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The Spanish
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A Few Of The Important Laws Enacted
By The 60th Congress,
First Session.
Financial law whereby banks in
periods of financial stringency may
issue currency to the amount of
&OU,00O'0O0, depositing Ú security
there for bond, ' commercial papers or
"met assets, sucn emergency currency
being so taxed as to insure its retire
ment as soon as the stringency has
passed. '
Public buildings bill, authorizing
many needed structures, purchase of
sites ,etc, including sites for depart
ments of States and Commerce and
Labor, adjoining Treasurer and White
House grounds.
National monetary commission ere
ated to devise a sound monetary sys
tem for the government.
, Two new battleships, at the cost of
$6,000,000 each, exclusive of armor and
armament; ten torpedo boat destroy
ers, three steam colliers and eight
. snbmarines. , ' .
Consular service reorganized, abol
ishing, unnecessary counsilshiu and
consul generalships and establishing
those most needed.
Widows' pensions increased form $8
to $12 a month and certain unnecessa
ry restrictions abolished.
Investigation of tariff, preliminary
. io revision, confined to ways and means
and finance committees.
Model child labor law for District
of Columbia
Employers' liability bilí enácted to
replace that pronounced unconstitution
by Supreme Court,
Government liability law, providing
compensation to all federal employes
ior injury received in line of duty.,
Efficiency of army medicine corps in
creased by additional officers and crea
tion of reserved medical corps.
Increasing army pay, officer appro
ximately Í500 a year and enlisted men
about fourty per cent increase, apply
ing to both retired and active list.
Increasing navy pay, officers and
enlisted men practically and equalized
with army. Enlisted, force increased
,000 men.
Restrictions on land of the five
civilized tribes removed, adding;
$150,000,000 to taxable property of Ok
lahoma. Numerous additional lights, light
houses and buoys.
Granting 3,000 pensions to deserving
veterans of the civil and Spanish wars.
Creation of commission and appro
priation of $1,500,000 for representa
tion of the United States at the Tokio
Prohibiting desecration and improp
er use of the flag.
Appropriation of $29.222,000 for
Panama canal.
Anarchistic and seditieus publications
and intoxicants and cocaine excluded
from the mails.
Sixty-two laws authorizing con
struction of bridges over navagabl e
Nine laws affecting Federal courts,
judicial districts, etc.
Twenty-five laws affecting public
lands, making special grants, etc. '
One hundred and fifty-two public
laws were enacted.
There were 2,300 invalid pension acts
and about 700 private pension acts.
Bill introduced in House over 22,000
in Senate, ovér 7,000.
All those who don't Dav their noil
tax at once will be sued.
A full line Of boVS School suits nnrl
shoes, at Floe'rsheim's.
H. C. Johnson, of Washine-ton. TV
U is in town this week on businpss
connected with the Land Office.
I. E. Lowe is assisting in thn st,.o
of Appel and Co., during tli3 absence
of Mr. Karlsruher. who is attPTiriin.,
me r air at springer.
Fresh bread, cakes and pies always
on hand at the Royal Cafe.
The clerks of the Floersheim Merc.
company, presented Max Krause
with an overcoat on. his departure for
a vacation trip.
Mrs. Thomas Vargas is very ill at
her home, across the street from the
post office. Dr. Gibbs is the attending
Frank Felrath, had the misfortune
of scalding his foot while working in
meranroaapump station at Solano
this week. .
. A camping party - which left here
about six weeks ago consisting of
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wilson and child-,
ren and Mr. John Schneider, returned
home Wednesday from Taos, where
they report having spent a very pleas
ant time. ' "
Mrs. AnUo Baca and Miss Aurelio
Baca who lus been visiting at Car
izo for the past two weeks left for
their home in Las Venas. Monday
They, were accompained as far as
Wagon Mound by Mr. F. Baca y
Last Saturday the democrats nf
oy neld a convention at which five
delegates consisting of P. J. Hogue,
jonn w. ryler, Louis Branch, D. B
Dunbar and Tito Hurtado, were elect
ed to attend the county convention
held at Mora, September: lGth. to
name the da mocratic county ticket.
Dr. Gibbs' returned from Dawson
the first of the week and has onencd
his drug store the first door east of
the Fost-Offlce.
This is a branch of business that
has long been needed in Roy and we
certainly welcome the Doctor as an
enterprising citizen.
Boys come in and see our stock of
Nobby Sweater Coats, new up-to-date
just the thing for fall wear. F, M. Co.
, 0n September 20th the girls Indus
trial School will be reopened. All
girls over six are cordially invited to
be in regular attendance, also all
ladies who are interested in this work.
Hours from 3 to 5.
Mrs. J. Floersheim, Pres.
Get ready for tht cold winter
months. A full line of Comforts and
Blankets at Floersheim's.
Max Krause left yesterday for a
two weeks visit in Mora and vicinity.
Dr. Pric3 and wife are visiting in
the town of Solano this weak.
Mrs. W. H. Willcox Went to Sni'inir.
er the first of the week to take in the
b air.
J. L. Nicolay a merchant of Solano
was a Roy visitor yesterday.
. Ben Grunig returned Thursdar
from a few months visit in Kansas.
W. C. Lerner, left Monday after
transacting here several days.
W. H. Baum made a business trip
iu ooiano, luesday.
J. B. Carson, of Solano was in Roy,
on ousiness Wednesday.
Max Karlsruher, of Appel and Co.,
went to Springer, Monday to attend
uie r air.
Mrs. W. C. Leckleider rPt,rr,P,i
Monday from Santa Rosa, where she
nas oeen visiting her husband.
Alex. Frensley returned home Mon
day from an extended visit with friends
in lexas.
' Mr. and Mrs. L. E. AHdred nn,i
famely went to Springer, Tuesday, to
auena tne a air.
Card Of Thanks
The Swastika Dramatic Club wish
to extend there sincere thanks to all
those, who so kindly assisted in the
removal of the remains of party un
known. -
Mrs, B. Goodman, Pres.
Estella Mason. Sec.
Mrs. Angelina Willarcf came in tVnm
l uebky iuesdáy where sue Jias been
visaing ior some time.
Floyd Ogden, who was emnloved in
tnisomce lor the-past two months.
ett Monday for Lawrence. Kansas, m
resume nis studies atilu University
Mr. Kane and dauyhters Missos
Beulah and Julia returned to their
home in Springer, Monday, after vis
iting iriends here.
From the day when first w? start,
kach in life to play his pari,
Till we reach that perfect pjaee,
Where all care and toil shall
Fate can nothing better send, Than a
true and loyal friend.
Friend in word in thought and dead,
Ready in hours of naed.
Friends that are good anj true,
Each of us finds bat few,
iwuuvvni tail ien can you. What
friends will do for you?
Choose them with proper care, Real
friends ara scarea and rara,
Happy indeed is he, Who claims two
pr thre?,
No. (2) -
Notice women when thay msat, hiw
affectionate thpv
One says "Dear you're looking fine!
And you're hat is iust divinal"
Then comes good friend number thra:
they greet her effusive! v
If their friendship you should doubt,
uen tney part you'll find out:
Friends that are good and true,
one goes and leaves but two,
Then comes the friendly talk, "Look
at Her awkward walk,
isn't she just a sight, Isn't that hat
a fria-ht."
But what els3 ca th.?y do, thay ara
mends so good and true.
Bishop Pitavaul Will Be In
" . Roy, On September 25th.
Right Rev. Pitavaul. Rislmn r,f
Roman Catholic Church, of Santa Fd
Diocese will be in Rov on tl u
of September to administer confirma
tion, it will beasrreat dav for n,
Catholics in the Roy vicinit . lx.)
will come down from Springe;
Rev. Father Cellier pastor of ih'L
church, he will also announce today
the program for the day.
UST 31st, 1908.
ixmns ana Discounts - . $ 11.902,01
uveruruns - . . 114 IS
Keul Estate - . . . 1.0uo!lX
v urniture una Fixtures - . am .a
Due us from Bunks UUO
úpense . . (n
iasn ana hiiftit Exchange - - 35091s
Capitol Stock puld in
Interest and Exchange
Individual deposits
Certificates of deposit
Cashiers checks outstanding
Bills Payable - . .
I 15.000.00
I, Wm. C. Rov. Cashier of fcnlrl
bank do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true, to the best nf Urmu.i.
edge and belief. So help me God.
(signed) WM. C. ROY,
Farmer Attenton
Prospects for a splendid crou of win
ter wheat was never better. With tha
soil in good shape and our Turkey Red
seea wneat, (raised in dry Kansas)
armed in deep results are postive.
We rent our Kentucky I'ress Wheel
urnis at nominal charge.
Floersheim Merc. Co.
Department of the Interior
United Stater T,n,iH nm '
Clayton, N. M. September, lb 08
Notice is hereoy given that
Jose Dolores Maestas, of Roy, N
M., who on August 20, ItiQ'i
madeHomesteadpnt.ru- ir,v jmm'
(serial No. 01297), for e 1-2 se 1-4
sec. 15 ana e 1-s ne 1-4, Section
22, township 17N., Range 25e
N. M. P. Meridian, has fi or rw
tice ofhis intention to mide final
five year proof, to establish claim
to the land above dpr-iK
fore W. h. Willcox, U. S. Com
missioner, at his nfhVp in
N. M., on the 26th day of October
Claimant npjDieS a,S Wltnoauao.
Antonio A. Romero, Ricrrdo Ro
mero, Jose de la Crnz MtiT-ti.,
Juan Maestas y G.mzales, all of
Edward W P.
9-19-24 Rp.i.fL
-"oiouvri ,
Foa sai p
Relinquishment of 4 claima tn ..
I body with two good houses,: wll wi'tii
i plenty of good water: n.ir-; l i . .
fence, 1200 tenca posts, 23 acres broV
en and 10 in crops, cash value of i n
provments $1000.00 Adjourns the rail
road. Will sell for $lttJ0.0J ifta'oi
within tha next sixty divs. . "
... , . - par
ticulars cal on on o,1. ,
HojrKealty lnve7n ,

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