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"With Malice toward None, with Charity for All, and with Firmness in the Right."
VOL. XIX No. 18.
Many Matters of Importance Acted Upon
Marshall Gambrel Re-Employed
The Village Board held! an ad
. journed meeting Monday even
ing to discuss various interests
of the Village. A permit was
given Floersheim Mercantile Co.,
to lay water mains 'in the Village
from their well near the store
building to various parts of the
. town. They will also probably
put a pump and windmill at the
other well on the Ortega lots and
this will furnish considerable
water to take care of the immed
iate needs of the town. The
two wells will prdbably furnish
about 125 or more barrels of wa
ter daily. Water will be piped
to the business houses first and
later to tne cunerent aweiungs..
Other matters disposed of were
the hiring of Village Marshall
and street commissioner; these
two offices were- placed under
one head and J. G. Gambrel was
employed at a salary of $80.00
per month to handle both the
marshall and street commission
er job. The board intends to ' District.
make a complete cleaning up oi
the town and this has been plac
ed under Mr. Gambrels charge.
The board also decided to call
a mass meeting for Monday eve
ning May 29th at the communi
ty hall to make final arrange
ments for the Good Roads meet-
By the way did you read Mr.
"Faiiplay's" write up on the
County High School question
which appeared in last , weeks
Harding County Developer? We
would have copied the writeup
but we felt it was unworthy of
printing and as there were so
many statements made that
could not be verified we thought
it best that it be answered by
the mayor of Roy who will show
Mr. Fairplay and give him some
facts of which he was probably
not acquainted. We would sug
gest however that Mr. 'Fairplay'
ook up the assessment rate of
the Roy School District and the
Mills School District and see
where the "poor taxed to death
person" at Roy pays so much
more than he who lives in the
Mills District. "The horrible,
differene in the tax rate in the
two districts so far as school tax
is concerned is ($.07) seven
cents if you please on each
thousand dollars assessment.
That is, if you lived in the Roy
District you would pay seven
cents more taxes on a thousand
dollars assessment than you
would if you livsd in the Mills
Read that again if
you please, SEVEN CENTS. Mr.
"Fairplay" and by the way that
covers Roy's $65.000 high school
bond issue and $2.500 or more
for furniture this year. Now
let's see what the difference in
Village tax is between the two
village, Mr. "Fairplay. Roy,
the poor tax burdened town,
Roy Post No. 33 American Legion Has
Charge of Services-Rev. Cooke Talks
ins? to be he!d during September.
The hotel question will also be umvorthv of anything, according
discussed at this meeting. to "Fairplay" has a tax levy of
The board will hold its next 0820 which is $8.20 per
meeting within a few weeks or eacfl thousand assessment and
as soon as their attorney, Mr.lMil,s rate is 00q5 eacn
Holly, can be present as they
have a number of other impor-
thousand . assessment or a dif
ference of $4.7(i on each thous-
tant matters to settle at that á as5essmeJ:t which a Roy
meeting. 'resident pays more than Mills
All members were present at
'ñu n tTmlisflnrl Hnlliir Assessment.
the meeting and we believe that But wait iet's see why Roy's
Roy' has a good-strong working levy was even this high for this
Village Board to handle, the Vür.' r A , evy wag made ,to
lage troubles during the coming . build severaj blocks 0f cement
two years. j side walk and crossings, also to
' purchase the forty acres where
At the meeting of the County the Roy cemetery is located and
Board of Education last Tuesday, to complete the grading of the
at the County Seat, the opening streets of Roy . We wonder if
of bids for the Solano and Kep- any one is kickmgjn Roy on
hart school houses were left open paying this small amount for
until the 29th when they will be the benefit received and the
opened and the contracts let work being done. Ve have not
at Solano at 3 o'clock that after- heard the complaints. Wait
noon , until Mills does all this work
The Mosquero contract was and it may be that they too will
TVmrsHnv nt have to increase her rate. Ihe
3 o'clock. In the meantime the . average honK- owned m Roy with
architect will revise the plans an assessment of $1000.00 will
and the lowest - bidder, Sperry pay only $4. 77 mor s taxes than
& Co., of Las Vegas will again! if he lived m Mills this year and
bid at that time, n tne diq is uvv.
within the limit of the money
on hand the contract will be
awarded to Mr. Sperry. For
some reason the blueprints on.
Well what's the use of saying
any more ? Let the Mayor anal
yze the whole write up which
he expects to do and answer in
next week's Developer. In the
.1 1 J 1 A
ten out until a few days before meantime we wouia suggest tnat
the contract was to be let and "Fairplay" desist from writing
the Board decided to allow the editorials until he has the data
bidders longer time to file their at hand to truthfully and in-
Wds . telhgently handle his subject.
Mr. and Mrs. Harve Hickle
announce the arrival of a 9
pound boy. Dr. Self was in at
tendance and reports every one
doing nicely.
Say, what a world we could
have, if ery-body would stop
hunting for the bad in folks and
try to find the good.
Wire, Nails and Stock Salt
Garden and Field Seeds
Furniture and Caskets
A Full Line of General Merchan
dise and Meats
A Profitable Place to Trade.
The Mother's ' Day exercises
held at the Christian Church
last Sunday by the Ladies' Aux
iliary and the American Legion
was well attended and a very ap
propriate program rendered. A
portion of the chuch was reser
vad for the Auxiliary" and the
Legion. The chdrch was very
beautifully decorated with flow
ers and the beautiful banner and
flag of the Roy Post. .
Special music had been arrang
ed for the occasion; and a num
ber of very beautiful duets and
quartettes were sung during the
i service. A solo ! Rev. Cooke,
entitled "My Mother" deserves
special mention. During the
singing of this song many a per
sons mind wandered back to a
mother who had either passed
to the "Great Beyond" or was
in some far distant home.
The address of the day was
given by Rev Cooke and it was
one of the most masterly ad
dresses ever heard in Roy. His
eulogy of "Mother" was great
indeed. Any one who had the
' pleasure of hearing this address
no matter how hard hearted he
might have been could not have
kept back a tear for mother. In
his address he showed the won
derful power of mother, and even
the great power of the word
"Mother." How it is she who
really builds up the home, the
state and the nation. We only
wished that every one In Roy
and the surrounding country
could have had the pleasure of
hearing this plea -lor mother,
for we know much good will
come from this wonderful ser
mon. After the close of Rev. Cooke's
address the audience stood and
sang one verse of that good" old
song "Blest be the tie that
binds" and wa3 then dismissed
by the pastor.
A basket of beautiful flowers
was given to the oldest mother
present and was presented to
Mrs. Hanna, grandmother of
Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Pendleton.
Mrs. Morris was but a few years
younger than Mrs. Hanna who
was beyond the age of seventy.
A basket of flowers was also
given to the youngest mother
present, Mrs. . Verna Kenoyer
who is twenty one years of age.
(A carnation was presented to
each mothar present.
The Mother's Day originated
only a few years ago but in these
ew years has become national
in its scope and is now in the
hands of the Auxiliary and the
Legion and it is indeed fitting
that we should set aside one day
a year to think of and remem
ber "Mother."
Manager Swaim of the Roy
Theatre wishes to advise the
public that he has contracted
for a new line of pictures known
as Metro Classics, the first of
which will be shown on Satur
day evening, May 27th. These
pictures are five, six and seven
reel features and are all brand
jnew stuff, being 1921 and 1922
productions. While these pic
tués will cost considerable more
ithan those shown the past few
j months, Mr. Swaim thinks the
,best is none too good for Roy
: and it is now up to the public to
show m appreciation of their
work and give them good aud
iences. Remember the date of
starting Saturday May 27th.
. There will be no pictures
: shown Saturday night of this
week as everyone will want to
I attend the Gentry Brothers
Three Home Runs Made by Roy Boys
Play at Loretto Tomorrow
Sam Dunn, who has been vis
iting menas ana relatives in
i Toas the past few weeks, re
turned home Tuesday, and re-
ported that he has had a good
time while .away, in fact he
j shoVs it, he also states that crop
! conditions look the same there
las they do here.
; ;;. -i '
' Last Saturday afternoon, May
1 13th little Helen Hooper was
very pleasantly surprised when
anuniber of her little friends
I showered her in honor of her'
9th birthday. There were 44 pres
ant and Helen received quite a
number of presents.
About 3 o'clock a lunch was
served which consisted of ham
sandwiches, cocoa and cake and
there was a birthday cake de
corated with candles. Everyone
departed about 4 :30 wishing Hel
en many more such birthdays.
H. M. Warner and W. C. Yar
brough were transacting busi
ness in the county seat last Mon
day, v"- ; - , ;. - - -
Last Sunday afternoon at the
Roy, Base Ball diamond, the Roy
team won the first game of the
season from the Loretta team
of Dawson by" a score of 12 to 6.
Roy scored the first run in
the first inning, and Dawson
three runs in the second inning
and one in the third, but to our
expectations, Roy contirieud scor
ing each inning until the final
count was the full dozen.Both
sides, played good ball from start
to finish, but for Roy's heavy
hitting, the opposing team was
at their mercy, and at the end
of the eighth inning with a
threatening rain the boys saw
that there was not a chance for
them, and declared that they
would even things up when they
meet again.
Featuses of the game were
the three home runs made by
our team; L. Williams making
two and Baker making one.
There were six - hits made by
Loretta and thirteen by Roy,
Williams striking out 14 men
and Mumsey nine. It was one
of the best games ever witness
ed on the Roy diamond for years
and the fans as well as the play
ers were more than satisfied
with the dicisions rendered by
both umpires. Managers Pax
ton and Floersheim promise the
public that it will be their motto
to play pames with as few argu
ments as possible.
The Roy Base Ball team will
travel to Dawson next Sunday
to cross bats with Loretta in a
return game, and a week from
Sunday they will go to Springer
where they, will meet their old
rivals the fast Springer ball
club. Every fan should be in-,
terested in our club, for we have
not only the best but the fastest
j Washington, May 13. A sub
stituted soldiers bill, under
j which veterans would receive
50 per cent cash payment, was
introduced by Senator Bursom,
Republican, New Mexico, and re
ferred to the senate finance com
mittee' I The balance due to veterans
would be covered by certificates
of indebtedness, payable Sept.30,
1927, and drawing interest at
the rate of 3 Viper cent from
October 1.
1 Aside from the cash and cer
tificate option, veterans would.,
be permitted to select vocational
training.farm or homestead aid
or land purchases.
Under the land purchase plan
veterans could make homesteads
upon any public lands, paying
$1.25 per acre by means of the
certificates' of indebtedness. If
the land costs less than the face
value of the certificate, the dif
ference would be paid in cash.
! Veterans entitled only $50
would be paid in full. Payment
would be at the rate of one dol
lar a day for domestic service
$1.25 for foreign service with
the maximum $500 and $650,
respectively as in the house bill.
Mr. Wright of the Panhandle
Building and Supply Co., of Ama
rillo, Texas , was in Roy several
days this week. While here
the school board ordered the
steel for the new school building.
Walter Burleson is on the
sick list this week, troubled with
rhouniaiism. but with the aid of
a cane he is able to be about the
streets of Roy.
team that we have had for years,
and the boys are entitled to
your Backing. Let's get behind
and follow them where ever they
go. . -; " J
Master Raymond Benson, the
nine year old son of Mr. and Mrs.
Neis Benson, had the misfortune
of breaking his leg while play
ing at school Monday afternoon.
It appears that the children on
the school grounds were running
and pip. yin g and that two girls
ran into Raymond knocking him
suddenly to the ground ahd
giving liia leg a twist in the fail
breaking the iomur bone .about
half way between tiia thigh and
the knee. Immediately after the
accident Raymond was rushed
to his home and Dr. Self was
called who set the fractured
limb and at present Raymond is
doing as well as could be expect
ed. Raymond is a brave- little
fellow and is bearing u p
under his sad misfortune nicely.
It will l many weeks before he
will be able to be out among his
playmates again.
It lias been announced that the
M. E. Missionary Society will
at an early date offer for the ap
proval of the citizens of Roy the
play, Sins of Ambition, ine!
exact date of showing has not
been determined but will be
stated in an early issue of this
Don't' Say Underwear Say Munsingweaij
Off- -
this summer
by weáring
Mi Wear
Perfect" Fitting Union Suit
You should be just as
particular when selecting
your work clothes as you
are when you purchase a
Sunday suit.
We are in the market for a quantity of Si
berian Millet seed. If you have any to sell
communicate with us at once.
Floersheim Mercantile Co
1 ; i . ;

the Solano buildmg were not got

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