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'ifiS LATEST 'SMi'
This Season the Popular Fabric Comes
In a Great Variety of Weights
Some of the Colors Most
Novelties may come and novelties
may go, but linen remains forever a
dependable and popular fabric. It
comes in a variety of weights, from
cobweb handkerchief linen to the
quality which is almost as heavy
and as warm as cheviot.
: A medium-weight linen makes the
most serviceable and comfortable
summer costume. The extremely
make a stunning three-piece suit or.
princess frock and loose coat.'
The very smartest touch on the
linen costume for midsummer is, of
course, this hand-embroidery in large,'
sprawling, extravagant patterns, done
with mercerized floss, always white,
Whatever the tint of the gown. .And
with this embroidery are used quanti-.
ties of buttons, some covered with the
plain linen, others covered with cro
cheting and still others, done in lace.
Very large buttons finish the coats,,
medium-sized buttons trim the skirt,
and tiny buttons appear on the trim-,
ming of blouse, cuffs and collar.
The tailored suits are quite fre
quently piped with a contrasting color,
and black and white striped fabric is
used with almost every tint, pale blue, '
lavender, white, gray and black.
Brown is piped with pure white or
ecru, and on nearly all the tailored
coats a vest is suggested, if only with
a piping around the inside of the collar.
Our illustration shows a combina-I
tion of raspberry linen, princess net
and white soutache, with matching
buttons,, that Is most pleasing.
The seven-gored skirt is laid ,to give
a - panel effect over plaits, and then
soutache braid and buttons, both in
white, suggest that the panels are but
toned to the plaits. They are used in
the same way to suggest that the
blouse is buttoned to the plaited side
The chemisette and cuffs are of
white princess net, and the deep-point-,
ed opening in the blouse is outlined j
by a conventional pattern done in
wash soutache.
The girdle should be made of the
raspberry linen, for a white girdle
would detract from the :wearer's
height. Thé net and braid and but
tons, all in white, give sufficient relief
from the rich hue of the linen.
Y ' t i
l'lioto by Moffett Studio, Chicago. .;
It was as a result of the persistent and hard fight of the chief executive
of New York state that' the senate passed a bill which practically prohibits
racing In that state. "Hughes was the cOunsel for the Armstrong committee
which so' successfully probed the insurance companies in 1905-1906. The
above photograph was taken, during a, recent visit to Chicago. ' '
heavy weaves do not launder so well,
and they are anything but copl.
i In color, ill white and ecru are the
most dependable for tubbing,-but this
year there are many charming- tints
for the woman who can affond.to pat
ronize a dry cleaner instead of a laun
dress. One of the smartest of the new
linen colors is, of course, Copenhagen
'blue and its "near tints," both lighter
and darker. Some beautiful rose
pinks are shown, bordering oft cerise,
and all the purplish tints like rasp
""berfy7crushed strawberry, etc. .
i In the browns a golden tint without
a suggestion of red is the coolest of
all for summer wear, but ecru Is bet
ter even than the darker tint. A
charming gray is .offered , which- is
neither péárl nor steel, but suggests a
bit. of sjlvery blue. It combines beau
tifully with white lace and is cool to
eye and touch.
: - Baby blue and lavender are bad col
ors fcr hard wear, as both show
streaks of yellow under sunlight or
tubbing. A few very stunning suits
(coats and skirts) are shown in black
linen, piped with white or black and
white and finished with white cuffs
and collars. '
.Also a little of the tea-green linen
is shown for tailored suits, but the
popular novelties of the season are
the raspberry and gray linens.
In width these linens vary from 27
tq 36 inches, and the latter cuts to
best advantage, especially for circular
Bklrts. A good quality can be. secured
for 50 cents a yard, and 15 yards will
. .
Jet Coronet' with Bands Makes Most
Effective Coiffure..
If your hair is golden brown or of
the color that lovers of "fine writing"
call "the Titian tint," which means it
is red, you may make it still more at
tractive by wearing a jet coronet with
bands of cut jet to weave in the puffs
on the back and sides. The hair must
puff out until the head resembles the
top of a rain barrel, adorned with
hoops of oakum."- A woman of "promi
nence in Vanity Fair at a party!,the
other night confided to a friend that
three yards of cut jet trimming had
been needed to produce the striking
effect achieved, in her coiffure The
hair was waved and parted and came
down low on each , side of her fore
head. Then came a wreath of puffs,
topped by the coronet of jet. Tha
came a monstrous braid of hair coiled
around the head,, and in and out was
woven the cut jet. Close to the neck
was a row of clinging ringlets, and
small jet-headed pins kept these em
bellishments in place.
luit Stage on Receiving Censure for
Squandering . Fortune and Be
came Laborer Says He
Will Return
Huge Hatpins.
Among the little details oí the Paris
lenne's toilette, a few of the novel
ties which have appeared lately are
the enormous egg-shaped hatpins, upon
which some women have their motto
set in jewels, and the sunshade
handles with heads of little animals
or birds, some of which open, to dls
close a powder puff or a bonbon piers-
Seattle, Wash! Music lovers of six
or more years ago "Well remember C.
A." Von Godin, the famous tenor, who
was the soloist with Sousa's band for
several years and later' with Schu-
'mahh-Heirik.': ills"' voice iW'as one of the!
best in this countryrand he was looked
upon .by. "critics ,a. a .coming man in
the operatic and concert "field. Then
he "disappeared dropped out of sight
completely, and. jt, was, only by an-ac-H
ciaent tnai ne was iouna in mis city a
few' days ago." , :
Van Godin is high strung,, nervous,
and sensitive to. criticsm. He had in
herited a fortune from his' father and
when be' had squandered this' and re
ceived the severest censure from his
relatives and friends . he resolved to
leave them all. v ' ' ' 'V; f"
He accordingly came west and for
the last five years has: been r. laborer
in lumber camps, at sawmills, fish
canneries, and only recently he worked
in a shingle mill at Ballard. -
One night he was . persuaded to sing
at a local church, some of his fellow
workers being church members., ..,Von
Godlu tang "Dream. City, a song
which he made famous in the old days.
A few days later he was struck on
the head by a flying timber and was
taken to the hospital. On rccoverln
consciousness he was seized with a
dísie to enter the old life. When he
leaves the hospital he says that he ','
will go to work on his voice, and as
he knows he is stronger, and fetter'.
suited for the life than before., he Is
determined to seek the first opportuni
ty to appear on (he stage.,;." ;
Von Godin was bc?rn in Sweden of
German and English parents: j He was
educated abroad and received; his mu-
sical 1 raining under Gar?ia and Mar
ches!. When 17 years old he came rn .
America with his parents, For a few ;
years he studied at the University of
Minnesota,-where ;astronotfiy was his "
hobby, but the wonders "of his" yolce
being, revealed he wa3 sent to Europe
to study. "He was'singing with amile
d'Arville whn his father died Vand'
lef t.-him, 180000.'Itwas- thlí-íorWeÚ
mat was uis undoing.
Three-Dollar Estate Is Settled.
Lancaster, Pa. Judge Sinltn.'in the
orphans' court, has filed an. adjudica
tion in the estate of Tobias Brubaker
of Providence township...: I. -.ic..:-;:"
The amount for distribution la'. 60
cents. . Under his will he provided that
his wife should have one-third of his
estate in trust, and a trustee will be
appointed for her 17 cents'. ' The re
maining 83 cents goes to six children,
The entire estate ; was three; dollars.
The expenses were $2,60. ::)
Cow, Too, Attracted by Red. .
York, Pa. The known and belicose
attractiveness of red to a bull T had a
soothing magnetism to a cow owned
by James Hetrick of Mt. Pleasant She
licked ,he side of a red barn.'i aud
liked it. Red simply fascinated hei,' "
till the painters left a bucket, of rea
paint where she drank it, ..Veterinary .
ats with a' pump saved her.- " .'

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