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Convention Aftermath
Men Prominent at the Republican Gathering
James Schoolcraft Sherman of Utica, N. Y.,
nominee on the Republican ticket for vice-president,
was born October 24, 1855, in Utica, N. Y.,
vhore he still resides. He has been a member
of the national house of representatives since
1886, with the exception of one term, 1890-1892.
He was chairnian of the Republican national
congressional committee in the campaign of
190tí. He is a lawyer, banker and manufacturer
and is the business as well as the political lead
er of Utica, being president of the Utica Trust
and Deposit company.
Mr. Sherman was educated in the Utica
academy and Hamilton college, being graduated
from the latter institution in 1878. He was ad
mitted to the bar in 1880 and at once took an
active interest in political affairs. In 1SS4 he
was chosen mayor of Utica and two years later was elected to congre. s.
For years he has been regarded as the best parliamentarian in the lower
house, has been frequently mentioned as a candidate for the speakership. He
was a formidable opponent of David B. Henderson when the latter was first
elected sneaker. He has acted as chairman of the committee of the wholev
through many a turbulent battle in the house, and, according to his friends,
has shown his ability again and again to preside over the United States
He has been chairnian of two New York state conventions. In the work of
the house he has distinguished himself as chairman of the committee on In
dian affairs and as one of the most influential members of the interstate and
foreign commerce committee.
Henry F. Cochems, the Milwaukee lawyer
who placed the name of Senator La Follette be
fore the Chicago convention as a candidate for
president, did it in a speech that startled the
delegates and made a marked sensation anions
the old-time Republicans' who were not accus-
'if j"v"' j tomed to hearing the same sort of political doc-
. " inS-líaC 1 trine expounded in G. 0. P. conventions. For
Cochems is even more of a radical than the
I man he introduced, and in telling why the Wis-
r i I ..! i. i.i i, ,i ! .i l i. t i
cousin man snuuiu ue mime iie.siiieni ne iuuk
occasion to point out a good many things in the
political, and official world that he thinks need
fixing up or cutting out.
Cochems is something of an unusual figure
in politics over in Milwaukee. He was a famous
athlete in the days when he was in the state
university of Wisconsin, and made an especially notable name as a halfback
on the eleven. Then, when he went to Harvard heived up to his reputation
by smashing a few athletic records while he was at the same time complet
ing the three years law cour.se In two years.
Since he returned to practice law in Milwaukee he has been active in
politics. He was assistant district attorney for several years, and made a hct
campaign for congress two years ago, being defeated. He has always been
a stanch supporter of La Follette, and nominated him for governor in the
convention of 1898. wheu Cochems was only 23 years old,
In his nominating speech at-Chicago Cochems declared that conservatism
in political affairs had come to mean stagnation, and asserted that the re
forms which have made Theodore Roosevelt's administration notable and
popular were all advocated and strongly urged by La Follette long before
Roosevelt was made president. -
J. Frank Hanly, governor of Indiana, church
worker, temperance advocate, lodge man, poli
tieian, who placed Mr. Fairbanks' name before
the Chicago convention for the presidential
nomination, has been much in the limelight dur
ing his career.
Gov. Hanly was largely responsible several
years ago for the passage of the bill making it
an infraction of the state laws to smoke, sell
or give away a. cigarette or even to be found
with the materials for making one in one's pos
He has a record for dogged persistence-that
linrlac 111 fni- ovil.rlnoi'R Ho l thp Rnn nf a rnnn.
W&fiwK. iÍ'UmA er and was born in 1863 in Champaign county,
W&m!M$mm I".. In a log cabin.
1 1 -m ... 1 111.,. e
tie Kiiew iiiucii uuru wum uuu nuie ui
schooling, receiving his elementary education from his blind mother, and at
the age of 10 he left home, walked over into Indiana, took to the woods with
an ax and has made his own way unaided. ,
He devoted much of his spare time to reading books and studying and
eentually became a school teacher.
In 1890 he was elected to the slate senate, and in 1S94 to congress. As
a candidate for renomination, his district having been changed, he was de
feated by 52-100 of a vote, in a scene of intense excitement..
In 1898 he was a candidate for United States senator, and narrowly
missed being chosen. He presided over the Btate convention in 1900. Mr.
UunJy is a Mason and an Elk, and a member of the Methodist church.
Invalid Once, a Happy Woman Now.
Mrs. C. R. Shelton. PIpürü lit Stvcnr
Covington, Tenn., says: "Once Í
seemed n helpless In
valid, but now I en
joy the best of health.
Kidney disease
brought me down ter
ribly. R hetiraatlc
aches and pains made
every move ' painful.
The secretions were
disordered and my head ached to dis
traction. I was in a bad condition, but
medicines failed to help. I lost ground
ally until I began with Doan's Kidney
Pills. They helped me at once and
soon made mo strong and well."
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Miiburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
A Cold Lurch.
The pupils of a distinguished pro
fessor of zoology, a man well known
for his eccentricities, noted one day
two tidy parcels lying on their in
structor's desk as they passed out at
the noon hour. On their return to
the laboratory for the afternoon lec
ture they saw but one. This the pro
fessor took carefully up in his hand
as he opened his lecture.
"In the study of veitebrata wahave
taken the frog as a type. Let us now
examine the gastrocnemius muscle of
this dessected specimen."
So saying the professor untied the
string of his neat parcel and disclosed
to view a ham sandwich and a boiled
"But I have eaten my lunch." said
the learned man bewilderedly. Lip-pincott's.
In Bad Case of Eczema on Child
Disease Had Reached a Fearful
State His Order Resulted
in Complete Cure.
"When I was small I was troubled
with eczema for about three months.
It was all over my face and covered
nearly all of my head. It reached
such a state that it was just a large
scab all over, and the pain and itching
were terrible. I doctored with an able
physician for some time and was then
advised by him to use the Ciiticura
Remedies which I did and I was en
tirely cured. I have not been bothered
with it since. I used Ciiticura Soap
and Ciiticura Ointment but do not
know exactly how much was used to
complete the cure. I can safely say
that Ciiticura did a lot for me. Miss
Anabel Wilson, North Branch, .Mich.,
Oct. 20. 1907."
Just the Same.
Bacon Drug Stores la Malna are
the same as those here.
Egbert Why so?
Bacon I went in one, once, and
winked, and the clerk said, "No, but
we have something just as good."
A World Language.
If English ever becomes a world
language it will be in the judgment
of Prof. Brander Matthews simply be
cause it had to be. Why this is so, is
one of the phases of "English as a
World-Language," which Professor
Matthews writes of In the July Cen
tury. He will explain why other lan
guages have not succeeded In the
struggle forever going on for such su
premacy, and will give the reasons In
favor of English becoming a universal
The Use of Bread.
"Elmer," said the teacher to a
small pupil, "what Is the chief use of
"To spread butter and jam on," was
the prompt reply.
$23.50 to Dallas, Texas, and Return.
For the annual Elks' meeting at
Dallas, July 12th to 18th. The Colorado
& Southern will sell round trip tickets
from Denver at the above rate, good
for return within thirty days. Side
trips will also be sold from Dallas to
other points In Texas and the City of
Mexico at one fare plus' $2.00 for the
round trip. See the agent about spe
cial trains.
A girl will forgive a young man
quicker for kissing her against her
will than for not being Interested
enough to try.. '
The man who Is looking for trou
ble can usually find it by rubbing the
first man he meets the wrong way.
Denver Directory
ton take no
chance when
buying a har
neas írom us
every set war
ranted to be
as represent
ed. This dou
ble team har
ness complete
with collars
and breecli
Intfs. Concord
style. 2-Inch
traces, for
22.00. Sold
everywhere for $27.00. Send for our free cat
alogue of saddles and harness. Lowest prices
in the U. S. The Fred Mueller Saddle & Har
ness Co.. 14111-11) Larimer St.. Denver. Colo.
QTflVF REPAIRS nf everv known make
O I U I U of stove, furnace or ranire. Geo. A.
I'uMerj. 1331 Lawrence. Denver. 1'lloue 725.
European l'lnii. Sl.SO and Coward.
Truth and
appeal to the Well-Informed in every
walk of life and are essential to permanent
success and creditable standing. Accor
ingly, it is not claimed that Syrup of Figs
and Elixir of Senna is the only remedy of
known value, but one of many reasons
why it is the best of personal and family
laxatives is the fact that it cleanses,
sweetens and relieves the internal organs
on which it acts without any debilitating
after effects and without having to increase
the quantity from time to time.
It acts pleasantly and naturally and
truly as a laxative, and its component
parts are known to and approved by
physicians, as it is free from all objection
able substances. To get its beneficial
effects always purchase the genuine
' manufactured by the California Fig Syrup
' Co., only, and for sale by all leading druggists.
1042-44 I'lilit'urniii St., nenr Seventeenth.
Good used upright piano $110
Kimball used upright piano 147
Many others, $150 to 2H0
Victor and Edison Talking Machines.
CtiHli or V.nsy PnynientK.
nmvnirFmc 1IMI chemical
Established in Colorado,18G6. Samples by mailor
express will receiveprompt and careful attention
Gold & Silver Bullion Re,l0R vichase "a,ed
rvAMinC TPCTC. 100 lbs, to carload lots.
CYANlDb Italo Write for terms.
1736-1738 Lawrence St., Denver, Colo.
iSf Tih?i rs iii?ii.ll!iniltlliilTimlliR llUiiic iim J
The I.nrgent Weatern Department Store
mid Mull Order House.
40,000 People Shop here by Mail
We are pleasing others. We can
please you,
Return anything that disappoints.
Ask for our Mall Order Kulletln.
Denver, Colorado.
epei'lmen nrlrea: fluid, sliver, leau. i
sold, silver, 7ic; gold, 60c; zinc or copue.
II. I'vanlile .esis. MnllliiK envelopes and
full price lint cnt on application. Control
nv umpire work Rnlirlioil. I.emlvllle, Colo.
Reference. Carbonate National Hank.

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