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E. J. H. ROY, Editor
PnbliiM Emy Stlereij ty
Mora County Publishing Co.
I incorporated
SubK'nplioi $1.50 Ptt Y.r
Enterei as second-class matter at
the postoflice in Hoy, N. M. '
Swat the tly.
If all dreams came true .nine
people would quit work.
There are no joy rulers on a
"water wagon.
to occupy all of its space to this
small matter, but rest assured
I that the indictments returned
twill not make this publication
the arican of a scandalous set of
politicians for and within the
, confina of Mora County. AU of
j the Spanish publications have
seen tit to wash other's linen, but
! their own, and if it suits them to
I start a race issue wo are ready,
This applies to a certain set only
and those not implicated are our
j friends, altho of Spanish Araer
I ican descent.
I H. J. H. Roy is ready to. vin
j dicate himself and will do so be
j fore many moons pass by. He
nas iiuu to deal with thieves,
j renegades, (politicians and others)
attorneys and HEIRS.
Exercise In the Opij Air.
Aur system ot physical culture
which does not Include at least from
two to four hours' gentle exercise a
day In the open air, three square
meals and nine hours or sleep is of
the Evil One. So far as It pcsses Itself
off as a substitute for real exercise
and fresh eir, or encourages you to
neglect these, It Is a fraud and a
failure. Pracllcally nine-tenths ot all
the advertised systems must be put
down In this class. Woods Hutchin
son In "Exercise and Health."
A Good Pole Hone.
Prospective Purchaser I want a
horse to use In my work.
Dealer Well, what kind of work do
you doT '
Prospective Purchaser Wire repair
ing. Dealer Here she Is. Just the horse
you want, youns man. All you have
to do Is to shotf Maude a picture of
an automobile and she'll climb a telo
graph pole. Judge.
Spring Spring Spring
Why don't the busin men
of Roy get somo kind of a l!,mlc-i
Bel gian Stallion Selim
One our business imfl is so
small that he can liido undi-r the
left leg of n flea.
when he begins to bargain with
the devil. ' '
Sired hy JULIAN, 524, "2700" Registered in both
Belgian and American Stud Books. JULIAN was dark
bay, weight 1650, won second prize as yearling, Belgian
Exposition. First prize 2 year old, American Horse Show,'
No man to be loser in the end .Chicago. : : : : ; : :
SELIM is a dark brown, weight 1500, has great
power and action. Is the sire of more good colts than any
nl-Kar tin.. r M M- . .
w e are not very goou unless
we are a good deal betlir than
most folki think we are.
Can it be that tan shi'' and
purple socks are to be worn by
men this summer.
"Convicts are not tin worst
men", says a Chicago preacher.
Still there are a lot of good men
out of prison.
If Boy continues to irir reuse in
population, we think it. Vmuld be
done legally. (?) Ro.iuomlly
has always had a good reputation.
... r i i
We are now receiving daily, a Well
' Selected Stock of Merchandise, Consisting
of--Ladies' and Children's Hats, Ginghams,
Calicos, Ladies' Waists. Ladies' Ready
Made Tailored Suits and Everything per
taining to a First Class Dry Goods Store.
Groceries, Lumber, Wire, Feed and Implements
Our Specialites
Call and make our store your
Roy, New Mexico
That little stunt that w pulled
off in Roy about three we'ls ago
might not have been a -fiiM- i-lass
show, but look at the money it
put into circulation.
Notice For Publication.
One woman, unmarried, is of
the opinion that if woman -were
allowed to do the courting and
proposing there would In- more
happy marriages. It might, be
worth the while to try it anyway.
Belgian Stallion, Selim
The first need of a homesteader, and the most profitable crop,
is1 a good work team. It is cheaper to raise them than to buy them.
Pew of us have good teams, but most of us have one or more mares.
i By raising colts from a good horse, we will soon have good teams
at cost so small that we won't notice it, and have good colts that
I will bring good prices to sell. There is no better horse in New.
j Mexico than SKLIM, and it will he to your advantage to make use
S of him. His colts may he seen at Mosquero and vicinity.
j TERMS: S3.0U to ensure living colt, payable thirty days after
colt is dropped. Not responsible for accidents Mares from a
' dis! a ice pastured free.
SKLIM may be seen at the Ilerendecn Place, one mile from Solano.
B. F. KEIST, Owner.
Department ot the Interior,
U. S. Land Olllce at C'la.vton, N. M
April II, 11112
Clayton, IH90H. Not Goal' lana. "
',. Notice it hereby given that Noe It.
lluro, ot Hoy, N. M., oho, on
April 27. UK)", made Homestead K.
No. 1744:1, serial No. (UIKHI for SW1
nee. 22 Twp. 21 N, It. 2 K. N. M. P.
Meridian, Una Hied notice of intention
to make Final five yeur Proof, to. es
tablish claim to the land above des
cribed, before U. S. Com., V. H. Fos
ter, at his olllce, at Roy, N. M. , on
the 20th day of Muy, 11112.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Mart Trobauifh. F. A. Uoy, Jose R. I
Viifil, Tomas Vigil, all or Hoy, N. M.
Kdtvard W. Fox,
12:18 Hi'jfister,
Mora Gang
Has Editorial
This weeks issue of the Mensa
jero has an editoria1 touching up
on the character of E. .1, II. Roy
of the Spanish American.
The Savant rellects upon Roy
in regard to his adininist ration of
the Tyler Estate affairs. Any
Cur may cast reUections, hut. can
they be substantiated? K. .1. H.
ltoy was in Mora, regard hs.s of
the warrant that was isMird ac
count of contempt of Court. But
not in Mora County.
The administrator of the Tyler
Estato would have complied with
the Courts former orders Inn it
not been impossible for hi n to
secure an accounting from U. G.
Tyler. The Spanish Ainetican
has nothing but praise to offer
Judge Leahy, upon the manner
under which he disposed of the
contempt proceedings. l!y was
not in jail, and if anyone goes to
jail or the Penitentiary, H. G.
Tyler will be the dog.
Messrs. Guys of the Mensajero
will remember that Roy. while in
"Mora was among a hostile hunch
of (call it what you please),
but regardless of his predica-1
went furnished bond, alilio he I
was against it on odds, and that
of his imploring the cleniem y of .
the court was not done thru1
cowardice, but simply, ui'iountj
of giving a MAN a show. The I
fipanlsh American doe? -nut care,
I i
. J o fa n
h í
lA '
have more or less of it Possibly it is with us.
Such being the casé you know something of our ser
vice, But if nota patron woufd'ntit be well for
you to become one? : : : :
We offer your account strength
and confidential and courteous
treatment. : : : : :
Roy Trust & Savings Bank
H.B. JONES, President
C. L JUSTICE, Ciikiir
Physicians Failed To !c!p Hrs.
Green, Cut S:z Finally Found
B-dlcf ta Cardul.
McetM, Va. Jfra. J. C. Orreri of tht3
place, says. "I sufioreti with womanly '
troubles so that I could hardly sit up.
Two of the best doctora in our town
treated me, and I tried different medl- ;
cines, until I gavo up all hopo of ever '
getting well. j
One day, I decided to try some Car-
dui. It did bo much for r.io that I
ordered some mora, and it cured me!
Today, I feel aa well aa I over did la
my life. ,
The paina ar.d the trouble are all
gone. I feel like .another peixon in
every way. 1 wluh every sufferer could
know what Cardul will do for Bide
A few doses of Cardul at the rltrTit
time, will save many a big doctor bill,
by preventing serious sickness.
It tones up the nervous system, and
helps make pale cheeks fresh and rosy.
Thousands of weak women have been
rostored to health and happiness try
using Cardul. Suppose you try It.
It may be Just the medicine you need, j
N. B Write to: Lidln Advisory DW.. Chut- j
tour Mdfctt.A Co., Chatunooe, Tt nn., for $i?rial
Imtrnelioni, gnUM-p.it br. "Homt Truunint
fr wwmo." wnt la plain wrapptf , oa rtquttu
E. J. H. ROY
Roy Telephone Company
Now connected with Solano and Mosquero, on the South.
Mills, Abbott, Jarifas, Chico, Taylor and Springer,
on the North
Connected with all Bell Long Distance
Telephone Lines
Do your business by phone and get your answer at same
time and save tqlegraphic delays.
ROY, N. M. and SPRINGER, N. M.
Local Reiidtic
$1.50 per mo.
Private Lin.
$3.00 par me.
Local Bullae..
$2.50 per mo.
y ,
Famous T. L Mitchell Jack. Standi over 15 hands high,
Black with White Points
Will multe the seivson nt the "Sunny Slope Stock Knrin." (I miles
nortbi'iist of Roy. Season $10.00. Mure and colt stnnd good for
seiison. If traded Or sold senson becoinps due nt once, A urooin
fee of $1. lit tune of service will becbniged.
I will also aivo a colt show ot Roy, giving . S10.00 prize for best
colt, $5.00 for second, and Vive dinner to every man who In-injis one
of my Jack's umles into town. 1
t Cl H. HAND.
; v.;-,.'.- r
Variety Machine
All Classes of Machine Work,
Automobile Work, General
Bliicksinithiiig, Heavy Forging,-
Horse-' Hhoe'mi;. Estl--mutes
Given on Piics and
Pumps for Wells
Wagon and Carriage
Work our Spucjalty
All work Guaranteed
Variety " Machine Works
Southwestern Hotel .
Special Attention Paid to the Traveling Public
' West Side of Depot, Roy, N. M.
fa te 1 I . r-r
Am in position to represent clients in
U.S. land matters. Call and see me
.- and get advice. ' i ,'" j ': . : ' ' '

H K. J. H. K()Y. , Fv.I I S

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