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E. J. H. ROY, Editor
Pobliiked Every SiturtUy By
Mora County Publishing Co.
Subscriptioi $1.50 Per Year
Entered us second-class matter at
the postoffice in Roy, N. M.
It looks as if tho little one
horse town ot Mosquero, was go
ins to land one on its neighbor
ROY, a town ten timos the size of
the Union County Metropolis.
You Kov business men h() to
sleep nnil sob what "ill happen
The Spanish-American ac
knowledges receipt of the House
and Senate liills, thru tho cour
tesy of Remigio Lopez, Repre
sentative from Roy.
This office will in future have
copies of all House and Senate
Bills for the benefit of its readers
and all who wish to peruse over
tho doings of the First State
Legislature are at liberty to do
so at the office of tho Spanish-
Many Failures Directly Traceable
.to Lack of Knowledge.
The executive committee of the
Coronado County Club, luis dune
absolutley nothing in matters af
fecting the new county propo
sition and this cimimitleo should
be disregarded. We want live
wires and not dead heads on such
a committee.
The finance committee is about
on the same level.
The New Stato of New Mexico
now has two Senators and while
the Spanish-American is sorry
that Ex-Delegate W. II. Andrews
who was entitled to the honor by
long odds and iu every way de
serving ot it at tne nanus 01 uie
Uepublican party of New Mexico
was not elected to continuo the
gooil work that he had been ac
complishing for his constituents,
still it believes that A. U. Full
and T. 1!. Catron will malte New
Mexico good Senators, both -are
brainy and rank high in the legal
profession of the tie-,'.' State.
Three years ago a substantial
sum was gott.on up to send a com
mittee to Santa Ie. three years
after not a cent has been collect.
ed for the same purpose, ultho
How long, oh men-hunt and
real estate man, do you expect
the chances for a new county are! t,lc ncwsp.il)t!,s o lllis town to
more promising then they were
at that time. It takes money to
send a committee to Santa Fe
and meet other contingent expenses.
The senatorial light, which it
is thought had been settled, will
at once reopen with fury as Sen
ator A. I!. Fall today drew i.l:e
shortest term, the. 0110 that ex
pires in eleven months. The hat
ot V. II. Andrews is already in
the ring; the derby of' Mills will
follow and the fedora of Felix
Martin.". is expected poco pronto;
There are merry times abend po
litically for tho present legisla
ture. Santa Fe New Me:;!:-an.
stand the loss occasioned by the
publishing of papers setting
forth tho advantages of tho com
munity':' The advertising patron
age does not begin to pay the ex
pense of getting out the papers,
and the money earned by the job
work is used to malte up this de
ticit. Tne town and- country
should be advertised even bettor
than it is, but the newspapers
cannot stand the strain of issue-
lng papers at a loss.
Plow, Packer nd Harrow Mutt Bo
Used Often and Thoroughly to
Catch and Retain Molttura
Fall During Winter.
The great majority of failures from
dry farming tbe past season and di
rectly traceable to a lack ot knowl
edge aa to tbe requirements ot the .
crops. The greatest mistake was
mnde In the preparation of the soil '
and until this part of the business
becomes thoroughly understood tho
settlers mlght us well give up "tho
idea of dry farming and go Into tho
chicken business, says the Denver
Field and Farm. A slipshod method
In preparing the Eecd bed Is the first
step toward failure. Tho plow, the
packer and harrow must bo used oft- j
en and thoroughly. Plow tho land in
summer or fall as conditions will per
mit and plow as deeply as possible.
When we ilrst break the virsin sod
we can seldom plow deciier than two
and one-half to three Inches, hut after
that we can gradually incroase this
depth to eight or ten inchos.
The object ot plowing deep in sum
mer or fall is to catch and retain all
tho moisture posslblo that will fall
during tho winter and spring and thus
have a largo reservoir of lcose soil
to retain tho water. If the precipi
tation 13 heavy enough during thi3
period to thoroughly 1111 tho soil with
moisture, disk and harrow the land
bb coca as soil conditions will per
mit In t;'e spring. A crop may then
be ph'.nt.'d with seme prospect of suc
cess. In cvrepilonilly dry years It A
will bs found necessary to summer H
fallow the land and seed It a year ,
laler. On level land where the wind
blowB a great deal and lo apt to carry jj
tho Enow off of the fields, n method , ut
often prnrtired to great advantage is f!
to plow deep furrows serosa tho Held
every ten or twelvo feet In opposite
direction to the prcvalllm? winds.
The snow Is driven and held in thesi
furrows and a lister can bo uaed to
burst out these rows,
, The roller and harrow oil rhonld , w
be used freely. There art upon the ; JfiSA-KSSaSSnSPaS
market a number o" corrugated ro:- i - 1 -
ers. One with deep corrugation Is
preferable. Ncvor UBe tho roller
when tho ground Is too moist or when
It can not bo followed by tho harrow.
Many tenderfoot farmers work the
soil when it has a tendency to stick
and this ÍB a bad policy wherovcr it
is ilcr.o, but It mean3 ruin if dor.3 at
all in the scml-arid region. After ev
ery rain, Jr.st as soon as the roll li
in working condition., run over it
Ladies and Children's Coats, Winter
Underwear and ail Winter Goods
Old Horncíícad Flour, Jzio. Deere Plows, Harntlton-Browr. Shoes
Fergusort-McKinney Shirts and Underwear, Heinz Products,
De Laval Seperaioro, Armour's Meats' and Lard.
Our Meat Department is in Charge of an Expert
Meat Cutter. - All Kinds of Fresh and
Cured Meats. - - Highest Prices Paid
for Butter and Eggs.
Roy, New Mexico
One Bulldc Nest in a Houce and An
other Establishes Noma on
Etactrlc Lirjht Lnmp.
harrow eo aa to break the
Then? ino. iiiüiry who thought
and still think Hint Mr. Andrews
o.uuM do mon for iíe pror.iot ii n
of tho interests of Xoiv Vxm in
F.ditor, Spitiiisli-Amoricim,
Ruy. X. M.
My Dear Sir:--
Since the notice nppoarei'
in the columns of the Spanish
American I have received sc
many requests for tepnr.v
Hint I cvtn iv) longer fnrni .h tm
Small criiin ran be harrowed to ad
vintnito until It Is four Inches high.
When doiup this set the teeth back
ward at an anrsle of forty-five degrees
and ran riosswipo with the drill
rows. All the work dono unen tho
fields chonld us with tho ouo end in
view tl.:it of rnasorvlr.ac moisture.
The moisture lo:-t from the soil
I t'.ircuiili maioct means a r-roporlion-
I ate drcrcariO in tho croo. A nractuo
that Is quite common is to follow tho
Krain binder with a Rood Fhcrp disc
j harrow, tho object o' thlu tcinR to
break up tho bard surface of ttic soil
! and thus prevent evaporation. When
small a:ain of soi-ini soeilinc Is to
beuns i follow corn, thoroughly disc tho
crour.d as rapidly as the corn is cut.
to these who tve itD'nlyinir. :il-l
;io tJ
the sonúte than tiny other of the though I Unvn botijiU t tip the : QCT H!$. !!3T3 fc-tlXEDk
1 : I i 1.. i t: ... i ! nmwl tlmf U nn ho niiLvWot. ! ' "
oxpnihwy caltrd In- tlio willi- j T Iio.snwiio have ahvady ur-pHiul j
ilrviv.-ifl iif t.Mt'i Mv Atol:,,-; , .,,! ' Will I".'MV0 HUM! Sild ilboi.t- tllO i
.liirfiTf Miiu 1'tvnn fn. i-.'p htuV ni'uiclltMif Anril. I will not. -have ! A3 tho iiu'.e i
lileo oüd íind loyal Jlnvuhlicans "" than ono-lifth of tho unu-nnl
cufty a'; th.
iUn H-8 So:
Erok Plore
A very curious Irtr.r.co of boldness L
In sw:illov;a v. as recurtíod in lCC
' from Ocy'on. In this cmo the birds ij
. "built ovi.r a ia:nD in the dinins room; u
jv.haT, ir.ntlo the ic cl'olco of Eite moro a
i n?marl;ablñ was tho fact th:it the Kj
lr.r:ix cov.ld bo raisGtl or lowered by ,
ccan;cp w.-hts and tho con!:(jctin& ; P
chura aucinr.Üy paüiod through tho j
mud v.-(.lln 01 the post.
Octi'alonaüy the bud Rolects a nest- !5
Ins r.ko -i!ch invites comnárlson with 'Ja
ho l'o'.ihi.íáH cf die robin. In o'u'yliu:t '.$
a p:tr or saJIowa took (id vim tapo or
the orinn v.incov; of an unorcup'od
ht(iri;f',i In l houfi" at Fclniorsham m ,ii
(.: ir-'.if.iro lo bp;,'ln buiiil!:ig thoirip!
r.(i:í" ou ío curtr.í; red of tho bfd. ' 'ti
ffs? rrf.'rn oí the c'iier of tbejp
. h;uv ;o íind nis occu n.tlon of tho bodi'
did ir. tho least d.rurb or alarm tho i
'hir.'i í, w.iKh cc:...Ieted tho nct and t
a;;vüii woira of t.hc honre owner's re- Xx;í?f3rií!
turn, 'fhoy took r.o nt-i:! oí t!:o oo 1 1.
, cupr.v.t f tho bed vh'.'n í n
cue of íhe v.'incíov ioolUir: Vt.z
' yr.-r.u;; but tho hen bird wotrü í.y cií .fi
ip th" neit If r.uy o::c entered Iht roc:4 1 Ji
Tluvo ye;jns íifo Q, pair of fi'vr.l'of.'B L v
built Uirir nr-st on top Iho í.hacio oí 1
rn ('vrvrx laiap rhirh hr.rr i ov."h'o , ri
..;o n;-luin ct -Miroorr.u.
v:.ccr.;oi. Daily's ;'.;;:uiu.í,
When you have a surplus of money deposit
It with us. We pay interest on Certiucr.tea
of deposit. A checking account, r.o natter
how sni&ll, is a convience once tried always
used. Start a bank account. It helps you
to save. : : : : :
& .Savings Bank
C. L. JLjTiCF, Cisslitr
H. D. Jü;;E3, PrMidcnt
tliuv .vichlnl to the ii-iiuiioiui ntu roiiir.'stcil
I' liS Sl'l'lt Will llOt llO Slluicil'llt tO j j
' pbnt very larsp aivits.
.. ! F. J. A .wav.
Oerlitin ninttow arc now com-j
iiifi to lisht, wherein ccit-Jín
Special L'-tnil Agents h:ul some:
itriportttiit part. W'a refer to
some very partial investigations j
thtit have been made, here al Hoy ;
iyMr.roy o. Moure's corps L:dy in Gocd'A'aicr Descrcbcs Ber iu
Bev-KMIm bacteria. ijl ' ; Vii'fr
. .... , nv -W i lirn:
v.-rlV-j c;.3i.rit. -
n i i. 0. oii I y :'.;i:ní V.". ::i'lc-,iai:: ho '-'nil- ! ..
rlorn'-t! in fronl of it i:o,)l;Ttorc. i
t h O' 't i-cr.-ülii r) lo ilra tl:o Kira'sg oí that !
1 Meco c! v:: r.: en íi:ó íü. .t. r.nu vitij i
I . r..-,-i" i,, claimed to have keen clteeuvcijr aeui-
I iii'rl: ".''y v. ::u v.Muicd i:o to rot
tiorlc ft;r tier a orrt.-t n r..vo! 2t:o''j
jii-v nl e Rood fir.-.! obo-.-.t. 1 vx.isi ad
i'.? tu::".o;;:iu'j:n t!ic i;avo lr.o. E!jc
m. umm&
Distressing ;per!:rce find
Teiis Row She Was
fiiiüüy Rciicvcd.
of inefficient Special. Agents.
Those so culled ilespic;tblo Gov-
eriiment Represcntiitives nppeitr; i lilíüiy KCÍICV6Ü. i'.liu Iict oa the wnll. "No, I'm corry
... , , i , i'-o E'"S' I can't ti-..:, it hero. You aro
to have, been very favorable toa Goodwalcr, Mo.-',Ever sirlce I v.-as ;uro cf the namoV
corlitin ek-ment of this town. Our ' a fiW." says Mrs- Kücy Lara.morc, j "Yos. It's right hero ou this piece
hiiiids me eleim and we uhviiys
liad very little use for such njicnts
ciiUatcll recently in llollr.rd. An an-
p.:v:it-.u lias bc n constructed, it is
i o itiln nL-esm clonR an electric light, 'iri
-r.o tli 11:01:0 0:: ,i clip oí paper. I tbo ultra-violet heuuM wo.-mbk on ui,
:.'nl ! put it In iry pol,f bacteria. Ti:e remit is Mtributcd td
After ror.sicer.-ihli, feriMlrc- i,n nr, i the mmllty oí the" ozone fon icd under
Jucct a 01rr.ll hi; nr inior nnd l.ivir - ' the il.flJCUCO OÍ tho i!sW. tl.0 A.i, w
tc.ei: oiit his epec- ri;Lut.
tied ITKi-i en htii loss. !
'Hero's the neme Cobb'u Coma-1 Caniii Vr.wrOwn Ortooiia.
:i:.o. Yea, that's it." ! Tha erv i now tor the imliviiufil
I T'ra frnia I don't know the 5 trirfcin e.:n. in CM;ee: líür.Mlieth'i:
tine!;, air," rsiS tho clerk mioljyeücr.t. i time evc'V kmwí al :'. 1 ..ni'-et eiotrjiit
:y, "hut- I'll lnolt fl.rongh tho iijt of ; Ua own s',10011 with lira,
new nnei." And he ran his eye over !
A. P. DUNCAN, Prop. " lUJ
First Clacs and Up-to-date Service J
Rooks and Meals the Very Cesi and at Ail Hours P
I'-ov, Nr.w Mc::ico IT 1
, , IHJ
51 .zm:t
.... I
J'i:::s. Aübci.x. MAHi:i:rt
üix'y ano muís.
elephone Company
their connivini; methods being
out of our line of business. Affi
davits are. being prepared by
certain parties which will involve
one of the (juys and lie will have
to show what hand he had 11 a
certain supposed-to-be relinquish
ment whereby a poor widow
woman lost her claim, thru for
gery and etc.
Mrs. Godwin who is stopping
nt tho Kitchell hotel is reported
to be quite ill.
I was a crcatsutiererfrcm dvsrjcDsia. ,5" Paper-
I Kiíícrcd misery after eating, and fcad I Vm afriJ w0 haven't cot
terrible heartburn. i ' .! "'
uui urn 1 aon t care to go home
1 thought 1 had to suffer this w:y ss
:o my wife without it. I promised to
I The
old gentleman
long as I lived, tat when 1 began to bke 1 It fnr
Thcdford's Black-Drauslit, in sr.:.-.U Tile elork called to another In tbe
doses, every niglii, the heartburn was all jack f tho store, who carne forward,
gone in "a few days, and 1 could cat To tho other ho said: "Say. EM, do
without distress, ! you know of a booli called Cortatino,
1 took two small packages in alland V fellow named Cobb?"
although that was some time ago. the ! w nat ' '"at?" h,e asked in sur-
dyspepsia has not returned.
I speak a good word for Thcdford's
Black-Draught whenever 1 have the op- ; roraeif.
, . a- I "rm tfrald 'rou'Te md mistake."
Healing causes distress, wa urge you ;laid tbo, new arrival with a twinkle
to try Thcdford's Black-Drausht. II 'Cobb'i Cornatlne la a new breukfa3t
cleanses the system, helps the stomach to 'ood."
digest Its food, regulates the bowels, and "Ah, now I see whj Uie groeor
stimulates the liver. i lidn't understand rae when I asked
It acts gently and is without bad after- I ,lra ,or Package of Queed." romark
effect. Try it. Price 25c. J,d thB "omer in msnlfcst relief.
J-O. Kaemmorllng; In Pucky
broke ,
in: ;
Variety Machine
c. 1:. anii:i:son & SOS, ITOli;
All Classes of Mitehine Work,
Automobile 'iVorl;, General
Bliielisniithinn. Hnv.v Korg
iii(, Horse Shoeing. Esti
mates Given on Pipes nnd
Pumps for Wells
Wagón and Carnage
Work our Specialty
All work Guaranteed
Variety Machine Work
Now eonnected with Selsr.o anil Mosipiero, on the Soulh.
Miils, Abbott, Jiivitas, Chico, Taylor and Springer,
on the North
Ccp.ected with c.U Eell Long Distance
Telephone Lineo
Do your business by phone anil get your answer at same fjj
tune ana aavo leiegrapnic delays.
ROY, N. M. and SPRINGER, N. M.
LoCdl P.Cifiti!CO
$1.50 per mo.
Privnte Line
$3.00 per mo.
Locnl Cusinefs
$2.50 per mo.
1 m
Aem Hotel
Special Attention Paid to the Traveling Public
West Side of Depot, Roy, N. M.
3 E

of Uie cusí?. Socorro Ciiivftuin. !

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