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I Consulied'Several Physicians, but
they Did Me No Good. Pe-ru-na
and Man-a-lin Helped Me."
1 4M
Mrs. Aline DePasse, 770 E. 165th St.,
New York, N. Y., writes:
"It gives me pleasure to testify to the
curative qualities of Poruña aud Mana
lin. "I was aCQicted for over seven years with
catarrh of the bead, throat and digest
ive organs. I consulted many physicians,
but they did me no good.
"One day I happened to read some tes
timonials in your Peruna almanac. 1
decided to try Peruna and Manalin. I
bought a bottle of each, and after taking
them for a week I noticed a change for
the better. Bo I kept it up, and after
using twelve bottles l was perfectly
"I also gave the medicine to my chil
dren and they had the same beneficial
result. I would never be without these
remedies in the house.
"I highly recommend Peruna atd
Manalin to all my friends, and in fact
to everybody."
Miss Mildred Grey, 110 Weimar St,
Appleton, Wis., writes:
"It gives me pleasure to recommend
Peruna for catarrh of the stomach. , 1
had this disease for a number of years,
and could not enjoy a mouthful of food
that I ate. It was indeed a great relie!
when I hit upon Peruna, and obtained
decided results from the first. I took sis
bottles before I felt eutirely cured of mj
trouble, but I had an aggravated case."
Pure White Lead
is the Natural
Paint Pigment
are being
offered to take
the place of
white lead as
a paint, but no
real substitute
for it has yet
been found.
Pure White
Lead has a'
property of
with the wood
upon which it is used added to this
it has an elasticity which permits the
paint to follow the natural expansion
and contraction of the wood. Pure
White Lead (with its full natural te
nacity and elasticity, unimpaired by
adulterants), alone fulfills all the re
quirements of the ideal paint. Every
keg which bears the Dutch Boy trade
mark is positively guaranteed to be ab
solutely Pure
White Lead
made by the Old
Dutch Process.
All Uod packed fa
txa bean thtt mark.
"A Talk on Paint,"
gives valuable infor
mation on the paint
object. Bent tree
upon request.
in whichever of the folio
ing eitiet il neareet you t
Sew York, Boston, .Buffalo, Cleveland,
Cincinnati, Chicago, 8t. Louie, Phila
delphia (John T, Lewie t Broa. Co. I Pitt
borgh (National Lead A Oil Co.
Corned Beef
ia a mild cured and perfectly
cooked corned Beef, and carefully
packed ia Libby'a Great White
Kitchena. It is prepared aa care
fully aa you would make it in
your own kitchen.
It has the characteristics and
delicioua flavor oí the right kind
of corned beef.
For Quick Serving-.-LIbby't Corned
Beet, cut into thin slices, arranfed on a
platter and garnished with Libby'i Chow
lnow mas.es a tempt
ing dish for luncheon,
dinner or supper.
Ask year freeer far
Llbkj'a aa laelat
pea caula Llabj'a
Llbby, McNeill i
Llbby. Chicago
Their Efforts Should Be Put Forth to
Keep the Dollars In the Horns
Town Protecting Busi
ness Interests.
During the past few years there has
been more than ordinary activity In
the organization of so-called commer
cial clubs, business men's leagues and
similar associations in the agricultural
sections of the country. Some had
mushroom growth, and like some flow
ers, bloomed and blossomed, withered
and decayed in an hour. Others strug
gled along indifferently and succeeded
in spending much of the people's
money without assisting the town to
greatness, while a very few succeeded
in doing things that were of benefit
to the community.
There Is little use In trying to make
a suit of clothes for a man out of a
pattern of cloth that has only suffi
cient goods for a child's suit. There
is little use in trying to build up a
great town In a locality where there is
not the material to sustain it, and
where there are only resources for the
support of a hamlet Towns of Im
portance exist only where there are
certain natural advantages, resources
that can be utilized In manufacturing,
territory sufficiently large to command
extensive trade, or some other favor
able condition. In the west manufac
turing must by the economy of things
be confined to such lines as can be
advantageously produced. In manufac
turing there are many factors. There
must be considered the cost of fuel,
the raw material, the labor and highly
Important are the transportation facil
ities. One of the noticeable things about
commercial clubs is the optimistic
tendencies of their members. Business
men of a strictly agricultural town will
form an association. Perhaps the
leaders are interested in the real es
tate business. They want the town to
boom. Some of them may have a few
acres of land worthless unless for a
"factory" site. Meetings are held,
plans are made for the bringing in of
some manufacturing plant that per
haps may 'give employment to half a
dozen or a dozen hands. Correspond'
ence Í3 started with a view of getting
some outsider interested. The right
man, apparently, makes his appear
ance. He wants a bonus of a few
thousand dollars. His proposition is
seriously considered. The subscription
paper is passed around, the amount
secured, and the real estate man sells
his "factory" site at a good price. The
factory Is started. It runs about a
year and there i3 a vacant factory
building for rent, or for sale. How
many towns in the southwest have had
this experience?
Even had the enterprise been a sue
cess, it remains that there is a field
more productive of good for the town
that the "club" overlooked. Say that a
factory be started in a small town. It
may give employment to a dozen men,
The pay roll amonts to $30 a day. The
output of the concern may reach a
total of from $25,000 to $35,000 a year.
"Every little helps," and all other
things in harmony this adds to the
Importance of the place. But let us
do a little "estimating." Suppose that
there is about the town a territory of
150 square miles. Suppose that each
square mile represents four families
farmers' families. This would make
600 families who should do their trad
ing in the town. The reports of the
bureau of statistics of the United
States department of labor and com
merce, assures us that the average ex
penditure of the farmer each year for
all the supplies he requires in the way
of agricultural machinery, carriages,
wagons, clothing, and food, is $627.
Careful estimates of the amount of the:
farmers' trade that goes to tho mall-
order house and Is in other ways di
verted from his home town, shows that
It is more than 25 per cent, of all he
spends. Thus we find that from the
territory of the town there is annually
diverted in trade the nice sum of more
than $79,000. This amount goes from
the town, ceases to be a factor In its
upbuilding. If means that every day
the town loses about $132 in trade.
Now would it not be much better if
the commercial club took up the mat
ter of devising means of protecting the
business interests of the enterprises in
the mercantile lines already estab
lished, than to bring in a new enter
prise of uncertain success?
It is evident that there Is a wide
field for commercial club effort in the
keeping in the town the dollars that
are earned and devising means of pro
tecting trade.
Relationship of Residents of Rural
Communities to the Home Town.
"Live and let live," is a policy that
has come down through the ages and
is an expression of the Golden Rule
only in different words. There is in
born in man a desire for self-preservation.
It is a law of life, and to thi3
desire can be attributed that which is
considered selfishness within us. Sav
age man has little regard for the
rights and properties of others. He
lacks the sense of equity and justice
and Is guided solely by the brutal in
stincts. Intelligent man realizes that
all his fellow creatures are entitled
to the same rights he would enjoy
himself. Therefore where the Chris
tian spirit is found, there can be look
ed for such equity as gives all an
equal chance to gain a livelihood and
to enjoy the products of their labor.
There should be the greatest har
mony among the citizens of every
community. The Interest of all the
classes comprising a city or a district
should be considered Identical, It has
been noted that the most prosperous
towns have been built up by har
monious and united effort of all the
people composing it. In these days
Wien there are evils to combat, when
oppressive trusts exist that are fac
tors in unequal distribution of wealth,
it is all Important that the masses in
each and every community unite and
work in harmony for the protection
and betterment of local conditions. It
it to be regretted that in many agri
cultural communities there is a lack
of harmony between what is called
the business interests and the produc
ers of crops. Different reasons may
be advanced for this condition, but the
most common cause is a misunder
standing on the part of the citizens
as to the relationhip that should ex
ist between them. It is wrong for
the teachings that go forth that the
farmers' interests are different from
those of the merchant, or that the
merchants' interests differ from
farmers' of the community. It:
is also an erroneous Idea that the
town is alone for the townspeople
and the country districts for the farm
er. Is it not true that the merchant;
is dependent upon the farmer for hia
support? And it is equally true that;
the town is an important thing to the,
farmer. It is a convenience to him
and he Is as deeply interested in all
that pertains to it, to its advancement
and the betterment of its public insti
tutions, its streets, its parks and all,1
as are the people who reside within
the town. The merchants should real-'
Ize how important the farmer is to
them, and the farmer should be
brought to a realization that the town
is for him as well as for those who re
side within its limits, and, that the
less antagonism between the resi
dents on the farms and the residents
of the town the better it will be for
the whole community. There is a
unity of Interests that cannot be
ignored, and there is a common field
herein all can work for mutual benefit.
Government Investigating the Opera
tors of Bucket Shops That Do
Business Through the Malls.
In times of prosperity there are al
ways chances for the grafter. During
the past ten years has been the era
of the get-rich-quick man. No sooner
docs one scheme play out than an
other takes its place. Thanks to the
ever diligent postal inspectors, and an
unrelenting government, the schemers
are not so plentiful as a few years ago.
For some years a number of supposed
legitimate grain and stock brokers
thrived in both eastern and western
cities. These were active in soliciting
through the mails, and through local
offices the business of small Investors.
The millions of money gained from
the unsuspecting people will never be
known. In New York, Chicago, St.
Louis and other cities large and ex
pensively conducted offices were main
tained. Once the government got on
the right trail, there were irregulari
ties discovered that resultecHn fraud
orders being Issued against a number
uojule rains 21 as.
of the concerns. The end Is not yet,
and the work of extermination will be
kept up till there is none in operation.
Buying stocks in a fair market is a
risky business, but when there are
schemers to stack the cards against
the investor, there is not a ghost of a
show. Many a bank clerk and busi
ness man can trace his downfall to
speculating in the bucket shops.
Trade Is the life of the agricultural
town. Any system that diverts this
trade is injurious U the community.;
Here lies the evils of the mail order
system. By drawing the trade from
the towns, the principal support goes,
and with Its going disappears the em
ployment for the people, the school
system, and the churches and all the
advantages that the town affords to
the people of the community. Not
alone this but home markets are de
stroyed and the farmer finds the value
of his land reduced. Have the impor
tance of home trading and home sup
port instilled into the minds of the
farmers in 'general, and there will be
a rapid falling oft of the Catalogue
house patronage.
Tht Untold Agonies of Neglected Kid
ney Troubles.
Mrs. James French, 65 Weir Street,
Taunton, Mass., says: "When I began
using Doan's Kid
ney Pills I was so
run down and mis
erable that I could
hardly endure it.
Terrible pains in
the back attacked
me frequently and
the kidney secre
tions were much
disordered. I Vas a
nervous wreck and
there seemed no hope. Doan's Kid
ney Pills brought my first relief and
six boxes have so thoroughly cured
and regulated my kidneys that there
has been no return of my old trouble."
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box
Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
The Breakers to Remain Closed.
Word comes from abroad that Mrs.
Vandrbilt is to take a large estate
near London, and that the Breakers
will not be open this season in New
port This will be the second summer that
this magnificent estate has been
closed, and it means a social as well
as financial loss to the place.
To the gossips of the smart set it
means that something attractive is
keeping Mrs. Vanderbllt and her
daughter on the other side of the At
lantic something that draws like a
No longer is Robert Goelet's name
heard in connection with the hand
of Miss Vanderbllt, and we are at our
wit's end to know Just who the lucky
Johnny is. New York American.
New in Wall Paper.
A new design in fancy wall paper
patterns comes from Kansas City;
also a way to utilize cancelled checks.
A firm has had all its offices papered
with old checks, placed neatly edge
to edge. The face figures of the
checks vary from $30,000 to $1,000,
and the total for one room is $8,000,
000. As a gilt moulding run3 around
the edges of each check-panel, the
general effect is rather pleasing.
Buildings for Canal Workers.
The federal government has put up
four buildings on the canal zone and
put them in charge of the Young
Men's .Christian association. They
will be used as men's clubs for the
workmen on the Panama canal. Four
other similar buildings are to go up in
the near future.
Positively cured by
these Little Pills.
They also relieve Dis
tress from Dyspepsia, In
digestion and Too Hearty
Eating. A perfect rem.
edy for Dizziness, Nau
sea, Drowsiness, Bad
Taste in the Mouth, Coat
ed Tongue, Fain in the
They regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
How the Village Progressed.
"Well, well!" exclaimed the man
who had wandered back to the village.
"So the Eagle house is still the Eagle
house? No change after twenty
"There hev been a few changes, as
serted the oldest inhabitant with some
ascerbity. "Since you've been gone the
hotel hez been respectively the Grand
Union, the Grand Central, the Grand
Junction, the Great Northern, the
Great Southern, the Imperial, the Re
gal, the Empire, the Monarch, the
Prince of Wales, the Regent, an' a few
other royalties which I dlsrecollect,
the Mansion house six times an' the
Eagle house seven, the latter happenin'
to be its proud patronymic at present
wrltln'. Plunkville, my traveled friend,
hain't so all-fired behind the times ez
you seem to imagine. Washington
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
Ff! r3rs ' convince any
Ullll j woman that pax
F 13 IS tine Antiseptic will
b Á IIa If improve her health
H 11 lai Vm and do all we claim
H Ul3a3 for it, We will
send her absolutely free a large trial
box of Faxtine with book of lnstruo
tions and genuine testimonials. Send
your name aud address on a postal card.
fectlons, such as nasal catarrh, pelvlo
catarrh and inflammation caused by femi
nine ills; sore eyes, sore throat and
mouth, by direct local treatment Its cur
ative power over these troubles is extra
ordinary and gives Immediate relief.
Thousands of women are using and reo
ommending it every day. 60 cents at
druggists or by mail. Remember, however,
THE 14. PAXTON CO., Boston, Has.
E cleanses
and heals
At very small expense you can cure
your work horses' sore shoulders, sore necki
or tore backs and not lose a single day'i
work. Security Gall Salva mil do it,
and after the first application he will be
out of pain. This is also good policy,
for he will surely do more work without
running down. If your stock gets cut
from barb wire, or anythin.tr else, be sure
and use Security Antiseptic Healer. It will
cure a cut very quickly. Dealers everywhere.
Security Remedy Co., Minneapolis, Minn.
The Public Printing Evil.
Washington. There are stored in
the basement of the capítol, in the old
government printing office, in the
Baltby building, in the old car barns
and in two rented warehouses more
than 9,500 tons of documents and re
portsenough to fill freight train more
than three miles long, according to
Victor L. Rickett, secretary of the
printing investigation commission ap
pointed two "years ago. In addition to
its own storage capacity, the govern
ment Is paying $18,500 a year In rent
als. A large proportion of these docu
ments are obsolete.
The joint committee on printing cut
off this year nearly a million volumes
of the congressional printing alone,
and in this the committee only touched
the waste which was piling up in the
warehouses to rot. It cost the govern
ment millions of dollars for labor and
material to no useful purpose. New
York World.
Denver Directory
Vnnilft D1DDOTC NOW IN. All other kinds ol
lUUnU rAnnUlO birds sml gold fish. Thehlnip.
son Swil a Moral Co., 1551 Ch mpa St .Denver, Colo.
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er. Guns. Athletic Supplies, Tackle. The
Whitney Sporting- (joodg Co., 505 17th ht.,
Opp. Denver Club.
The Acme Quality Line. 1520 Blake St..,
Hate and Window Glass, 1520 Blake Kt.,
RMll I Dnk' dealers In all kinds of mor
nuil I, LUUñ chandlse. Mammoth catalog
mailed free. Coiner 16th and Blake, Denver.
CTntC REPAIRS of every known miki
' w " of stove, furnn.ee or ranee. Geo. A.
Tullen. 1331 Lawrence. Denver. 1'hone 725.
Ask your dealer for them. Take no other.
European Flan. $1.50 and ITpward.
Best $2 a day hotel in the West. American
Factory 1801-0 Market St Denver.
Harness in every style. Saddles nf every de
scription. Ask your dealer for "the Smooth
est Line In the West."
V block from Union Depot.
Fire-proof, Modern, Euro
pean Plan, Popular Prices.
Words and muslo sent FREE on re
ceipt of your name and address with
name of one or more persons thinking
of buying a Piano, Organ or Talking
513-521 Sixteenth St., Denver, Colo.
The Tailoring business, properly bandied. 1 one of the
most proAtable man can enter Into, and he need know
nothing whatever of making clothes nor of materials-
and very little capitalls required.
Any man living in this town who has 1900.00 In cash, or
backing to that extent, who will write us, we will show
him how he can start in business for himself and make
money from the start. We do not want one cent of
money. Simply send us your name and address, mention
the name of this paper, and we will send you full par
ticulars absolutely free. Here Is an opportunity that
oniy comes to one man in a town. Address at once
.1. SOI.OMOW z CO.. Reliable Merchant
Tailors, . Ma, dito a ML., Chicago, AU
Wü i
. E. 13 IDLING AME & CO.,
ASSAY OFFICE m laboratory
Established in Colorado, 1866. Samples by mail or
express will receive prompt and careful attention
Gold &SUver Bullion 'fiütS?"
Concentration Tests-100 1&&T
1736-1738 Lawrence St.. Denver. Cola-
which enlists for four years young men of
good character and sound physical con
dition Detween the ages of 17 and 25 as
apprentice seamen; opportunities for ad
vancement: pay (IS to 170 a month. Elec
tricians, machinists, blacksmiths, copper
smiths, yeomen (clerks), carpenters, shlp
fltters. firemen, musicians, cooks, etc., en
listed In special ratings with suitable pay.
hospital apprentices 18 to 28 years. Re
tirement on three-fourths pay and allow
ances after 30 years' service; applicants
must be American citizens; $45 worth of
clothing free to recruits. Upon discharge
travel allowance 4 cents per mile to place
of enlistment. Bonus four months pay
and $1.36 per month Increase In pay
upon re-enllstment within four months
of discharge; $5 per month Increase on
second enlistment. $3 per month Increase
each succeeding enlistment, whether ser
vice Is continuous or not.
tt. s. NA''V Ri;rvr''''(l sttiovs:
Koom t. Pioneer Building, Denver, Colo.
Konm 53. Bank Bide.. Colo. Hpgs.. Colo.
t vtiiv
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