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now too ira 1
Doctor Advised Üse of Lydia E. Pinli
hamV Vegetable Compound
Happy Results in Both Cases
fit TMAnV Mlaaniirt "Rnth nf BIV
Idea a welled and hurt me so that I
could not move or do any of my work.
There was heavy pressure and pains
through my lower organs and the
doctor told me to try Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound for these
troubles. He said I had this one
chance, and if the Vegetable Com
pound did not help me nothing but an
operation would. After taking several
bottles I felt it was helping me and
now I am able to do my own work. If
my testimonial will help others I shall
be glad for them to read it and hope
your Vegetable Compound will do
them as much good as it did me."
Mrs. Wm. Lockman, 613 N. 4th St,
St Joseph, Mo.
White Plains. N. Y. "I had such a
pain that I could hardly walk and the
doctor said that I needed an opera
tion. I was sick for a year before I
started taking your medicine and I
could not work. 1 saw your advertise
ment in a little book and that is how
I came to, take Lydia E.. Pinkham's
medicines. I have been taking the
Vegetable Compound ana L,yuia u
Pinkham's Blood Medicine, also
l.Aim V. Plnlrham'a T.lvan Pilla and
used Lydia E. Pinkham's Sanative
Wash and the capsules and prescript
tion recommended. I am doing all my
work and have gained twenty pounds,
I am taking the medicines still.but I
feel fine. You have my permission to
use this letter for the good of others.
Mrs. MaryMark,87 HamiltonAve.,
White Plains, N. Y.
Some female troubles may through
neglect reach a stage when an opera
tion is necessary. But most of the
commoner ailments are not the sur
gical ones; they are not caused by
serious' displacements, tumors, or
growths, although the Symptoms
may appear the same.
When distorting ailments first ap
pear, take Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound to relieve the pres
ent distress and prevent more seri
ous troubles. Many letters have been
received from women who have been
restored to health by Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound after op
erations have been advised by attend-
1 ! !
ing pnyBiciaas
- i -
w i mi.i.AWUa DlrnfA rFAVTCstft1r nnnn 4 A linn jvnf a
Peculiar to Women" will be sent you free upon request. Write
to the Lydia E. Pinkliam Medicina Co., Lynn, Massachusetts.
This book contains valuable information.
Quite True.
Howell "Do you think the wrist
watch has come to stay? Powell "I
tope not. I want mine to go."
6 Bell-ans
t Hot water
SWPi Sure Relief
. 25i and 754 Packages. Everywhere
"Vaseline" Carbolated
.. . Petroleum Jelly .
is an effective, antiseptic
first-aid dressing for cuts,
wounds and insect bites.
Ithelpsprevent infection.
State Street New York
"WijiiiliiiiiiiiiUi'"" 1
, 1
! v5,BOLAT6" I
Remarkable English.
The following Is a specimen of Eng
lish as It is printed in a Brazilian
"Furnltured roms. At hlght and
reapectucby family house two let two
annartaments. beelne lach one of them
possess a magnify plain. Pension of
first ordem. Tel. Ipanema 1,977."
Here is the translation: "Furnished
rooms A high and respectable family
house has to let two large apartments
one of them Dossesses a magnificent
view. Meals of the first order."
If you are troubled with pains or
aches; feel tired; have headache,
indigestion, insomnia; painful pas
sage of urine, you will find relief in
The world's standard remedy for Iddney,
Uvr, bladder and uric cid troubles and
National Remedy of Holland sine 1696.
Three sizes, all druggists.
Look for Ike Ban Cold Modal on orar
and aeeopl do imitation
Thousands of women have kidney and
bladder trouble and never suspect it.
Women's complaints often prove to ba
nothing else but kidney trouble, or tns
result of kidney or bladder disease.
If the kidners are not in a health
condition, they may cause the other or
gans to become diseased.
Pain in the back, headache, loss of am
bition, nervousness, are often times symp
toms of kidney trouble.
Don't delay starting treatment. Dr,
Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a physician's pre
scription, obtained at any drug store, may
be just the remedy needed to overcom
such conditions.
Get a medium or large size bottle im
mediately from any drug store.
However, if you wish first to test thil
ffreat nrenaration send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for, a
sample bottle. When writing be sure ano
mention tins paper. Advertisement.
The Bride's Joke.
"Mercv 1" said the bridesmaid impa
tlentlv to the bride, "are you going to
stand -there before that mirror all
day? Come on, they're waiting foi
von." '
The bride did not move from the
glass, but . continued gailng at he(
counterfeit nresentment. "Let their
wait," she said calmly. "It is well to
Indulge in some reflection before one
eets married, you know." Boston
When shoe pinch or corns and buntom
ache, get a package of ALLEN'S FOOT
EASE, the antieeptic powder to be shaken into
the shoea. It takes tne sting oui 01 curm
.nj Knninn. viven instant relief to Smarting,
Aching, Swollen feet. 1,600,000 pounds ol
powder for the feet were used by our Armjr
ana wavy auring me war. juitwhmmwim'
"Luciferous," Illuminated.
Lloyd George is said to have used
the word "luciferous." An unusua'
Mdlectlve. but not. we think, an inven
tlon of his. An Englishman asEed ai
ncnimintance what he would under
stand by "a luciferous story;" Th
other replied: "Like one of yours; I
devilish bad one." Boston Transcript
His Business.
Brown "That man gets on people'i
nerves." Goose "Oh !v Why?" "Oh,
he's a dentist 1" London Answers.
WARNING! Say "Bayer" when you buy Aspinri.
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you are
not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians
over 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Headache Colds Rheumatism
Toothache . Neuralgia' Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper direction,
Handy "Dayer" boxes of 12 tablets Also bottles of Í4 and 100 Druggists.
AipUlB la tit tit&l Bark Of Bajar lUnuiactnr. at MaanswtlwMaito o aallCTUeaaU
Southwest News
From All Over
New Mexico
and Arizona
(Weittro Xtww Union Nwi Serrta.)
Santa Fs will have a teachers' Insti
tute in June. So Prof. J. D. Silva,
principal of the school at Ciénega,
stated recently, stating that a suffi
cient number of teachers had Den
signed up.
'The Colorado and Gila rivers must
be dammed by holding back in reser
voirs their destructive strength," he
asserted. These floods and their force
can be utilised for power and land
reclamation." ,
The Tucson High School baseball
team captured the high school Cham
nionshlD at Tucson by defeating ths
Gila Academy nine, 2 to 1, in the third
and deciding game of the . University
Week tournament staged at Tucson.
The work of clearing the ground for
the new First National Bank building
In Albuaueraue has been started and
actual construction will be started
soon. When completed the new build
ing will cost over half a million dol
The summer conference of the Prot
estant EniscoDal missionary district of
New Mexico and West Texas will te
held In Lns Vegas July 5-15. Decision
to hold the conference there was waüe
at the convocation, held in Las Vegas
last February. '
Mansranese shipments from the Bos
ton Hill district near Silver City have
been heavy recently, most of the ore
going to the plants of the Colorado
Fuel & Iron Company at ruerno, voio.
A large force of men is now employed
at the mines.
A nrairie fire, which started In one
nf the cañons of Roy. N. M., burned
over several sections recently, and
fame near destroying the homes or sev
eral ranchers. The fact that there was
little wind probably saved the homes
of many of the ranchers.
Thousands of little trout will be
placed in the streams of Colfax coun
ty this snrine by the sportsmen or Ka
ton, N. M. A shipment of lO.OUU was
nliiced in the streams In the Cimarron
country. All were from the hatcnery
on the Pecos and arrived in good con
At the request of the mothers of the
city, the Hot Springs, N. M., council
hns passed a curfew ordinance and In
the future nil the kiddles must be off
the streets by 9 o'clock in the evening.
Several of the mothers have offered to
act as night marshal of the town to
see that this Is enforced.
A new western empire with an as
semblase of industries that will aston
Ish the world will result from harness
Inc of the Colorado river, Colonel Wll
Ham A. Glassford declared at a dinner
In Phoenix of the National Reclama
tion Association. He is chairman ol
the association's committee on organ
The nrotrresa of Arizona can be
traced with accuracy by the develop
ment of her road building, Governor
Thos. E. Campbell told delegates to the
United States Good Roads Association
in an address of welcome which fea
tured the opening program of the na
tional convention recently held In
Selection of Greenville, S. C, as the
1923 convention city of the United
States Good Roads and the P.nnUhend"
National Highway Associations; re
election of all national officers of the
Rankhead Asociation, and adoption ol
a report recommending extension of
the Bankhead system" to Mexico City
were features of the closing session ol
the two good ronds organizations' an
nual joint meeting at Phoenix.
; Plats have been filed in Lordsburg
N. M, for the new town or VIrden, lo
cated in some of the best farming coun
try of the upper Gila river Country.
There are already several houses- on
the new site and streets have been laid
out running eat, west, north and
South. A tree planting campaign will
be started soon.
Nogales recently entertained one ol
the largest crowds of out-of-town vis
itors in its history. Fully 2,000 people
visited from Phoenix, Tucson and oth
er points, attracted by a bull fight, held
In Plaza Reforma in Nogales, Sonora,
In honor of delegates to the United
States Good Roads and Bahkliead Na
tional Highway Associations' conven
tions, concluded at Phoenix. - '
Hugh Kennedy, 17, of Mayfield,
Okla., died while en route to a Pres
cott hospital from Ash Fork, as a re
sult of gunshot wounds and Injuries
sustained in n fall from an east bound
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fé freight
train near Seligmnn, Ariz. Kennedy,
who partially recovered consciousness
before his death, told officers that he
had been thrown from the train artei
having been shot twice by an unknown
traveling companion.
From $8.ii0 to $3.50 a ton on cottoi
seed from Las Cruces to El Paso is tht
reduction announced by W. R. Urown.
general freight agent of the Santa F
Railway Company at EI Paso, In a let
ter to Robert P. Porter, head of the
Porter Lumber Company 'at Las
Articles of Incorporation for the
Copper Queen Extension Mining Com
pany of Kisiiec have been approved by
the State Corporation Commission. -Tht
new company was Incorporated with a
capital stock of $1,500,000, divided in
o shores of tie pur value of ÍI each
Why Castoria?
yEAKS ago Castor Oil, ; Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups' were the remedy
in common use for Infants and Children; Castor OÜ .so nauseating as to ba
almost impossible and the others all containing Opium in one form oí another,,
but so disguised as to make them pleasant to the taste, yet really to stupify the
child and give the appearance of relief from pain. .
It required years of research to find a purely vegetable combination that
would take the plaoe of these .disagreeable, unpleasant and vicious remedies that
from habit had become almost universal. This was the inception of, and the reason
for, the introduction of Fletcher's Castoria, and for over 30 years it has proven its
worth, received the praise of Physicians everywhere and become a household word
among mothers.
A remedy ESPECIALLY prepared for Infants and Children and no mother
would think of giving to her baby a . remedy that she would use for herself,
without consulting a physician. . " .
Children Cry For
(- Sia. ti
).&.' íi
m l
I andWlshnessand
IT hKMUIP. J1KII- - ta
Have You Tried It?
Everybody has read tie above headline; how many believe it?
Have you a little-one in the home, and has that dear little mite
when its stomach was not just right felt the comforts that come with
the use of Fletcher's Castoria? You have heard the cry of pain.
Have you heard them cry for Fletcher's Castoria? Try it.
Just help baby out of its trouble tomorrow with a taste of Cas
toria. Watch the difference in the tone of the cry, the look in the
eye, the wiggle in the tiny fingers. The transformation is complete
from pain to pleasure. Try it.
You'll find a wonderful lot of information about Baby in the
booklet that is wrapped around every bottle of Fletcher's Castoria.
Bears the "Signature of
Exact Copy of Vrapper.
His. Great Mistake.
Joseph Levenson, head of New
fork's motion picture censorship, said
at a luncheon:
"The movie do a lot of good. But
they do harm, too, sometimes. Think
of the love affairs they break off 1"
" 'It's all over,' a young man groaned
one day. 'It's all over now between
Mabel and me.'
f 'Sorry to hear that, old chap,' said
a second young man. 'What caused
the split, may I ask?' . " .
'"I took Mabel to the movies last
night, and she said that the heroine-
of the serial called 'The Pact of
Death" was a beautiful girl.
" 'Well, I agreed with her.'
Spoiled Her Evening.
"Maud says she didn't have a good
t(me at the reception at all."
"What was the trouble?"
"She'd heard a choice bit of gossip
about a girl who was there, and the
girl kept within hearing distance all
the time, so that Maud didn't have a
chance to tell It." Boston. Transcript.
And the Discussion Ended.
Two little boys, living in different
towns, one day were visiting an aunt
in a distant city. A discussion arose
between them as to the merits of their
home towns. The heights of their re
spective churches became a part of
the discussions,
"Our church reaches above the tree
tops." said one. 1
"Our church reaches to the sky,"
retorted the other.
"Oh, but the steeple of our church
reached clear above the sky and
punched a hole through heaven," ex
claimed the first boy, and this closed
the argument.
- Brief and Comprehensive.
Ben Dierks has an express agency
and transfer business in a village in
Sonoma county, California. Recently
he detailed one of his teamsters with
a wagon and pair to take a San Fran
cisco man and wife to their country
place a few miles put of town. . The
bill, as rendered by the teamster,
read: "Haul grip, grub, and people,
three hours, three' dollars."
King George Democratic.
"When he is out of the public eya
King George often sacrifices appear
ance for comfort Indeed, -while in
conversation " with him not long ago
I noticed that one of the shots he
wore was adorned with a patch !" This
Is one of many' intimate anecdotes of
his long connection with the royal
family told by Ernest Brooks, O. B. E.,
the accredited royal photographer,
in the Strand magazine. Queen Mary's
favorite portrait of Princess Mary re
veals something of the king's tastes
In regard to feminine fashions. When
Mr. Brooks showed the king the first
print, his majesty raised an objection
to the width of the panniers on either
side of the princess' frock and or
dered him to have them taken out of
the negative.
Nothing to Choose Between Them.
Husband Ha, ha, ha 1 Did you ever
see a funnier sight than a woman try
ing to drive a nail?
Wife Yes; a man "trying to wrap
up a bundle fdr the laundry 1 London
Answers. .
ÉflllíIlTr. :
The Thrifty Citizen Who
Caught the Plugged Nickel
- G71ÍR. BROWN had swallowed his lunch and had
C paid his bill. Cautiously he counted his change.
"Here!" he said, sharply, "Take back this-, plugged
nickel and give me a good one!"
Mr. Brown walked proudly out. They couldn't
fool old Brown. -
But old Brown had fooled himself.
Brown's day was heavy and dulL
He lacked pep."5 There was a
mid-afternoon drowsy spell when
he needed to be awake the direct
and natural result of heavy, starchy
breakfasts and lunches, taken on
' faith and without question as to
value just because the food looked
end tasted like food.
Thousands of shrewd business
1 men who count their change, take
their food for granted.
That's what builds up the sani
tarium business, and puts the tired
"all -done" feeling into the mid
afternoon of a business day.
Grape-Nuts is a scientific food
whose delicious, appetizing flavor
and crispness are an introduction to
well-balanced nourishment a
nourishment easily and quickly as
similated, so that body, brain and
nerves are well fed and kept free
of the stored up poisons left by so
many ill-selected foods.
Served with cream or good milk,
Grape-Nuts is a complete food, al
ways ready, always a delight to the
taste and always a safe selection
for the man who thinks his stomach
is entitled to some of the same pro
tection he gives to his pocket
Grape-Nuts The Body Builder
v "There's a Reason"
' Made by Postum Cereal Company, Inc., Battle Creek, Mich,

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