immediately accord
ing to the directions, and you will have
the satisfaction of seeing the happy effects
in the removal of the worms, and the re
storation of health to the child. "Where
this medicine is taken, worms cannot ex
Sold in Warsaw only by '
fTht Must Hemarkoblt Cure ever
known, waa that of IV'rs. Harriet Rowe,
pf Staunton, Ohio, in the last stage of Con
sumption, after Physicianshad pronounc
ed her INCURABLE, by the use of the
celebrated Dr. ROGERS SYRUP OF
sons afflicted w ith this heretofore incura
ble disease, are invited to get a pamphlet
Irom the agents who sell the medicine,
and peruse her o n statement of the cure
effected. See advertisement.
Sold in Warsaw, by
ERY. It was once saW "There is no
thing new under the sun." This has
been emphatically true in reference to
medicine. Hundred of Pill, Panaceas,
Expectorants and Specifics of all sort
have all been puffed into notoriety a)l
made mainly of the tame ingredient, add
ing nothing to the 'healing art.' Bat Dr.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry furnish
es a new medical1 agent a new principle
evolved' from Nature' own Depository.
It cures Asthma, Incipient Conaumptlons,
Liver ComjuYmt, and all diseases of the
diseases of the lnngs, when nothing else
will. An honorable member of the Ca
nadian Parliament, writes that it has cured
him of Asthma of ten years' standing.
A. Williams, Attorney at Law, 58 Will
iam street, N. Y., has been cured of the
same disease of 24 years' standing.
Mr. Cozzens of New Jersey, makes af
fidavit that it cured him of a supposed
Consumption after hi physicians had giv
es him up to die and so with hundreds
o( others. ' ; ' , '
0Re,iember we positively, in- no
case, putm off unreal cures a produced
by this invaluable remedy.
Be sure to Set Dr. Wistarr Balsam of
Wild Cherry there are kaitarronsf
See advertisement..
For tale by Brown & Dunn, Warsaw.
MISS S. K. BUSH begs lea ve"to Inform
the ertiaeas of Warsaw and vicinity,
that she will resume ber School on MON
UAY, r!) 5th day of March next, and re.
n-rt iVvilir knliiMtia xf !.;.
age. The school will be held in the room
formerly orcuppied Col. Ballou's corner
on M&isj street, terms as heretofore.
The Rational debt, according to the an
nual report of the Secretary of the Treas
City Ordinance.
An Ordinance for the preservation of the
health of the City.
BE it ordained by the Mayor and Covn
cilmen of the City of Waraxe,
See.l.That if AflV Demon nr hr&nna.
j f uvl-i
or co-nartnemhin. &ler ih
taking effect of this ordinance, shall, with
in me limits ot me t.ity or Warsaw,
throw intoanv street, allev.
grounds or,- public .landing, or on his or
uieir own premises, witnin said city, any
offal from slaughter houses, or any other
nuisance, and suffer the same to remain
in any such street, alley, publio ground or
public landing, for more thnn one day, af
ter being duly notified and required by the
City Constable or any other citizen either
written or oral, lo remove the same, shall
on conviction thereof, before the Mayor of
sum cny, pay n jine or live dollnrs.
2. It shall be the duty of (lie citizens
of the CilV of Warsaw, inrfiviiliii.lt,- in
have nil the rubbish, trash, and all other
article of a decaying nature, such as
would create any stench or offensive'smell
whatsoever, removed from off their prem
ises, and have or cause the samn to be ta
ken outside the city limits, and in default
thereof, after being duly notified by the
uviiukuio Ur any U1IM.T VIWZ BH, Clllier
by written or verbal notice, shall, on con
viction thereof before the Maj or of said
cily, be subject to a fine of th;ree dollars
for every 24 hours that the same shall re
mnin on or shout their premise.
3. This ordinance shnlltnkc-effect and
be in force from the cnte of its passage.
rassea r eDruarv SJth, 1843.
E. C AMERON, t'res't.
A j proved, Feb. !), 1849.
Final Settlement.
persons Interested in this estate of
of James Keele, ilec'd., late of Benton
county, are hereby notified that the Onder
sienerl will aonlv nt the next Anril form
of the County Court for said rounty, to be
negnn aim nekl on the roitrm Monday in
April next, fora fiiiitl settlement at hi H.
ministration of said estate.
T. H. L nit it.
Edmukd Baco
Cowminsion V rortcarditig
jo. 53, l.rvcr,
r?'Also Affcnts for the sale of Du-
pont' Powder. feblO
Final Settlement.
VLL persons interested in the estates of
Hezckinh l'ureuson and Susannah
Purgason,lpc'l.,late of Dade County, are
hereby notified that the undersigned will
apply at the next term of the l'robote
Court for sttid connty, to be held on the
first Monday in Mat ch next, for a final set
tlement of my administration of said es
febl0-4t-2 Adm'r.
Comer of Washington and Benton Streets,
TAKES great pleasure in announcing to
the community in general, and the tra
velling public in particular, that he has ta
ken the above commodious Sc well known
public house, and is prepared toeutertaisr
those who may give him a call, in a man
ner unsurpassed in the State, and hopes
by due attention to the comfort of his pat
rons, fo merit and receive a liberal share
of the travelling custom.
His stable is convenient and commodi
ous, and always well fille with proven
der, and attended by a fuithlul ostler.
Warsaw, Jan. 1st, 1849,
In the JJeniy Circuit Conrt, October term,
Joiik W. Fistcs,
WimD V. Nerru
NOW at this day came the plaintiff a
foresaid, by bis Attorney and proof
being made to the satisfaction or the court,
that the said defendant is a non-resident of
this State, it is therefore ordered by the
Court that publication be made in some
newspaper printed in tlift State, as the law
directs, requiring the said, defendant to ap
pear here at the next ten n of this court j
notifying said defendant (1 tat suit has been
commenced against him for the sum of
One Hundred Dollars, (5 100) with inter
est, and that unless he b and appear here
at the next term ef this court, to com
mence pn the filth Monday after the fourth
Monday in March next, and plead in or
before the third day of tlx - term, judgment
will be rendered against Idui, and His pro
perty sold to satisfy the i am.
1, Fiildimo A. PiaitiXL, Cleric of the
Henry Circuit Court, do hereby certify
that the foregoing order of publication i
true and perfect copy taken (rem the re
cord in iir office, this 4th day of January,
1S49. Tests -F
A. PlNNELL, Ol'k.
By 'V. Bssav, t),G.
ftbKMt-9 . -
THE partnership herelre existing be
tween Everett & Abury, ha been
dissolved by mutual cient. All per
sons indebted to them please call at
P. Everett's as soon as nvenlent, for a
settlement. '
February 1st, 1849. ht
ivuniA urr
GOODS cheap for Clitahd Produce--I
say nothing about lling at Cost and
carriage, but call, and yi shall have val
ue received. I make t pretensions a
boot selling at cost andeZou cost but
for the dime I make soe pretensions to
sell lower than most peoe in my line.
feb3 , EVERETT. :
WHEREAS, BenjamifUoodin and St
rati his wife, on theft day of Novem
ber, 1846, conveyed to leodore Switzler,
a certain parcel or tractf land lying and
being situated in Henr; county, State of
Missouri, to wit : the rt half of the S.
W. quarter, and the weishalt of tho S. E.
quarter of section No. 2', in Uwnship 43,
of range 24, containing! GO acis, as will
appear by reference to bok I), pigos 415
and 416, in the Rcconhr's office of the
county aforesaid, in trut, to secur Rob
ert C. Henry, or order, (tie note daf ei No
vember 1846, for $246 8f 100, one da af
ter date; and whereas, the sold note1 is
due and unpaid, and tre same has beVn
assierned to James M. Vhitff. V
Now, therefore, at thi reonest of saio
James M. White, the uidersicrned, Trus
tee, will, on the 24th dsit of February, A.
D. 1849, at the Court-louse door in the
town of Clinton, county and State afore
said, sell the above desoibed real estate
to the highest bidder at iublio auction, for
cash in hand, r.nd upon iich sale, will ex
ecute a deed .hereof t(the purchaser in
fee simple.
fcb3-4tl 'trustee.
IVcnlern Junmal,
Of Agriculture, .Umvjticturts. Mechanic
Arts, Internal Jmproienunt, Commerce,
and General LHeratu
Editors and Pnpruiors.
St. Louis Published Monthly, at
per annum in advance.
signed to embrace every ' subject cn-.
nected with Agriculture, Commerce, Ma
nufacturer, Mechsnic Aits, Mine and In
ternal Improvement. ' ;
A portion of the work will be dernted
to Statistics, which will be collected and
arranged with reference to ihe leading
subject contained in the rejefTre uniit
ber. !'''"'
The development of Ihe vasf renurc
of the Valley of the Mississippi, and thn
improvement of the intellectual mid ociul
condition of its inhabitant, w ill be con
stantly kept in view ) and the leading ar
ticle of each number will be devoted to the
advancement of these objects. In attempt
ing to illustrate and give direction to the
economy connected with ihe leading pur
suits of the country, the Editors have un
dertaken more than has been done or pro
posed by any other journal wnb whreh
they are acquainted. And it is by their
labor in thi department mainly that they
expect to make the work useful.
t'oritribution are solicited on all sub
jects properly embraced in the design of
tne work. ,
Clubi, enmnf ,ed of four or more, indi
viduals, will befurnislted with the Wes
tern journal at the rale of tj.2 50 per an
num. Owing to the enlargement of the work
si i numbers will hereafter cnnKiitule a
volume, and a general index will be made
out to accompany the 6lh and I2t num
bers. ,
County or Hcnat. -
JVovember Term, A. D.
Joint J. Oriasteab,
tion for Di
Emily RGmnsttA
ON the 1st day of November, . r. 184S,
the said complainant filed in the Clerks
office of the Henry Circuit Court, Peti
tion for a Divorce, alledging that hi wife,
the said Emily R.Grinstcad. about the 1st
day of November, 1815, wilfully left his
bed, board and house, and abandoned mt
wilfully deserted & absented herself front
the said Petitioner, without a reasonable
cause, for two years and more, which facts
so allcdged have been duly sworn to ac
cording to law, and also that the sard Pe
titioner ha filed an affidavit (howing Hint
said Emily R, Grinstead is not a resident
of this State.
Therefore It Is ordered that the said Env
ly R. Grinstead be notified that unless she
be and appear before the Honorable Judge
of our Henry Crreirft Court, at the Court
House in the town ef Clinton, in Henry
count yj on the first day of the next term of
oirr said Court, whicTi will be begun and
held on the third Monday after the fourth
Monday in March next, and within the
first six days of said term, if the term so
long continue, and if not, then before the
end of the term, plead, demur, or answer
to said petition, the same will be taken as
confessed, and a decree entered according
tothe prayer of said Petitioner. '
And it is further ordered that a copy of
this order be published in some news pa
per printed In this Stat for eight weeks
successively, the Jasl publication thereof,
to be at least four weeks before the com
mencement of our said next term.
F. A. PINNELL, Cl'k.
CMOKINO TOBACCO, Pipes ft match
i) es, for sale sit the Drug Store by
'atayiW BROWN ft DUNK,
Administrator s Notice.
NOTICE is hereby (rlvefl that the under
Signed has obtained from the Clerk of'
the Benton County couYtj Letters of Ad
ministration on the estate of Jacob'
Failer, dee'd., hearing date the 27th day
of JanUafy, 1849.
All persons having claims against said
estate are required to exhibit the same for
allowance to the. undersigned within one
year from this date, or they may be preclu
ded from having any benefit of said estate,
and if such claims are not presented with
in three years, they will be forever barred.
-- GEORGE RANK, adm'r.
feb3-3t-l . . . -
Final Settlement w
VOTICE is hereby given to all ertoti
It interested, thiit the .undersigned, Ad
ministrators of the estate of William J. J.
Ay res, dee'd., will apply at the next term
of the Benton County Court, to be held oti
the fourth Monday in April tlext, for a fi
nal settlement of their adminiirtratlon of
said estate. , . , i , r . -j
jAs. m. white, ..-
. L. P. AY ItES, ,, ,
feb3-4t-l ' ,adm'rs
M,it tff letter i.
REMAINING in the Post Office in War
saw, Mo. on the 1st day of Jan., 1849.
A-B .. -..:
Alexander Tho H
Brown B T
Bannon John
Berry Fngel
Gates RS2
Acock Mr E A.
Bell Nelson
Bower Theo .
Bridges Elisha ,
C '
Calfee J W ' ,
Carrico J Q ..,;;
Catifioh Ja
Cutler A - - '.
Crawly Mary (eol'd
Donnell Wm R
Dentn.in Ths "2
Davidson Aim
Clancy Coriieliu
CVrysup Fbitcher
Ca Vin
Coals Tho 5 o
DiPl;eron S C
Dent Henry
Driskill Thos
Davi Win
Dixon Cm W
Flurrv Henrr
Emerson B H
Fristoe M.-iry 'Aim
Frazier John
Gum Lucy Ann -
Harm Harm
Howard V (n
Henebrrg J C
Field Eindry'2
tiray Sydney Mr
(aiboney AUx
Holland W S Dr.
Hill DDr
Hicknn.n J M "
Husbands Annmrs HnlUnd Ki-.-hd
HnirmHn Msrv A HolbfM J B
Henderson J I)
.Tannsry Jss E 3
Jackman Tho -
Jackort W P
Montgomery Henry Mriiu.M
MUrphv J- . Mimrt Sulut
Mariin'H V
N-P-ft '
Nibe Sfarth ' ' Peak J
RicliHrdson Jhs A 1 "
Sclunith Chrislish rnifh W P 2
Shull Heiyry
Thiiriiiau Elisha
Wintnn Ja
WilUrd Martin
Warren Ja F
Wenvef ''ami
Willard Jolmsotl
Welch Henry
j.-.nl3-?5L '
Wonderful! Ext.-aor:litjar) !! &.
pONSCMPTICN e be Cvnri. .'-And
L we defy tfce whole world to produ
such strnnjr and undoubted tf timor-y from
men of such high standing as we have, in
AND TAR, in curing consumption, and
breaking up the most distreing Cough is
a few hours time. ' j,
V ' f, ; w ' '
t i "i v i ,,
Consumptives, Despair not t her is Hop,
even for tht. Dying! '
Thi is to certify that si mr time sins,
I Mas taken with a pain in my side an
breaxt ; I called iu the aid of several pay
sicians, but they failed to givo u any re'
lief, and for the space of one year I jfreW
rapidly worse. In addition to this, f war
attacked with a violent tough ; although
an excellent physicion lived iu the same'
boue, and ued the erreatet exertion, and
paid the srrie;e.t attention, it baffled alK
bis ki.'l-to others w ere railed in. one'
of which was an vged and kilUul physi
cian, but all their cfl'nits proved alike uu-
availing. At last, a physician who was
alteudiiiK a cam meeting in the neighbor-'
hood, enmc to see me, ond declarert that t
could not Instuioro than one day longer ;:
also, all the vast number who earns) to see
me, believed that a few days at most rhrtifJ
end my earthly career. My friends areiirf,
row called iu to see me die! But my brov
iher, at this crisis, (hearing of tuejutdfcj-;
ishing cures performed by J!r Bvgers'
Compound Syiupof Liverwort and Tar A
went to Chillicothe and back, a distance '
of sixty miles, in thirteen honrs,-to gtt
seme of the above medicine t f fOmmnw'
'eed larking it, and stranire to feH;-bfor It
had used half a bottle, the eongh was en
tii ely cure I j from this time I recovered1
rnpidfy, and when I bad used two bottles,.
I was able to assume my family evocation
as usual. I am fully satisfied that if if
had not been for this excellent medicine,
I would now be in my crave, and must. In
justice, say that I truly return my sincere'
insiiKs io me inventor oi tnis priceltsa
medicine, snd would recommend all per
son afflicted with diseased lunirs. to rivs
it a trial. ' , ' '
. , v - HARRIET ROWE.'
StMiton, Feb. 7, 1846.
Wej the undersigned, do certify that rnr
aeteountof Mrs, Rowe is eorrecj, Wb
insr personally acquainted with all tlWelr
euDMtance. ,; , , . . ,
R. P. Johhsow, P. E. M-n'i'twsv
Thjs. Caio, Jo. Eviirw 7
Sold by Brown ft Dunn,
Dr. Hutchison, Boom
1 Huston A Basenm,'Lj
uraer may be adtiressed w ' 1
S. 1L A K LIY ft. Cfet C Ve$

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