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Clear Tomato Perhaps the Most Popu
lar of All Gre,am of Sweet
Potato Soup a Popular
Southern Delicacy.
M PBfsak
Clear Tomato Soup. Add a pint o
water to a can of tomatoes and plací
In a saucepan. Cut Into dice one can
rot, one onion, one turnip and on
white potato; put two ounces of buttei
In the frying pan. Add the prepared
vegetables and toss about until slight
ly browned, then stir them Into thi
hot tomatoes, adding a stalk of eel
ery or a quarter of a teaspoonfui
of celery seed, and boil 45 minutes
Remove from the Are and strain. Sea
son with a teaspoonfui of salt and a
saltspoonful of white pepper, and then
Btir in two tablespoonfuls. of butter.
Serve In bouillon cups with toasted
Creole Vegetable Soup. Wash and
cut Into thin slices half a dozen good
ilzed okras. Place them In a saucepan
with a pint of stewed tomatoes and
one thinly sliced onion. Cover the
vhole with two quarts of cold water
ilnd simmer for two hours. Add two
teaspoonfuls of salt, a saltspoonful of
pepper, and .two tablespoonfuls of but
ter. When the butter Is dissolved stir
in a tablespoonful of mushroom
catsup and one tablespoonful of
chopped green sweet pickles. Serve
with triangles of toasted bread.
Puree of Lima Beans. Cook one
can of lima beans in a pint of
salted water, adding a tablespoon of
grated onion, a bay leaf, a blade ct
mace, and three whole cloves. When
reduced to . a .pulp press through a
fine sieve. Return to the fire and stir
n two coffee cupfuls of milk and sea
son with half a spoonful of salt and
dash of cayenne. Thicken with one
tablespoon of butter and one of flour
rubbed to a paste, letting it just roacb
the boiling point, to cook the tour.
Serve at once with tiny crescents ot
. fried bread.
Cream of Sweet Potato Soup Th's
southern delicacy Is made by peeling
four sweet potatoes, covering with
boiling water, and cooking five min
utes, after which they should be
drained and the water thrown away.
Then cover them with one pint of
boiling water, adding a slice of onion,
a stalk of chopped celery, a bay leaf,
and a pinch of thyme. Cover and cook
until the potatoes are tender; then
press them through a colander. Add
one quart of milk and turn Into the
double boiler; rub together two table
spoonfuls of butter and flour; add. to
the soup and cook until smooth; sea
son with a teaspoon of salt and a dash
of cayenne and strain through a lino
sieve. Reheat and stir In two table
spoonfuls of thick cream.
To Clean Lettuce.
When cleaning lettuce one often
finds that each leaf is covered with a
lot of tiny green bugs which it seems
impossible to remove. It Is a great
time saver to wash the lettuce in cold
water first to remove it of dirt,- and
then take water as hot as you can
bear the hands in and place each leaf
of lettuce in the water and shake it
around in the water several time's.
You will find that the bug3 will loosen
their hold on the lettuce and will re
main in the water. If the watter.be:
comes cool add somemo"re hot water,
as the hot water is a great deal more
effective than cold. After the bugs are
all off the lettuce replace it in cold wa
ter for a short time to renew the crisp-ness.
To Serve Tomatoes.
Take small yellow tomatoes, remove
skins carefully, put them" in the ice
chest to get cold without freezing.
Make a bed of crisp, white leaves of
lettuce and arrange tomatoes in uni
form order on this; over all sprinkle
a little parsley chopped fine. Serva
with French- dressing
Save the Babies.
SNFMT MORTALITY is something frightful. We can hardly realize that of.
all the children born in civilized countries, twentytwo per cent., or nearly
. one-quarter, die before they reach one year; thirtyseven per cent., or more
than one-third, before they are five, and one-half before they are fifteen!
"We do not hesitate to say that a timely uso of Oastoria would save a ma-i
jority of these precious lives. Neither do wo hesitate to say that many of these
infantile deaths are occasioned by the uso of narcotic preparations. Drops, tinctures
and soothing syrups sold for children's complaints contain more or less opium, or
morphine. They are, in considerable quantities, deadly poisons. In any quantity
they stupefy, retard circulation and lead to congestions, sickness, death. Castoria
operates exactly the revérse, but you must see that it bears the signature of
Chas. H. Fletcher. Castoria causes the blood to circulate properly, opens the
pores of the skin and allays fever.
Letters from Prominent Physicians
addressed to Chas. II. Fletcher.
25 u
It! ,;
similalingihcFoc(iani!Rct!u1i tmgüieSiomchsaiidBowéíí
Promotes DigcslionJCfeccrfuI
ness and Rest.Contains lieiite
Ophmi.Morphiae nor Mineral.
Not Narco tic.
fímpkm Seed"
Pqwtmml -J'iL'íiíiUM'a
- H fcm Serd-
Apcrfact Remedy fovConsflpaJ
lion, Sour Stouiach.Diarrlioca
Worms,Coiwulsioiis,Fevcris!i- i
TatEHtc 'Signature of
' Dr. A. F. Peeler, of St Louis, Mo., Bays: "I have prescribed your Castoria
ia many case3 and liave always found it an efficient and speedy remedy."
Dr. B. Down, of Philadelphia, Pa., says: "I have prescribed your Cas-
toria in my practico for many years with great satisfaction to myself and
ibeneüt to my patients."
Dr. Edward rarrish, cf Erookl;m, N. Y., says: "I have used your Cas
toria in my own household with good results, and have advised several
patients to uso it for its mild laxative effect and freedom from harm."
Dr. J. B. Elliott, cf i:cw York City, says: "Having during the past six
years proscribed your Castoria for infantile stomach disorders, I most
heartily commend li3 c:a. Tho formula contains nothing deleterious
to tho ñbsTUcncato cf children." -
Er. C. C. Erracuo, cf Omaha, Neb., says: 'Tour Castoria is an Ideal
medicino for children, and I frequently prescribo it. "While I do not rtdve-
'cata the indiscriminato uso cf 'proprietary medicines, yet Castoria is ax
exception for conditions which arloo ia tho care of children."
Er. J. A. Tarhcr, cf Tlzzzzi City, Ho., says: "Your C-storia holds tha
esteem c tho ncdlccJ rrcfc:;ica ia a manner held by no other proprie
tary preparation. II in a euro end rcllablo medicine for infants and chil
dren. In fact, it in tho universal household remedy for Infantile ailments."
Dr. II. F. ITcrr"!, cf Augusta, lie., says: "Castoria is one of the very,
finest and most rcmarhable remedies for infants and children. In m
opinion your Castoria hza saved thousands from an early grave. I can
furnish hundreds of testimonials from thi3 locality a3 to its efficiency
and merits."
Dr. Norman M. Gecr, cf Cleveland, Ohio, says: "During the last twelva
years I have frequently recommended your ,Castoria a3 ono of the best
preparations of tho hind, Icing safo in the hands of rarcnt3 and very ef
fectlvo la relieving children's ilscrdcrs, whllo tho czzts with which such
a pleasant preparation can be administered is a great advantage."
Bears the Signature of
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Tlie Kind You Have Always Bough
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Rain from Ftther's Hesd.
A bright little bey of two summers
wa3 unconcernedly playing near his
father, who was labnriously occupied
with a cliQicult task which caused bia
beads of perspiration to drop from his
forehead. Presently tho lnrl ceased
his play. Locking at ht3 parent doubt
fully a moment, be ran swiftly ,to his
mother and, assuming a pained ex
pression, pcinted to his father, Baying
plaintively:- "Oo, mamma, see! Pco
papa head yainiu'."
"Why do you always read tho news
paper criticisms of tho opera so care
fully after you have attended a per
formance?" "People will be suro to ask about It,
and ono must be able to answer as
it one understood something about it,
you know."
Why He Wanted to Know.
"Auntie, were you ever married?"
"No, my child. Why do you ask
such a question?"
. ."Ma said J one day that somewhere
In the world there was some fool of
jrman that the homeliest woman could
get' if she wanted him."
Without labor there is .no arriving
nt rest, nor without fighting can the
victory be reached. Thomas a
I Kempis.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
rc.r-Recl.Weal;, Venry, Watery Eyes.
Murine Doesn't Smart Soothes Eye Pain.
All Druggists Sell Murine at OOets. The 48
l'f ge Rook in each Pkg. is worth Dollars
in -very home. Ask your Druggist.
Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago.
Willi. latfJJLMM
Clcanici and branlificl the hall;
Promotcl a luxuriant (rron h.
Nevor Tails to Bejtore 3ray
Hair to its Youthful CTior.
Cures Kalp disposes ft hair filing.
Mo, and l.'IUat Druggist'
Djst and Gasoline.
"I had to sell my auto, but I hf.ven't
missed it as yet."
"How's that?"
"You can get most of the sensa
tions by cleaning rugs."
Mrs. Wlnglow's Soothing Byrnp.
For children teething, aofuma the Ruma, reduce In
flamóla tluu, allays pain, cures wind collu. 20c & oottle.
Success often depends upon utiliz
ing the mistakes of others.
If yon Riiffcr, c ill or
trrlte mo itt nuce nd learn
of Bometliinz you will bo rfi'ate-
lul for the rest of your life. Rev. J. R.
Radeii, 823 Broadway, Denver, Colorado.
ANAKEStSKtYi" rntant
rellcr. IN A KIMI'l.K JUIIK.
VI at driurirtHta or t. mail.
Sample Kit UK. A'ldra,
TrlbuiM Bldtf., Hem York.
16 ource to
the prckage
other 8tarche only 13 ounces aran prIOi and
WIDOWS'"1"161, N CW U.W obtained
PENSIONS Washington, C. 0,
"ue S Thompson's Eye Water
W. N. U., DENVER, NO. 28, 1908.

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