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Synopsis. With his grandfather.
mail Ramsey Milholland is watch
ing the "Decoration Dar Parade"
in the home town. The old gentle
man, a, veteran of the Civil war.
endeavors to impress the young
ster with the significance of the
great conflict, and many years aft
erward the boy was to remember
his words with startling vividness.
in ine schoolroom, a few years
afterward. Ramsey is not distin
guished for remarkable ability,
though his pronounced dislikes are
arithmetic, "Recitations" and Ger
man. In sharp contrast to Ram
sey's backwardness is the precocity
of little Dora Yocum. a young lady
whom In his bitterness he denomi
nates "Teacher's PeL" In high
school, where he and Dora are
classmates, Ramsey continues to
feel that the girl delights to mani
fest her superiority, and the vin
dictiveness he generates becomes
alarming, culminating in the reso
lution that some day he will
"show" her. At a class picnic Ram
sey Is captured bag and baggage
by Milla Rust, the class beauty,
and endures the agonies of his first
The next morning Ramsey came Into
his father's room while Mr. Milholland
was shaving, an hour before church
time, and it became apparent that the
son had something on bis mind, though
for a while he said nothing.
Wd you want anything, Ramsey?"
"Didn't want to borrow my razors?"
"No, sir-
air. Jlllholland chuckled. "I hardly
supposed so seriously! Shaving Is a
great nuinre and the longer you keep
away from it the better. And when
you do, you let my razors alone, young
fuller !"
"les, sir.", (Mr. Milholland's razors
were safe. Ramsey had already
achieved one of his own, but he prac-
tlced the art In secret.)
"What is it you really want Ram
"I guess I don't want anything."
"No, sir. You gay' me some Fri
Mr. Milholland turned from his mir
ror mm iookcq over tne euge or a
towel at his son. In the boy's eyes
there was such a dumb agony of Inter
rogation that the father was a little
Why, what Is It, Ramsey? Have
you " He paused, frowning and won
dering. "You haven't been getting in
to some mess you want to tell me
about, have you?"
"No, sir."
His tone was meek, but a mute dis-
tress lurked within It, bringing to the
fathers mind disturbing suspicions.
and foreshadowlngs of Indignation and
of pity. "See here, Ramsey," he said,
"If there's anything you want to ask
me, or to tell me. you'd better out with
it and get It over. Now, what Is It?
"Well It Isn't anything." .
"Are you sure?"
Ramsey's eyes fell before the severe
aod piercing gaze of bis father. "Yes,
Mr. Milholland shook his head doubt
fully: then, as his son walked slowly
out of the room, be turned to complete
"And When You Do, You Let Mv
Razors Alone, Young Feller!" ,
his toilet in a somewhat uneasy frame
of mind. Ramsey had undoubtedlv
wanted to say something to him nd
the boy's expression had shown that
the matter In question was serious,
distressing, and, it might be, critical.
In fact it was to Ramsey. Having
begun within only the last few hours
to regard haberdashery as of vital Im
portance, and believing his father to
be possessed of the experience and au
thority lacking In himself, Ramsey had
come to get him to settle a cuestión
which had been upsetting him badlyi
In his own room, since breakfast What
he wanted to know was: Whether it
was right to wear an extra handker-
chief showing out of the coat breast
pocket or not, and, IT It was right-
ought the handkerchief to have a col
ored border or to be plain white? But
he had never before brought any such
perplexities. to his father, and found
himself too diffident to set them forth
However, when be left the bouse
a few minutes later, he boldly showed
an Inch of purple border above the
pocket; then, as be saw himself about
to encounter several old lady pedes
trians, he blushed and thrust the hand
kerchief down Into deep concealment
Having gone a block farther, he puUed
it up again ; and so continued to oper
ate this badge of fashion, or unfashion,
throughout the morning; and suffered
a great deal thereby.
Meantime, his father, rather relieved
that Bamsey had not told his secret,
whatever It was, dismissed the episode
from his mind and Joined Mrs. Mil
holland at the front doer, ready for
"Where's Ramsey?" he asked,
"lie's gone ahead " she answered.
buttoning her gloves as they went
aJong. "I heard the door quite a little
while ago. Perhaps he went over to
walk down with Charlotte and Vance.
Did you notice how neat he.Iooks this
Why, no, I didn't; not particularly.
Does heT-
"I never saw anything-like It be
fore," said Mrs. Milholland. "He only
has three neckties, but I saw him sev
eral times in each of them. He must
have kept changing and changing. I
wonder" She paused.
I'm glad he's begun to take a little
care of his appearance at last I'll
have to take a look at blm and give
him a word of praise. I suppose he'll
be In the pew when we get there."
But Ramsey wasn't In the pew; and
Charlotte, his sister, and her husband,
who were there, said thev hadn't seen
I " w
anything of bim. It was not until the
members of his family were on their
way home after the services that they
caught a glimpse of him. -
They were passing a church a little
distance from their own ; here the con
gregatlon was Just emerging to the
open, and among the sedate throng
descending the broad stone steps ap
peared an accompanied Ramsey and
a red, red Ramsey he was when he
beheld his' father and mother and sis
ter 'and brother-ln'-Iaw staring up at
him from the pavement below. They
were kind enough not to come to an
absolute halt but passed slowly on,
so that he was Just able to avoid pa
rading up the street in front of them
In hoarse whispers, Mrs. Milholland
chided her husband for an exclama
tion he had uttered. "John I On Sun
day ! You ought to be ashamed.
I couldn't help It," he exclaimed
Who on earth Is his clinging vine?
Why, she's got lavender tops on her
shoes and "
Don't look round!" she warned him
sharply. "Don't"
"Well, what's he doing at a Baptist
church? What's he fidgeting at his
handkerchief about? Why can't he
walk like people? Does he think it's
obligatory to walk home from church
anchored arm-in-arm like Swedes on
a Sunday Out? Who Is this cow-eyed
fat girl that's got him, anyhow?'
Hush! Dont look round again.
"Never fear!" said her husband, hav
ing disobeyed. "They've turned off;
they're crossing over to Bullard street,
Who Is It?"
I think her name's Rust," Mrs. Mil
holland Informed him. "I don't know
what her father does. She's one of
the girls In his class at school. It
would be pleasanter If he'd taken
fancy to someone whose family be
longs to our own circle."
Taken a fancy !" he echoed, hooting,
Wby, he's terrible! He looked like
a red-gilled goldfish that's flopped it
self out of the bowl. Why. he "
"I say I wish If he felt that he had
to take girls anywhere," said Mrs. Mil
holland, with the primmest air of
speaking to the point "if this sort of
thing must begin, I wish he might have
selected some nice girl ' among the
daughters of our own, friends, like
Dora Yocum, for instance.
Upon the spot she began to undergo
the mortifications of a mother who
has expected her son, Just out of in
fancy, to look about him with the eye
of a critical matron of forty-five.
Moreover, she was Indiscreet enough
to express her views to Ramsey, a
week later, producing thus a scene of
useless great fury and no little sound.
I do think It's In very poor taste
to see so much of any one girl, Ram
sey," she said, and, not heeding his
protest that he only walked home from
school with Milla, "about every other
day," and that It didn't seem any
crime to him Just to go to church with
her a couple o' times, Mrs. Milholland
went on : "But if you think you really
must be dangling around somebody
quite this much though what in the
world you find to talk about with this
funny little Milla Rust your poor fa
ther says he really cannot see and
of course It seems very queer to us
now when your mind ought to be en
tirely on your studies, and especially
with such an absurd looking little
thing . ,
"No, you must listen, Ramsey, and
let me speak now. What I meant was
Copyright by DouMeday, VX St Company
that we shouldn't be quite so much
distressed by your being seen with a
girt who dressed In better taste and
seemed to have some notion of refine
ment, though of course It's only nnt
ural she wouldn't, with a father who
is just a sort of ward politician, I un
derstand, and a mother we don't know,
and of course shouldn't care to. But,
oh, Rainaey ! If you had to make your
self s conspicuous why couldn't you
be a little bit more fastidious? Your
father wouldn't have minded nearly so
much if it had been a self-respecting,
intellectual girl. We both say that if
you mutt be so ridiculous at your age
as to persist In seeing more of one girl
than another, why, oh, why, don't you
go and see some really nice girl like
Dora Yocum?"
Ramsey was already dangerously
distended, as an effect of the earlier
part "of her discourse, and the word
"fastidious" almost exploded him; but
upon this climax, "Dora Yocum," he
blew up with a shattering report and,
leaving fragments of Incoherence rlco
chetting behind bim, fled shuddering
from the house.
For the rest of the school term he
walked home with Milla every after
noon and on Sundays appeared to have
Evening After Evening They Walked
and Walked and Walked.
uecome a resolute Baptist it was
supposed (by the Interested members
of the high-school class) that Ramsey
and Milla were "engaged." Ramsey
sometimes rather supposed they were
himself, and the dim idea gave him a
sensation partly pleasant, but mostly
apprehensive; he was afraid.
He was afraid that the day was com
ing when be ought to kiss her.
Vacation, In spite of Increased leis
ure, may bring inconvenience to people
in Ramsey's strange but not uncom
mon condition. At home his constant
air was that of a badgered captive
plaintively silent under injustice; and
he found it dlfllcult to reply calmly
when asked where he was going an
Inquiry addressed to him, he asserted,
every time he touched his cap, even
to hang It up!
The amount of evening walking he
did must also have been a trial to his
nerves, on account of fatigue, though
the ground covered was not vast. Mil-
la's mother and father were friendly
people, but saw no reason to "move
out of house and home," as Mr. Rust
said, when Milla had "callers"; and
on account of the Intimate plan of
their small dwelling a visitor's only
alternative to spending the evening
with Mr. and Mrs; Rust as well as
with ililla, was to Invite her to "go
out walking."
Evening after evening they walked
and walked and walked, usually in
company at perhaps the distance of
half a block with Albert Paxton and
Sadie Clews, though Ramsey now and
then felt disgraced by having fallen
into this class; for sometimes It was
apparent that Albert casually had his
arm about Sadie's waist This allured
Ramsey somewhat, but terrified him
more. He didn't know how such mat
ters were managed.
Usually the quartet had no destina
tion; they Just went "out walking"
until ten o'clock, when both girls had.
to be home and the boys did, too.
but never admitted it On Friday eve
nings there was a "public open-air con
cert" by a brass band In a small park.
and the four were always there.
Ramsey kisses Milla and fat
steps in to separate them and
"everything's all over."
On That Condition Only.
Local. Paper "Unusually large,
handsomely furnished room, with bath
accommodating .three." We should
want the faucet end of the tub. Boa-
Aim msm&fi
4 'tWw$
ton Transcript.
Huntington Citizen Could Neitner
8leep Nor Eat With Any eat
(faction Before He
Got Tanlac.
"Before taking Tanlac I had not
.. - . . , cal. I
noon a wall flnv in SIX y euro.
W. It. Peoples, m 22ud St., Hunting
- " .
ton, W. Va.
"It seemed like I had lost my ueaiin
for good. I could neither sleep nor
eat with satisfaction. 1 was dbuij
na down, nervous, had no appetite
und had to force down every mouthful
I ate. Even then my food soured. I
would fill up with gas until I had In
tense pains in my stomach and chest
Headache almost drove me mad, rheu
matism In my arms, shoulder and blps
kept me In pain all the time, and I
had to force myself to work.
"Tanlac went right after my troubles.
On four bottles I gained ten pounds
and the rheumatism and stomach
trouble soon left me. My wife has
given a statement about the good Tan
lac did her, and I am glad to add my
endorsement of this wonderful medi
Tanlac Is sold by all good druggists.
Evil One Declared to Have Assisted
Monk to Perform Work, for
a Fearful Price.
One of the most famous" copies of
the Scriptures in existence Is the one
which bears the curious title, "The
Devil's Bible." It is an exquisite piece
of workmanship, Inscribed on 300
asses' skins, and was taken to Stock
holm at the conclusion of the Thirty
Years war.
According to tradition this Bible
was the work of a poor monk who
was condemned to death for some
defection, but was told that the sen
tence would be commuted If he would
copy out on asses' skins the entire
Bible in a single night He agreed
to try to do it but finding the taRk
too great, made a compact with the
devil to exchange his soul for. the
required transcript The devil kept
his part of the bargain, and the work
was finished on time. The monk's
life was spared by his marveling
Judges, but tradition Is silent as to
bow he kept his end of the agreement.
Lost Them Since.
Bobble How did ye hurt yer hand?
Been fightin'?
Eddie Yep. Those were awful
sharp teeth Sammy . Jones used to
have. Life.
: Daily Thought.
Truly there Is a tide in the affairs
of men; but there is no Gulf stream
I setting forever in one direction.
Lowell. "
Increases In Fact '
Wifey "Marriage soon ceases to
be a matter of billing and cooing."
Hubhy "Oh, the billing part continues
all right"
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Her Time Taken Up Now.
Brother, a year younger thun Ethel,
had fallen down and she had helped
blm up and brushed his clothes In a
motherly fashion when along came
aunty and radiantly announced, "How
would you like a new baby sister?"
Ethel glared at her Indignantly and
then hotly flashed, "Say, aunty, don't
you think I have enough on my hands
now with brother without taking care
of any extras?"
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vertisement. Letting Him In.
"Well, well, young gentlemen!" ex
claimed, the affable old person. "I'd
give a great deal to be able to join
In your sport."
"Stick around, grandpop," said one
sturdy youngster. "If we knock this
ball through somebody's window we'll
let you go for it" Birmingham Age
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And double your razor efficiency as
well as promote skin purity, skin com
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One soap for all uses shaving bathing
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Next Day, All Right
She (daring spat) It's a story for
you to say I grabbed you up quick.
You know very well that when you
proposed I didn't say "yes" until the
next day.
He That's right, you didn't. I
proposed at 11:59 p. m. and you ac
cepted me at 12:01 the next morning.
Boston Transcript
Blushes are also only skin deep.
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