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VOL. XIX tio. 16.
The voters of Harding county
will have before them in the
near future the question of set
tling the location for the Hard
ing County High School, and
while the matter was permanent
ly settled by the legislature, the
supreme court thru a decision a
few weeks ago decided the Coun
ty High School Debentures were
illegal and this leaves the matter
as to a permanant location doubt
ful. hence a petition was circulat
ed last Monday a week ago and
over 500 names were secured on
that date asking the, County
Commissioners to call an elec
tion and settle the matter so far
as Roy was concerned. A pe
titon was circulated by the peo
ple of Mills and community ask
ing for an election to vote on
Mills also as to location for a
0unty High School.
The petition from Roy was filed
a number of days before the pe
tition from Mills was filed and
will have to be acted upon by
the commissioners first and the
law says plainly that one place
f n be voted upon at one time.
In as much as the County
High School was given to Roy
by the legislature in the county
bill and Roy being the largest
town in the county and having
by far the largest school enroll
ment and the district paying
one fourth of the taxes of the
whole county it appears to us
that the school should rightful
ly be located at Roy and we be
lieve the people of the county
will by their vote locate it where
it rightfully belongs in the coun
ty metropolis. While the S. A.
has felt II the time that the
legislature had no right to name
the location of the permanant
county seat and high school, yet
we feel if one part of the bill fe
null ans void and illegal then
the actions of the same bill are
illegal. However if it Is illegal
to have the Legislature name the
location of the County High
School, then Roy is perfectly will
ing to go before the people and
let them decide where they want
it located for we do not want any
thing that does not rightfully
belong to the town.
The Roy school being more
centrally located than any other
school in the county has a num
ber of advantages over the other
schools as for the location of the
County High School. First of
all is the large enrollment of
nearly 400 students which nat
urally requires a high school
and it will be absolutely neces
sary for a high school at this
place whether it be a county
high school or not. With pro
bably 50 or 60 pupils ready for
school work next year dis
tributed between the four years
of high school work one can
readily see that a high school
will be an absolute necessity
and as we are under the County
Unit System the whole county
tayinf for tlr schools naturally
the county will have to pay pro
portionately for this high school.
However, even at this, Roy's as
sessment of nearly $2.000,000
will probably more than pay for (
the school but the taxes goes
into one fund and is likewise drs-1
Wire, Nails and Stock Salt
Garden and Field Seeds
Furnituré and Caskets
A Full Line of General Merchan
dise and Meats
A Profitable Place to Trade. ,
"With Malice
Mothers' day, which falls this
year on Sunday, May 14, will be
observed nationally as well as
locally by every one of the 3.500
units of the .American Legion
auxiliary. Assistance wm" be
given the women's organization
by the 11,000 posts of the Amer
ican Legion.
The national effort at obser
vance will be symbolized by an
impressive ceremony over the
body of the Unknown Soldier,
in the national cemetery at Arl
ington, Va. Tribute will be
paid to the unknown mothers of
this soldier, who was buried with
distinctive honors last Armis
tic day. Ceremonies will be held
over the graves of war dead in
other parts of the country.
It is planned to 1 have legion
and auxiliary members unite in
community church services, to
be held in towns on the after
noon of Mother's day. Auxiliary
units will arrange concerts in
hospitals in which there are vet
erans of the late war and pro
grams of entertainment also will
bs given in oiphan asylums in
which there are children of men
of the World war.
- The Auxiliary also will pro
mote the observance of establish
ed features of the day, such as
phurch attendance, in the morn
ing, preaching of approprate ser
mons and the urging of every
one to write or wire his mother
on that day or send her flowers.
Mother's day was organized
by Miss Anna j Jarvis, of Phila
delphia. The American Legion
auxiliary is composed of the
mothers, wives, sisters and
daughters of Legion men.
Jimmie Turner, brother-in-law
,of Neis Benson was in town a
few davs the first of the week
fshowing the fine work done by
the; Dawson Vulcanizing firm.
iWe have to admit that it is fine
work and the new firm will no
doubt receive a good business
from this town.
tributed, it naturally goes back
to the county school fund.
There is no doubt in our mind?
but Mills, Solano and Mosquero
should have high school work
and they will probably have two
years work this year and a?
soon as their enrollment war
rents it their high school work
should be increased, but with
their present enrollment it would
be almost impossible to give
these places a complete four year
course. The law requires at
least one high school teacher for
each year taught and it is easy
to see that it would be a waste
of money to have three or four
high shool teachers for 6 to 10
. The County Commissioners
will probably act on the petition?
at their June meeting and ther
the matter will be left up to the
people of the county to decide.
Roy is only asking for what she
feels rightfully belongs to her
and we believe the voters' of the
county will settle the matter
permananty for the county high
school and locate same at Roy.
toward None, with Charity for AH. and with Firmness in the
The morning was fine and
warm and it brought people from
Solano, Roy and also people from
our various Sunday Schools scat
tered over the country together
at an early hour some in time for
Sunday School which was held
at 10 o'clock.
The convention was opened by
the president, b. D. Wade, of
Roy, reading the Shepherd's
Psalm in á very impressive man
ner which was followed by pray
er by Rev. Wellingham of Roy.
Rev. Fletcher of Mills gave
welcome address in a few well
chosen words. Rev. Welling
ham delivered the convention
sermon, taking for his text
"Bring up a Child in the way it
should go and when it is old it
will not depart therefrom." It
was one of the best sermons
which we have heard for years.
Then came dinner one of
those basket dinners and it
was sumptuous indeed. If you
think we are prevaricating on
the subject just ask Mr. Wade.
He was a long time betting to
the table but at last he overcome
his bashfulness and "waded" in.
We encouraged him by giving
him a fair sizeDlate and saw
that it was kept full, but at the
same time warning him on the
dangers of too much rich food.
We readily saw that our breath
was wasted when he said, "The
more I eat the better I feel."
Everyone present seemed to en
joy themselves and added to the
mirth of the moment.
After a song and prayer came
the business session during whi
ch it was decided to hold the
next convention at Solano on thj
fifth Sunday in July. P. L.
Gunn.-of Roy, was elected to fi 1
the unexpired term Jas that of
vice president T. S. H o 1 1 a n d,
formerly of Mosquero- but who
has moved away-and left that
office vacant. We feel assured
that Mr. Gunn will be a valua
able member to the convention
because he boosts for Sunday
Schools every day in the week
anion Sunday too.
A committee was appointed
to prepare the program and have
same published in the paper
three weeks before time for thj
next convention . . So watch for
it and make your arrangement;:
to be there.
: The. Sunshine Class of tin
Mills Sunday Schoel, which h
composed of little girls in the
third and fourth grades at
school, sang a song, "We are the
Rainy Day Brigade," and with
their umbrellas they showed us
how we could depend on them
being at Sunday School every
Sunday morning.
Mrs. Geo. Lucas, of theLib
erty Sunday School, gave a react
ing on "Conscience'' which war.
enjoyed by all present and which
vealed dasp thinking on the
part of tha writer. ;
. After a solo by Pearl Newman
of Solano, Rev. Fletcher talked
on. "A childs life from 6 to
years of age." W. Fred Ogder
read a paper on the "History anc
Progress of the Sunday Cchooi
Work . ' He took us back many
years and produced facts that
people had met together for the
purpose of studying God's word
many years before Robert Rake?
began to teach his little bond of
poor street boys. in England.
A tenor and soprano duet was
given by Miss Mable Smith and
Mr. Wade which was well ren
dered and the audience showed
their appreciation by much ap
plause. o -
A quartett from the Roy
Methodist Sunday School sang
beautif uly and farther impressed
upon our minds that they have
some good singers -at Roy as
well as elsewhere.
When we say that Prof. Hen
dricks, of Roy, gave a splendid
talk on "What kind of soil are
we furnishing for our young
people," : we are expressing it
mildly, and we sincerely wish we
had time to go into details ond
tell all about it, but as we have
not, and our report is growing
long we must content ourselves
with these few remarks.
The convention was dismissed
about four o'clock and all depart
ed for their numerous homes de
The Methodist Ladies Home
Missionary Society met at the
home of Mrs. C. L. Justice on the
19, and spent a pleasant day with
the hostess.
The ladies began arriving at
10. A.M. asd 26 were nresent
X f v w v w V Ulipui4 U1IIU
and assisted in the tacking of and wound up all unfinished bu
three comforts for Mrs. Ellis siness and then vacated the
Abernathy. At noon a cafeteria chairs to the newly elected board
dinner was served by the hostess composed of M. D. Gibbs. Mayor
In i,he afternoon the Society had P. C. Haines, W. W. Gilstrap,
a group picture taken and in the i Alberto Branch and Sam Strone
evening ice cream and cake were
servea to tnose present.
The Justice home was beauti-
fully decorated for the occasion
and the members spent one of
a most pleasant day and evening
at mis une nome..
Late in the evening several of
the ladies returned also a num- few weeks until the next regu
ber of younp folks and another lar meeting of the Board when
pleasant hour was spent with the the new appointments will be
hostess. .
The Societv met at thp home
of Mrs. Jerald Dodds, Wednes-,
day afternoon of this week. win ue mace into one oince and
under one head There are seve-
Mr. Allen, of the Springer'! applicants .for th3 treaturer
Sales and Auto Co., of Springer,
delivered a brand new Ford to
Lew Peifer the first of the week,
The Publishers Auxiliary,
sue of April 29th, contains
interesting article concerning W.
F . Walknwialf. a former hliai-
- - .
ness man of Roy, who has just
recently been appointed general
manager of the Polish Catholic
Union, a daily and weekly news
paper published in Chicago. Mr.
'"owiak. it will be remember
ed was editor of a paper at
Springer after leaving Roy, and
ho now nublishes the Ariro News
at Argo, Illinois, a surburb of mother on this day with a letter of equalization, also acted on the
Chicago. He stated that he will telegram or at least wear a fo- incorporation of Moscuero as a
continue the management of the.wer in her honor. Mother is the 'village. ' Several matters were
New in addition-to his new du- greatest friend you ever Siad, or'brught before the- onimissionfcrs
ties as, general manager of the
large Chicago paper, j
Have you gotten your 18 bars of
soap for $1.00?
We haven't much left so hurry and get your
lot while it lasts. -
Eight cans of Van Camp Pork and beans, 6Joz.
size for 25 cents.
Get dolled up and attend the Base ball dance
next Saturday, May 13th.
Floersheim Mercantile Co.
v ' ' -... ... i ..... .. . , . ..j
I The newly elected Village
Board took over the reins of the
City government last Monday
evening and it is-now Mayor
Gibbs your honor , The old board
n.isKPd nn spvoml íinnm hilla
Trustees, and Frank L. Schultz,
The new board after listening
to a number of recommendations
by ex-mayor Floersheim and a
strong address by Mayor Gibbs,
decided to let the present trea-
surer and marshall serve for a
made for these offices. It is
probable that the offices of mar-
shall and street commissioner!
job but this matter will not be
settled for at least a week or two
The Board has a number of
knotty problems before it and
will have some hard work ahead
of them to solve them all but we
believe they are eoual to the
task. The Board will continue
to meet1 in the S. A. office for
fho nrosnnt nt lonct anA mnhnlilv
" f . iu .wuuv
thruout their term.
The next meeting will be he'd
on Monday evening May the 8th
The board invites the public to
be present at all meetings.
May 14 th is mother's day. Eve
rvone should remember their
will have. So don't forget mo-
Another shipment of these
. high quality
have just arrived, and, the
patterns are some of the
prettiest we have ever seen
-.. r-J
The . Graduating Class of the
St. George's School will hold
their graduating exercises at
the Parochial School Building
next Monday evening May 8th,
at 8 o'clock P. M., and the pub
lic is invited to the exercises.
The graduates this year are
Arthur McGrath, Thomas Baul
er and Gertrude Swoyer. The
Class Motto is "Onward and Up
ward" while the class flower is
the "Lily of the Valley" and the
Class colors, "Blue and Gold.
The following program will be
given on the eve of graduation.
Chorus "O Fair New
México." By the School.
Recitation "How I tended
the Baby." . . Celeste Brashears.
Playet "Dollies Dreams"
... .By Girls.
Recitation "Fatty."
Henry Romero.
Song "Farm Yard"
Frances Daegen.
Recitation . "Son You
Washed." Virgil Scheier.
Song "Lullaby Land"
David Branch and
Frances Brashears.
Presentation of Diplomas by
Rev. Fr. F. Vachon, O. M. I.
Farewell Address
Gertrude Swoyer.
Address to Graduates by Rev.
Fr. E. Chaput. O. M. I., of
I '
of Medals and
Prizes. 1
I Song ............ "America"
' Everybouy.
The County Commissioners
were in session last Monday and
Tuesday They met as a board
but they were left over until the
June meeting.
claring that the day was well
spent. :'' .', " ; . u'

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