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Wei tern Newspaper Union News Service,
. Chicaso detectives shot and killed
a young automobile tandit, wounded
another, a third .surrendered, and two
escaped. The five had held up five
saloons for a total of $505. -
"Fraud can stalk rampant through
the courts of the state of washing
ton." two of the justices of the state
Supreme court declared in a dissenting
opinion rendered at Olympia, Wash.
The Supreme Court of Montana held
at Helena that the national guard o
Montana, now maintaining martial law
to Butte, has no right to punish for
insurrection or other violations of the
law. .
The steamship Senator arrived at
Seattle from Nome, Alaska, shortly
after midnight with $1,250.000 in gold,
making a total of $1,750,000 in gold,
received from the North in twenty
four hours. . .
Trooper Wilson of the Tenth United
States cavalry, wounded by a Mexican-
bullet fired across the line during
, an attack on Naco, Sonora, died at
Fort Huachuca. Wilson was shot in
the breast.
William Barlow, formerly a widely
known minstrel, probably was fatally
wounded and his wife was killed by an
unidentified negro who forced his way
into the Barlow home at Argenta, a
suburb of Little, Rock, Ark.
Louis Silverman and Samuel Viz
hart were arrested at San Francisco
by operatives of a private detective
agency charged with procuring goods
Talued at $20,000 from Eastern manu
facturing concerns by fraud.
Two youths said to be the robbers
who held up officials of the Farmers
and Merchants' National bank at
Tupelo. Okla., and escaped with $2,-
437, were captured by a posse near
Tupelo. It is stated that more than
12.000 was found hidden in their
A rush order for 110,000 barrels of
flour was placed with a St. Louis
milling company by representatives of
one of the warring European nations,
the identity of which was , not dis
closed. This is the largest single sale
of flour ever made in St. Louis. -The
cries was not stated. The flour will
be made of Kansas wheat and will re
quire 540,000 bushels.
Four new bishops were elected by
the house of bishops of the Episcopal
church, in . session at Minneapolis,
Those chosen were: The Rev. Herman
Page, rector of St. Paul's church, Chi
cago, who will preside over the diocese
of Spokane; the Rev. Paul Jones of
Salt Lake, diocese of Utah;, the Rev.
George Coolidge Hunting of Berkeley,
Cal., diocose of Nevada; the Rev. H
R. Hulz of New York, diocese of Cuba.
Julian Carlton, insane negro chef.
who murdered Mamah Borthwlck and
five others at the "love cottage" of
Frank Lloyd Wright, wealthy Chicago
architect, at Dodgevllle, Wis., died
from poison he took immediately after
tha tragedy. Carlton, In an insane
rage, set fire to the bungalow, which
housed Mrs. Borthwlck, her two chil-
tloned himself at a window and killed
me occupants aa uiey tuiewpicu tu
The president nominated B. F. Hud
speth to be postmaster at Chico, Cal.
The president named the following
New Mexico postmasters; L. R.
Hughes, Alamogordo; Bliss Freeman,
Las Cruces.
President Wilson signed the rivers
and harbors, bill, appropriating $20,
000.000 to be expended under the di
rection of the War Department on pro
jects already begun.
Upwards of $500,000 a day is being
saved to the United States by the
Americans returning to this country,
according to computations at the De-
pártment of Commerce.
Ambassador Morgenthau, at Con
stantinople, has appealed to the State
Department for additional funds for
the relief of Americans in the Otto
man empire. The recent deposit by
this government 6f $150,000 has been
found inadequate.
Egypt, as well as the United States,
is facing a serious crisis because oi
inability to market, her cotton crop
Paul Knabenshue, United States vice
consul general at Cairo, in a report
to the State Department, says Egyp
tian banks, which in normal times im
port from $50,000,000 to $75,000,000 in
cold, have been unablé to obtain
specie to finance the crop movement,
and the government has made notes
of the National Bank of Egypt legal
tender with the same value as gold.
President Wilson decided to speak
Oct. 24 at the seventieth anniversary
of the Y. M. C. A., at Pittsburg. The
speech, it was announced, will not be
of a political character.
Senator Bankhead of Alabama pro
posed in the senate that the Southern
states issue bonds, buy half of each
farmer's cotton at 10 cents a pound
and carry it until the market becomes
The emergency war tax bill was
made the unfinished business of the
senate, to be pressed continuously un
tfl passed. Senate leaders expressed
the belief that the measure would be
passed soon.
Democrats in the House rejected a
proposition for neutralization of the
Philippines, and defeated every other
amendment offered to the Jones bill,
declaring: the purpose to recognize
Philippine independence when the
Filipinos are able to govern them
Associate Justice Daniel Thew
Wright of the District of Columbia,
against whom impeachment charges
are pending before the House judi
ciary committee, sent his resignation
to President Wilson to take efiect
Nnv IK Thn charees. filed br a
Washington banker, alleged official
and personal misconduct. ,
Bud Logan was given the decision
over Clarence "Wildcat" Ferns at St.
furious fighting.
Negotiations for a football game be
tween the Army and Navy teams this
year have been abandoned. This was
announced by the Navy Athletic As
sociation at Annapolis, Md. .. .
Jim Coffey, the Dublin giant, gave
Terry Kellar of San Francisco such a
terrific beating at the Stadium Ath
letic Club in New York that Terry's
nornnHn trirfiW nn the HDOnKe in the
ninth round of their scheduled ten-
round bout.
Playing, with the same sensational
speed that marked their rush from
last place to the position of pennant
winners in the National league, the
Boston Braves crashed the Philadel
phia Americans at Philadelphia in the
fiwt nni nf thA -worid's series br a
score of 7 to. 1.
Prof. Richard Meyer of Berlin unl
ersity, the well known historian, died
it Berlin. . "
Mjb.. Winston Spencer Churchill,
ife of the first lord of the admiralty,
Save birth to a daughter In London.
A Reuter dispatch from Amsterdam
says the municipality of Amsterdam
lias published a decree fixing the price
Df wheat.
French 3 per cent rentes have ad
vanced to 77 francs and 25 ceuUmes,
the highest point since the war ap
peared probable.
The correspondent of v the London
Times at Rotterdam confirms the re
port that there are 100,000 fugitives
from Antwerp to Holland. v
There was a rumor in London that
the Kaiser had offered as a reward
to the first man to enter Antwerp the
decoration of the iron cross and $5,
000 in money. '
The French authorities have seized
food supplies valued at between $!,
500,000 and $2,000,000 which had been
deposited on the docks at Havre by
a German firm. The action was tak
en to prevent the supplies' being sent
The report that the youthful grand
duchess of Luxemburg is a prisoner of
the Germans is reiterated in London,
thouzh official confirmation is lack
ing. - The grand duchess Is declared
to be incarcerated at Nuremberg,
There has been a diminution of 40
per cent of crime in London since trie
state of the European war. Comment
ing on this, in an address to the grand
Jury. Robert Wallace, K. C, said
"Even thieves are showing patriotism
In this great crisis."
The Rev. Isaac Wilson, pastor of the
Memorial Methodist Episcopal church
of Milan, Mich., was knocked down,
stabbed in the throat, gagged and
robbed of 14.500 by an unkuown man
in London on hia way to the railroad
station. His assailant escaped.
In an effort to avoid a sugar famine
in consequence of the cessation of the
supply of beet sugar from Germany,
Austria and Belgium, the home secre
tary has purchased 800,000 tons of
raw suear at about $100 a ton. ine
suear has been purchased at Demeara,
Java, Mauritius and other places. This
is by far the largest purchase of su
gar in the world's history.
rkahlp record was estab
lished by Thomas Wright, a crack)
amateur rider of Baltimore. Md.. at
the Piping Rock racing matinee in
New York. While riding Herucloid
In the Piping Rock cup event, a
handicap steeplechase, his horse fell
on him and he was rendered uncon
bcíous for ten minutes. After being
revived he rode Herucloid home and
won the race. The feat is said to be
unequaled in turf history.
J. Borden Harriman, fifty-one, for
mer banker, is reported dying at his
country home at Mount Kisco, N. Y.
Investigation of the financial oper
ations of the Chicago, Rock Island
Island and Pacific railroad by the In
terstate Commerce Commission will
begin in Washingtcn, Oct. 16 before
Commissioner Clements.
. There is a famine in China which
threatens to cause a greater loss of
life than the war in Europe, according
to the Christian Herald of New York
city, which has started a relief fund.
It savs that 2,000,000 people face star
vation within the next twelve months
In China.
Georee R. Tuttle of New York has
in his possession what is probably the
costliest example of lithographic art
in the country. It is a thirty-cent
American stamp of 1869 for. which
Tuttle paid $1,750. Collectors say
there are only three of the stamps in
existence. The price sets a new high
RRflfílH POR
Coyne Brothers
Specimen prices: Gold, Silver, Lead, $1 ; Gold,
cii.,. . n..i Rjin. 7nnrr!nnTr. 1. Mailing
envelopes and full price list sent on application.
Silver "bloHsom" Sticlt Pins (pure sliver), price
$1.60. Leadvllle. Colo. Kef. Carbonate Nat. Bank.
Rifles - Pistols Cartridges
Sportsmen's Supplies
Cheaper or Better
Brad thru stamps tor Katalog
10 Hals Bt., Cincinnati, O.
Women Molds Her Daughter In Foun
dation of Style and Taste From
1 Earliest Years.
Take the average girl, carefully note
the manner in which she Js dressed
and then you have an advertisement
good or bad for her mother.
In some subtle manner a mother
molds her daughter from babyhood in
the style of her clothing, and it is a
very important molding, too. For if
clothes do not make the .man they do
go a long way in giving a truo im
pression of a woman.
Every new dress that a mother buys
for her little girl is a small stone in
the foundation of style and taste that
will guide her daughter in future years.
I was taking tea with á well-known j
public woman recently, and she called
mv attention to two young business
girls who were sitting at another, table
in the restaurant. From the hat of one
hung a faded-looking rose, her low
necked blouse was not improved by-
her soiled coat collar, and above her
cheap-looking patent shoes showed
tawdry openwork stockings. The other
wore a smart, perfectly plain hat, neat,
well-fitting costume, and was tastefully
booted. .
Different mothers!" said my com
panion briefly. Rehoboth Sunday
Better one boil on the stove than
two on the neck.
of "Other Days"
ran something like this:
Ham. bacon or sausage;
frier potatoes ; doughnuts and
coffee prepared by over
worked mothers. ,
Today's and
tun about like this:
with cream or fruits; a
poached egg or two; crisp
toast; and a cup of Postum
a royal starter for any day.
Quick, easy to serve, ap
petizing, and
"Mother" has it easier !
sold by Grocers.

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