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Synopsis of the U. S.
Government Land Law.
All men and women over 21
years of age, widows, and per
sons under 21 years of age who
are the heads of families, who
are not owners of more than 160
acres of land, who are citizens or
have declared their intention to
become citizens of the United
States are qualified to make a
homestead entry.
Not later than six months from
date of entry the- homestead
claimant must establish his resi
dence upon the land, and after
fourteen months of actual resi
dence, if he has resided upon and
cultivated the land, can commute
or pay for the land at the rate of
$1.25 per acre, when .the claim
ant will receive patent to the land
from the government. It claim
ant does not wish to commute; he
can reside continuously upon the
land five years, and upon filling
proof that he has done so, will
receive a patent to the land.
Soldiers who served in the war
of the rebellion, the Spanish or
the Philippine wars are entiled
to have the time of service not
exceeding four years counted as
residence on the land.
The i widow of a deceased sol
dier who never used his home
stead right, can make a soldier's
homestead entry and is required
to reside' personally on the land
for one year. If a widow of a
deceased soldier has died or
again married, his minor child
ren, through a guardian, can
make a soldier's homestead en
try. ...
If a homestead claimant dies,
the land goes to the widow, if he
leaves one; if not to his' heirs.
Neither the widow nor the heirs
are required to live on the land
but must keep up the improv
ments. ; ,
Any homesteader, who by fail
ure of crops, sickness or any
other unavoidable casualty is un
able to make a living for himself
and family on his claim, can se
cure á leave of absence not ex
céeding one year. When a leave
of absence is granted, the time
the settler is absent must be
made up at the end of five years
residence and cultivation require
ed by law.
Game and Fish Laws
Of tha Territory of New Mexico, as
amended by the 37th Legislative As
sembly and in force from and after
March 21st, 1907.
Deer with horns with gun only;
October 15th to November 30th of each
year, Limit, one daer. Penalty, $100
fine and (0 days imprisonment. Elk,
Mountain Sheep, Beaver, Ptarmigan;
killing, capturing or injuring prohib
its at all times. Penalty. $500 fine
and 90 days imprisonment. "''.
Antelope,' Pheasants, Bob White
Quail, Wild Pigeon; protected until
March 13, 1910. Penalty , $100 fine and
(0 days imprisonment.' -
Turtle Dove with gun only; July
15th to May 1st of each year. Penalty,
$100 fine and 60 days imprisonmsnt. ;
Wild Turkey, Mountain Grouse;
Prairie Ghicken with gun only; Octo
ber, November and December of each
year. Penalty, $100 fine and (0 days
imprisonment.' ' ' . '
Quail (native or crested) with gun
onlv: October. November; Decemler
and January of each year." Penalty,
$100 fine and (0 days imprisonm?nt.
Song and Insectivorous Birds; kill
ing or injury prohibted. Penalty, $50
fine and 30 days imprisonment.
Mountain Trout (all species) with
rod, hook and line only; May 15th to
October 15th of each year. Size limit,
not less than 6 inches. Weight limit,
15 pounds per day. Penalty, $50 fine
and 00 days imprisonment.
Bass (large and small mouth spec
ies) with rod, hook and line only;
May 15th to October 15th of each year.
Weight limit, 25 pounds per day.
Penalty, $59 fine and 60 days impris
onment. Unlawful to sell, or expose
or offer for sale, or for any common
carrier, express company, agent or
employe thereof,, to receive or have in
possession or transport for market
any game animals, birds or fish pro
tected by law in this Territory. Pen
County Proceedings.
July 9, 1908.
The board met in regnlar ses
sion and present the Hon. Juan
de Mata Mafes, present; Dama
cio Tafoya and Geo. Santistevaft,
members; Juan JNavanc, secreta
ry by his deputy E. H. Bierñbaúm
anb Juan B. Martinez, sheriff.
In the assessment of Indalicio
Esaiuval. the board orders cut
down $72. per $15. more on
real estate.
In the assessment of W,
Wdlcox, the board orders
down $120. on his lots in Roy, N.
In the assessment of Esque
pula Truijllo the board orders
cut down $150, on his real estate.
Now the matter of one petition
of Solano, -soliciting a new pre
cinct and said petition is accom
panied by 68 signatures, the
board takes the action as to wit:'
The petition is approved and a
new precinct is created and is
known as precinct No. 24 of Mo
ra County, with the following
boundaries; on the north by the
south line of township 19, and on
the south dividing line of San
Miguel and Mora counties, on the
east by the fifth dividing line of
Union and Mora counties and on
the west by the east rim rock of
Red river canyon,, being the same
lines of school district No.36.
Now the courts appoints Basi:
Garcia, as Justice of the Peace
and Richard Carson as Constable
until the successor shall be elcted
and qualified.
Now a petition is presented by
the citizens of Wagon Mound ask
ing for a change of roads in the
precinct No; 12 so that they will
correspond as near to the legal
government line as possible, in
the road known as the Wagon
Mound and Colmór. The board
leaves the same under considera
tion until next term and have or
dered notices set in different
places from the begining of said
road to the end, so if there is any
objections by any person it can
be presentad to the bond.
Now in the matter of the peti
tion of the re s'dets of Chacon,
with the respect or change to a
certain road to have the same dis
continued, this matter was left
under consideration since June
5th until this terra and not being
iny objections presented the a
foresaid was discontinued.
Now the doard appoints Marci
lo Montoya. Justice of the Peaee,
for precinct no. 10.
Accounts Approved.
M. A, Sanchez, for mdse. for the
jail ' $59.05.
Max Lucero, barbering for the
prisioners ' i $3.50
Juan B. Martinez sheriffs salary
jail guard and other services $367.
Juan ii Martinez, services in
criminal cases $102.
Juan B. Martinez, services in
Criminal cases $33.65
Juan B. Martinez, attending to
prisioners $145.30
R. T. Maes, commission of asses
sor 1908 $24.98
José Vivian Fresquez, salary as
Probate Judge and stamps $55
Ricardo Martinez, superinten
dent and office expense $109.80
C. U. Strong, ' stamps, express
etc. in the office of treasurer and
collector $50.01
Roderto Romero; Justice of the
feace, precinct no.,1., fees m
criminal cases ' , $10.10
Alvino Martinez, expense in as
sessors office , $24.85
Alvino Sártinez, commision as as
sessor for 1907 and 1908 $304.59
Tha board adjourns until! 9
o'clock a. ni. July 10th 1908.
Notice lor Publication. v
United States Land Office, Clayton,
New Mexico,-June 13, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that Benja
min F. Brown, of Gould, County of
Union, New Mexico, has filed in this
office his application to enter under
provisions of Sections 23067 of the
Revised Statutes of the United States
the Lot Two, (no. 2) of Section 22,
Township 18 N, Range 28 E, N. M.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the land described, or desiring
tó object because of the mineral char
acter of the land or for any other rea
son, to its disposal to ; applicant
should file their, affidavits of protest
on or before August 2nd, 1908.
' Edward W. Fox,
22t4 - Register.,
The Mora County Normal In
stitute will convene on the.. 17th
day of August, A. D. -1908, at
Wagon Mound, Mora Co., N. M.
All teachers desiring to' teach
school in Mora county are re
quested to be on hand at opening'
of the Institute and to. remain
throughout the entire session.
The Institute conductor will be
Prof. John H. Vaughan, and will
continue for two weeks. On the
last two days the examination
will take place.
Ricardo Martinez, .
Supt. Public Schools, Mora Co.,
N. M. 7-4-8-15
Warning To Live Stock Owners. v
I again wish to call the attention of
all live stock owners to herd their cat
tle and pen up their hogs, as' the law
forbids live stock to be running loose
at large.
I also wish to inform the property
owners of the town" to, clean up about
their premises so as to avoid diseases.
All rubbish and waste paper should
be put in waste boxes and barrels and
Guadalupe Garcia,
í Justice of the Peace .
, i an! Health Officer.
To Let.
Ranch Good grass, permanent wa
ter, controls range for 200 cattle, first
class place for a dry yéár, as grass is
good now. . Also pasturage for cattle,
horses and mules. For particulars
address L. P. Upton, Solano, N.' M. ;
or call at upton nancn, la Uinta
Canyon. ' . , ' 26t2
. Para Alquilar un
Rancho con buen sacate 200 reces,
pasteo de primer clase, para un ano
seco el sacate esta en buena cendiclon.
para pastear reces caballos muías,
para mas información derijance a
L. P. Tpton, Solano. N.- .M. o la Up
ton Ranch en el Canon de la Cinta. '
Stolen ; T '
, , , . . ; .t .
The 24th day of June 1908, ' durintr:
the night of the same day, a bay-mare.
uiaá etnlpn. nhniit. i nr R vaava rtA
with this mark on the right side- 5 x.
Francisco S. Ortega's pasture in La,
Gallina, Precinct no. 12, Mora Coun
ty, Any information Jeading to .re
covery of same will be appreciated. -.
. y Rasenda Via-lpando. '
. . Ocate, N: M.

alty, $100 fine.
The use of dynamite, drugs, or per
mitting saw dust to pass into any of
the public waters of this Territory in
which are game food fish is a felony.
Trespassing on posted private prop
erty prohibited. Penalty, $100 fine
and 60 days imprisonment.
W. E. Griffen, Warden.
F. A. Roy, Deputy.
Leyes de Caza y Pesca.
Según Enmendadas por la Asambla
Legislativa 37ma, p en efecto desda y
después de Marzo 21, 1907..
. Venrdo con cuernos, solamente con
fusil: Octubre 15 a Noviembre 30 de
cada ano. Limite un venado. Pena;
$100,00 multa y 60 dias de encarcela
miento. ' "
Alce, Carnero Cimarron, Nutria,
Ptarmigan (codorniz blanco,) prohib
do que se maten, cabtrren o dañen, en
todo tiempo. Pena $500.00 milita y 90
dias encarcelamiento.
Antílope, Faisanes, Codornkes, del
orient, Palomas Silvestres portejidos
hasta Mayo 13, 1910. Pena $100. mul
ta y 60 dias da encarcelamiento. .
Tórtolas solo con fusil; Julio 15 a
Mayo 1 de cada ano. Pena $100 multa
y 60 dias da encarcelamiento.
Gallina silvestre, Perdices, Gallinas
del ampo rsolo con fusil; Octubre
Npvembre y Diciembre de cada ano
Pena, $100 y 60 dias de encarcelamie
ñta, Pájaros Cantores y insedtivores so
porhiba que se maten o injurien. Pe
na, 50 multa y 30 dias de encarcela
miento. estancion de Pesca
Truchas(todas especias) con vara,
anzuelo y sedal solamente: Mayo 15 a
Octubre 15 de cada ano' Limite da ta
maño no icemos que 6 pulgadas. Li
mite de peso 15 libras par dia. Pena
$50 multa y 6o dias de encarcelamieno.
Perca (especies de boca grande y pe
quena) con vara, anzuelo y sedal sol
amente: Mayo 15 a Octubre 15 de cada
ano. Pena 50 inulta y 60 dias de en
carcelamiento. . -
Sera ilegal para vender, o exponer
o ofrecer para vender, o para cualqu
iera ferrocarril, compania de expaeso
agente o emplado de ellas, para recib
ir o tener en posesión, q trrsporlar
para mercado cualquiera de los ani
males,, aves o pescadas protejidos bor
ley en este Territorio, ,tPena,$100.de
multa. ,
El uso de dinamita drogas, o per
mitiendo que pase rscerrin a cualqui
era de las aguas publicas del Territo
rio en la cual se hallr pescado sera
una felonía. .
Se prohibe trespases propiedad, pri
vada en la cual hay avisos colocados
Pena. $100 y 60 dias de encarcal amien
to. :,
W. E." Griffin,
Guardian de Caza y Pesca.
F. A. Roy, Deputado.

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