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Local and Personal
I Know Not What
I Only tell You As
Take the Spanish-American.
Sam Bland of Kansas Valley, was
a business visitor here Wednesday.
Trinidad C. di Baca has been here
for several dys, from Wagon Mound.
Joe Ballard of I)e Haven, was tran
sacting business in town Thursday.
Joe Phillips was a business visitor
here Tuesday from Solano.
M. S. Bently was here Tuesday
from Mills. -
Laura Whitemañ, was up from Red
River, Tuesday.
Clark Harper, was a visitor ft ora
Mills, Tuesday.
Albert Bacaraeh was in Dawson this
week .
Elmer Evans of Abbott, entertained
several gentlemen at dinner, Sunday.
Mrs. A. B. S.tanton and little son
Eddie, are In the city from Las Vegas.
Try a Spanish-American want ad,
they do the work.
When in town stop at the Oriental.
Best meals. ., '
Alex Pi'jnsley raturnaJ Saturday
from a few months visit at Duncan,
Okla. . ..
Tom Cooper of the Cudahy Packing
Co. was f alling on his patrons here
Mika Kranna vittjr of Tujjincari,
(.pent Saturday in this-jty at the
home of A. J. Hern.
John Gal1 agher of Ute Creek, was a
business visitor in the city Wednes
day. '
Education is not the result of a
course of study; it is a result of a
course of experience.
ine epanisu-vuici
ing and official paper of Mora County
and only costs $1.50 per year.
Frank A. Roy and J. Floersheim
went to Mova Sunday returning Thurs
day. Chas. Bushnell, a sheep inspector,
was her from Clayton, the first of the
Karl Guthman, who is employed at
Dawson, spent a few days this week
with his parents at Hoosier Plains.
Miss Opal Evans was here Monday
from Abbott, and paid this office a
very pleasan; call.
The Uoy R-ial E-rtate & Abstract
Company has several nice pieces of
furniture for Rale at a very low price.
Manuel Paltenghe, who is connect
ed with the McArthur Merc. Co., at
Wagon Mound, was a business visitor
here this week.
Work has been commenced on re
modleing thi Roy íiuteí building. We
do not know what the building is to
be used for.
The new school house at Mills is
rapidly nearing completion. The
building is a frame structure 20 by 30
feet. .
News of Interest
The Truth May Be,
'Twas Told To Me.
John H. Gabbard of Berea, Ky who
came here for his health, is very ill
at the home of Dr. Brady, with Pneu
monia. Why not be a Top-Noteher? A Top
Notcher is simply an individual who
works for the institution of which he
is a part, not against it.
Mr. Bias Sanchez Superintendent
of Schools of Mora County, accom
panied by his wife, spent a few days
in town this week. '
Mrs. D. Ella Romine, teacher of the
primary grades of the local school re
turned Sunday from the Teachers In
stitute at Wagon Mound.
Mrs. L. E. Alldredge and son Em
mett, returned Tuesday from Trini
dad, Colorado, where Emmett under
went an operation upon his nose.
Mrs. L. K. Mitchell, returned from
Wagon Mound Saturday, where she
was in attendence at the summer Insti
tution for teachers. '
S. P. Davis and sons are getting
'j ready to sow four hundred acres of
j wheat. They believe in this country
! as a wheat nnnntrv '
The recent rains have benefited the
crops considerably, and several farm
ers are getting ready to sow winter
wheat. . The grass is looking flue.
A well known Des Moines women
after suffering miserably for two days
from bowel complaint, was cured by
one dose of Chamberlain's Colic -and
Diarrhoea Remedy. Por sale by all
dealers. '
Chas. A. Reynolds special land
agent with headquartes at Santa Pe,
has been in the city the past week,
looking after the government's inter
est. "
Wm. Baum received a new live pas
senger Buick automobile this week.
Mr. Baum and son Earl and Harry
Thiel. went to Springer Monday, re-
l turning Tuesday with the machine.
It behooves every farmar in this vi
cinity to take Campbell's Scientific
Parmer. The most successful farmers
are readers of that great publication.
The Spanish-American and Camp
bell's Scientific Farmer $1.50 per year.
A'n ordinary case of diarrhoea can,
88 a rule be cured by a single dose of
Chamberlain's Colic, . Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. This remedy has
no superior for bowel complaints. For
Bile by all dealers.
Gus Pollack, who represents the
Carson Pierie Scott & Co. Dry Goods
House, the second biggest house in the
United States, was here Wednesday
in the interest of his Arm, and visit
ing his relatives, thu Floershein fami
ly. B"3y it now. Now is the time to buy
a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhoera Remedy. It is al
most certain to be needed before the
summer is over. This remedy has no
superior. For sale by all dealers.
Did you notice that Sabiondo re
mark. We wonder who the person
was that suggested it. If we had the
Sabiondez that you have, we would be
editing some nefarious publication.
II. Goodman, manager of the Good
man Merc. Co., has placed an order
with us for five thousand warehouse
orders. This makes the second order
of this -kind that we have received
from Mr. Goodman, in the short time
he has been in business, which goes to
show that he is doing a good busin
ess. "
Cuts and bruises may be healed in
about one-third the time required by
tho usual treatment by applying Cham
berlain's Liniment. It is an antisep
tic and causes such injuries to heal
without maturation. This liniment al
so relieves soreness of the muscles
and rheumatic pains. Por sale by all
dealers. .
In the language of the wise? Brady's
came and gone again.
Dr. Frank Brady of Dawson, visit
ed home folks Saturday, returning to
Dawson Sunday, taking with him the
youngest daughter of A. J. Hern, who
had the misfortune to fall from a bur
ro Saturday evening and break her
Seemed to Give Him a New Stomach
"1 suffered intensely after eating
ard no medicine ortreatment I tried
seemed to do me any good,' writes
H. M. Yourigpeters, Editor of The
Sun, Lake View, Ohio. "The first few
doses of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets gave me surprising re
lief and the second bottle seemed to
give me a new btomach and perfectly
good health. For sale by all dealers.
Lost One full blooded Herford
milk cow, three years old, long heavy
.boras, no brands or marks dark red,,
white face. " '
Will pay suitable reward for ber re
turn or information leading to her re
covery. Notify this office or Elmer
Evans, at Abbott, N. M.
Notice to all Legal
All legal voters of Precinct No. 22,
being precinct wherein Roy is located,
are requested to see that their names
appear on Registration books for the
coining election. Those not having
time or unable to see that their names
are registeredrjvill leave their names
with W. Fred Ogden at the Roy Real
Estate & Abstract Co. Frecinct No,
22, extends from the Solano Precinct
up to Colfax on the north add to
Union County on the east. It is abso
lutely imperative that all voters see
that they are registered.
Colorado Inter-State Fair and Expo
sition at Denver, Sept. 3 rd to 7th.
There is to be a contest for old la
dies, that is, women who have passed
their sixtieth year, at the Inter-State
Fair and Exposition in Denver, Sept.
3rd to nth.
In the Textile Department, which is
to be in charge of Miss Alice Rohe.
There will bé on exhibition the hand
work of old ladies through the west.
Anyone is eligible to enter their prod
ucts, provided they are mors than six
ty years old and the work was dons in
the past two years. This includes
knitting, crochet work, machine and
hand made garments, drawn work,
quilting, in fact everything that the
old ladies like to work upon.
Cash prizes are offered in every in
stance and the contest promises to be
of great interest.
Not a Fight Against
the Incorporation
of the Town
Shakespeare says: "There is a tide,
in the affairs of men, which, taken at
tho Ipfirla ir tr frvntnnja M
versely: "There comes a tidal wave
ih the affairs of some men, which car
ries them out into the sea of oblivion."
Every human has some good quali
ties, and we believe in recognising
them, but when a man uses the ability
and energy that the divine creator has
given"hira in selfish schemes to satisfy
an insatiable ambition to obtain pub
lic prominence, and after obtaining
such positions, to debauch his office
and juggle with the confidence of the
people, the growing tide of distrust
and resentment against such a charac
ter and his metho'ds MUST sooner or,
later ingulf him.
t í t t
The latest scheme of our brilliant?
contemporary (who according to his
own advertising, "Stands for Purity
and and Honesty in Politics") to uti
lize the voting power of a non-tax-
paying element to gain a position
from which to dictate and demand
further prominence in the political
field has been frustrated by an indig
dant body of taxpayers representing
the heart of our town ail of whose
interests are vitally at stake and who
repudiate this insincere political
This opposition has brought forth
a torrent of vile and illiterate invec
tive from our would-be competitor in
the newspaper field. He bluffs, he'
whines, he smirkingly"appeal8 to the
"dear people," brazenly trying to
convince those who know him only too
wen mat he stands for all that is pure
and good and noble. No more con
vincing proof of the versatile charac
ter of this man can be found than In
the columns of his own "joke" sheet.
This man has been given the highest
and most honorable positions tn the
gift of our precinct and county voters.
He has been aided time and again by
our local business men in promoting
his numerous business enterprises.
Why "did he resign the U. S. Cora-
i.:o i.: i
uiioiiuuei aiiiur ins position as. assis
tant postmaster? What is his full and
complete record as school director as
justice of the peace? How did he-
acquit himself as our honorable rep
resentative in the Territorial Legisla
ture? How many of his numer-
1. ill- . S.l . . .
ous mug were enaeiear wnat is nis
reputation among the legislators?
What is his record as county survey
or? NO this is NOT' a fight against the
incorporation of this town, but a
united stand by business men most
vitally interested in the welfare of Roy
against a professional political
schemer who is and has been a dis
grace to our community and danger-
pus to the peace and harmony of its
Strayed or Stolen.
Strayed or stolen from my claim
near Abbott's wind-mill, Two bay
ponies, one branded A on right thigh
W on left thigh. The other is brand
ed AM connected on left hip, RM on
left thigh. Suitable reward for their
return or information leading to their
recovery. . - v
Mrs. Pauline Riordan,
Gladstone, N .M.

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