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Proper Arrangement and Packing
Food Necessary If One Would
Have the Fea6t Tempting
.' and Palatable.
Just Suppose.
"Just suppose," said BrotLer Dickey,"
"heaven wuz one big watermelon
p.'itch, an' It wuz de Fo'th er July de
year roun!"
"Go long, man," said Brother Wil
liams, "you. almos' makes me want
ter go dar!" Atlanta Constitution.
Too much luggage spoils the picnic,
and yet the little feast is the star
feature of the day. How, then, to car
ry enough to eat, and at the same
time have it look tempting?
There is a hamper made of light
weight wicker and yet strong enough
to stand the wear of many outings in
the woods.
A telescope shape is easy to handle
and its size can be regulated to fit
the contents so readily that the wom
an who thinks ahead and of the par
ty's return is sure to choose this style
Instead of the square or oblong hamp
er made after the fashion of the Eng
lish tea basket.
Straw cases for bottles, cups and
glasses are superior in many ways to
leather ones. The lighter covering
may not wear so well as the others,
but It looks much cooler. Hamper
fittings can be bought separately and
tucked away in a plain basket, and If
well packed no danger of breakage
need be feared.
Woodeu plates are really much
more nlcnlckv than china. If sand
wiches and cakes are placed on plates
when the basket is being arranged
and each one is wrapped first in a nap
.kin wrung out in ice water, then in
baker's or parafflne paper the food
will be kept perfectly fresh, and it
can be placed at once on the picnic
table when the time for luncheon has
arrived. Lettuce leaves that have been
nacked loosely ' in a linen bag thor
oughly dampened with ice water will
help to give the luncheon table a
fresh, cool and inviting air and they
can be used to garnish the plates of
cold meats and salads. This is an ex
cellent way to carry green salads, and
if the dressing is made just before
starting and carried in a bottle, or the
Ingredients packed so that the dress
ing can be mixed by the salad expert
while the luncheon is being spread
out, the salad will be fresh and crisp.
Tiny cones of Bait and pepper, one
packet for each member of the par
ty, are easier to carry and much less
trouble than to take along a set of
There are such perfect ways now
of carrying hot or cold liquids and
keeping them at their original temper
ature that few picnic parties botboj
with making tea or coffee at the
grounds. A basket that is well packed
with edibles which have been properly
chilled before starting seldom gets
warm and mussy if it is handled care
fully and kept out of the sun. Plates
and cups can be kept on the ice for a
while before they are tucked away in
the hamper and they will stay cold for
some time.
Tinned and bottled foods are beat
taken in small lots so that they can be
opened as needed and the empty
boxes or bottles thrown away at once.
Having a number of things in this way
does away with passing the food from
one end of the table or luncheon clolh
to the other. Paper napkins are good
enough for the average outdoor func
tion of this kind. They should, how
ever, be supplied in quantities so that
they may be used for covering the
plates, for wiping off dust and for
cleaning the dishes after the meal is
important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle ol
CASTORIA a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years,
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Rapid Progress Being Made in Prepar
ation for the Opening.
Practically every building is com
pleted, and by August 20th everything
will be in readiness at Overland Park,
Denver, for the first annual Colorado
Interstate Fair and Exposition to be
held September 7th-12th.
No Offense.
Miss Passay Old Dr. Gruff was re
marking to-day that the weather this
spring was just like that of 1876 and
he asked me if I didn't remember.
Miss Knox Yes?
Miss Passay Yes. Positively insult
ing, wasn't It?
Miss Knox Oh, surely not inten
tionally so. He probably doesn't know
what a wretched memory you have.
Philadelphia Press.
The Sort of Thing He Liked.
In an early day lu Stone county,
Missouri, a farmer's boy rushed into
the office of Dr. T. J. McCord of Ga
lena and urged the doctor to come
quickly to see his father, who seemed
to be dying. Said the doctor. "What
ails him, and what has he eaten?"
The boy said: "Oh, nothing much
but 14 roastin' ears for supper."
"Weir," said the doctor, "just go
back and throw him a couple of
bundles of oats and tell him I will be
up there in about 30 minutes."
From Judge's Library.
Billy Block A Teddy bear! And
here I've went and shot me last stone
at a canary bird! Drat the luck!
each 78x285 feet in size and provided
with every modern convenience, have
been built for the cattle and horse ex
hibit, and of the $25,000 in cash pre
miums offered, more than $6,000 is put
up for cattle, and nearly $4,000 for
horses, with other department pre
miums corespondingly high.
Mr. Fuller says that requests for
the premium list are coming in by
every mail, and that entries are rap
idly filling in the various departments.
This is to be a pure bred live stock
show, and G. C. Fuller, acting secre
tary, says that the entries, for the horse
and cattle departments which close on
August 15th, are coming rapidly, ana
that there is every indication that this
will be by far the greatest pure bred
stock show ever seen west of the Mis
sourl river.
Some of the-finest bred horses and
cattle In the United' States have al
ready been entered, and word has been
lecelved by Mr. Fuller from otner orea
ers that they will enter. Two buildings,
Among the amusement features will
be harness races and running races
every afternoon, with purses of $500 in
the harness and $250 in the running
events; Knabenshue's famous passen
ger airship, a midway feature similar
to the Pike at St. Louis, and at night
Pain's marvelous production of the
carnival of Naples, requiring 300 peo
ple; and the eruption of the' volcano
Vesuvius, followed by a $1,000 fire
works display, the whole forming one
of the most spectacular pyrotechnical
spectacles in the world.
Egg Salad.
Boll eight eggs 15 minutes, chop,
pepper and salt, then make dressing
of one teaspoon flour, one teaspoon
sugar, one teaspoon butter, ono of
ground mustard, half a cup of good
vinegar. Cook five minutes and pour
over eggs; add nuts if you like.
Found the Answer Was "Coffee."
Many pale, sickly persons wonder
for years why they have to suffer so,
and eventually discover that the drug
caffeine in coffee is the main cause
of the trouble.
"I was always very fond of coffee
and drank it every day. I never had
much flesh and often wondered why
I was always so pale, thin and weak.
"About five years ago my health
completely broke down and I was con
fined to my bed. My stomach was
in such condition that I could hardly
take sufficient nourishment to sustain
"During this time I was drinking
coffee, didn't think I could do with
out it.
"After awhile I came to the con
clusion that coffee was hurting me,
and decided to give it up and try
Postura. I didn't like the taste of it
at first, but when it was made right
boiled until dark and rich I soon
became very fond of it.
"In one week I began to feel better.
I could eat more and sleep better. My
sick headaches were less frequent, and
within five months I looked and felt
like a new being, headache spells en
tirely gone.
"My health continued to Improve
and today I am well and strong, weigh
148 lbs. I attribute my present health
to the life-giving qualities of Postum."
"There's a Reason."
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Read, "The Road to Well
ville," In pkgs.
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears f.-om time to time, They
sre genuine, true, and. full of human
Resents Good Advice.
That there is a startling difference
between the temper of the rising gen
eration and that of the youth whose
young ideas shot up according to the
teachings of Mrs. Hannah More and
"Sanford and Merton," has recently
been proven by a little seven-year-old
girl, who was laboriously spelling her
way through a reading le&son.
"Al-ways speak the truth," she said,
' and o-bey your par-ents.
"Be gen-tle and qul-et. Never slam
the door and shout and scream a-bout
the house.
"At the ta-ble eat slowly; not In a
greed-v man-ner like a pig."
Suddenly the little girl shut the
book with a portentous bang and an
nounced with firmness and decision:
"I'm not going to let any old third
reader boss me like that!" Rochester
$22C.0.D. You take no
chance when
buying a har
nean rom us:
every set war
ranted to be
an represent
ed. This dou
ble team har
ness complete
with collars
and breech
Inns. Concord
style, ü-lnch
traces, for
22 00. Sold
everywhere for $27.00. Send for our free cat
alogue of saddles and harness. Lowest prices
In the U. S. The Fred Mueller Saddle ft Har
near. Co.. 1113-19 Larimer St.. Denver. Colo.
lug mailed tret.
Dealer In nil kinds of MKB
: HAN DISK Mammoth cata
Corner ltítü and Blake, Denver.
European Plan. SI. 50 and t'nwanl.
Hmtllne young man for paying
Died in Infancy.
There is a section of North Carolina,
said to oe remarkable by reason of the
longevity of its Inhabitants, which ha3
been the inspiration of many goo.l
Perhaps the best of the lot is one
told by a Representative in Congress
from that state. It Is to the effect that
a native of the region mentioned, who
had attained the age of ninety-two, was
returning, with his wife, aged ninety,
from the funeral of their eldest child
deceased at the age of sixty-nine.
As th-jy mournfully discussed the
subject of their grief, the wife said
with a sigh:
"Ezekiel, I allers tole you we'd never
raise that chile."
Wants vs. Needs.
Little Dot Oh, Mamma, the organ
grinder's monkey Is at the window,
an' he has a little round box in his
Mamma Well, my pet, what do you
think he wants?
Little Dot (after a glance at the organ-grinder)
I dess he wants to bor
row some son p. New York Weekly.
Independent plumbing supply house In the
West. Write US iur JJllucs uitluio uujuifi fUUI
plumbing material. m-m Diane oireet,
Denver. Colorado.
Specimen prices: Gold, silver, lead, 1; gold,
.uvor 7Siv eold. 50c: zinc or copper. II. Cv-
ni4 tents Stalling envelopes and full
price list sent on application. Control and
umpire work solicited. Leadville, Colorado.
, ftMrWl v HVPvn,a.9 na'.inai ruin,
Wiwtern Sales Co.; 101 Kmpire Bldg., Dearer, Colo
nrnmwltlnn. Kelerem-es re-
mured, us we nienn imam.'.
1017-23 Cnllfornln St., DENVER, COI.O.
Kxpert Teachers. Now Equipment, Thoroughly
Organized. Graduates In nmny Hues earning irom
tMMtoKVMO. Catalog free. J.Ui Munjon, Prin.,
Ml Citarles Building. Denver.
1(142-44 Cnllfornln St., nenr Seventeenth.
Good used upright piano $110
Kimball used upright piano 147
Many others, $150 tn 250
Victor and Edison Talking Machines.
Cnsh or Easy l'nynients.
Made In Howe, Allen & Kaull Fac
tory, Denver. If your dealer don't tell
them, write us,

ja í jj fill J MÍ""?'

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