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r ... '. ; .. ' '. .. Tho. Spanish, Amodcm. 'rdteg e&anffi'Saw "
It pays to prepare the seed bed
well before planting to row
crop. Thorough and ; careful
seed bed preparation not only
saves a great deal iof time in
cultivation after the crop isup,
but also insures a larger yield.
Larger yields ., will reduce the
.cost per bushel, unless this in
creased yield is produced at too
great an expense, and it is large
ly by keeping cost of production
down that profits can be increas
ed. - -; '
To Members of Legion and Aux
, - - lliary ,.
Whereas it is fitting that all
American Legion and Auxiliary
Posts hold services m honored
Mothers on Sundav May 14th
and in as much, as the Christian
Church have invited such oran-
izations to participate with them
in their exercises, I would like
very much that every member
feel free to be present.
- , Homer Holmes,
' Post Commander.
:, After the land has been plow
ed, regardless of whether the
plowing has been done in the fall
or the spring, the land should be
worked down to a fine and firm
seed bed with a disc or harrow
before planting, says' Professor
Quesenberry of the New Mexico
Agricultural College. Discing
has a decided advantage over
other implements in packing the
soil, breaking many clods, and
in case of fall plowing, eiiminat
the young weeds that have be-
, gun to sprout. In the irrigated
sections it pays ;to replow fall
plowed land in the spring when
the soil is of an sdobe nature.
, The depth of plowing the land
will depend to a considerable ex
tent on. the time it is done, the
' amount of rainfall and other
climatic factors, as well as upon
. the type of soil. Under irriga-
; tion, plowing should be deep, es
pecially done in the fall.. Heavy
. adobe soil responds more readily
to the deeper plowing than the
lio-ht soil. Where fall or win
der breaking is practical in sec
tions where the blow is bad, the
lister is usually, used. Under
these conditions working down
the ridges with the harrow pre
vious to rebreaking in the spring
is adviable. , It is always desire
able to prepare the land in such
a way that one has thoroly pul
verized, mellow moist soil in
which to plant the seed, as the
.direct contact of the seed .with
such soil stimulates quick ger
mination and rapid growth of
the young plants. .
Ts evervbodv thinking of and
preparing for memorial day May
The American Legion earnestly
rpmiests all citizens of the com
munity to make every effort to
co-operate with them in making
the day a success.
Please remember that because
of the fact that the American
, Legion will have charge and
jthat their ceremony is in honor
:of deceased ex-service men, that
it by no means signifies that all
others are forgotten. Let us in
!our hearts, do equal homage to
all who have gone bet ore.
. Homer Holmes,
B. B.Shaw of Mills, Route "A"
was a business visitor in Juoy
Rev. Cooke preached to a large
audience at the Christian onurcn
Sunday morning and evening.
. Run't. M. C. Hendicks attended
I the educational meeting at Santa
Fe last week. He returned' home
Tuesday. ' , ;
' The Villas -Board: and the
Cemetery Board r.re making pre:
paratioris to have the Streets, to
the' Roy cemetery grade'd- and
placed in good' condition ana to
have other improvements : made
at the cemetery and' it is the in
tention of the Board to nave au
surplus dirt removed from the
lots now in use and to keep the
cemetery in a nice appearing
condition. To, help in the above
work, all rarties owning lots in
said cemctary are hereby re
quested and notiiied to remove
all surplus dirt and any rubbish
from their lots on or before May
15th, 1922 and if not removed
by that date board will have
same removed and cost of said
work charged to the . 'lot from
which it is removed.- ., -
Should anv owners of lots wish
to have the board clean up their
lot it will be done for them at a
cost of 50 cents per load provid
ing notice is given to the clerk
of the Village Board in writing
on or before May lutn ivzz,
We want all lot owners to
work in conjunction with the
Village Board and help maKe me
Roy Cemetery one ot the beau
tiful resting places of the dead.
Dated, April 17th, W.
Attest F. L. Schultz '
J. Floersheim, Mayor.
.Sealed proposals -will .be recei
ved until 12. o'clock noon May,
16th, 1922, by Wm. G Johnson,
Secretary of the Board of Edu
cation of Harding County, New
Mexico, for the erection and com
pletion of an adobe two (2) room
school building to be erected at
Kephart, Harding County, New
Mexico, after plans by Chas W.
Barrett, Architect . of East Las
Vegas, New Mexico.
Each proposal must be accom
panied by a certified, cheek,
equal to 5 of the amount ol.the
proposal, as a guarantee of good
faith, which check will be forfei
ted if the bidder fails to enter
into a contract upon the basisof
his DroDosal. or fails to furnish
the required bond. Checks made
payable to Wm. (i. Johnson, &r
Cretary of the Board of Educ:
tion. ; . " '
The right is reserved to rejei
any and all bids. Proposals wi
be opened on the date first writ
ten above atthe office of the
County School Superintendent,
at. Mosniiero. New Mexico, at
which place, plans may be secu
Wm. G. Johnson,
Secretar v of the Harding
County Board of Education.
Mosquero, New Mexico.
Mav.lst to 7th oleasant iust
as, it has beeii ..since last July
18th to 25th whirlwinds with
occasional, dust storms; 26th to
31st scattering' showers . ' .
June 1st to 8th warm and dry
but pleasant as it has been since
last July . 9th to 30th different
tho.this; will be our wet season.
Not much wind, but ',plenty of
fog, electric storms, excessive
rains, cloudbursts and almost
floods' in ", some parts and hail
storms in other parts. The old
question which has been constan
tly asked and propounded the
past several months will be re
versed in June and instead of
saying, "when will it rain? We
will say, when is it going to stop
raining?" i
T. II. Polaski. Mills, N. M.
Editor Note: Mr. Polaski.
if you could just move that June
rain up into May we would ap
preciate it more. Try and do
this if possible.
Hon. B. F. Brown, corres
pondent for the S. A. from the
county seat, was nominated for
mayor of Mosquero- at a mass
meeting at that place last week.
When we called him Mayor in
a write up about the county seat
a few weeks ago some of our
county seat friends gave us the
laugh, but we'll bet Ben is elect
ed mayor with scarcely an op
position voté, and why not, as he
has done far more for Mosquero
than all the rest of the people
of the town combined . Ben's
a booster from the word go and
he'll see that Mosquero is placed
on the map. Here's to B. F.
Brown for Mayor of Mosquero.
The indictment , against Tom
McGrath, assessor at Mora was
thrown out by the court when
same came up for trial last weeK.
See Dr. Murdock the dentist
at the Johnson home in Roy
May 21st to 27th, and he will
take care of your dental grief.
Be present at The Arrival Of
Kitty. At the Community Hall
Tuesday evening May 30th, giv
en by the Roy Chapter of Ame
rican Legion.
.innn iowerv wno nas ueeii
lout at the-Kidd ranch near Kep
jhart for several weeks is in town
spending a few days and enjoy
I ing a rest.
Francis Smith the new carrier
of the Mosquero Albert Star
Rnntfi was in Rov Monda V on
the streets of Roy last Monday' business. Mr. Smith will begin
his work on July 1st. lhe Al-bert-rRoy
Star Route will be
taken care of by Rural Route
"B" from Roy a 62 mile rural
route which will be established i
the fore part of July, or sooner.
Prof. Yarbrough and wife of
the Solano Schools were in Roy
Saturday enroute to Mills where
he made arrangements to put on
their school play. : , :.-.
Dr. Daniels, a prominent phy
sician of the countv seat was
transacting business in 1 Roy!
Monday afernoon. - . J
- Henry Stone prominent can
didate for sherifl on the Demo
cratic ticket was shaking hands
with his many friends in " Roy
last Saturday. ?
W. R. Bradley and sons, Tell
and Jay were trading with Roy
Merchants last Saturday. Jay
has erected a fine home souths
east of Roy and will soon be at
home to his many friends in his
new place of abode. He will
be on R. F. D. "B" from Roy
when the new route is established.
Sealed proposals will ba recei
ved until 1 o'clock P. M, May 16,
1922. bv Wm G: Johnson.' Secre
tary of. the . Harding County
Board of Education at Mosquero,
New Mexico for the erection of
and completion . of a two story
school building to be erected at
Solano, Harding County, New
Afpviriv at an aDDroximate cost
of $18,000 for the Sokino School
District No. 4.
All bids shall be sealed and
marked "Bid for Solano School"
on the outside of the envelope.
Each bidder shall enclose with
his bid certified check for an
amount equal to 5 of his bid
and made payable to Wm G. Jo
hnson, Secretary of the Harding
County Board of .Education, and
forfeited to the - Solano School
District in case tiie successful
bidder fails to execute a contra
ct and furnish bond for 50 of
the amount of the contract with
in 10 days after his notification
by the County Board of accep
tance of the bid. The Board re
serves the right to reject any
and all bids.
Plans may be procured at the
off ire of the Countv Superinten
dent of sehools at Mosauero,-
New Mexico or at the office of
the Architect : lieo. u. uurneit,
315-16-17 Herald Building, M
Paso. Texas, upon depositing a
certified check for $10.00 gua
ranteeing the return ot the plans
to the office from which they
were received, and upon their re
turn the deposit check will be
. Wm. G. Johnson, :
Secretary of the Harding
County Board of Edu
cation. Mosquero, New Mexico. '
- 22-29-6-13
Mrs.G. E. Uoltsclaw and son
John left for Virgil, Kansas, the
latter part of the week where
Mr. Holtsclaw has a good posi
tion with a prominent oil com-
Some miscreant has been hunt
ing deer on my premises and
I have found a 5 pt, Buck, dead
from wound. I know who is do
iny this work and I warn you to
keep off my premises. I am wa
tching for you and you are due
for a good stiff fine when I ca
tch you.
Leandro Archuleta
. Mr. Brown of the Brown
Thompson Construction Co., ar
rived in Roy from Clovis Sunday
and will supervise the cleaning
up of the burned school building
and getting everything in readi
ness to rebuild.
R. P. Shaya has rented his
beautiful home in the north part
of town to Cashier Bentlv and
family. Mr. Shaya will move to
Duran and look after the inter
ests of the heirs of his uncle
who was murdered a fetf months
i i-rm-f
.. f
We wish to announce that we have
purchased the stock of groceries
of the R. P. Shaya Co., and have
1 ; added a complete line of
Dry Goods and Notions
We will also have a new stock of
shoes within the next few days.
We are in the market for all kind
of produce.
Make our store your headquarters
, when in town
Lujans & Branch
"The store that gives you a f ull dollars worth of
goods for a dollar."
egim Saiurday
. r i
J Jo
r A ,
TO give every- housekeeper, an opportunity to try the
famousDr. Price's Phosphate Baking Powder, large
1 2-oz. cans will be put on sale Saturday morning bearing
this special sale sticker on the label:
One Í2 oz. can at regular price
One 12 oz. can at special price
Two 12 oz. cans for . . .
25 cents
05 cents
. 30 cents
Perfect Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded
Did you ever hear of such remarkable value. as this? The baking
powder is new stock, just from the Price Baking Powder Factory,
andevery, ounce is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money
Every grocec has had an opportunity to ét a supply for all his custom
ers; so go to your own grocer first and if he is unable to supply you, try
some other grocer at once, ' í
Don't miss this opportunity
-Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to get your two cans of this famous
baking powder at this bargain price. Remember, the EXTRA can costs
you only 5 cents just think of it!

Prof.' Carnes of Milla was on

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