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The Spaaisk-American
Republican Primaries
Five Delegates Chosen To Go To
Mora, August 7th. Delegates
Will Go Uninstructed.
The republican primaries, in and for
precinct No. 22, Mora county, were
held, at 2 p. m. Saturday, August 1st
1908, in the new Bushkevitz hall.
The meeting was called to" order bv
the Precinct Committeeman, Mr. Bush
kevitz, who read the case in both Eng
lish and Spanish languages, then an
nounced that the election of Permanent
chairman was ordered. Dr. E. P,
Brown moved that A. S. Bushkeviti
act as chairman of the meeting which
was quickly seconded and Mr. Bushke
vitz was unanimously elected chairman,
upon motion of Casinwro Gonzales,
Leandro Archulela was elected vice
prsident, Mr. R. C. Grunig, was elect
d secretary and Jose Ma Mares asst.
After the announcement of the chair
man, of the purpose of the meeting,
the assembly entered into debate as to
the mode of electing five delegates - to
the County Conveation, some favor
ed that a committee of three be ap
pointed to recommend the five delegates
but as that was not satisfactory to
the assembly, Dr. Brown suggests that
nominations be made of as many per
sons as would seem proper and be
voted on by ballot. The following
nominations were made: Juan Navar
ro, 21; Leandro Archuleta, 20; Jacob
North, 22; A." S'. Bushkevitz," 23; P.
J. Pickering, 18;'. Guadalupe Garcia,
19. Juan Navarro, A. S. Bushkevitz,
Leandro Archuleta, Jacob North and
Guadalupe Garcia, were elected dele
gates to the County Convention.
The question came up as to whether
the delegation go instructed or unin
structed, Mr. Navarro made a motion
that they go instructed tor Hon. Chas.
Speiss. Dr Brown moved that they
. be instructed for W. H. Andrews, an
other motion was made by Mr. Wm.
Wright that they go uninstructed. Mr.
Navarro withdrew his first motion
for Speiss. A vote was taken and was
tied, the Chairman decided that they
go uninstructed.
Motion was made by the secretary
to adjourn and carried.
Roy Needs Better Mail Service
The people and business men of
Roy should get together and demand
a better mail service. All mail ad
dressed to Dawson, Taylor, Abbott,
and Mills must first go to Tucumcari.
A mail clerk could be placed on
the Dawson train, thus we' would ob
tain much quicker and better service.
W should also petition the Govern
ment for a mail route between here
and Clayton. Mail could be carried
by automobile.
Forest Fire In Canada.
Cranebrook, . B. C. Aug. 3. The
most destructive confligration in the
history of Canada is sweeping El River
Valley leaving death and suffering
in its wake. More than 6,000 have
been rendered homeless and 200 have
perished in the fire. The flames are
not under control and are being swept
by a fresh gale. The loss is estimat
ed at millions of dollars and supplies
are being sent from Seattle, Wash.
Laws Regarding The
- Trespassing Of Animals.
The running at large of cattle, sheep
hogs goats or burros is a violation of
the statue laws of New Mexico.
Section 98 says: "no person or per
sons shall have any large stock run
ning at large during the months of
March, April, May, June, July, Aug
ust September and October, nor under
any pretext whatever to have at large
on their ranches or herding ransres
unless they shall have them under
custody during the months above
specified. And every person or per
son who shall violate the provisions
of this act shall suffer a fine and costs
as provided in the laws in force in
this territory."
As to the damage of crops by ani
mals; chapter 8 section 1, under the
laws enacted by the 3(5th Legislative
Assembly says: "Whenever any an
imal or animals is found damaging
any cultivated field the same shall be
turned over to the justice of the peace
of that precinct immediately after
such damage has been committed, and
said justice of peace shall hold . said
animal or animals at the expense ol
the owner of said animal or animals
until such damage has. been- paid. ;
That any person holding any animal
or animals for more than twelve hours
without turning the same over to the
Justice of the Peace shall : be barred
from making any claim for such dam
age. ' ; ' .:.'!, ;
Considera bieMlmtfe-haa beeadone
of late by the stock running at large
and there has been much complaint
and inquiry regarding the law on this
matter. Thus we deem it necessary
and available to publish the above
Leap Year Ball
The Ladies Primrose Progressive
Circle never does things by halves or
on a small scale and Wednesday ev
ening was no exception when they gave
it leap year ball at which their sren-
tlemen friends were the guests. Each
married lady was expected to escon
a young man and each young lady
a married man and to entertain them
in the approved fashion for the even
Refreshments of lemonade was serv
ed and the entire program was car
ried out greatly to the eniovmeqt of
the guests present. The music ren
dered by Mrs. Floersheim and Mr. A. S.
Hanson wa.-t . especially good and to
gether with the excellent condition of
the floor, made every one regret the
flight of tima.
At a very late hour the dancers d-
parted declaring that thev wished
every dauca was a leap year affair.
Warning To Live Stock Owners.
I again wish to call the attention of
all live stock owners to herd their cat
tle and pen up their hogs, as the law
forbids live stock to be running loose
at large.
I álso wish to inform the pronertv
owners of the town to clean up about
their premises so as to avoid diseases.
All rubbish and waste paper should
be put In waste boxes and barrels and
Guadalupe Garcia, ,
Justice of the Peace
and Health OiHcer.
Who's Who In New
Grant County Goes Instructed For
Andrews. Chaves And San Juan
Are Friendly To Him.
The Grant County Republicans held
their convention August 3rd and elect
ed six delegates to represent Grant
county at Santa Fe, August 18th. The
six delegates were instructed to vote
for the renomination of Delegate W.
tl. Andrews.
Chaves and San Juan counties also
held their conventions and while their
delegates are to go uninstructed, the
majority of them favor the renomina
tion of W. H. Andrews. Mora county
held her convention yesterday and we
feel confident and ardentlv hope she
will stand by her sister counties and
send delegates favorable to Andrews,
Never bef ore has New Mexico enjoy
ed the position and high standing at
the National Cap.tal as he dois today.
No Delegate of New Mexico ever
commanded the respect of powerful
political men as does Hon. W. H. An
drews. His associates and boiler gues
are powerful men in the senate, such
as Senator Penrose of Penn. who is
now a leader in Taft's Campaign.
What explanation can we give for
New Mexico faring better than any
other Congressional District? Did she
ever before receive a $.50,000 appropia
tian for irrigation purposes, which is
almost double her share. Was there
ever before such efforts made for fur
thering the interests of the Vdterans
of the Indian, Civil aud Spanish
wars? Was there ever before such
liberal appropriations for public build
ings as has been since Delegate W. H.
Andrews has been at the helm?
What New Mexico has long wanted
is statehood and with Mr. Andrews
representing her, she will get statehood
in a very short time. Although Mr.
Andrews has two worthy opponents,
shall we trade a known quality for the
Let us stand by our present delegate
who has done so much for the uplift
ing of New Mexico and who has the
strength in Congress to do so much
more, and let us work for the renomi
nation of Mr. Andrews and help him
to complete the great work which he
has commenced.
(. . ... . ;
; - i
r- i .
. . f , ,-. ..
Monday evening while our Managing
Editor, went out for an evening walk
in company with several ladies and
gentlemen, toward the north-west cor
ner of the townsite, they came to a
pile of tin cans and other rubbish,
which marked the spot of a sravp.
" o -i
when he related a story of a man who
was shot at Roy when the town first
started. ' . . '
This mans name is unknown to us.
he was the cook for the rail road well
drillers. (Mulhollencamp.) One even
ing the drillers feeling jolly from the
influence of liquor, were makintr nre-
parations to go duck hunting, at least
mat is what they claimed. Mr. Mnl-
hollen entered the tent with a shot gun
wnere the cook was washing' dishes.
the gun in some manner was discharg
ed, the entire load of t-hot being emp
tied into the abdoman of the cook
who died almost instantly.' ,
Ihe coronor jury exonorated Mr.
Mulhollen claiming that
B ivouilVU
from unavoidable accident, - The man
was burritd by his associates ion the
rail road right of way near thej north
west corner of the tnwncifo whom
- 1 ' --' U V TV
the tin can and rubbish pile ! marks
his grave. ',
This mart had some earned taonev
but'no kncws what- became of It. No
one seems to know where he came from
or if he had any relatives.
This matter was brought to, the at
tention of the Swastika Dramatic Club
and they decided at once to investigate
the matter by á special committee
composed of A. S. Bushkevitz,; Jacob
Floersheim and H. ' Goodman as to
taking the remains and giving
them a respectable burial. j
This is great work on the part of
the Swastika Dramatic Club and they
should be highly commended for their
great and noble act of charity..!
Boy's Essay On Girls
"Girls is sisters to boys and wears
dresses and powder and has long
hair. The first girl was called Christ
mas eve though I never knew why.
Most every family has one girl and
some of'm that is in poor luck has
two or three.
We have one in ourn who : is. my
sister. .
Girls can grow older and get young
er. My sister has been twenty five
for three or four years and some day
we may be twins.
Girls play the pianner and talk to
each other, Fat girls want to be
tliin and thin girls want to be fat and
most all of 'em want to marry doods.
Why the Lord made girls nobody
knows, but I think it were to go to
church and eat ice cream. There is
three kinds of girls, brunet girls,
blond girls and them that has money.
Girls is afraid of bugs and mice
which makes it fun to put 'em dowh
their backs. Exchange.
, Immigration inspector Griffin notic
ed evidence of tampering with he seal
oi a refrigerator car on n east bound
Rock Island train at Alamógordo on
Saturday. The inspector' had the car
opened and found six Chinamen con
cealed therein with thirty gallons of
waier ana adudant provision for a
long cruise. The car contained .canned
goods consigned from California to
Kansas City. The Chinamen- were all
placed under arrest pending a hearing
as to whether they shall be deported.

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