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The Spanish-American, Roy. liar ding County, New Mexico, Saturday May 13, 1922."
Geo E. Cochrane
Mills, N. M.
Dates at this office.
Fancy Comb : Extracted Honey
For sale by the case
and in 5 gal. cans -
Retailed by all
Leading Grocers
Italian Bees and Queens
Fatjo Apiaries
P.O. Box Springer, New Mex.
. : ; : NEWS
A rain ; commenced Saturday
night that lasted pretty well all
night and was renewed Sunday
afternoon. As it rained slowly
and steadily it was all consumed
by the thirsty soil and will do a
great deal of good to the range
and the cultivated ground.
Little Billie Kirby, son of our
deputy county treasurer suffe-
leave for her new home. Mrs.
Brown has been a hard-working
conscientous teacher for several
years in our city schools and we
are inclined to envy the little
Texas city their good fortune in
securing her services ' but feel
that she is entitled to a location
that is near a large city and off
ers more advftnfoureji.rian rvr Hi
red a very painful accident Sa- tie town can offer at the present
turday when playing with some tmP
other children with a large-push . , , - . .
cart. He fell off and catching his . A"c " ueguui-
leg'iñ the spokes of the wheel n w ouzz arouna over xne coun
at the closing and one that will1 -New York Wallowing into
be both a pleasure and a treat tp Constantinople harbor recently
hear. - " I during heavy rain, a cargo ves-
, , , , xi , ; sel carrying five hundred child
We understand that Mis. Isa- ren-and three thousand Greek
bel Brown, one of the Mosquero j adult refugees from South Rus-
lc".a V. ubbii erecieu r ine;sia appealed to the American
prmcipalship -of the San Eliza- Reiief officials for clothing, says
no schools, near El Paso Texas a cabled report received here,
and that soon after the Mosque-1 Huddled on unsheltered decks,
ro school closes that she will 'toif-nw an mmn nien.
Machine Work,
J. D. Wade,
I am a graduate from the
Missouri Auctioneering School,
I will assure you of service
that brings results. .
Will be glad to cry your sale
anywhere at any time.
Col. B. R Reeder
Roy, New Mexico.
Full line of Caskets alwaysq on
hand, also suits and dresses.
Calls answered day or night
Phone No, 58
Foster Blk. Roy, N. Mex.
had the muscles badly lacerated.
Under the careful attention of
Dr. Daniels he is recovering ni
cely and it is believed that no
permanent injury will result.
A meeting of the citizens of
Mosquero met at the school hou
se Saturday eve., for the purpose
of nominating the first set of
village officers. Every thing
went off harmoniously, no at
tention was paid to party lines
and there will be but one ticket
placed in the field. Those nomi
nated were Benj. F. Brown, for
Mayor, (that's us) W. P, Mealey
Jr. City Clerk and Hon. Mala
quias Baca, L H. Brock, A A.
Wynne and Faustin Hernandez
for Board of Trustees. The elec-
try and a number of prospect
ive candidates are beginning to
ded for something to replace
their water-soaked rags.
. According to a cable from the
Near East Relief organization,
the-American relief workers
were unable to provide even a
coat for one of the children .
The cable announces that the
supply of old clothing sent from
America has been exhausted.
The relief authorities, facing
probable death by exposure
among Caucasus famine suffer
ers next winter unless clothing
can be secured and receiving
calls from other refugee ships,
A J .Ml I 1
lion time win soon De nere
The more candidates that offer
themselves the better the oppor
tunities the two conventions, will
have to select good men for the
various offices on the ticket.
The more material the conven
tion have from which to select
the best timber to better the
ticket that can be gotten out by
both parties. If you think that
you are fitted to hold an office
why get into. the game early,
let your friends know of your
sit up and take notice that elec-ihas asked for an American-wide
collection ot discarded clothes ior
immediate shipment.
American tourists visiting Con
stantinople on a Mediterranean
cruise were so struck by the need
generally that those on the S. S.
Carmania, led by Edward Cary,
of Providence. R. I., arranged to
send back from Naples some of
the cast-off winter clothes of
the tourist party.
The cargo boat had been six
teen days getting to Constanti
nople from Nomorossisk on the
candidacy before they make pro I Black Sea. with the retugees
mises to some one else, fon t living on umueu uieau um
be bashful, announce your can
didacy in plenty of time and
tion will be held on Tuesday the i then go into the convention re
At a meeting held at the home
of W. T. Lofton on Friday night
a threatened fight for the posi
tions of members of the new
municipal board of education, re
cently created by the incorpora
tion of Mosquero was happily
harmoniously averted by a com
solved to help select the bes
man and at all costs be a good
winner and a better loser. Come
sea water mixed with fresh
Two men had died. Many were
ill'. A widow, with two children
had : boarded the boat -half a
month before with only a loaf
of bread for the three. She
promise ticket and Mosquero y the convention, ad-
agam emerged tnumpnant in iourned
Rates Reasonable.
Can Make Inspection Soon.
Write, Phone or See,
Remejio Lopez
the matter of healing to coopera
tion that is fast putting the lit
tle town on the map. As a result
of the meeting but one ticket
will be placed in the field and
voting for it will be but a mere
formalty. It was unanimously
agreed that the old board should
be placed on the new board of
education and Messrs H. T, Cli
nard and R. Lopez be added to
complete the five members re
quired All of which exemplifies
the fact that the people of Mos
quero are workirg together and
intend to have the livest, best
and most up-to-date little towns
oñ the mesa.
The teachers are now busily
engaged in preparing the child
ren for their final examinations
and the commencement exerci
ses that will be held at the close
of school. Mosquero has had a
very successful school this year
and the teachers are to be comme
nded for their excellent work do-
m-wr 1 1 111 1
ne. we nave leamea inai a grc-
on in. boys, the water is fine, had found bread among: others
We don't want an of file our-! refugees for the children but her
own privation had brougm on
fever. The relief .organization
joined with the Greek High Com
mission in providing food" but
the boat continued to Kavala, a
refugee port, without the cloth
ing for which the storm-exposed
people w;ere pleading-.
selves, we are satisfied with .be
ing mayor of Mosquero, but if
we did you could bet your bot
tom dollar that we would be out
, we would keep working-until tho
Say," did you know that Mos
quero is growing? If you don't
think so, just come down and
look at the buildings that are
springing up and listen to tho
plans for the new buildings that
are to be started in the near fu
ture. We weresurprised our
selves when we looked up the
population for incorporation, pur
poses. ' There were but 360 acre i
taken into the limits of the in
corporation, didn't have to go
out into the farms to get enough
inhabitants and when we got
through taking the census wa
discovered that we had a popu
lation of 448 inhabitants. Don't
have to count the dogs and cata,
either, although we must admit
that the larger part of then'
are children. We didn't kno.v
that there wereso many babies
in all the universe as we found
scattered over the little town cf
lie. lie nave iMuiivu -.r ,,-
at entertainment will be put on Mosquero.
Trv The Dru;
Store First
SO years ago there were 2,699 drug items onUhe
market. Today there are 45,900 to, say nothing of the
thousands of Sundry and fancy goods items.'
A drug store capable of supplying you with drugs,
medicine and sick-room goods is a prime requisite. -
. We not only carry a complete line of drugs and chem
icles but also thousands of sundrys and fancy goods.
.Remember that our Soda Fountain is now opened
up for the Summer trade and tha latest drinks and, ice
creams may be had. ., .... '
, Also head-quarters for Periodials, Kodaks and sup
plies and dozens of articles that you use every day.
Just Remember, and make your Slogan "TRY THE
DRUG STORE FIRST . " You are sure to find jüst what
you are looking for, at the
The Roy Drug Store
ML i. GIBBS,;Prop.
Whereas. David" Ballard', now
of the county of Harding, State
of New Mexico; as mortgagor,
by two chattel mortgages,' dated
December 31st, 1919, and" Decern- j
ber 31st, 1920, respectively, and
filed in the County Clerks office
in the county of Union State of
New Mexico; that being the coun
ty of his then residence, sold' and
conveyed to Roy Trcst & Savings
Bank, of Roy New Mexico, as
morteasree, the following des
cribed" personal property, towit :
Sixty-one cows, Twenty-five cal
ves, Twenty-four yearlings and
three, two year old steers, bran
ded on right shoulder U with in
verted U underlined with bar,
including the increase thereof
and additions thereto; and' where
as, the notes therein described,
payable to said mortgagee and
duly transferred' to the First
National Bank, of Roy, successor
to said Roy Trust & Savings
Bank, to secure which said con
veyances was made are now due
and unpaid; and whereas the
holder of said promissory notes
deems itself insecure; now there
fore, I, C. L. Justice, Cashier,
and authorized agent of said
First National Bank, of Roy,' in
pursuance of the powers in said
chattel mortgages granted, and
at the request of the holder of
said promissory notes, do hereby
eriv0 notice that I will, on the
22nd day of May, A. D. 1922, be
tween the hours of 10 A. M. and
6 P M. of the same day, at the
Hugh Mitchell Ranch, twelve
miles northeast of Roy, in the
county of Harding, State of New
Mexico, offer for sale and sell
the property conveyed as afore
said to the best and highest
bidder for cash, or satisfactory
credit and upon full and complete
settlement of said purchase-money
thereof will deliver the pro
perty so sold to the purchaser,
and will apply the proceeds of
the sale as directed by said chat
tel mortgage.
This 25th day of April, A. D.
C. L, Justice.
Cashier First National Bank,
of Roy. 1 , ;
By J. B. Lusk, Attorney
Mr. Murdock the dentist will
be in Roy from May 21st to 27th
to do dental work. See him at
the W. G. Johnson home of
your dental troubles.
If you want to have a good
time, attend the Base Ball dance
Saturday night lu7 13th, at the
Community Hall,
When you buy milk demand the best. .;
You are not getting the best if you are not getting
clarified milk. w
Accept no substitute. . '
Two deliveries each day.
12 Quarts for $1.00
H. Kennard & Sons
Mosquero Abstract & Title Co.
- (Incorporated and Bonded.)
Insurance of all' kinds.
Special attention given to examining titles.
Mosquero, New Mexico.
All orders carefully filled and promptly shipped by Ex
press or Parcel Post. Our membership in the Florists Tele
graph Delivery Association enables us to deliver FloTOrs
for you anywhere in the United States on a few hours
v . " (. ... . , . .. -
Raton Greenhouses
- ' P. O. Drawer 349 Raton, N;. ML
The man who wins
is the man who
has prepared
To the man who saves, the best business oppor
tunity comes when he is prepared'to-taker ad
vantage of it..
"-v- IT TAKES MONEY always to take advantage
." : of such opportunity.
" IF NOT, you cannot do a better thing' tliah to
start an account To-Day.
IF YOU are really ambitious to succeed'you will
not neglect this first opportunity antl invita-
Bank of Roy
Capital and Surplus
The Roy Garage
which is known as tfee Beck Motor C
Acetylene Welding
Batteries Repaired
Vulcanizing - . ... , , ,
General Auto nad Tractor Repairing
Full Line Accessories
Tires, Tubes, Oils and Gas
AH Work Guaranteed.
Heyen & Bowman, Mgrs.
Come in and let us figure with you on your
Tractor. We will come out and pull your at
Phone No. 8 W.

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