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The -Spanish American
NO. 23
A Good Base Ball Game and Other
Amusements. Closing the Day
With A Grand Ball.
Ball In Honor of Miss Cane.
Last Friday evening at Bushke-
vitz Hall a dance complimentary to
Miss Beulah Cane, of Colmor, was giv
en by L. E. Aldredge and Roy Wood.
About fifteen couples were present and
themujic furnished by Messers Hanson
Krause and Stanton together with the
smooth floor made the evenintr pass
all too quickly although the weather
was slightly warm for dancing.
The guests departed for their homes
at a late hour, after expressing then
Horse Stealing and a Genuine Old-
Fashioned "Hold Up" Takes
Place in Roy.
ta í n ai
.,, ,. ii ti , regretting mat miss ane s stay win
me iiroinmii win uunsist in mi uie , . ,
1...... .1 A ! 1 i vi aw rt.twi w w v.ii.v .
latest uuiices mini American uuu
Spanish, and .everybody should be
able to tip the "light fantastic" to Homeward Bound.
their heart's content. The excursion train passed here
In the afternoon there will be a ball on jts return from ei paso Texas,
irame netween me nome team aim suiue Monday evening about 7:30. caminí
Our little town is composed of a
class of law-abiding peaceful citizens,
and are known far and wide for their
hospitality and courteous treatment
But there seems to be
The committee have decided to give
another grand ball in the new Bush
kevitz hall, on Saturday evening,
July 4th, ,1908. The management has
,1.. . : 1 i
Hiuue extensive jiepttrttuuiis turn tiiunc . f ,
, .. , .,, , . . . selves as having spent one of the most 10 one allu au
who aueiiu 111 ue m an v nun- ... . ... , . ,w,.. .l, W
enjoyable evenings or me season but fio"u i'cmwua cr m
disturb the quiet of our little burg,
and if they are apprehended they will
be summarily dealt with.
Last Monday night Vm. A. Brumage
had his horse hitched in front of Roy
Bros, saloon, calculating to go home
at nine o'clock. When Mr. Brumage
started to mt his horse, lie found
good neighboring team, which gives six coaches of Dawson's jolly base horse) saduie and all gone. He had
promise 10 ue very eAc:uuK nw. w t hall fans and visitors. Dawson playea some parties ()ut looking for the ma-j
to nnisn. three interestimr iraines there last
Everybody is invited to come and weev coming out winners in two of
spend the day in Roy and enjoy them- tjlem anij leaving one with El Paso.
selves, see the ball game and other Dawson is playing the fastest ball
. ...i 11. ... i . .. ...
amusements anu witness uie gruuu 0f the southwest this year, anü are
display of fireworks in the evening. now touring the southwest through El
After which they should attend the pas0, Texas; Bisbee, Arizona; Cami-
grand ball in the hall, which promises ne!l) Mexico; Tucson and Phoenix,
to be one long to 1)3 remembered by Arizona, and other points.
those who attend.
They will play Tucumcari on the
rauder, but no trace of him has as yet
been found.
Again, on Tuesday night as Fred
Ogden was returning home from the
office between 10 and 11 o'clock hewa
met at the railroad crossing by two
highwaymen who commanded hiin to
throw up his hands. And of course.
Fred complied with the request. ' .One
of the robbers kept the gun in ÍYed's
New Field Division.
The Sixth field division of the U. S.
Land office, which now comprises tin
territories of New Mexico and Arizo
na, has been divided and a new divis-
.10th, and return home to be ready for face) whe the other relieved him of
a game
on the home diamond July
. . 1. . 1 .. . .1.
ion created to oe Known as 1 lit:
Twelfth. The new division comprises
ihe territory of New Mexico while the
Sixth is the territory of Arizona.
Captain F. C. Dezendorf, present chief
of special agents of the present Sixth tne hest grounds
division, has been transferrin! to team
Phoenix, Arizona, the headquarters of
the new Sixth division, and Leroy ().
Moors, present chief of special agents
of tlu Oa'tlan J, California land ottie
will come to Santa Fe as head of the
new Twelfth division. These changes
become effective July 1.
Reasons for making this change ai St. Paul,
announced by Fred Dennett, Commis- fr0m.
Base Ball Park Imprjvemets.
There has baa a some talk of having
the baseball park enclose! andS V-
lieved that if the Roy team mikes a
good showing the Fourth, the baseball
fans of the town will gladly part with
enough money to see that they have
and a good baseball
The Las Vegas Optic puts it this
way; lake a town so small that it is
a mere flyspeck on the surfac2 of the
map. .Let the town put our a winning
base ball team and instantly it grows
until you think of it in the same class
as Milwaukee where the bser grows, or
where the Swedes come
what valuable he Ijad, consisting of
something' over $ft.l)0 in money, to
bacco, bunch of keys, e'.c. The rob
bers went north on the railroad track
and Fred went home and gave the
alarm,'' got help and rel'wned to town
but no clew to the highwaymen, were
There is one thing certain if these
night marauders are caught they will
be given a taste of the law that they
will never forget.
Later Mr. Brumage's horse was
found by Tom McGrath live miles west
of town in with his horses, and the
saddle hung up in the . house. A
curious freak of nature we suppose.
There has l)23n sonu discmrage-
ment among the boys since Manager
Harmon went to Dever on account of
his health but the boys have got to
gether and will try it again.
i.ner of the General Land Office at
Washington, are that the present New
Merieo-Arizona division is entirely
too large and too hard to cover from
one office. The expense of looking
nfter the affairs connected with the
general land office will be cut down by
reason of dividing the district. The
Iim.1 increased verv materially in
i,u .livision which makes it impera- Virginia City Enterprise, writing copy
. n fr additional assistants. These one day and mining the next, a super.
..,umi w.,.uta,.v stitious subscriber once wrote and
reasons n ere nuiiuuiKu ......
of the Interior James Rudolph Gar- said he had found a spider in his pa
iti,i ,mrl met with his ainiroval fol- Ier- VV as this good
111 1 ... 4 t 1
Out Again.
Carrie Nation has been on a ram
page again, ibis time attempting to
lowed by an order to proe?ed.
City Restaurant Under New Manage
Win Wright has leased the City
Restaurant from Honeycutt & Patton
He took charge the first of the week.
Mr WrMitis au experienced man its web across his door in anticipation
..i n,u luwinpss. and with Mr. Deaton of leading a free and undisturbed ex
L UIV MUI ... - , - I
who is an experienced cook, promises istence forever after
to do his best in serving the public.
wreck some of Chicago's thirst par
lors. In on? place she ; became en
gaged in a roíigh and tuinblp! melee
with the bartender, the latter throwing
her bodily into the street', wh?re for a
.I'l.ilsi .lui niiuutu'l Ck Tio(jir! int ilia
a i i Willie nnc 1 wanr u, x icnium, nv-
Mark Twam on Advertising. oi the pr01J1.let0P of tha salootl(
When Mark Twain was editing the ti,e ,)Urilistic bartender whom she
didn't think handled her in a yent'e-
manly, christian way, and the Devil,
then resuming her journey down the
street looking for more trouble. This
is evidently Carrie's season. Other
than a few" broken chairs and the
wounding of Carrie's feelings at being
worsted, there was no damage.
Was this good or bad luck?
Twain replied to him in the "Answers
to Correspondents" column as follows:
Old Subscriber; the lmiling of a
spider in your copy of the Enterprise
was neither good or bud luck. , 1 he
spider was merely looking over 'our
pages to find out what merchant was
not advertising, so that it
Water Works Meeting
The Roy Water Works Co. held
their meeting in the new Bushkevitz
hall on Wednesday evening, June 24.
The stockholders were nearly all pres
ent. Chairman Goodman called the
meeting to order, t-.nd the stockhold
ers discussed various plans for the
operation of the Roy Water Works
System. -v
Mr. Bushkev'itz suggested a plan,
which was a very .good one. He said
that at present the' stockholders were
unable to pipe the water into town and
that all that could be done at the
present time would be to put up a
large wind mill and storage tank and
make a contract with some reliable
person who would agree to furnish the
people of the town with good . water
delivered at their houses for 20 cents
per barrel, and tuke good care of the
water works property, giving a roy
alty of 5 cents on every barrel thus
sold." The secretary of the company
to sell coupon books to people who
would use the water. Also that a
public watering trough be installed in
the center of the town, which is to be
kept filled with water for the fre- use
of all outside public who would come
heiM to trade. The , business itipii
would be taxed in proportion to their
holdings. '
Later, Win. C. Roy, the chairman, .
came up to the hall and was called on
for his views on the matter, and he
proposed a plan which was the best
one and the original one as was first
proposed. '
He is .wiiyng to pipe the water in'o ...
town, bui lie would ratlrer see two
good men in full charge of the who
system and do it up in proper style.
He wants to buy up all of the small
stockholders and have full control of
the whole works. The matter was left
on the table for further consideration
of the stockholders, which will ba fi
nally decided at lbs next regular
meeting next week.
Broken at Last.
The drought at last has been brok?n
by a heavy rain on Thursday night,
which lasted about two hours, during
which time an inch of water fell. This
wjll .put the crops in excellent condi
tion, and will, mature crops which
.were in the ground.
Indicalions are that we will get some
moi"3 this week." Never was it known
to the old timers t lie sfc dry during
the months of May and June. None of
these people who have been here for
the past twenty-five years remember of
ever seeing such a longlasling drought
in the months of May and June. The
sheep men claim it was one of the
worst years in the history of the
sheep raising business.
Dr. Blair Visit3 Roy.
Presiding Elder, Dr. Blair, of Albu-
t r 1 I",.. .4 ....
Messrs. Honeycutt anu 1 aiuiii u-vr
for their old home in Mangram, Okla.,
nnin Fxtetdtd hit with relatives 1
and Me. ids. '
Bring us your job wor.;.
One gray mare, about ten years old,
branded S on left hip, taken up June
15th. Owner may recover same by
paying for keeping and for this publ
cation. Emelio Gonzales,
De Have-.!.
COUld Sllln .l,!t0,HJnrlutS,m-lnv 11 ml
preached in the evening to a large
and appreciative audience. He proved
himself a great orator and logical
thinker, and his sermon was highly
enjoyed by all his hearers.
This is the Dr's. third year in the
field of New Mexico, and he expresses
great faith in the country.
He left Monday afternoon, for El
Pas i, T.xas.
Outing Party.
A merry crowd went to the canyons
last Sunday to spend the day; and
they sure did have a good time.
Those that wtnt were; Mr. and Mrs.
E. F, Ivey..Mr and Mrs. J. Floersheim,
Mrs Titterington, Misses Myrtle Tin
dall and Hilda Floersheim, Mesrs.
Floyd Ivey. Melville Floershein, Max
Xrause and Al Hanson.
One red Jersey cow, fouryears old,
dehorned.' Halter aud rope' on when
last sen. Will give $.").()() reward for
delivery to my place, two and one hulf
miles northeast of Rov.
'W. F. Gmss.

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