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The Spanish-American, Roy Harding : 'County Ñéw Mexico, Sátárday May. 13, 1922.
, i- . Published By v
Frank L. Schultz, Editor. " Wm; GrJohhson; Associate Edito?
Subscription $2.00 per -year, payable stridí Advance. Í
Entered as second-class matter at the post officéJn Roy, N.ÍM.
; ' . Registered August 27, 1912. '-. r
Word was received in Roy this
week that Miss Shirley Nutter,
who is district manager of the
31utcallLife Insurance Company
of New York, has been awarded
one of the vacation trips -that
are .given annually by this Corn
nnmr f-v thflif ranvaoantotiirflo
who surpass a given amount of! ,T .'a
Postmaster Johnson, R. L.
Carrier, Edgar Floersheim
completed their eighth year with
thé federal government last Sun
day. 'Mr. Johnson was appoin
ted Postmaster May 1st, 1914
and Edgar Flersheim Assistant
Postmaster but later took the
Civil Service and transferred to
carrier at which work he has
Pablo Quintana 'a " Spanish
V.rTioNs"-. '.w.ir. -'--
"Whereas, the modern dance,
speaking gentleman living" in the pool and card playing is recog-
east pHii ui lUHH pasacu an ay mzeu vy an spunuau,y inuiueu
last Friday after an'illness of people as weilding a fateful in-
several days from an aggravated ;flúence on the cause of christian-
case of diphtheria and other "ity: and: Whereas, the evil
complications. Mr. Quintana has spread like some deadly con-
came to Roy a few' years ago tagion since the beginning of the
from Sabinoso and the later was great world war, and: Where-
marnea to Francisquita Lucero, as., this great evil, is threatening
daughter of Antonio R. Luoero.jto engulf many of our children
To this union was boi-n one and young people and impair
daughter. The funeral took place their usefulness as christians:
Saturday morning and burial fol Therefore be it resolved, that
lowed in the Roy Cemetery. The , we. show our disapproval as a
S. A. extends sympathy to the church by refusing to Dermit any
No. 11,958
insurance written for the year.
The volume of business any
agent must .get for the fiscal
'.year in order to participate in
one of the company's vacation
trips, has been set at $125,000.
.Miss Nutter who wrote ' more
.than this amount however, and
and addition to being awarded
the fine vacation trip, with
.every expense defrayed by her
company, has been highly rec
ommended by the head office at
iiew York, as well as by the
-state headquarters at Albuquer
que. .
The achievement of this young
lady is not míy a máflPóf dis
tinction ior herself, but is also
quite an advertisement for the three trips are made, daily by, a
town, wnen m is taicen into con- Mxa auto truck to carry the
sideration that among all of the 'maii frora the train to the post
representatives of this company office.
in the itate, and the large towns I The office is nów served by
and cities in their ' territories tw.o Rural Routes and, two Star
from which to draw business R0Utes and on July 1st another
from, Mss Nutter was the only star Route to Kephart will be
one in New Mexico to qualify started and mobablv , another
Johnson' term will expire in Feb
ruary 1924 and should he com
plete his term it will give him
10 years service . He has seen
the of fice, grow, from a Fourth
Class Office to a large Third
Class and bordering on á Second
Class . Office.: Up to the time
he took over the office only 17,
i)00 money order had been writ
ten and today nearly 60,Q00
have been Written arid instead
of receiving two or three pocches
and sacks daily as in 1914, now
from . 30 to 50 are received
daily. When he first took over
the office the mail was carried
on the backi. of . the rail road
agent; later a cart was ordered,
then a wagon, and now two and
SES AWAY' ' ". :
for the trip.
The vacation outing, awarded
the live agents of the Mutual
life CJompany this year will .be
to Vancouver, Canada, and will
be given some, time (during -'-the.
cominj summer. Every expense
of the winning., .agent is jtken
care of and every arrangement
of the trip is provided for be
fore hand. Miss Nutter's, many..
friends cav the mesa are "unan-
62 mije rural route. When this
service is established Roy will
probably have the best mail ser
vice, of any -small town in the
state. Mr. Johnson and" Mr.
floersheim are. to. be;congratul-
atea on tne iong.;seryice wim uie
governments rit; ;! : v.
Sí ?tíéorfife'" lhoo. was ol
imous in extending congratcla-! ed to close Friday,, before the
ions. ; ' ,! ' ' ; i' .daté set for thé exercises. ,
Commencement," which
You can have a splendid appe- was to have taken place Monday
restiui sep uy xaxing iwihw, the children, ,.and. the irapru-Fairview-Pharmacy.
Tdence shown by some of the peo-
... - ; r- , V'
NOTICE v FOR PUBLICATION The second scholastic year has
been completed, and with great
success, altho laboring many
times under great difficulties.
The attendance fias been very
Department of the Interior
ton, New Mexico, April 14 1922
TAfrrnn i t iLAJ
iNuii nenf"S worked faithfully for the school's
Thomas Hughes, of Roy Harding , ' . . . .
Co., New Mexico, who, on May
8th, 1919. made Homestead En
try, No. 026222 for SftSE
14, Sec. 10. SVV4;Sec. 11. NW
Vu SWHNEU, Sec. 14, NE;
NWViSEVi, Section 15, Town
ship 18 N. Range 25 E. N. M. P.
Meridian has filed notice of in
ention to make Final Three Year
Proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before b,
Sophia Biapendo, wife of Moi
sés Biapendo formerly of Mos
quero but who has been .living
in Roy the past few . weeks
died ;iri the east part of town
May. 3rd., from tuberculosis.
Mrs. Biapendo ' was' the sister . of
Noe Trujillo an exservice man
and a member, of the Roy: Post.
of .the American. Legion. .The.
body wás buried Thursday in the
Roy Cemetery. The two chil
dren of Mr. Biapendo have died
within the past six weeks and
this leaves Mr. Biapendo alone
in the world having lost his fam
ily of a wjfe and, wq, children
in six weeKs. . .. - -, -
' " A ..v. v ftitf loef and fill Vldvo
NOTICE is hereby given that
success,, uacn year onngs Dei-
ter results, and the coming year
appears very promising.
The members of the sixth,
and seventh grades gave a fare
well luncheon,- last Wednesday,'
for the graduating class, in the
children's refectory of the Sis
ters' Convent. Blue and Gold,
the class colors were carried out
in the decorations and tiny bas-
H. Foster, U. S. Commissioner ets 01 mué ana goia imea wun
at his office at Roy, New Mexicoy candies graced each member s
on the 25th. day of May. 1922.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Rev. Father Vachon, who has
Leandro Archuleta, J. H. Hughes .labored so faithfully, among his
Manuel Archuleta and Harry
Stafford all of Roy, New Mex
' H. H. Errett,
;; Register.
"Coming "Mo Woman Knows"
Watch for the date. Universal
Special 'C-x
parishoners, and for the success
of the. school is much in need of
a rest,- which should be assured
him, that he might regain his
health after his years work.
: The distribution of the Medals
and Prizes will take place after
High Mass on Sunday, May 8th.
Premier Tires
30 x 3 1-2
R. S. Wood Motor Co.
' ,n , .; 1 .!
Whereas: 'Wóódai'd, now
of the county of Harding, State
of New Mexico, as mortgagor,
by two chattel itnórtgages dated
June 9th, 1920, and February
9th, 1921, respectively.' and filed
in the County Clerks office ir;
the county of Union, , State oi
New Mexicó that being the
county of his then residence,
sold and .conveyed to Roy Trust
& Savings Bank; of Roy, New
Mexico, as mortgagee, the fol
lowing' described 1 personal pro
perty, to wit:. .Four holstein
cows, one' red yearling steer.
one black yearling holstein steer,
ojie red yearling heifer one red
whitefaced calf, one red calf and
tyo black calves, all unbráñded
or brands unknown, one half in
terest in registered holstein hull,
two black marws, one Oliver and
one Moline Oo-Devin" one tWo-
imr, bladk-ítk'-iIaiiJEíBfí-'f atod.
whereáé, said Dóté 'théreih'r des
cribed, payable tq'said mortgagee
and auiy transieiTea,io to.e rirsi
National Bank, of Roy, successor
to said Roy. Trust & Sayings
Bank., to secure which said conv
eyances was made are now due.
aid Unpaid and whereas the hold
r of said prommisory notes earns
itself insecure ; now, theref Ore, I,
C. L. Justice, Cashier and auth
orized agent of said First Nation
al Bank, of Roy, in pursuance of
the powers in said chattel mort
gages granted, and at . the re
quest of the holder of said prom
issory notes do - hereby give
notice that I will, on the 22nd
day of May. A. D. 1922, between
the hours of 10 A. M. and 6 P.M.
of same day,, at the Hugh Mit
chell Ranch, twelve miles north
east of Roy, in the county of
Harding, Státe of New.. Mexico,
offer for sale and seH the pro
perty conveyed as aforesaid ; to
the best andrhjgh.st fcidder for
cash, or satisfactory credit- and
upon full and .complete settle
ment of the purchse-money
thereof will deliver ihe property
so sold to the!purchiserr and
will apply the. proceeds, of the
sale as directed by said chattel
mortgage. ; , v '.
This 25th day:Of AprilA) DÍ
1922. '
Cashier First lNatioriaPBank
person who attends, or evert san
ctions the ; dance, .pool or . card
playing, to teach or hold office
in,;, any! aurihary recognized " as
being a part Of the church to
sing "soloSj or to hold any place
of trust' or" leadership to which
they may be elected. ' ' '
. With the -glory of God and
the honor of Christ and the pro
gress of the redeemers kingdom
in. view, and with a desire ;to
show brotherly' kindness and
love and to be perfectly just, to
all members of the church, we
therefore further resolve ; That
m the future beginning with
Saturday May 6th, 1922 should
any ! ' member óf ' thé " Baptist
Church of Roy engage in the
modem dance' where there, is a
participation1 of : both' sexes, or
engage in pool or card playing
that by such act such-member
automatically -severs member
ship with this ; church unless
said member appears before the
Church within 30 days after the
transgression and makes satis
factory ' acknowlégement ! and
promises to refrain from such
conduct in the future; ;Be it
further resolved, that tftése res-i
olutions be spread upon our min
utes and that they-become a
part of our constitution and by
laws.! Positive guilt- of the ac
cused member - must be estab
lished before the name shall be
removed from the church roll.,
The charge may be madé by any
member ?or may come through a
discipline committee.
Signed , ;-
P. L. Gunn. -
C. A.Rhyne. . t
" P. B. Harris m
' ' : .r. -.jF.Enerspittí c a
'.' Board of Deacons.?
W.-L. Massegee,
rr Ti- - Pastor.
' "?: 1. The names of 11 whe
voted for the adoption ,of the-j
above; resolutions nave Deen Kept
and-will be placed on the clerks
book. " v - -;
Report of the condition of the 1 -
at Roy, in the State of New Mexico, at the close of business on
May 5th, 1922. : . ... . ,, ..';'
.- RESOURCES ; ., ' :-.:
1.-' Loans and discounts, including redis- ; ' . "
counts, acceptances, acceptances of other banks, and ;. 1 ,
foreign bills Of exchange or drafts sold with , '. ' ' , '
indorsement of this bank. . '. ., ?176,228.52
.Total loans.
2. Overdrafts, secured, none; unsecured. $33.79
Other bonds, stocks, securities, etc.: j
j Furaiture and Fixtures,
8. Lawful reserve with Federal Reserve Bank
10. Cash in vault and amount due from - ,
national banks ... ' ;. ' .
11 Amount due from State banks, bankers, : 1 j t ,
and trust companies in the United States
(other than included in Items 8, 9, and 10) :
13. Checks on other banks in the same
city or town as .reporting bank'
Total of Items 9, 10 11, 12 and 13, ?16,038 . 33
14. . Checks and drafts on banks located -
ouiside of city or town of reporting bank ' 1,400.20
Miscellaneous cash items - . -
15. Fededal Reserve Stock
16. Other assets, if any. Interest Earned
uncollected ?
. 1,850.00
Total .-.' i
Capital stock paid in.
Surplus fund
Undivided profits . ; . ... ........ 6,896 .51
cLess current expenses, interest,
and taxes paid 6,146.34
22.' Amount due to national banks
i Total of Item 22 34292 v '
26. Individual deposits subject to check :; J
Total of demand deposits (other
than bank deposits) subjest to Re
serve, Items 26. 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31 97,178.55 '
32. Certificates of deposit (other than
for money borrowed) . .
Total of time deposits subject to "
Reserve, Items 32, 33, 34and 35 37,741.46
40: Notes and bills rediscounted, in- : ,. .
eluding acceptance of other banks and ; 1 .
' rt bills of exchange or drafts sold
with indorsement of this bank "
44. Liabilities other than those .stated
interest collected Unearned
- m TOTAL.;........;.....
State of New Mexico. County óf Hording: SS,'1-
T si -r i . . . . .
j. yusuce,. uasnier 01 tne aDovenamea DanK, ao solemnly:
swear that the above statement is true to the hest of my knowl
edge and beliefs- .- i : , r.; V';
: - j C. 'L. ' Justice Cashier , J ',
' Correct Attest:. -J'- -
; , ', .-,- G. R. Abernathy, !lt',T ( , :u ,
, V..w F. S. Brown,
T- i , .:..; H. B. Jones.
' 'V4V---iv,;- .í.Diréctdrsv - ; ;7" Vs
Subscribed and swoei ,tp before me, this lltti, day of May; 1922.
(SEAL);. v .w. Frank L. Schultz, Notary Public.
My cóilimission expires-October 28th, 1922. - - --v.-
notice 1 for Publication
Department of the Interior
ton, New Mexico, April 25th,
1922. .,
NOTICE is hereby given that
Victor E. Bixby. of Roy, Hard
ing County,- New Mexico, Who,
on March, 19. 1918, and May, 3,
1921, made Homestead . Er-iif
No. 025873, and No. 026063
for ÉV& SE, SW SEi1, SE,,
Wy2 SWi4, Sec. 30. -NV4 NE14,
EM NWV4, NWÍ4 NW14, Sec.
31, Township 21, Range 25 E. N:
M. P. Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make Final Thfee
Year . Proof, to establish claiir
to, the land above described, be
fore F. H, Foster, U.-S. Commis
sioner, at his office at Roy, New
Mexico, on the 6th day of June,
1922. ,;
Claiment names as witnesses:
Piis. Arbógast, M. M.;Brugge
:mah; T. M. Brown all 'of Mills,
New Mekico; and Vick Noble of
LRoy," New-Mexico.
A 111'
v, . Register.
.. M&V&ffinSOtf. FARMERS
- ;j. b. Liisk, ;v.: !; ?r.-: ;. :
29 - 6 - 13 - 20.
Attofn'íyír.i-' 'ft'pMlblt thorobred stock
positively out 01 tne oest
herds in the U.S.A. Duroc
Jersey Hogs, Poland China
Hogs, all big type and from
Sires weighing 1000 lbs and
If your watch needs fixing why
not se Hobson and let him fix it
up. He is an expert jeweler and
his work is guaranteed. Let him
take care of your needs the next
time. , ;. '
Tanlac is the people's medicine
and the people .themselves have
made - it what . - it-is. ; Fairview
Pharmacy. ; '..
$10.00 REWARD ;
LOST Two Elk teeth in gold
mounting, finder please return
to E. J. Floersheim and receive
up. -
. .. I can i furnish ypu any
breed of dairy cattle that
you want, at prices you can
, '. Get in the thorobred ga-
menow for a few dollars
while prices are at rock bot-,
torn, and make yourself in-
dependent in a few years.
You need better dairy cat-
' tie and hogs, and more of
them on this mesa.
Leo M. Wagner,
Address me at;
Gillwtsville, Iowa.
Geo. Thurston, traveling;, man
Tidadtoi'yaH ih. the city
$18 weék paliing on our .mercha
nts: .
v Oscar .Blunk one of "our pros
per farmers of the mesa; was ;
in' Roy Thursday trading ' ' with
ocr advertising merchants.
Tanlac is unquestionable the
most widely talked of medicine
. - Mr. É'Ü! Masan, of Brooklyn,
Iowa, is .visiting, with thé 0 R.
Abernathy family, north of town in the world today and those who
Mr. Mason is well pleased with 1 once use Jt invariably buy it over
this mesa, and we hope that in fd TVS?" ndil5n:-tthr
. t. - , . , 1 ? , friends of the . splendid . results
the near future, he will make they have derived from its use.
this place his home. x Fairview Pharmacy.
Extracts from Annual Statement Dec. 31, 1921
Assets . ; ; $65,199,251.16!
Liabilites . . 61,983,482.48
Capital Stock and Surplus.. 3,215.768. 68
We want live agents of .good character to sell the famocs
' Pacific. Mutual' Five Way policy v
For information write
Box 575
Albuquerque, N. M. r
Yes, ifs all in
knowing how
This is our motto and we
want to assure you that. we can
deliver all, in workmanship, that
the slogan mplies.
When your car leaves our
hands it must bé mechanically
perfect; no little adjustments
that cauce so much trouble in
the future, are overlooked. All
parts are adjusted to a "gnats'
eye brow."
We believe in real, honest-to-goodness
repar work so we are
able to guarontee each and every
piece of work that leaves our
shop. Try us and be convinced.
Dodds Motor and
Electrical Co.

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