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Roy, Mora County, New Mexico, Saturday, August 5, 1911.
No. 28
A Pleasant Time.
The Sunday schools of this vi
cinity met with the Pleasant
View school at their school house,
seven miles east of town, last
Sunday in their regular Fifth
Sunday convention. A large
audience was present and listened
attentively to the program. The
forenoon was occupied with a
short but interesting prelude,
and dinner was called at noon.
Such a spread as was produced
from the many baskets and
placed upon the improvised
tables would be a credit to any
community, and the appetites
with which it was attacked at
tested the robust health of the
banqueters. When all were sa
tiated there was enough fried
cliicken, cake, pie, salads, etc., to
have properly fed as many more.
The afternoon program was in
charge of the vice president, as
the presiden!; liad succumbed to
the effects of the good dinner.
Addresses, papers, etc., by
meinbers'of the different schools
and on various timely and inter
esting topics were read and dis.
cussed, and recitations and songs
interspersed. .The convention
closed with a very interesting ad
dress bv Rev. J. S. Russell on the
subject of "The Bible in Litera
ture." Over 200 oersons were in at
tendance, and the park of teams
and vehicles as seen from a dis
tance across the level prairie was
a really imposing sight. Roy
and Solano furnished most of the
visiting crowd. Every one who
could get a way of going was
there from this burg, and all had
a good time.
Mr. Pedro Velasquez, promi
nent rai.chman of DeHaven, Un
ion county, was in town this
weekf purchasing supplies and
incidentally fixing up to get mar
ried. He will wed Miss Francis
quita Sandoval of Carrizo. The
ceremony will take place at Buy
eros on Thursday next.
J. E. Ransom and son, Henry,
of Hume, Mo., were in Roy Wed
nesday. These gentlemen came
to the Roy country with a view
' of locating. They accompanied
F. E. Epps home.
Jno. llickard of Crosbyton,
Tex., is in Roy this week looking
the country over. He expects
to locate.
Forty miles to the next Soda
Fountain. Better come in and
get an ice cream soda at Fairview
The following letter from the
General Land Office in Washing
ton will be found of much value.
It was received by Mr. J. E.
Dibble of Obar, and is published
by his permission.
Mr. Dibble filed in 1906 and
later took an additional quarter.
He intends to prove up this fall,
and desiring to know just where
he stood, he wrote a letter to Del
egate Andrews stating his exact
situation and asking him to as
certain the rulings of the land
office in such cases
The letter received in reply is
given below:
"Mr. Dibble. may make proof
on his original entry when he can
show compliance with the general
homestead law, but proof cannot
be made on the additional entry
until the requirement of the en
larged homestead act as to culti
vation havu been fully met, but
this cultivation may be on the
original entry or on the addi
tional entry, or partly on both
Proof may be made on the ad
ditional entry by showing that
one-eighth of the area of such ad
ditional entry has been continu
ously cultivated for four years,
and one-fourth of the area for
three years, but in such case the
cultivation must be of land em
braced in the original entry.
If, in making proof on the
additional entry, the party relies
on cultivation wholly or partly
on the original, he must show
that one-eighth of the combined
Notice to the Ladies
President R. W. Boulware of
the Roy District Fair Assaciation,
requests us to announce a call for
a meeting of the ladies of Roy
and vicinity at the I. O. O. F.
Hall in Roy next Saturday after
noon at two o'clock for the pur
pose of organizing for the work
óf aiding the association and se
lecting and classifying the ex
hibits they wish to enter for
prizes. All the ladies of the town
and vicinity are cordially invited
to be present and take an active
part in this meeting. Remember
the date, Saturday, August 12th,
and plan to come.
R. W. Boulware, Pres.
Roy Dist. Fair Ass'n.
W. Fred Ogden, Secy.
The Roy hotels are all doing'a
rushing business lately.
area of the two entries has been
continuously cultivated for four
years, and one-fourth of such
area for three years.
"Should he make proof on his
original entry at the expiration
of five years, and not be able to
show the cultivation necessary to
meet the requirements of the law
as to both entries, it would be
necessary for him to mane new
proof on the additional entry at
the proper time.
Very respectfully,
8. V. Proudlit,
Assistant Commissioner."
The last paragraph tells what
the "five-year people" who have
made second filings want to know.
That is, can they prove up on the
old claim now and on the new
claim later on? It is clear that
they can.
By the second paragraph it is
also clear that when proof is sep
arately, the law is satisfied with
the cultivation of 20 and 40 acres
(if on the new tiling), instead of
40 and 80 when both claims are
proved up together as stated in
the third paragraph.
We may add here that the old
makes residence the prime re
quirement, while the prime re
quirement of the new law is cul
The "five-year man" who has
complied with the old law by res
idence, can comply with the new
law by cultivation' regardless of
residence. The law nowhere re
quires residence on the second
filing. Obar Progress.
Business Changes.
Several business changes , oc
curred on the first of the month
in Roy. The most important was
the resignation of Walcott Russe
as bookkeeper for the Floer
sheim Mercantile Co. to accept a
similar position with the Good
man Mercantile Co., succeeding
Miss Lulu Cox, who surrenders
the position to take charge of the
dry goods department of the
Goodman store. Mr. Russel is
an expert bookkeeper and ac
countant, and Mr. Goodman is to
be congratulated, iii having se
cured his service .. Mr. Emmet
Alldredge succeeds. Mr. Russei
at the Floerslieim office.
Miss Edith Hern has resigned
her position at the Goodman
Mercantile Co. store, and is plan
ning to attend some business col
lege this fall ajid fit. herself for a
On Wednesday, August 2d,
there was brought to the big
railroad warehouse in Roy, 54
wagon loads of wool, averaging
rom 3,000 to 4,000 pounds to the
uad, which was all purchased by
the Floersheim Mercantile Co. at
an averagé price of 13c per pound.
The amount paid out for wool in
this one day exceeded $10,000.00,
and this is but a fraction of the
wool that has already been pur
chased and stored in the b'g
warehouse. A conservative es
timate on this year's clip is $175,-
000.00 worth of wool at present
The average amount of wool
delivered at Roy during past
years has been about $50,000.00
per year. S. Floersheim, presi
dent of the Floersheim Mercan
tile Co., is down from Springer
superintending the delivery of
wool from the flocks owned by his
company, which will be at least
one-fourth of the entire receipts.
Wo should like for some of our
Eastern friends to get these fig
ures rightly in their heads. It
would make some, difference in
their opinion of New Mexico.
position as stenographer and
bookkeeper, a position for which
she has many natural qualifica
tions worthy of cultivation.
Irvin Ogden, Sr., who has been
employed at the Goodman Mer
cantile Co. store for several
weeks, has been dispensed with
at that store, and is trying to de
cide whether to take a vacation
and go fishing, go out to the
ranch and hoe weeds, accept one
of several offers to go and run a
threshing engine or do some one
of a dozen other things that he
can do if he wants to. In the
meantime he is working at car
penter work here in town.
Leandro Archuleta will leave
for the Antonio Joseph Hot
Springs on Monday, to be gone
six weeks. He hopes to be ben
efited greatly, and no doubt- will,
as the medicinal properties of
those springs are unsurpassed. .
The Variety Machine Works
are crowded with work lately and
working overtime, having to hire
an extra blacksmith (?)
Mrs. Remejio Lopez has gone
to Buyeros, visiting.
Don't forget to bring your girl
down stairs for a dish of ice
cream when you attend the
dances at the I. O. O. F. Hall.

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