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'With Malice toward None, with Charity for All. and with Firnmess in thp PMit."
VOL. XIX -No. 15,
Suit Brought by District Attor
ney Armi jo to Remove Coun
ty Commissioners of Mora
Co . mty Dismissed by Judge
Speei.tf to the Spanish-American
In the case of the State vs.
Homestead Lodge No. 46 and
Harmony Rebekah Lodge ' cele
brated the One Hundred Third
Anniversary of Oddfellowship at
their hall Wednesdya evening.
The joint celebration was well
attended and about 125 members
and visitors were seated at the
Pedro Maes, Harry Irwin and: fine banquet served during the
Mari;: no Gonzales, county com- evening.
missioners for Mora county bro- ' A number of visitors were
ught by a petition sworn to by present from the sorrounding
Zenol.io Salazar, ex-State Sen-; community and several Lodges
ator of Mora county, in which had delegates present at the ce
petitfon it was asked that the co- ( lebration. Clayton was repre
unty commissioners be removed ' sented by Miles Rumley and wife
from office for incompetency Tucumcari by Mr. C. Smith,
and gross negligence in the dis- Vaughn by Mr. A. Norns. Visi
AWAY Müís OA l EviiiV- .
charge ot their duties in per
mitting warrants to be drawn
and approved for the alleged
payment of bills against the
county which were not verified
Death has again entered, our
little city and this time has tak
en from us one of our most prom
inent citizens, Pablo P. Branch,
who passed awayAt 8 o'clock
Monday evening atls. home in
Roy after a. lingering ilness of
several months from that dread
ed disease, sclerosis..
Mr. Branch was one of Roy s
most honored citizens, having
lived here since 1904 just a year
after the town', was founded and
has always been a booster for
the town and worked continually
for its betterment. .
He was born in February 1870
at Mora. Ne.w Mex, and wás the
son of the' late Mr. and Mrs.
Alejandro Branch of that place
and at the age of 21 years came
to this'' mesa and the following
year was married to ' Beatriz
tors were also present from Da
wson, Mosquero, Springer and
Mills. .
A number of addresses - were
made during the evening, the
as required by Section 1220 and principal address being made by p-ociriauez daughter of Mr. and
xzzz oí me compnea laws oi me itev. nussen lormeny vi xiu.y, JVirs. Juan Jos Rodriguez of this
State of 1915, District Attor- but now located at Dawson. His piace. For several years he
ney Armijo. and-'O. 0. Askren address gave a complete outline ,taUght school at Albert and Sa
of Las Vegas, appeared for the of the growth of this great order bino and other sch00is jn eastera
State and Mr. E P. Davies of : during its 103 years of existence Union County. In 1898 he home
Santa Fe appeared for the coun- and some of the great work steaded out on the old Union
ty commissioners. ' being done by the order. Talks County jne an(j pr0ved up on
Mr. Daves filed a demurrer to were also made by Mayor F,nr-1
whaf io known na the nlH Tirnnrh
the notition of Senator Salazar, sheim. incoming Mayor bibbs
h nmíetíir) líitor in 1 Qfl4 ho miw auaintances. and will be ereatlv many friens. on
setting up that the Section 1220 also by a number of other local e(j Roy 'then in its infancy j missed in the community, as well home ten miles north of Roy
and 11522, which were alleged to speakers. . ..' flnd in 1906 erected a hotel near; as by his family and many other The Spanish-American exten
n Jl, : i
; vuc ui iitQ pruiiuiiem young
- . couples of Roy stole a march on
The news has been received in their many friends last Satur
Roy that Wm. Barrett, father of day and slipped away to Raton
Rolen Barrett, passed away at where they were quietly married.
Barrett, Kansas at 4 o'clock last Rev. Rufus C, Baker, pastor of
Monday evening. Mr. Barrett the M. E. church of that place
visited in Roy a few weeks ago pronounced the words that made
and helped.-care for his son Rolen Mr. Ellis Abernathy and Miss
during his recent operation for
appendicitis at. the Plumlee Hos
pital, returning home with his
son only' a few weeks ago and
was taken down with pneumonia
which resuted in his death. We
clip the following from the Frank
fort Kansas Daily Index of April
William Barrett, who had been
ill at his home in Barrett for se
veral weeks, passed away at 4
o'clock Monday afternoon.
The deceased was born in Ohio
seventy-five years ago, and came employed as assistant to the
to Kansas with his parents, the agent at the depot. Mr. A heir -A.
G. Barrett and wife, when on- nathy is the only son of G. R.
ly eight years of age, and had Abernathy of Roy and i
spent nearly all his life in the nized as one of the exempliarv
village of Barrett, where the young citizens of the communi-
f amily located on arriving in ty.
Marshall county. He was a sple- The happy young couple an-
ndid man , and numbered his nounce that they , will reside,
friends bji the number cf his ac- and' will be at home to their
their ranch
Laska Gray man and wife. Nel
Benson and Ira Bemstorf of Roy
accompanied the happy young
couple to the Pass City and were
the only witnesses to the cere
mony. , '
Neither of these young folks
need any introduction to the
people of Roy as both have been
residents for the past several
years. Mrs. Abernathy 'is the
charming daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. IT. A. Gray, formerly of
this place but now of Fayett-
ville, Ark., and, who has been
hav- leen violated were not tne ' The whole evening was one ot where the Spanish American of
sections of the law governing pleasure to those present and : fice now stan(js &n which was
the bills or accounts In question, the goodfellowship growing out I destroyed in the firP of 1916.
yvnici mns were lor ruau won oi uie xiieemis : vm j Mr Branch was the father of
mcurrea unaer me county. roaa ang eneci on me two uuuivuts
superintendent, and all, of which of the order. .
bills 'were governed by the pro- The two Lodges at Roy have
vision of Chapter 99 of the laws a membership that places them
-of 1919. and not by Section 1220 among thft strongest of the sta-
and 1222 at all te, The Odd Fellows having a "A
, This, JfW'i ChaPter 99 "iei?berl1lÍ?íter1, Í . tersAnna, Tillie and Beatriz be-
lawsof 1919 clearly providing dred and the Rebekahs a sirni ar sides a numb8r of sisters and bro
that such bills shall be incurred number. The Fiemberships in-iiiiM.s .jj a,ld Iriends Out
under direction of the county eludes some of the best citizen- 'of t son Benni sged
ro-1 sunenntendent and approv- ship of the town and mesajn jugt lg d ior Mhen
-ed by him and thus paid. , these two orders and then woi k death and thig babl hastened
tter hearing argument . on the past many years has added h- death
Besides his wife, one son Ro-
extends '
congratulations and wish1"? for a ;
long and happy mamed life. ;
Rev. Pope, who is holding a
a revival at Mosquero, will prea-
recog-ch at Mosquero Church next
Monday night, May 1st.
He is from Tulsa, Okla. and he
is known as the boy preacher in
Oklahoma, come out and hear
him, he s one of the best prea
chers we have ever heard, and if
you miss it you will always re
gret notcoming, so come. His
subject will be "Morphine tablets
of Hell." Every body is invited
to come .
12 children, 8 sons and 4 daught
ers; six of which have preceded
him to. the Grert Beyond. lie
leaves to mourn his death a sor
rowing wife, three sons, Carlos,
len, and two daughters. Mrs. J.E.
Conklin and Mrs. Roy Posey,
both of Hubbell, Neb., and two
1 H T TIT TT .1J1
sisters. ívirs. vvm .rioimam oí r
Frankfort, and Mrs. George Van Announcement is made that
Vlipt. of BfliTctt snrviw him H. Kennard & Sons of southeast
Roy Post No. 33 of the Amer
ican Legion has received a large
silk American flag and also a
fine Legion banner, both of
and have the sympathy of all in of Roy have purchased the equip
their groaf loss. mcnt of the up-to-date dairy the m . h .
i.uiat nas men operaiea ior tne 4U A , - c .1
sustained th contention of Mr. teraities of the whole mesa.
Davies and dismissed the case.
A similar action is pending in
the District Court, brought at
thf samp t.imp -; the suit affainst
the county commissioners, ask- er for the past several months
ing for the removal of Hon. and the consequent larse acre
Thomas McGrath, Assessor of age of dead grass, prairie fires
the county, on the ground of in- on the mesa have been of almost
mmiiptpticv in of f i'p.r. Mr, Davies daily occurance. Great cara ha
.affectionate husband and father
and had raised a family that iu
I was proud of. Inl917 he erected
! 1 i'í .1 i L ? n
n, U h vpvv rlrv wfiat.li-1 oeautnui nome m lvoy wnere
uvunj; uv "t; j j -
he has since resided and which
lis one f the beautiful homes
!of the town. .
I The funeral was held Wed
nesday morning at llo'clock ai
j ; 4.u a uv, avaVniaA tw nlrr.nst i vrv- the bt. Georges Ohurch: Mass
1 lieu a uciiiui xci ill tua vaoc, ouu uecu caví ví.jv . - . -
it is highly probable that the one in regards to fires or lights i was said in the morning and fol
court will take the same action of any nature where thsrc ere .lowing this a splendid talk was
; 4.1. : a u a. nf m-.ico ,nt fvpn ' it t maae oy ivev. ramer vacnon
ill 1111 Viioc iiiiu ouabain uc- iitiuo vi 6""i
. murrer and dismiss the ase this there has been an exception
agahst McGrath, when same ; ally large acreage of good pas
cexos ap for hearing. ture destroyed this spring.
I One of the largest of these
FAREWELL PARTY fires occured last Sunday after
The Loyal Sunday School noon and evening on the T. E.
Class of the Baptist Church, en- Mitchell pasture about twenty
tíuhinPíl Mrs. I-ela Weatherill eisrht miles southeast of Roy
v. iin.iA,i of a foi-fl. u-ao awoTvf hv flames.
111(1 IlCl tWU UClUlillUCl.'O ait Cb li v.- ,ciuj.iv.j 1 11 1 '
well party at the Caris home when approximately 11,000 acres and all business
Monday evening. A larg3 num- Fighting this fire, as has bee closed in Roy fr
her of friends were present. The the experience witn omers, w.
evening was spent in music and of little or no avail owing to the
gavr"s. At a late hour refresh- brisk wind which spread the
merits "were served, which con- flames very "rapidly. It is suo-
sisted of a large cake decorated posed that the fue on the Mitch
in the class colors made espec-. ell ranch was caused! by a bolt
ioiiir w tha np.pAsion hv one of !of lightning a6 an electrical
icvri.T v" i
i who spoke of this man and com-
ioiiCv. me sorrowing I'amiiy. A
larpfe process on fo'lowed th rp
mains to the Roy Cemetery Wed
nesday .noon where Jje was laid
to rest by the side of his son
Eennie who passed away a few
days ago. The funeral , was in
charge of Undertaker Doáás
houses '-'were
0111 10 to V A.
M. iii honor of Mi Branch.
' The Spanish American oí
which Mr. Braiach has been a
reader since it was first edite?1
extends the deepest of sympathy
to the bereaved family in these
dark hours of sorrow.
tha members of tha class.
Mrs. Weatherill will leave the
later part of the week for Okla
homa, "but it is hoped that she
-will return in the near future to
-make her "home here.
storm passed over that country
Another fire of unknown ori
gin broke out Sunday afternoon
in the large . pasthre adjoining
the Roy cemetery near town
Wire, Nails and Stock Salt
Garden and Field Seeds
Furniture and Gaskets
A Full Line of General Mordían
dise and Meats
, A Profitable Pfece to Trade.
Thru the columns of the Span
ish American we want to thank
our many relatives and friends
for the kindness and help given
us during the sicknass. death
and burial of our beloved hus
band and father. May God
bless eaeh and every one of you
is eur prayer.
Mrs. Pablo P. Branch
and children.
The funeral services will be "l" lia "?c" gn the construction of their
held at the Barrett church at Pf 4 several yea rs by the Cope s ne h . th f
q .ft,n The Kennards transferred all oí : j
the belongings to thou: home :J th f . fl willI
tomers frcm tht- noirf . - It is
3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon,
with burial in the Barrett ceme
tery. .
the main lodge room.
Wm. Bowman was in town
Tuesday transacting " business:
He report no iain at his place.
their intention to maintain the j
high standard of service in the! Sam Halterman has retrrned
future that has been rendered ! from Ocaté and will make his fu
by their predecessors. j ture home on the mesa.
' II OUTSIDE it' r. LI I V
Solid Leather
Work Shoe
Made over the Munson
last. Special at
Whiloin Tucumcari last Wed
nesday Editor Johnson called on
the Goodmans' and spent a few
moments with this good family.
Young Joe was somewhat peeved j
over tke statement m the paper
of last week in which ,we statid
that we heard he was married;
Joe says he wouldn't care if it
had been, so, but as there is no
thing to it that it was not much
fun to receive congratulations
when they are not due. He has
promised to give us a weeks no
tice when it really happens and
we in turn will give him a co
lumn write-up and we get a box ;
of cigars for his Roy friends in (
the deal. Joe said he never drea
med so many Tucumcari people
read the S. A. until he begun re
ceiving congratulations last week
Well Joe it is our treat now, and
yours later, .'.')
Tires Tires Tires
Better look your tires over.
You will be needing some this
summer so get the kind that
you know are good.
Six bars Peets Naptha
Six bars Crystal White
Three bars Whitd Eagle
Three bars Crema Oil-
- Eighteen bars for $1 .09
You save 30 cents. The supply will not last
long, so get your lot now.
Floersheim Mercantile Co.

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