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E. J. H. Roy, Editor.
fftattrn NewiDtoer Union N.wi B.r.lce.
Won. Loit. Pet.
S .114
riuhn -
91. Jnnenh .T- I
Denver ft
Tout'ka 5
Dm Moines á
Omaha 4
Sioux city 2
Lincoln 0
Vt'e.t.rn Newspaper Union News Service.
Oklahoma City, Okla. Forty one
persons are reported to have been
killed by a tornado that swept south
western Oklahoma and the Bouthw!st
corner of the Texas Panhandle April
28tb. A dozen towns were Btruck and
(arming communities suffered.
Communication facilities arc para
lyzed and It Is Impossible to confirm
the reportB of Iohs of life or to accur
ately estimate the property damag?.
The greatest loss of life reported is
at Lugert, where It Is said fifteen per
sons were killed. A special train, sent
from Altus with physicians and nurses,
when it was reported a passenger
train had been blown from the rails;
picked up ten injured persona and
tarted back for Altus. Two of these
died on the train.
It waB reported a Kansas City, Mex
ico & Orient train had been blown
from the track and twenty persons
killed, but It developed that but two
sari had been derailed and no one was
The tornado started just across the
Texas border and first killed seven
persons at Kirkland, Tex., demolishing
thirty buildings, and blew a Kock Isl
and work train off the track.
Tearing on northward the storm
Btruck Eldorado, killing four; Calumet,
killing three, and Lugert, Rooky, where
half the town is In ruins; Yukon, War
ren, Martha, Blair and Lone Wolf. At
each of these places many persons
were hurt.
Several of these townB are cut off
from communication. What Ib belie fed
to be the tall of the storm destroyed
several buildings at Mulhall, fifty
miles north of Oklahoma City, but o
far as known there were no casualties
P. B. Thompson and his wife were
caught under the falling timbers of
their home at Calumet and criiBhed 10
death. Several other buildings at Calu
met were demolished and two perBons
-were injured.
Aledo, a village In Dewey county, Is
reported to be In rulnB.
Those killed In Texas were Roy
Camp, wife and two children; Mrs. 0.
E. Kennedy and Hugh Singleton and
Looks Like Intervention.
Washington. It 1b generally be
lieved that the United States Is on
the eve of Intervening In Mexico.
ThlB Is based upon the latest warlike
movement of the army and navy, all
of which hint at aggressiveness to
ward the Republic on the south. San
Diego is looked upon as the most
probable point of mobilization for an
advance upon Mexico.
.Two torpedo boat destroyers, the
Preble and the Perry, the largest ves
sels of the flotilla, suddenly left San
Diego April 27, under sealed orders,
proceeding at high speed and without
lights, Magdalena bay Is believed to
be their destination.
The United States transport Butord
steamed from San Francisco recently,
bearing relief to distressed Americans
on the weBt coast of Mexico.
Vessels arriving at San Francisco
and Los Angeles from the western
coast of Mexico brought many refu
gees, who told many taleB of cruelty,
outrage, robbery and murder.
Paris Auto Bandits Slain.
Paris. Bonnot, the leader of an or
ganized gang of automobile bandits
who have been terrorizing Paris and
the surrounding district for months
and Du Bols, a notorilus
archist, were shot to weath in
the most thrilling encounter in the
annals of French crime. A garage at
Choisy-le-RoI, six miles south of Paris,
In which the bandits had taken refugo,
was blown up by dynamite, after these
two men bad kept at bay for hours a
large part of the police force of Paris.
Pops Is Very III.
Rome. The Pope's physicians, Dre.
Pellacl and Marchlafava, are In close
attendance on his holiness, who
very 111.
Cheyenne Season Opens.
Cheyenne, Wyo. The 1912 baseball
season opened here April 28 with
game between the Cheyenne Indians
and the Eleventh Infantry team.
Preliminary planB have been per
fected for the erection of a labor tem
ple In Fresno, Calif.
Three persons are dead at Ponca
City, Okla., as the result of one of
four tornadoes near the Kansas-Oklahoma
Forty-seven passengers, all but one
cltizeUB of the United States, who ar
rived in Galveston from Vera Cruz,
Mexico, on the steamer Texas, tell of
alleged torture and assassination of
Americans in Mexico.
A cyclone which swept the country
near Broken Uow, Neb., picked up
little country Brhool house, In which
were twelve children- and the teacher,
carried it a mile and set It on the
ground without Injuring a child.
Estimates of flood losses in eleven
parishes of northeast Louisiana set the
damage at 116,0110,000. Fertile acres
are Inundated and will be unfit for
crop planting this year. Suffering
among the thousands of homeless ib
Unless an immediate settlement of
the strike of the Union Pacific shop
men is effected, a Btrike of the 300,
000 shop employes of the Denver ft
Rio Grande, Burlington, Colorado t
Southern and other lines is threatened.
Western horBemen and racing fol
lowers are interested in the fifty-five-
day running meeting which has
opened at Alan Idaho, under the aus
pices of the Coeur d'Alene Fair and
Racing Association.' Over (125,000 Is
offered in stakes and purses.
Because the Western Union Tele
graph Company refused to pay Its tax
assessment In the state Of Idaho, the
attorney general, O. M. Van Duyan,
has authorized the seizure of the com
pany's property. The telegraph com
pany claims that the rate of taxes wis
too high.
Twenty-nine persons were Injured,
on of them, James Davis, perhaps
fatally, when a cyclonic wind struck a
Union Pacific passenger train one mile
west of North Loup, Neb. The entire
train, the engine excepted, was blown
from the track and all the care were
Henry M. Doarlng, aged 72, and son,
Palmer M. Doarlng, 40, were brougnt
to the federal prison nt Leavenworth,
Kan., to begin sentences of five years
ach for embezzlement. Henry M.
Hearing was cashier of the Albion
National bank of Albion, Mich., uad
his son an employe.
Because the foot of his horse exactly
matched a plaster of parls cast of the
footprint of the horBe driven to the
spot near Nowata, Okla., where Mrs.
Irene Gohen was murdered recently,
H. O. Jeffries, editor of the Nowata
Advertiser, has been arrested charged
with killing the woman.
Word that the fugitive loaders of the
Allen gang from Carroll county, Vir
ginia, were headed for southern Cal
ifornia, If not already there,, has tie
ated much activity In the sheriffs' of
fices of the Los Angeles section of
the state. Lob Angeles police boll'.ve
tney'have arrived.
Declaring that unless the trouble of
the railway carmen, who have been on
a strike on a western railroad for sev-
eral monthB was mediated, a strike of
more than 300,000 shopmen and ma
chinists employed on all western rail
roads would he called, the officers of
the Federation of Federations sent a
telegram to President Tart advising
him of their Intentions. The message
waB signed by the presidents of twelve
A movement has been started In the
Baptist churches of Denver to est;
llsh free tuberculosis sanatorlums In
various parts of the United States
with headquarters In Denver. Funds
for establishing the Institutions are to
be raised by the unique plan of assess
ing the 6,000,000 Baptists of the Unit
ed States 10 cents each annually. Ar
ticles of Incorporation have been filed
in the office of the secretary of state
of Colorado for the American Baptist
Tuberculosis Association. A campaign
for funds will be launched Immediate
ly. It Is planned to have a research
station connected with each lnstttuth-
for the study of the causes and pre
vention of the dlBease.
Three trainmen were Instantly killed
when the boiler of a locomotive on
the Western Pacific railroad blew up
near Elko, Nev.
Johnny Kllbane. feather-weleht
champion, has accepted an offer of a
match with Johnny Dundee, In Now
York, May IS.
Luther McCarthy of Springfield,
Mo., knocked out Joe Hagen of Den
ver, in the third round of a scheduled
ten-round bout at Bartlesvllle, Okla.
Pat Mclntlre of Cleveland has ot
tered Kllbane (15,000 for a twelve-
round battle with White. Kllbane
Bays he will take the money providing
some other opponent Is picked. Mc
lntlre says White is the man. Kllbane
says nix.
Packey MrFarlnnd, who was Intro
duced at Madison Square Garden In
New York, as Chicago's Fighting
Irishman, administered a drubbing to
England's lightweight champion, Mass
Wells. The men went ten rounds, and
while McFarland was a 10 to 7 favor
ite, nobody thought his task would be
so easy.
phoenix, Arii. Eugenia Mata, one
of Governor Hunt's "honor convlctB,'
walked up to the gates of the Arlsona
penitentiary at Florence, was admitted
and donned penal garb after having
been on a month's leave of absence to
visit his aged parents at Alameda,
N. M.
Harry A. Wheeler of Chicago was
elected president of the National
Chamber of Commerce of tte United
A hill to provide medals of honor
for Captain A. H. Rostron and officers
of' the Carpathla has been Introduced
in the House. ,
Partial home rule for Alaska, with
authority vented In the Legislature to
grant to women the right to vote, was
approved in the Hoimo when it passed
the bill for a local Alaskan govern
Resolutions authorizing $10,000 ap
propriations Tor the families of each of
tho three I' n i ted Status poBtal clerks
who lost their lives on the Titanic,
were Introduced in the House by Rep
resentative Rellly of Connecticut.
Several hundred thousand copies of
the speech delivered in the Houbo by
Congressman Taylor on woman's suf
frage are to be scattered broadcast in
five states where the women are wag
ing determined campaigns, for the
right to vote.
' The Senate passed bills previously
passed by the House, extending the
time within which to make proof on
desert land entries for three yeara in
cases where through unavoidable do
lay In the construction of irrigation
works, the en try man, without fault of
his own, is unable to get water on his
land within five years; extending the
provisions of the surface entry law to
coal lands within state selection, and
providing that an en try man under a
government reclamation project shall
not forfeit his entry on account of ab
sence prior to the date the govern
ment furnishes water for Its irrigation.
The Senate also passed Senator Gug
genheim's bill appropriating $25,000
for establishment of a fish cultural sta
tion In Colorado, the site to be select
ed by the Department of Commerce
and Labor.
Representatives Mondell, Taylor
and Pray had a conference with Com
missioner Dennett 'of the General
and Office regarding the bills which
have been Introduced In the Senate by
Sonator Warren, and In the House of
Representatives by Representative
Mondell, to provide for reducing the
area required for cultivation in en
larged homeHteads from eighty to for
ty acres. Representative Mondell's bill
provides that but twenty acres be cul
tivated the second year, and forty
acres the third year of the entry. Com
missioner Dennett is Inclined to favor
legislation which will reduce the area
to be cultivated from eighty to forty
acres in the third year of the entry,
with a provision that when proof Is
submitted at the end of the five-year
term to complete the entry, It shall
be shown that one-fourth of the en
tire entry, or eighty acres, is under
-:.-. :
I ' I f s , ' S
Spokans, Wish, Woman Endures Tap.
rlbl Suffering.
Mrs. J. A. Schoonmaker, 127 8. Pino
8t, Spokane, Wash., says: "I grew
so weak I could scarcely do my house
work and was often confined to bed.
There was a bearlng
down pain through
my hips and my head
ached as If It would
spilt. I knew by the
kidney secretions that
my kidneys were In a
terrible condition but
though I doctored, 1
gradually grew worse,
until In critical condition. It was then
I began using Doan's Kidney Pills and
was entirely cured. I have not had a
sign of kidney trouble since."
"When Your Back Is Lame, Remem
ber the Name DOAN'S." 60c all stores
Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
The more promises a man makes
the more he doesn't keep.
Oarfleld Tern keeps tbe ltrer normal. Drink
before retiring.
T- .
And many a married woman thinks
It's up to her to assert her Indepen
dence by abusing hér husband.
Ten nilpii for a nickel. Always buy Red
Cro. Hag Illuc; have beautiful clear wlnte
clothes, i1
In the Chase.
Kink Your son Is pursuing
studies at college, Isn't he?
Dink I guees bo. He's always be
hind. Judge.
Thomas Benton Catron, one of tht new United States senators from New
Mexico, was born In Warreusburg, Mo., In 1840. He served through the war
In the confederate army, and soon after peace was declared he moved to
New Mexico and began the practice of law. He held several offices under
the territorial government and took an active part In constructing the con
stitution of the new state
Fish Story.
Knicker A month ago I told a He
on the water.
Bocker Well?
Knicker I cut open the fish I
caught today and found he had swal
lowed It
Western Newspaper Unlnn New. B.rvlc.
May 14 Democrat State Convention
to select dnlt'Kates lo the national con
vention Clovls.
County Treasurer Reported Shot.
Santa Fe. A shortage of $19,000 In
the accounts of a former treasurer it
Doña Ana county has been reported
to Governor McDonald by Assistant
Traveling Auditor Guilfoll, and a de
mand was made upon the bondsmen
for the sum.
Johnson and Flynn Will Fight.
Chicago. Jock Johnson and Jim
i'lynn will fight forty-five rounds tor
the world's heavyweight championship
at Las Vegas, N. M on the afternoon
of July 4th, according to an official
announcement made by Jack Curlcy,
promoter of the contest. Final plaas
for staging the match have boen made
To Protect Mexican Border.
Santa Fe. That New Mexico will
not be unprepared to protect toe
lives and property of her citizens In
the event of serious trouble on tne
Mexican frontier was made evident
when, at a Joint meeting of the Ho:ii.e
committee on ways and means and tbe
Benate committee on finance, whiih
was addressed by Governor wcuonaiu
and Adjutant General Brookes, both
committees agreed to report favorably
hill which Is to be drawn by At'nr-
ney General Frank W. Clancy, pro.td-
lng an appropriation to be used by the
governor in his discretion for the han
dling of troopB and the mounted po
lice, If they should be needed along
tbe border.
In future women will not be engaged
in the Canadian civil service save as
stenographers sad typewriters,, accord
ing to a recent ruling.
The relief funds being raised In
London for the assistance of the suf
ferers by the Titanio disaster now
amount to upwards of 1700,000
Warned by a telephone operator
that the Minevllle dam had broken,
Uve hundred persons residing In the
valley of Mllbrook, Essex county, N. Y,
Mi d to the hills and then watched the
torrent wash their homes away.
Insurance men estimate that the to
tal losses to be paid by the various
life, accident and marine companies
as a result of the sinking of the Tl-
tanlc will reach approximately $15,
000,000. Some companies have been
hard hit.
The "king of beggars" Is In New
York and under lock and key. In pos
session of a fortune as some fortunes
go he was picked up on charges of
intoxication and disorderly conduct.
He calls himself tbe "king of beggars'
and had no objection to telling the po
lice of his career. In Cleveland re
cently he gathered up (17,000 from
sympathetic auditors and the Probate
Court of that city appointed a guar
dian to look after hla money.
Dr. D. K. Pearson, the aged philan
thropist, died In a sanitarium at Hins
dale, III., at the age of ninety-two. He
had been at the point of death sev
eral days, and physicians had given
up all hope for his recovery. He was
kept alive by the use of oxygen for
Beveral days. Dr. Pearson's fortune
of 10,000,000 was given away to needy
schools and colleges.
Robert Cameron Rogers, poet, lover
of nature, Journalist, true friend,
dead. He died at his beautiful home
in MlsBlon canon, Santa Barban
Preparing for Big Fight.
Ids Vegas. Preliminary prepara
tions for the boxing contest of July
are rw under way. E. W. Hart
Is drawing plans for the giant arena
fii which JaclTJohnson and Jim riynn
will contest for the heavyweight chara-
plonshtp of the world. Promoter
Charles O'Malley has engaged the en
tire lower floor of La PenBlon hotel.
This room will be used as headquar
ters for Promoter and Manager Jack
Curley, and a small army of sporting
writers from the big newspapers of
the country.
O'Mallev has received a meBsage
from Curley Btating that he would ar
rive In Las Vegas on May 1 to re
main until after the bout Is staged.
Flynn has gone to Hot SprlngB, Ark.,
for a brief Bojourn. He will arrive
here May 10 and begin training In
quarters now being prepared for him.
Johnson is expected to arrive shortly
after Flynn' advent. He will estab
lish headquarters either at Romero
vllle or on the Gallinas river,' north
of the city.
District Attorney for McKlnley.
Santa Fé. Senator Gregory Page of
McKlnley oounty Introduced In the
Senate a very remarkable bill. It pro
vides In effect for the creation of a
separate Judicial district so far as the
office cf district attorney Ib concerned
to be formed solely of McKlnley
oounty, and for the appointment by
the governor of a district attorney to
fill the office until the next general
election, after which McKlnley oounty
Is to elect Its own district attorney to
serve only In that county.
Minor Occurrences of More Than Ordl-
nary Interest
Western Newspaper Union New! Ssrvlce.
Two baseball teams have been or
ganized at Dexter.
There are five women county school
superintendents In New Mexico.
A large number of cattle are being
shipped from the Demlng district.
A postal savings bank Is to be es
tablished at Dexter, Chaves county, on
May let.
A Texas corporation is sinking a
well for oil In the Bad Lands In south
ern Quay county.
The big Ice plant at Belen Is now
In operation and everything Ib pro
gressing nicely.
The Demlng Automobile Club has
had 100 metal BlguB made and palntod
for sign posting all the roadB Into Dom
District Court at Taos will convene
on the first Monday in May. The iow
state of the court funds may prevent
Jury trials.
The Rocky Mountain Synod of the
Lutheran Church convened at Albu
querque on April 25th for a four dnys
Itoswell people use a million gal
lons of water a day for domestic pur
poses and 200,000 gullons for Hushing
the sewers. ,
A movement is on foot to develop
the tire clay mines In the vicinity ol
Gallup. There Is an unlimited area
of thiB mineral.
The enlarged power dam four miles
south of Carlsbad, owned by the Pub
lic Utilities-Company, will be flnUhcd
about May 1st.
Alamogordo will vote on May 7th,
whether to reincorporate. The town
had been Incorporated but In recent
years disincorporated.
A large force of men are at work
on the double tracking near Gallup,
Judge William H. Pope expects to
deliver the commencement address for
the New Mexico College of Agriculture
and Mechanic Arts on May 23. .
I The Demlng Chamber of Commerce
Is having printed a large quantity of
booklets and folders to be used In ad
vertising Demlng and New Mexico.
GraBS Is coming on In the Melrosr.
country In fine shape. The farmers
are all busy and report that there
Is practically no limit to the moisture.
The Senate unseated Abelino Ro
mero, Progressive Republican from
Socorro county, giving his seat to the
contestant, A. C. Abeytla, Republican.
Following a quarrel at a dance at
Stanley, southern Santa Fé county,
Apolonlo Barela was shot and prob
ably fatally wounded. John Cantwell,
who Is charged with tbe shooting, has
Three new school districts have
been created In Taos county, one nt
Cañón, the second at Prado and Uu
third at Virginia, a new settlement.
The three districts have 105 children
of school age.
William Barnes, sixty years old and
for many years a resident of Magda
lena, fell dead In the store of the
Ranch Supply Company at that plav.e.
Congressman H. B. FurgUBson has
Introduced in 'Congress a bill to pro
vide tor the surveying of the unsur-
veyed lands In the state of New Mex
They Draw Interest.
'A kiss," he said after Just having
had one, "Is the most precious thing,
and yet women give them away."
You are mistaken, she said. "We
never give them away, we merely In
vest them." Fun.
A Correction.
We are drifting toward a paternal
form of government," said the economist
Pardon me If I correct you,' re
sponded the suffragette, gently: "to
be accurate, you should say a mater
nal form of government." Washing
ton Star.
Tims Flies.
When the blind woman who plays
tho accordion saw a genial looking
man stop to read her placard she
quickened her tune in the expecta
tion that he was going to give ner
some money, hut he gave advice In-'
Said he: "Have you read that sign
of youra lately?"
She Bald she had not.
"Well," Bald he, "you'd better, and
then have It edited. It Is dated six
years ago and says you have six small
htldren dependent upon your etlorts
with this Instrument for support. Six
yearp works wonders in children, and
they must be pretty lusty youngsters
by thlB time. Change that date to
"Didn't Know It Was Loaded."
Alfred Hunter, a pioneer of Alamo
gordo and southern New Mexico, and
for years one of the 'most prominent
residents of Otero oounty, was found
dead In bed by members ot hia family
The coffee drinker Beldom realizes
that coffee contains the drug, caffeine,
a aevere poison to the heart and
nerves, causing many formB of dis
ease, noticeably dyspepsia.
I was a lover of coffee and UBed It
for many years, and did not realize the)
bad effects I was suffering from Its
use. (Tea is Just as Injurious as cof
fee because It, too, contains caffeine,
the same drug found in coffee.)
At first I was troubled with Indiges
tion. I did not attribute the trouble
to the use of coffee, but thought It
arose from other causes. With these
attacks I had sick headache, nausea
and vomiting. Finally my stomach
was in such a condition I could scarce
ly retain any food.
"I consulted a physician; was told
all my troubles came from Indiges
tion, but was not Informed what
caused the indgestton. I kept on with
the coffee, and kept on with the trou
bles, too, and my case continued to
grow worBe from year to year until It
developed Into chronic diarrhea, nau
sea and severe attacks of vomiting. I '
could keep nothing on my stomach and
became a mere shadow, reduced from
159 to 128 pounds.
"A specialist Informed tne I had a
Very severe case of catarrh of the
stomach, which had got so bad he
could do nothing for me, and I became
convinced my days were numbered.
'Then I chanced to see an article set
ting forth the good qualities of Postum
and explaining how coffee Injured peo
ple so I concluded to give Postum a
trial. I soon saw the good effects my
headaches were less frequent, nausea
and vomiting only came on at long In
tervals and I was soon a changed man,
feeling much better.
"Then I thought I could stand coffee
again, but as soon as I tried It my old
troubles returned and I again turned
to Postum. Would you believe it,
did this three times before I had sense
enough to quit coffee for- good and
keep on with the Postum. I am now a
well man with no more headaches, sick
stomach or vomiting, and have al
ready gained back to 147 pounds.1
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Battle Creek, Mich.
Look In pkgs. for the famous little
book, "The Road to Wellvllle."
Krmr rsS the above Utter! A aew
e appears from time ta time. Ttaer
re aeaalae, true, asá fall ( kaowa

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