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17 JEi. -ásgate. M H a -VC. íWV...
Lemonade, One of Moot Popular Amer
ican Drinks, Said to Contain
Poisonous Lead.
A pure food Investigation bv Dr.

Richard Llrhtnut, aa Amaricen with an
effected English aooent. racatvea a pres
n( from & friend In China. Tb piwenl
provae to be a plr of pajunas. A Utur
biota of surprlaae to til miw.
CHAPTER II (Continuad).
And he did. and seemed to bit the
thing equarely.
I knelt on th chair and craned
orar, while Jenklna still held the etlck
tightly at the point where the thing
tud struck.
"Get hlmr I Queried. "Where la
That's It, air." aald Jenklna In as
odd vole. "It alnt bare."
"Why, daah It, I aaw yon etrike the
beast, right where you're holding that
"Mr. Llghtnut, air" Jenklna apoke
little huskily and glanced around at
ana queerly "wUl you look under the
nod ot thla stick and see if you see
(what I aeer
I climbed down and examined eau-
"Why, by Joto, It'a the little epl-
Jrl" I exclaimed, surprised.
"Exactly, air; what'a laft." Jenklna
Itook a deep breath.
Thank you, air It'a a treat relief,'
M sighed.
"I mean, air, I'm (lad I ain't the
only one who thought he aaw that
other. It'a lome comfort"
Jenklna apoke gloomily.
. Thought you aawT" I repeated.
' But Jenklna only ihook hla head at
lite gathered up the remalna of the
ieptder and consigned them to a cue-
"Voa mean eay, what the dovU do
jott meenr' I aaked aharply.
Jenklna straightened with air re
spectful but lolemn.
"Mr, Llghtnut air," he began grave
lly, "there's a party lectures on the
t corner every night at nine on
i fearful consequences of the drink
a bit. and pasees around blank
pledgee to be signed. I'm going to
; one first chance; and If you will
ept It, all' meaning no offensi
lerould be proud to get you one, too.'
1 I stared at him aghast
""Oh. I say, now," I murmured faint-
lly, "you don't think It was that do
Jenkins' face was eloquent enough.
"I'm through, sir," he aald sadly.
'"When It comes to seeing things like
'that" He lifted his eyes. "No more
Ifor me, sir; my belief la, It's a warn
ingyes, sir, that's what, a warn
lng." I collapsed Into a chair. .
' "By Jove, Jenkins!" I said, trying
to go a feeble smile. "I never felt so
fit tor a corking still highball In my
life never!"
' I took a screw on my glasa and
tatudled him curiously.
1 "And I say, you know better take
(one yourself! I added.
I Don the Pajamas,
"By Joto, Jenklna, they fit like
I've Just had enough ot this, you
fool!" I cried impatiently. "Here,
take a good look at me!" 1 pushed my
face closer. "Look at me, I tell you!"
By Jove, he shuddered! His eyes.
wide distended with terror, rolled to
the celling.
'I cant" he whispered; "I Just
cant anything but that! Only, please
please don't kill me, too."
Kill your I aald, frowning sternly
as he gave a furtive glance. "I cer
tainly will, It you dont take a good
look at me!"
He gave a sort ot despairing sigh
and closed hla eyea so tightly the
lashes disappeared. "All right then,"
he aald sullenly; "you may kill me!"
The way with theee lunatloe, I
thought Next thing, he would be
begging and Insisting that I kill him.
I motioned to the door of my guest
room and gave him a push.
'In there," I aald, "and keep per
fectly quiet"
And as he shot Inside, I olosed the
door and locked It I just had to take
the chano ot his hurting himself
against the walls and furniture; I
dtdnt believe he waa so crasy he
would undertake the six-story leap to
the ground. Listening, I beard some
thing Ilk a sob. Then I caught my
"Poor Mr. Llghtnut," came choking
ly; "the kindest gentlest master!"
And then more sobs and guipe-
By Jove, under hie Insane delusion,
the poor beggar was grieving for me;
not thinking of himself at all, you
know. I felt my eyea grow a bit
moist, somehow, and all at onoe my
heart went heavy. Thought how long
poor old Jenklna had been with me
ever since I was out ot college, you
know Ave years and remembered
how devilish faithful and attached he
had alwaya been. Poor old Jenks! It
was awful his going off this way! 1
recalled how he had taken to seeing
things, earlier In the evening, and had
made me see them, too, dash ltl One
thing I determined: whatever had to
be done with him, be should have the
finest of attention.
I knew that I ought to telephone to
somebody or something, but dashed If
I had any Idea who or where. Oddly
enough, not a soul seemed to have
been roused by the pistol shot but 1
saw by the little clock that It waa
close to three the hour In a bachelor
apartment house when everybody Is
i r
I twisted before the glass and aur-
reyed the pajamas with much satis
Ifactlon. They looked Jolly right from
lavery point Moreover, with all their
aay looseness, there waa not an Inch
(too much. They had a comfortable,
personal feel.
"Lucky thing they weren't made
(originally for some whale like Jack
Billings eh, Jenklna r I commented
Behind his hand Jenkins Indulged In
iwhat la vulgarly known as a snicker.
"Mr. BlUlngs, air, be couldnt get
-on shoulder In 'em, much less a
It'll leg," be ohuckled. "They'd be
n ribbona. air!"
t yawned sleepily, and Jenklna In-
latently sobered to attention. He held
Ihls finger over the light switch as I
munched a pillow and rolled over on
Kb mattress.
"All right" I aald; "push the Jolly
thing out" And with, a click dark
ness leu ano me.
"Good night, air," came Jenklna'
irate aoftly.
"Night" I murmured faintly and I
ras off.
Sometime, hours later, I awoke, and
iwlth a devilish yearning for a smoke.
It often takes m that way In the
I climbed out In the blackness and
found my way Into the other room.
remembered exactly where I had drop
M my cigarette cas when w were
gaoling with the pajamas by the table.
atad I found It without difficulty.
! In the act of stooping for It my
Btand olutched the edge of the table
land I felt a apot yield under the
BTsaaur of my thumb. It wa
(button controlling the bell to Jen
klna' room.
, "Lucky thing he sleeps Ilk a lolly
Iporpolse," I reflected.
, I pushed a wicker arm-chair Into
h moonlight and brees by a wtn
Aaw. and nulling a flame to a cigarette.
ilM back, tooling Jolly aomfy. For
the breeie waa ripping and delicious.
and the delicate silk of the pajamas
flowed In little wavelets all the way
from my heels to my neck.
I was Just about dropping off. when
I heard aome one hurrying along the
private hall leading from the back.
Jenkins himself popped into the room.
"Bid you ring, slrr he Inquired.
and advanced quickly.
And then, before I oould think about
It to reply, he halted suddenly, almost
pitching forward. Then, with a kind
of wheesy howl he sprang to the wail.
Next instant I waa blinking under the
aazsung electrolier.
Hera, I aay! Shut off that light!
I remonstrated, halt blinded.
I heard a awltt rush across the
rugs, and the next thing I knew I waa
roughly Jerked from out my chair;
strong lingera clutched my throat and
I found myself glaring Into a fright
ened but resolute face.
"Jen-Jenkins!" I tried to gasp, but
only a gurgle same.
I was so taken unawaree, I knew it
must be some daahed dream. Per
hape another minute, and I would
wake up. But he gripped m tighter
and shook me Ilk a rag.
Bay, who are your ha hissed.
How did you get In herer
And then, of course, I knew that he
waa crazy. Whether he waa crasy
In a dream or crasy with me awake, I
couldnt guess. It mad very little
difference, anyhow, tor I knew that In
another minute I should be either
dream dead or real dead; and dash
me if I could aee any odd worth toss
ing for In either, you know.
But I dont belong to the athleUo
club quite for nothing, and have man
aged to pick up a few trioks, you
know. Bo with the decision to chuck
the dream theory, I shot my leg for
ward with a mix-up and twist that
made Jenkins loosen his clutch and
stagger backward.
"What's the matter with your
gasped, advancing toward him, "Are
you trying to murder me?" But
was so hoarse, the only word that
came out plainly was "murder."
Jenkins uttered a howl, "Help, Mr.
Llghtnut! Murder!"
"You old fool!" I cried, exasperated.
"Come here!"
He was coming. He seized a light
chair and awung It behind his head.
Then he rushed me with a about
"Oh, Mr. Llghtnut!"
done clear off his nut!" was my
thought Aa he swung the chair,
ducked low, and man and chair went
crashing to the floor. But he waa up
again In a Jiffy and dancing at me.
"Mr. Llghtnut, sir, why don't you
help me?"
"Help you you Jolly Idiot?" I mut
tered indignantly. Then my voice
raised: "I've a mind to kill you!"
With a yell, he made a kangaroo
Jump and swung at me again.
He saye he's going to kill me, Mr.
Llghtnut!" he panted as I dodged
again. "Help me wake up, sir!"
Wake up? Wake up, Indeed, when
I had never been so devilish wide
awake In all my Ufe! I waa sure
now about that I moved toward him
"Stop your row!" I cried angrily;
you'll have aomebody In. Think 1
want the police up here?"
With a glare at me, Jenkins darted
past me to the bedroom I had Just
left Its light switch clicked, and
then back through the brightened
doorway he sprang and dashed for a
wall cabinet at the side. He began
tugging at Its little drawer. And sud
denly I remembered the revolver
there, an old forty-five from a friend
In Denver and loaded!
My spring to Intercept him was
quick, but not quick enough! Halt-
way to him I pulled up under the
compelling argument of the long blue
barrel pointed at my bead.
Here! Look out you fool its
loaded!" I warned, backing away to
the window.
Jenkins advanced. "What have you
done with btmr he panted hoarsely.
"Where Is her
Where's who?" I asked savagely,
for I waa getting devilish tired of It
aU. But for the publicity, I should
have yelled from the window,
"Where's Mr. Llghtnutr h de
"Oh. he's all right" I decided to
adopt that soothing ton that I had
read somewher was the proper caper
with lunatics.
"Wherer Jenkins Insisted, pushing
And daahed it I knew what to an
swer; for, If I made a mistake, It
might be serloua, by Jove I Perhapa
some Jocular reply would be eafest
might divert hla attention, you know
The open window gave ma aa Idea.
"Why, do you know," I aald pleas
antly, 1 Just chucked him down Into
the street"
It sounded like a cannon eraoker,
that gun! The shower of splintered
glasa from the picture between the
windows barely missed me. But
never waited a second for thla last
devilish straw was too much, dont
yon know, and something had to be
don. I leaped for the weapon aa It
struck the hardwood floor between us.
Jerked from Jenkins' hand by the un
familiar upward kick. Another In
stant and I was poking the muxsl
Into hi aide.
rag to the operator. "I aay, will you
give m 'Information V"
A loud about suddenly sounded from
behind the closed door, and there
cam a frantic double-pounding of
"Mr. Llghtnut Mr. Llghtnut!"
screamed Jenkins. "Oh, Mr. Llght
nut you're bsok you're alive I can
hear your volcel Thla la Jenkins, Mr.
Llghtnut; yes, air, Jenklna. They've
got me locked In!"
I clapped the receiver on the hook
and sprang to 4he door, unlocking It
Jenklna almost tumbled Into my arms.
By Jove, for a second I bung In the
wind, he acted so crasy sUU; at least
It seemed so Just at first The fel
low threw his arm about my neck
and laughed laughed and cried, daah
It and Just wringing my hands and
carrying on Oh, awful! And even
when I got him Into a chair, he lust
sat there laughing and crying Ilk a
Jolly old silly, patting my hand, you
know, and wiping hla ys, what Urn
they were not devouring me.
"Has he gone, slrr he gasped hus
kily. "Did he lump from the win
dow r But I waved aU questions
"After you've had aome eleep," I in
sisted. Then III tell you the whole
Jolly story." And I Just got him to
hla room myself, despite bis distraes
and protesta over my attention.
Thank you, sir, and good night'
h said aa I left him. And he mur
mured placidly, "I guess we're all
right now."
. But I waa not ao sura as to him,
when I viewed tie broken chair and
scattered fragments of glass ominous
reminders of the scene through which
I had passed. And so, though I threw
the pistol on top of a bookcase, I
spent the rest ot the nlgbf upon the
soft cushions of my big divan.
Janklna Declarss for the Water
"But this savage-looking Chinaman
that you aaw, Jenkins how waa he
dressed V I adopted a careless tone
of Inquiry.
It waa high noon, and I waa toying
Slmpla Stay Hss Been Devleed Con.
slstlng of Hook Plsced st Lower
Corner of Screen.
Screen doors are usually of such a
light construction that they are apt
to aag after a little use. In order to
prevent euch sagging, or to correct
such a condition In an old door, a sim
ula form of stay haa been devised con-
Stay for Sagging Doors.
slstlng of a book placed at the lower
outer corner ot the door, to which a
wire la attached extending to a bolt
at the opposite corner ot the lower
panel of the door. The wire Is doubled
and the bolt Is so arranged that It
may be turned to twist the wire, thus
shortening It and lifting the sagging
side to normal position.
Carlo Formentl, of Milan, has dealt '
with poisonous metals In food sup
plies. Most metal salts are polsonoua,
and are liable to occur In acid foods
and drinks from chemical action on
containing véasela Lemonades and
other acid drinks so popular In Amer
ica, and even carbonated waters, often
contain lead. This comes not only
from metal utensils used In preparing
to drinks, but also as Impurities In
tartarlo acid and In carbon dioxide
gas; and even In minute quantity
taken often may be a real danger, as
lead tends to accumulate In the tissues
ot the body until It causes Illness or
even death. Copper waa found In
nearly all canned green vegetables, Its
uae ror tinting such nroducts being
emphatically condemned. The finding
of much manganese in certain vine
gars was a eurprlse, but special In
quiry showed that potassium perman
ganate is used to correct the taste of
cheap vinegars made from refuse and
rotting fruit Though the manganese
Is probsbly not harmful, vinegar from
such materials should be prohibited.
Araenlo In wlnea aometlmes comes
from lnsectlcldea used on vines, and
the use of arsenical Insecticides waa
lately forbidden In France. The In
vestigator recommends aluminum
cooking and containing vessels aa
quite harmless.
Found Rich In Turpentine and Reeln
8everal Products Ara Secured
From Material.
The stumps of the Norway pin left
oa the fields years ago In the traU ot
toe woodsman are now being turned
to account by many establishments In
Michigan and Wisconsin. These
stumps are rich In turpentine and
resin, and the process utilised Is what
Is known as destructive distillation,
which la quite simple and Interesting
owing principally to the great variety
of of materials which ara secured from
this refuse of the fields. The stumps
are cut Into blocka and loaded on iron
cars of cage construction and fired In
a retort The heat drives out the mois
ture and oil and opena up the liber of
the wood. The water comes oft first
followed by the resin, then turpentine,
succeeded by a mixture of tar and tur
pentine, and finally the flow consists
of pure tar. The average yield la 18
gallons of turpentine and 67 gallons of
tar from a cord ot wood weighing
about 8,338 pounds. The residue con
sists ot so bushels of soft charcoal.
From this material there are ob
tained the . following products:
Sheep dip, tree spray and disin
fectant, shingle stain, wood filler,
embalming fluid furniture polish,
faoe lotion, paint and pigment,
He Sprang to the Wall.
aaleep, If they're going to sleep at all.
I decided that the beat thing to do
Brat waa to get Into some clothes. And
with this thought I waa turning away,
when It occurred to m to make an
Sort to see If poor Jenkins seemed
more rational now or had gone to
sleep. '
I tapped upon the door. "Are you
aaleep r I asked softly.
A howl ot positive terror cams
"I'm a-keeplng quiet" he cried, "but
dont let me hear your vote again,
or ril Jump right out of the window."
I shook my head aadly and tiptoed
into my room, where I aUpped bur
rledly out of the pajamas and into
aome clothes; then back I went to
Uie telephone. It was on my little
writing-desk close to the door confin
ing Jenklna.
I Utted the receiver with a sigh. '
"Hello, central," 1 began, rspoao
wlth an attar luncheon, or rather attar
breakfast, cigar.
Jenklna' head shook dubiously.
just remember something blackish.
My, air, I dldnt have Urn to noUo
nothing Uka clothes 1"
His tone conveyed aggrieved pro-
teat He went on:
"Just as rm telling you, air, I aaw
some on sitting there by the window
and walked toward him, thinking It
was you. Then, all of a sudden, I aee
hla awful fact a-soowllng at me there
la the moonlight"
"And be was smoking, yon eayr
Jenklna sniffed Indignantly. "Ire
and easy aa a lord, sir I Ha bald
long stick to hla ugly mouth, and
smoke waa curling out ot a Uttl bowl
near the end."
"Oh, opium pipe, ehr
"Likely, air," agreed Jenkins; "Vat
I never aaw on."
(to sa ooomtnran)
Average Handy Man Probsbly Has
Not-Heard of New Idea Shown In
the llustratlon.
The following method of securing
hammer heads to handles may prove
useful: It consists In taking an ordi
nary washer, cutting It away at oppo
site aides, and then beveling It to form
wedge. When this Is driven Into
the end of the hammer hand! it
held firmly In place by the libera of
the wood that are forced Into the orlg-
Water la Pronn by Vacuum Appa
ratus Which Also Frseie loa
Cream Idea From Denmark.
All the way from Denmark comes
th Idea of the vacuum Ice machine
for the home. The various uses ot
this apparatus makes It very con
venient to have about the house. It
works on the principle that water
freeses when quickly evaporated, and
la ao simple that even the stupidest
domestic can operate It which Is say
ing a great deal. A Jar to hold water
la connected with a vacuum bell by
means of a hose, and the vacuum Is
Turn Crsnk and Water Freezes.
created by turning a crank. Aa th
air passes from the Jar the water
freeses. This same process can be
used In making Ice cream or Iced tea
and coffee, and In the first mentioned
caee. In particular, is a big Improve
ment over the method that require
turning a crank for twenty mlnutea.
The only chemical used In the ap
paratua Is sulphuric acid, and the
acid does not come Into contact with
the water or other liquids to be cooled.
Handle Wedge Made of a Waaher.
Inal washer hole In the center of the
wedge. This idea la not offered aa
something new, but th average handy
man haa probably not heard of It, and
may find It a very aervlceable kink.
8clentlDo American.
Aabeetoe Output
The Canadian asbesto output has
increased from 880 tons In 1880 to
69,800 tons In lío. The quarries and
factories are capitalised to the amount
of 124,190,000. In the Black Lake
quarries, province of Quebec there
are 46,000,000 tons ot asbestos In sight
Concrete Railway Sleeper.
Reinforced concrete- railway sleep
ers with asbestos fibers soaked In wa
ter and mixed thoroughly with cement
Is one of the parta tba hare been used
on Bavarian railways, and In th first
flv months of service showed no defects.
Use Flange Couplings.
Flange couplings should be used
liberally In Installing pipes. Some
times It is necessary to uka out a
piece of pipe, thereby ssvlng In time
replacing and extra cost
Production of Copper.
The United States now produces
more copper than all the rest ot the
world together.
Chicago Is the world'a greatest
lumber market
Overshoes are now being made ot a
mixture of rubber and asbestos.
Many shoes sold abroad as "Ameri
can made" are not such In any par- .
Th coal conaumptlon Per capita
In England la three times that ot
Thar are twenty-live typea of
American automobiles on th market
In England.
Th Oerman Industries employ t
000,000 women, of which 10,000 ar
mployed In mining.
Oaa furnacea alone ar now used at
the royal mint for the melting down
ot precious metal. -
A alngla needl manufacturing ma
chin will product on and a half
million needlea per week.
Germany haa 486 plant for th
preservation and utilisation of pota
toes In one form or another.
The effect of seasoning wood Is to
bring Into the same apace 10 per cent
more of the fibre aa when th wood
waa green.
Aa a possible substituí for cot
ton, Oerman textile experta are experi
menting with the fiber of th Aslatlo
silk cotton tree.
There hss been great Industrial de
velopment In Austria In the last
eight years and the standard ot liv
ing haa been raised materially.
A new whit metal alloy, a thor
ium, la lighter than aluminum, makes
sound castings, turna waU and may
be soldered, forged and welded.
Wood la ao scarce In England that
a process haa been Invented for pro
ducing It artificially. Btraw, aswdust
and grass ar compressed to mak
A nail puller consisting ot a curved
shoulder and a toothed wheel eccen
trically mounted Is carried on one aid
of a hammsr patented by a Waahlng
ton man.

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