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"With Malice toward None, w ith Charity for All, and with Firmness in the Right."
VOL. XIX No. 14.
County Treasurer Parkes Locates
Thief At Mills.
Just after the bond sale at Mos
quro last Saturday evening at
the County Court House at Mos
quero, our obliging and goodna
tured County Treasurer had the
misfortune of having his laprobe
borrowed by one of the bond
buyers and as in as much as
he failed to get permission from
Mr. Parkes for the use of the
robe, the gentlemen had an ex
perience that will remain to the
front of his memory for many
moons to come.
It appears that immediately
after the bond sale a bunch of
the unsuccessful bidders hired a
car to take them to Raton so
they could take the Santa Fe
train at that place and in as
much as it was getting somewhat
cool in the evening one of the
men surmised the fact that Mr.
Parkes laprobe would do much
to stave off the cold on the long
110 mile ri'de to the Pass city and
as Ernest was busy in the office
it was an easy matter to take
the robe from the car and enjoy
its comforts on the trip and
everything went smoothly until
Mr. Parkes went out to his car
to start home for Mills and he
too had an idea that the robe
would be beneficial to him on
his 35 mile trip home, but lo and
lehold Mr. robe was nowhere to
le found and after a little ques
tioning he found two or three
men who had seen one of the
bidders take the robe and Ern
est's mind got busy right .now-,
and so did the telephone lines;
thev had passed thru Roy but
Mills was still 10 miles farther
and the Village Marshall at that
place was called and he stopped
the speeding car and made an
investigation and there was Mr.
rdbe tightly wrapped around
those in the back seat who were
.en joying its' comforts little
thinking that Mr. Law was af
ter them. However they soon
found but that someone had sure
put the bunch in bad and at first
they tiled to láy it on the driver
but the telep'honé cleared him
j. -i 'i
in a minute ana xnen n was up
M,. p.r,h,r0r o monn
bondbidder to make good and he ! tnis forceful speaker.
began to explaining and conniv-1 y Z : . .
ing and claiming he had ' only", A.MJ,-Truji lo, prominent cat
borrowed the robe expecting to tfemaoi Solano, ffw- - thru
return it with the driver on the JJy udy -enrpute to Wagon
morrow, but these explanations Mound, N. M. ,
were very unsatisfactory to Mr. . Tom Bowman was a business
Parkes but after Mr. bidder visitor to Dawson the first of
spont 30 minutes pleading on the the week.
phone Mr. Parkes who is one of
those big hearted fellows finally tlemen who did the petty thiev
decided to let him pay all cost ery was not one of the gentlemen
return the robe and pay a $5.00 who purchasd the bonds but a
reitalandgoonhisway, a wiser Denver man who only bid on
and sadder bond bidder. them and his bid was scarcely
We were unable to get the gen worthy of attention and why he
tleman's name, but we are sure; should stoop to such work we
that he will ask the owner of ,
property hereafter before he
borrows it or takes it for his own
' - It was not the value of the
robe that made Mr. Parkes
handfe the matter as he did but;
the principal of the thing and to
teach the fellow a lesson that
would probably be of great value,
trtWm in the future.
We wish to state that the gen-
We are now in position to give you
first class service and goods.
Native and packing house
Later part of the week.
' A Profitable Place to Trade.
A deal was consummated last
week in which R. P. Shaya Co,
sold their enthv stock of grocer
ies and notions and a major por
tion of the dry goods and shoes
to Frank Lujan and Alberto
Branch. The new firm took
over the kase on the Foster
Building held by Mi. Shaya and
have already opened up for bu
siness with a complete line of
groceries, dry goods, shoes and
notions and they wish to meet
all the old customers of Mr.
Shaya and as many new ones of
the mesa as possible.
Messrs Lujan and Branch are
well known young men of this
community and have spent prac-
tically all their life in and near
; Toy. Mr. I ujan was connected
; with the Lujan and Son store in
, Roy a few y ars ago and later
' moved to Sobinoso where he ' ;s
been manager of a store for hir
father the past few years. Mr.
Branch is the son of Padlo P.
Branch of this place and is a
'young man of ambiton and has
been assistant manager of the
Roy Trading Company store un
til a few weeks ago. We are
lieve these young men have a
bright luti.re before them and
an excellent chance to . become
'successful business :nv?n. We
understand they intend to in
crease their stock as their bus
iess builds up until they have
one of the most complete stocks
of merchandise in Roy,
Mr. Shaya will move the bal
ance of the stock he has on hand
to Duran and sell it in the store
of his únela who was killed a
few months ago. . Mr. Shaya is
Administrator ot tne estate fJid
this will require his corn-lute
attention for several months ..t
Duran Urt as sjon as the -late
is settled, M- will robadiy again
return to Hoy -
fit has been announced that
there- will be regular preaching
services at the Union Church in
Roy, next Sunday, April 23, at
eleven o'clock A. M. and at eight
o'clock in the . evening. Rev.
Cooke will talk on "Lifes Great
Realities" at the evening serví-
ice. ue. sure to attend ana near
t-. i ii -i i v
can hardly undemtana,
Anvwav Mr. Parkes has the
j - i -
robe, also enough cash to buy
another one, Mr. Hollopeter got
enough out ot the deal ior a une
necktie and W. w. oiistrap tne
telephone man did well out of
the deal too, but even at this Mr.
Parkes and Mr. Schultz had to
ndp nome wiuioui uie iwuiuu
of the said lap robe.
R. P.
Architect Plans Let Saturday
. At the regular meeting of the
County Board of Education held
at the County Seat last Satur
day, considerable business of im
portance to the County Schools
was attended to. The members
present at the meeting were:
Luis C. deBaca, Wm. G. Johnson
and County Sup't., DeFeea Mem
bers Leonhard and Warrender
were absent. After taking care
of. the regular routine of busi
ness the meeting adjourned dur
ing the selling of the School
bonds of the Mosquero, Solano
and Kephart schools by County
Treasurer Parkes. The bidding
was rather slow at first but fin
ally picked up and the bonds
were finally disposed of to Bos-worth-Chanute
and Company of
Denver and Keeler Brothers of
the same place, i Bosworth
Chanute bidding in the Solano
bonds at 96 plus accured mer
est and the Mosquero bonds at
95 and accured interest. Keel
er Brothers were the lucky bid
ders on the Kephart issue and
altho they only brought 90, yet
this is considered a very fair bid
when you consider it being an
inland district and about 2-3 of
thp land being stats land. There i
were, nine bidders present, which
shows that the bond market is
active and altho the Bankers
Trust Co., was the highest bid
der at97, the bid could not be
aacepted as they had accidently
forgot to have their checks cer
tified as required by law. This
error on the part of the Bankers
Trust Co., caused a loss of$250
o Solano and -$310 to the Mos
quero district, however the price
j received was- considered veiy
: good according to the way bonds
have been selling the past few
weeks ; an issue of several thous
and dollars sold in Union County
last week for 88. After the sell
ing of the bonds the Board again
went into session and let the
contracts for the architect work
for the three school houses. Af
er thoroughly discussing themat
ter it was moved to let the Board
of Directors choose the architect
wanted for their schools and the
Board approved same. Mr. Bar
rett of East Las Vegas was chos
en architect for Kephart and
Mosquero and Mr. George Eur
nett of El Paso architect for So
lano. The Kephar school will be
a two room stuccoed adobp cost
ing about $4,000 and the Solano
and Mosquero buildings will be
six to eight room building with
auditorium which can be used for
gymnasium. Both buildings will
be modern thruout, and will be
electric lighted, steam heated
and contain all necessary plumb
ing, lhey will be erected of brick
and will both contain full base
mcn'.i and be -a credit to the
town. The contract for the erec
tion of the buildings will be let
on Tuesday May 16th and work
will be rushed to completion as
the contractor will have to com
plete the building within one
hundred days which will make
them ready for occupancy by
S"p4ember 1 st. Money has been
reserved from the bond issue
for the furnishing of the school
building so that every thing can
be in readiness at the opening
of the 1922-23 term.
T-he bonds have already been
printed and ' as soon as a few
small requirements are made the
money wilL be in the hands of
the County Treasurer and ready
for. the contractors. The local
Boards and the County Beard
ar to be congratulated ia the
manner in which they handled
these issues and the manner in
which they have expedited mat
The next meeting of the Board
will lie held Tuesday May. 18fch
for the purpose of letting of the
Miss Etna Floersheim, Messrs
Don Foley and -Lester Floer
sheim were Sunday visitors in
Mr. Martin Rhyne and family
left for Somerton, Arizona the
first of the week where Mr. Rhy
ne is interested in a piece of
land. They will probably spend
the summer in Arizona but we
The sad news reached Roy
Tuesday morning that Lon
(Hardluck) Shifflet was killed
inian auto accident near Raton
last Tuesday evening while en
route to his home in Dawson.
Mr. Shifflet ad a friend had
been to Raton Tuesday and in co
mpany with another car of Da
wson folks was returning home
when about 6 miles from Raton
the . car, skidded and turned
completely over breaking Mr.
Shifflet's neck and seriously in
juring the driver. The car was
lying across Mr. Shifflet's body
when they were found by the
other car which was ahead of
th6 wrecked car and when they
seemed to not be in sight the
first car returned to find the
car á total wreck, Mr. Shifflet
dead and the driver seriously
The body was taken to Raton
where it was prepared for burial
and later taken to Dawson whe
re he has resided for several
. Mr.! Shifflet was well known
in Roy, having lived at Abbott
for a number of years where he
was an employee of the E. P. &
S. W. R. R having charge of the
push engine at that place, how
ever a couple of years ago he
was transferred to Dawson whe
re he has since resided
lie was a man well liked by
all who knew him and had many
friends on the mesa who will be
sorry to learn of his death. He
leaves a, wife and two children
to mourn his death.
Th8 funeral was held at Swe
etwater, Texas, Saturday April
22nd, and burial following in the
Sweetwater Cemetery. .
Mrs. Mav Sizemor of Gaylord
Kansas is'spending a few weeks
with h.-r.' daughter Mrs. L. E
Dueblerafid her son Earl Cable
and families" .
LON (Hardluck)
Beginning Monday, April 24th, we will
test cream Mondays, Wednesdays and
The American Legion Post at
Mosquero will give a grand ball
at Mosquero tonight (Saturday)
and a large crowd from Roy will
go to Mosquero to enjoy the eve
j ning. A fine time is assured for
all who attend. . Music will be
furnished thruout the evening
by the Tucumcari Orchestra
composed of five pieces. The
Post extends a cordial invitation
to everyone to be present ánd
enjoy the evening with them.
Federal Prohibition Agent Re
ctor of Albuquerque dropped
quietly into Roy last Wednesday
and with the assistance of She
riff Spivey captured two stills,
one of which was in operation
and also got several gallons of
the deadly poison, and a few ba
rrels of mash. The first raid
was mae at the Ed Cantrel home
where some mash was found and
in the afternoon they proceeded
to Abbott where they found a
still at the Honeycutt home in
actual operation and a considera
ble quantity of "BOOZE". Mr.
Cantrel and his brotherinlaw
Mr. McBroom also Mr. Honey
cutt were arrested and brought
to town and taken before U. S.
Commissioner where each plea
ded to the charges preferred by
the Agent, and each gave bond
to appear before your honor U.S.
District Judge Neblitt where th
ey will tell their troubles vhon
the Federal Court meets. Mr.
Rector and Sheriff Spivey are
doing their best to stamp out
the stills on the mesa, and it is
the duty of every law abiding
citizen to help them in the work.
The Iwotlegging that has been
going on the mesa for the past
i year is surely a disgrace to any
community and it is surely get-
Vi i' i . i . , i i . j.
ting ume mai me worK De sian
ped out.
Our Art Necdlevorh Section
is Showing New Designs in
Embroidery Package Outfits
Articles of finest quality at very attractive prices.
Children's dresses, undergarments, aprons, dressing
sacques, boudoir caps, novelties, etc. Everything is
in the package, including the floss for embroidery.
v ' . if 'mtjk
' " ' .-i
Roy is to have a community
hall and theater building at once
according to the plans outlined
by S. E. Paxton and Mickey
Floersheim . They have leased
the Foster building recently oc
cupied by the Roy Bakery and
they are having a stage erected
and other accessories in the
building and will seat it and
make all arrangements for an
up-to-daie community house.
The building is quite roomy be
ing about 30 feet wide and about
70 feet long and will hold approx
imately 400 to 500 people. The
old Roy Theatre will continue to
be used for a picture show as
Messrs Paxton and ' Floersheim
tell us they do not intend to put
in a picture machine at this
time. The main reason for the
leasing of the building was to
get a ground floor for a theater '
and community hall as so many
people objected to having a thea
ter on an up stairs floor as the
old-Roy Theater is located at
The building will be used for
all community meetings such as
political meetings,, community
atherings of every nature, dance
hall and regular theater room,
Messrs Paxton and Floer
- l eim are to be co- gi u lated on
t!:e;r fore thought in tting the
lt'fi&e on this uikLig tnd ar
la'iging it &.y that prJbJiV gather
ings can be held on the ground
floor and in a safe building for
all to attend.
We understand they will erect
an up-to-date stage, with foot
lights, ' curtains ' and dressing
rooms and that the room will be
electric lighted and made as com
fortable as possible. .The thea
ter wil be initiated no::t Satur
day night when the Base Ball
Boys- stage itheir first Minstrel
show of the season. ;
Floersheim Mercantile Co.
t '. "i i ; ..'i " .i in i ... i i. . ! i i. ,. , , ,
Hook for; them back in time to
sow that big wheat crop " this
fall. ----i,,:;:

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