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Vol. IX
No. 10
ti i
Andrews and Mills Withdraw from the Senatorial Race
in Favor of Same Candidate, Making it Possible for
Election of Fall and Catron.
Santa Fe, N. M., Mar. 26th.-1
Amidst scenes of undescri bable
enthusiasm Albert B. Fall and
Thomas B. Catron were elected
to the United States Senate today.
The iate oí the later hung in the
balance. When the roll had been
called, he lacked four vote of
election but before the result
was annonnced enough legisla
tors rose to change their votes to
Catron, to put him safely across
the wire. It was the Spanish
Americans on tho .republican
side who changed their minds at
the critical moment.
Overshadowing every event,
Santa Fe this forenoon awaited
in nervous suspense the balloting
for two United States Senators
st high noon and wondered whet
her the agreement reached after
midnight among the republican
leaders would withstand the qniet
but determined work that was
done this forenoon by ths forces
opposed to the republican organ
isation to undo the work that
was to elect Albert B. Fall and
Thomas B. Catron to the United
States Senate.
It was at the house of former
Delegate to Congress William H.
Andrews, himself one of the
leading senatorial aspirants, who
with William J. Mills has stood
second highest among the repub
licans in the ballots thus far tali
en for United States Senators,
that the linal agreement as pro
posed by National Committee
v man Soloman Luna, who had
championed from the start the
cause of Fall and Catron, was
reached with former State Chair
man, Holin 0. Bursuin, who had
championed FaU tuul Andrews,
by which Andrews, for tlie sake
of harmony, consented to with
draw his name nncl to counsel
those who voted for him to
swing their vote into the Fall and
Catron column. Simll.irl.Vi the
friends of William .1. Wills, who
had mado a coalition with the
Fall forces, reached at the start,
were tola that Mills had with
drawn and that they were free
to vote fir Catnm and Fall.
Sneaker L. Baca was the only
ut.mitil'mir block in Iho way of
electing the senators today, hi
nnimosiiv to Thomas 11. Catron
being apparently insnperabl
Primrose Circle
The ladies of the Primrose
Progressive Circle gathered at
the home of Mrs. A. P. Duncan,
Wednesday afternoon and held
a very pleasant and interesting
meeting. At the conclusion of
the regular routine of business
of the circle, the ladies were in
vited into the dining room
where a delightful spread con
sisting of sandwiches, assorted
cakes, custards, relishes, and
coffee was gracefully served by
the hostess. '
We also wish to state that con
gratulations were in order, as
Wednesday being the birthday
of our worthy member, Mrs. W.
G. Johnson, made the afternoon
all the more enjoyable.
Neis Waterhouse returned to
Roy Monday from Kansas with a
car of hossehold goods, farm im
plements and stock. Mr. Water-
house is a prosperous farmer
who resides east of town.
Declaration of ; Principles of the
i -
Progressive Republican League
of the State of New Mexico
Samuel Strang, of Kansas la a
lute arrival in the
view of locating.
city with a
Solano News Notes
Glen Make, brother of Mrs.
R. H. Carson, is here on a visit,
. The objects of this league are the promotion of the follow
ing principles. ,
1. We believe in the language of Abraham Lincoln that
"This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the
people." ' .
2. We are absolutely opposed to the corrupting influence
of the special Interest in politics, boss rule, snd gang methods,
and we favor none but clean men for official positions.
8. We believe in the election of the United States Sena
tors by a direct vote of the people through an amendment to the
constitution of the United States; and we are in favor of direct
primaries for the nomination of alt elective officles, making the
nominees directly responsible to the people rather than to party
-1. Excepting the Articles of the Constitution of this
stats relating to the elective franchise and education, we are in
favor of making the constitution more easily amended. We be
lieve in the election, of delegates to National Conventions by a
presidential preference act, with opportunity to the voter to ex
press his choice on his ballot for pretident and vice president.
5. We favor an early amendment to the constitution of
the state providing a sensible and reasonable initiative and ref
erendum an easier method of removing unfaithful and dis
honest public servants of the state, than by the slow process of
impeachment, and also an enlargement of the powers, and more
clearly defining the duties of the corporation commission of the
state. I
6. ' We favor a corrupt practice act limiting the amount
of money that can be expended on elections requiring publicity
from candidates, and political committees, of moneys expended
and for what purposes, thus eliminating as far as possible, the
corrupt use of money in politics.
7. We believe that all men are equal before the law, that
no special privileges should be granted to anyone, rich or poor,
not accorded to all men; but that each man should have an equal
chance with every other man as a citizen and voter, without any
discrimination whatsoever, except that of personal merit.
8. We welcome all voters to this league from other nolit-
cal parties who have affiliated wVl, ivr wish to affiliate ; with
progressive republicans, from sincere, honest and worthy mo
tives, and for the carrying out of the principles of this league
from seltiish interest..
Will those persons who are interested in the Progressive
Republican League of the State of New Mexica, please cut this
petition out and paste on blank paper, and secure signatures of
voters, and send same to the Hon. Ueorge W. Pritchard, Pres.,
Santa Fe, N. M.
Arrest of Bribe-Takers was
Result of a Conspiracy,
Cleverly Planned.
Santa Fe., N. M., March 27.
Contrary to expectations, it will
take two more' days before the
house bribery investigation com
mittee will take tbe case against
the four accused members of the
house under advisement. The
fourth of ths defendants, J. P.
Lucero, wss still on tbe stand for
cross examination when the com
mittee met this afternoon. The
prosecution will hear several wit
nesses in rebuttal, and then the
defense will introduce the wit
nesses that will lay the foundation
for a course that it Will press and
which will furnish the sensation
of the entire proceedings.
The defense maintains that the
arrest of the four men was not
only a conspiracy to damage one
of the leading candidates for the
senate, but also an attack of the
executive branch of the state up
on the legislature. It will de
mand that the mounted police
man who arrested the four legis
lators without warrant, without
committment and without mak
ing a sworn cnarce before a
magistrate, be cited before tbe
bar of the house for contempt
and be meted out the severest
punishment as a precedent. v
very indication points to the ex
oneration of the four defendants!
from the charges against them.
Mrs. Lewis B. Speers Shoots
Herself Following Arrest
for Failure to pay Board
Springer, N. M., March 24. "
Without funds and driven to
desperation by her arrest Sat
urday evening on complaint of '"
the Springer hotel management,
Mrs. Lewis B. Speers at about 7
o'clock this morning shot herself
in the batl) room of the hotel
with a 32 caliber revolver, and 12
hours later was dead.
Mrs. Speers came here Febrn-
ary 1st, from Santa Fe. Shortly
after her arrival she was , joined
by a daughter, aged 7 years. Niel
represented herself ss having I
money and several times ihadeV
offers to buy the Springer hotel,
where she was a guest. How- V
School Items
Lloyd Church is again in school
after an absence of several days,
Mrs. B. M. Cook, wife of Dr.
Cook came in Thursday from
Mrs. Geo. Evans of Tucumcari
is visiting at the Upton Ranch at
Miss Eva I'earch arrived
this week from Wnodlawn, Okla.
to live on her claim and look after
her crops.
Box Supper A Success
The Box Supper and program
given by the Graduating class of
the Roy Public Schools last
Tuesday evening was quito a
success. Although the- audience
was not so large as was expected,
everything went off in a very
satisfactory manner and the box
es sold well, aoouc fcin.uu was re
alized from the sale of the boxes
by auctioneer Clarence Wright.
Dr. Cates, who has been suf
fering from rheumatism all wint
f r, is improving.
New Homestead Law
The house of congress Wednes
day passed a bill reducing from
live to three years the period of
residence required on homestead
lands before patents are issued.
It also permits entrymen and
their families to lx absent from
their homesteads live months In
each your.
Arrangements are being com
pleted to finish the town-well.
A young hoy, son of Mr. Jen
nings, fell from a buggy, catch
ing hi left leg in it wheel, and
dislocating it nt the knee. The
dislocation was reduced bv Dr.
Conic, and no serious results arc
Everybody is respectfully re
quested to come early to the
Fifth Sunday Convention which
takes place at the school house
In Roy tomorrow, account of the
election of officers.
.Mrs. 11. W. Farmer was up
from the Li Cinta Canyon Wei
nesdiiy to meet her husband who
returned from a business trip to
H. Goodman was in Trinidad
this week nttending to busiin
matters in connection' with the
Goodman Mercantile Co.
Show to be Here Today .
The Frank Adams Great
Southern Railroad Shows are
billed to appear in our city for
two performances, this afternoon
at 2 p. in. and tonight at 7 p. in.
It is not very often that a good
show appears here, so all should
attend these performances, and
help boost tho future show busi
ness for Roy.
Earl Cable Is out of school
present visiting friends.
The School Board
diplomas for the
Class last Thursday.
ordered the
Monday is School Election for
the election of one director for
the term of three years.
ever, these negotiations never re
sulted in anything. The manage
ment became suspicious of the
woman, and on several occasions
made insistan t demands that she
settle for her board. She made
excuses each time. Finally, a
complaint was filed against Mrs.
Spesrs last evening and she was
t-v : 1
x uio oiurmug sue tuaue nu c a
cuse to go to the bathroom. Al
most immediately a shot was .
heard. The guard burst open
the door and found Mrs, Speers
lying on the floor, a revolver " .';
plntphiwl in hr hiinil and hlnnd
nnvmo frnm i.vniinii in lipr
breast.- Slie made no- sutmeti S?',i
and though conscious until her
death she refused to talk.
Mrs. Speers was a line appear
ing woman and during her stay
here had made many friends who
are at a loss to account for he
rash net. Her husbnnd, from
whom she has been separated
for some time, is in El Paso, while
a sister, Mrs. C, M. Whiteman,
lives in Denver, where she is
Western Union manager at the
Denver Stockyards. Both were
communicated with, no response
made burial by Springer people
For School Director
Levinis BeSniet, a prominent
stockman of Chico, was in town
the first of the week looking after
cattle interests in this vicinity.
C. C. Ferrol, who lias a
near town is a late arrival
DennUon, Texas, to look
farm interests.
Mr. .T. Floersheiin was n pleas-1 The Graduating Class has or
unt caller on the school Monday. 1 ded their Commencement pro
Cou'io again Mr. Floersheiin. . j grams and invitations from the
' Spanish-American, and when fin
ished will be one of the finest
Ernest Anderson was visiting , b e gotten out in Roy.--:
ins om sciinoi-mates in too grain
ar room Tuesday.
I hereby declare myself as a
candidate for the office of School
Director for District SU, to be Clr..ra. Iva, Zelphia and
elected April 1st, r.'i-. siuooci to. ci.cll (,t fol. SeiinS) 0ldn..
the will of the people, and earn-; Slln(lny ,,-hero 'they will visit
estly request that all voters in-, . suffering w-ith
terested in our school turn out
and vot?. If elected I promise
to fulfill the office to the best of
my ability for the upbuilding of
the schools in this district.
Respectfully, '
E V. Noil, the popular fireman
of tho Dawson road is in the city
from Tucumcari, and will remain
here for a week looking after
farm interests.
R. A. Pendleton.Homer Holmes
and Bob Holmes came in from
Cimarron Tuesday and will . re
main here for awhile before re
turning to work.
Wm. Dunn arrived from Kan
sas City Thursday, a;id will re
main here for awhile looking
after his claim north of town.
D. C. Traister, the prominent
cowman of Dellaven was hero
Wednesday on a shopping exped
a fractured limb.
The Liberty division of the
Hoy school will' begin a two
months spring term of school
next Monday. Miss Olga Nelson
will be the teacher.
Rev. J. S. Russel spent Monday
afternoon visiting the different
Purl' rooms of the school, and made ad
dresses to the pupils of each room.
His addresses were highly ap
preciated by the pupils. Mr.
Russel expressed himself as very
much pleased with the work be
ing done in the different grades,
and says Roy has one of the best
schools in Northeastern New
Mexico. Come again Mi. Russel.
John Gallagher was up from
his ranch near Dellaven the first
of the week after supplies. Mr.
Gallagher left us a nice order for
Mrs. Clark Harper and children
passed thru Roy Wednesday from
Oklahoma, enrouto to their home
near Mills.
It Is the opinio of Roy people
interested in the subject that the
new law passed affects homo
stead entries now pending as
well as those to bo made in the
future. The law cuts down tho
required residence from live to
three years and allows the set
tler five month's absence each'
year. He Is not obliged to make
up the lost time. The new home
stead legislation is expected to
increase the number of entries
The State Examination for the
eighth grade will bo held nt the
The First Annual Commence
ment of the Roy Public Schools
will be held in I. 0. O.F.Hall on
Friday evening April 19th. The
main school building in Roy, following are tho graduates:
April 12 and 13th. Pupils desir
ing to take examination should be
ready at eight o'clock for the
work, i
Try a Spanish American Ad.
Mrs. F. A. Roy and Mrs. Col
lins were pleasant callers on the
different rooms of the school
Wednesday. They . expressed
themselves as wéll pleased with
the work being done in the
schools. .Call again ladies.
Ninth Grade Zoe Cable, Mary
Russel, Edgar Floersheiin, Lbyd
Church and Earl Bauin. Eighth
Grade Helen Alldredgo, TellE.
Bradley, Joe Goodman, Allierto
Branch, Raymond Tower and
Ralph James.
Miss Freda Leach, the popular
school teacher of La Uinta, was
visiting relatives in town Wednes

La Cinta.

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