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THE The Spanish-American is in
SPANISH AMFRlAI!recei't0, a 8eeu consignment
E. J. H. RÓY, Editor
PubliiheJ Eter; S.lwdij By
Mora County Publishing Co.
i (rom the Department of Agri
culture, thru the courtesy of
Geo. Curry, member of congress.
These seeds are for distribution
and will be distributed to. the
public, as long as they last.
Sui..,,. . (1.50 PttYm
Entérelas ssooofcrian. matter at
the posloffice in liny, N. M.
Progressive Movement
We are reliably informed that
a Ucpublicah Progressive ljcague
will soon be launched in Mora
County. No better movement
could be fostered by law abiding
citizens of the State and espec
ially of Mora County. Títere
are hundreds of good Republi
cans in Mora County ready to
help and keep the League to the
front, men of standing, business
men, farmers and in fact all the
better element believing in Re
publican principles M extolod by
the Progressives. We will print
full details of the organisation,
when perfected in Mora County.
The League has nude great en
croachments upon the old parent
and many are firmly of the opin
ion that the RapflbHoan ProgPev
sivo L"ague yyill control the des
tiny of Republicanism In the New-
State of New Mexico, at the nexM
Tins Newspaper believes in
Republican Principles, but does
not believe in Gang Rule, under
the disguise of the Republican
putty nl this county. They are
not Repuhlirans--for true Repub
licanism and its teachings differ
widely from I ho standpoint taken
by the present office holders of
Mora County.
We wish to thank our friends
who have done their utmost in
making this paper a matter of
notice. We have found in Roy
some of the most despicabla
people that ever Infested any
community. We aro very proud
to be their enemies and wo are
going to fight them until doom's
day, unless they get out and iet
this Town bo a clean Town.
If thev vamoosed Roy would
be a hundred fold better.
The dive keeper has como back
bigger than ever. This individu
al has had his "hill" stuck into
everything. We surely have to
applaud the doings of tho Mora
County Republican Convention
in miming such an imbecile to go
to Santa Fe and there represent
the voters of Precinct 22. Once
UpOl) a time a Democrat in some
Ward in Ohicego, r.ow a Repub
lican in Mora County. Such an
icqc.isition to the party is suffic
ient reason for all good dead Re
publicans to turn over in their
How Community Should
Treat Their Newspaper
Having sold his Sterling (Km.)
Bulletin and abandoned the news
paper business, J. E. Judl-.in
feels that he is now in a position
to tell the people how they should
treat their local paper and its
editor without being accused of
having a selfish purpose. He has
written a "communication" on
how to make the editor effective,
in which he says in part.
"Remember that he is a human
being with frailites like other
lieople, although he generally
has his natural weakness under
better colrol t íah most people.
Try to develop his sunnyside by
just as few criticisms as possible
and an occasional word of praise
"Encourage him in a businc
way. f igure now much your
business can altor J to spenil a
year lor advertising and ask his
co opeaation in getting the best
results. Don't greet him with
"Take out my advertismein'
when he drops In to bilk matters
over with you. He may have
come with some valuable sugges
tion, and lioililltv and indiffer
ence may deprive you of his assistance.
"He can be made the commun
ity's best asset. The newspaper,
more than any other factor, has
to do with tho town's welfare. It
is a bugle announcing the dawn
of new enterprises. It Is a pack
horse bearing burdens when oth
ers arc knocking or shirking.
It is the one sou no that should
always bring ho cf ulncss. No
clouds should be tvitiout a silver
W. F. Walkowiak the emmi-
nent and illustrous political dub
lias returned from Santa Fe. We
not that the dive-keeper of Roy
did not get on as a delegate to the
Chicago Convention.
The Republicans of New Mex
ico saw lit not to put on such a
person, one who has violated the
laws of New Mexico every dny
since he came hero. Hooze sell
iifg and gambliug is a better
trade than being a Politican from
Roy. (?)
Native Seeds-garden seeds
see the seeds at Flcersheim's
ublic Forum
Take notice of the ads in tho
Spanish American they will be of
great benefit to you when pur
chasing supplies.
(All communications must bear
the signature of the writer, but
the name will not bo published
where such request is made.
Publication of communication
does not mean indorsement of the
same, but the columns of thi
paper arc, open to all who wish to
express themselves on public
matters of local interest, provkl
ing their expression docs not
violate good taste and the ethics
of publicity.)
Reduced Prices
Ladies and Children's Coats, Winter
Underwear and all Winter Goods
Old Homestead Flour, Jno. Deere Plows, Hamilton-Brown Shoes
Ferguson-McKinney Shirts and Underwear, Heinz Products,
De Laval Separators, Armour's Meats and Lard.
Try a Spanish Amcricau Ad.
Our Meat Department is in Charge of an Expert
Meat Cutter. - - All Kinds of Fresh and
Cured Meats. - - Highest Prices Paid
for Butter and Eggs.
Roy, New Mexico
I Are You a Woman J
1 ' A 3
.sssssU. m a vr v-t
The Woman's Tonic 1
May steal your valuable parers, fire may burn them, or
they may become misplaced and lost. Better put them
where they are safe. Our customers are allowed the
protection of our steel lined vault Our Mosler screw
door safe is the highest type of Modern llallí, ,ofpc- ,
lion. In addition to this mechanical protection we carry
ample burglary insurance in a reliable company, and
arc members of the American Bankers Association who
employ the Burns Detective Agency,
We Solicit Your Account
Roy Trust & Savings Bank
H. B. JONES, Pmide.t
Mr. Ignacio Romero of the
Wagon Mound Newspaper Trust,
proxy for Blis Sanchez, and Mr.
Benjamin F. Brown of the Mos
quero Sun seem tobe well match
ed. Their vilifying tactics are
opted by one another. The public
should know the doing of those
Notice For Publication.
lining if the newspaper meets its I sc illawags, their nefarious past,
nnnnrtunitv. Tnese ibinira. inil ! ono a iniul crmtnict grafter Mid
inore, the newspaper can do and
will do for the town which will
get behind it. Usually ti e care
ful business man tries to keep
his assets uniinpaire I. A town
should do the same an i a good
newspaper is it's best, asset.
"He won't amount to two
whoops if lie dosn't have prin
ciples and stml by them. Be
United Slates public land dealer
and the other an embezzler from
San Miguel County. The inno
cent public should be nwaro of
the fact that charges are being
instituted against the Combate
and Sentinel for non-compliance
with the Postal Regulations.
Our campaign has been one of
reform and not one of vllliCci-.-
Dtpsrtment ol the interior,
U. S. Land Olllce at Clarión, N. 11.
iitt. 2t. lita.
Notice in hereby k ven that damos
Karl Hoots, of filailstone, N. M.,v,hn
1 0:1 Nov. 1, bioti, made homeiteail
I enti-v No. 09615, for lots I, Í, .1 tad I
ft, M. 1
U . . . The Oriental Hotel . . .
S A. P. DUNCAN, Prop.
First Class and Up-to-date Service
2 Rooms and Meals the Very Best and at All Hours
! Roy, .... . . new Mexico
The Masquerade
Ball which was to
take place tonight
has been postponed
proud of him if he is a 1 ood clean tion. If the Mosquero Sun and
fighter, even if lie is opposed to! the Wagon Mound Newspaper
you. The, -if in his judgement
he sees no real reason for a light
outside of personal, ambitious or
factional difference, don't howl
about him being a coward'. It
takes more courage, to keep out of
a light then to get into one."
Beit assortment seeds you
ever saw. Select them early
Ungallant Mm.
U U rather an ungallant man who
advócalos women's suffrage on the
theory that It will not make any real
lilerence. Washington Star.
Trust were running their papers
from an honest standpoint, their
answers would be different and
stand on their merits. Who is
Ben. F. Brown? And who is
Bias Sanchez? Both of their
sheets arc a disgrace to Journal
ism and are gotten out for per
sonal benefit of (heir Editors.
They are indeed brilliant editions.
intention to make Kinal commutation
Proof to establish claim to the land
adove described, before Uojflster and
Receiver, l S. Land Ottlee, Clarion,
New Moxieo, on Ihe 8th day of April.
Claimant names as witnesses:
William II. Harris, William If.
Harris, Jr. John H. Walker, Hall
Holloinan, all Of (Hailstone. N. M.
Edward W. Fox,
2-0 Mch. Keg-later.
until a later date.
Great Value of Coivanut.
The cocoanut Is not only valuable
is a aource of food and drink In iron
'cat countrlea, but la also the best ot
all treea for shade.
Woman's Sense of Honor.
Much lias been done by our own
higher education and widening field
nf unrlí mm n wnmrtn nnw ripiuil.RH
what uaed to be by repute her most a nail!
Keep Memerto ef Great Artist.
Cu tho íacíirio of H10 Palazzo Vec
chio ot Horencc, to the right ot the
central entrance, Iho profilo of a
man's head Is trnced on the murble,
(he autborthip of which Is accrtbed
to Michael Angelo. Tho siory runa
that ho and a friend made a bet as to
which of them would draw a head
best wl!h their backs to tho wall, a
bet easily won by Michael Angelo,
tor ho traced a perfect profile, where
as the other produced only n waver
ing, Imperfect outline. Tbu story
further reíales that the tool utod wae
both drawings are carefully
formidable weapons a lie, tears and
a skillful appeal 10 the vanity of man.
The writer baa often noticed the
markedly greater breadth of view and
the truer tense of honor among the
present-day girl students compared
with that which obtained when she
herself was a student, and which la
till largely that of women ot her
own age today. An even more strik
ing fact is that the majority of men
do not aeen to expect as keen a cense
of honor from women as they do from
themselves. This mental atmosphere
has surety a deterrent effect upon the
growth ot that sense A Woman
Teacher, In London Spectator.
Time Watted.
"I will detain you only a moment.
Mr. Hepperly. Aro you carrying all
the life Insurance you want?"
"Yes, and more than 1 can afford;
but I'm glad you dropped tn. I have
lust taken the agency for a subicrlp
tlon book entitled 'The Voters' Man
ual.' It contains the platforms of all
the existing political parties, brief bi
ographies of all tho prominent polit
ical letders, statistics relating to the
Internal revenae, congressional de
bates on the tariff question together
with what't your harry!"
Roy Telephone Company
Now connected with Solano and Mosquero, on the South.
Mills, Abbott, Jaritas, Chico, Taylor and Springer,
on the North
Connected with all Bell Long Distance
Telephone Lines
Do your business by phone and get your answer at same
time and save telegraphic delays.
ROY, N. M. and SPRINGER, N. M.
Local Reside. ice
$1.50 per mo.
Private Lin
$3.00 per mo.
Local Buiincit
$2,50 per mo.
Southwestern Hotel
Special Attention Paid to the Traveling Public
West Side of Depot, Roy, N. M.


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