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la riiiaMe Condition when sie Began
Taking Lydia E. Pinkham i
Vegetable Compound
Sabina, Ohio. "I took Lydia E. Pink
ham'f Vegetable Compound for weak
! I'l'D'HMHIl
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John J. Jones, a wuiter iu the din
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ticed that they were not only un
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off the lettering and that the front
of each button was actually worn
through in one or more places. Asked
how long he had worn the buttons,
he replied : - "About twenty-nine
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Inv 1892 by Maj. J. F. Trout, then su
perlntendent of dining cars and res
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Imoortant to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTOKIA, that famous old remedy
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Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
No Place to Stay.
(Little Helen breaks in on her
newly engaged sister and her beau.)
Big Sister Why, Helen, haven't 1
told you to stay In the kitchen with
Jessie till mamma comes home?
Helen Yes, I know ; but Jessie's
sweetheart just now came, too 1
If a man tells two comic stories and
gets them laughed at he considers his
visit a success.
Growing Old Too Soon?
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f t; V
Synopsis. With his grandfather,
small Ramsey Milholland Is watch
ing the "Decoration Day Parade"
in the home town. The old gentle
man, a veteran Of the Civil war,
endeavors to Impress the young
ster with th significance of the
great conflict, and many years aft
erward the boy was. to remember
his words with startling vividness.
In the schoolroom, a few years
afterward, Ramsey Is not distin
guished for remarkable ability,
though his pronounced dislikes are
arithmetic, "Recitations" and Ger
man. In sharp contrast to Ram
sey's backwardness is the precocity
. of little Dora Yocum, a young lady
whom In his bitterness he denomi
nates "Teacher's Pet." In high
school, where he and Dora are
classmates, Ramsey continues to
feel that the girl delights to mani
fest her superiority, and the vin
dlctlveness he generates becomes
alarming, culminating In the reso
lution that some day he will
"show" her. At a class picnic Ram
sey is captured" bag and baggage
by Milla Rust, the class beauty,
and endures the agonies of his first
love. Ramsey's parents object to
Milla and wish he'd taken up with
Dora Yocum.
CHAPTER VI. Continued.
Milla hung weightily upon his arm,
and they dawdled, drifting from one
side of the puvement to the other as
they slowjy advanced. Albert and Sa
die, ahead of them, called "good night"
from a corner, before turning down the
side street where Sadie lived ; and
then, presently, Eamsey and Milla
were at the latter's gate. He went in
with her, halting at the front steps.
''Well, g'night, Milla," he said.
"Want to go out walking tomorrow
night? Albert and Sadie are."
"I can't tomorrow night," she told
him with obvious regret. "Isn't It the
worst luck I I got an aunt comln' to
visit from Chicago, and she's crazy
about playing 'Five Hundred,' and
mama and papa said I haf to stay In
to make four to play It. She's liable
to' be here three or four days, and I
guess I got to be around home pretty
much all the time she's here. It's the
worst luckl"
. He was doleful, but ventured to be
literary. "Well, what can't be helped
must be endured. I'll come around
when she's gone."
He moved as If to depart, but she
still retained his arm and did not pre
pare to relinquish it
' "Well" he said.
"Well what, Eamsey?" " '
"Well g'night." '
She glanced up at the dark front
of the house. "I guess the family's
gone to bed," she said absently.
"I s'pose so."
"Well, good night, Ramsey." She
said this, but still did not release his
arm, and suddenly, In a fluster, he felt
that the time he dreaded had come.
Somehow, without knowing where, ex
cept that it was somewhere upon what
seemed to be a blurred face too full
of obstructing features, he kissed her.
She turned Instantly away in the
darkness, her hands over her cheeks ;
and In a panic Eamsey wondered If he
hadn't make a dreadful mistake.
"S'cuse me I" he said, stumbling to
ward the gate. "Well, J guess I got
to be gettln' along back' home."
He woke In the morning to a great
self-loathing ; he had kissed a girl.
Mingled with the loathing was a curi
ous pride In the very fact that caused
the loathing, but the pride did not last
long. He came downstairs morbid to
breakfast, and continued this mood
afterward. At noon Albert Paxton
brought him a note which Milla had
asked Sadie to ask Albert to give him.
"Dearie : I am just wondering If
you thought as much about something
so sweet that happened last night as
I did you know what. I think it was
the sweetest tiling. I send you one
with this note and I .-hope you will
think it Is a sweet one. I would give
you a real one.ii yojj were here now
and I hope" yod, wonlff-think it was
sweeter still than the one I put in this
note. It is the sweetest thing now you
are mine and I am yours forever klddo.
If you come around about frlday eve
it will be all right aunt Jess will be
gone back home by then so come early
and we will get Sade and Alb to go to
the band Concert. Don't forget what
I said about - my putting something
sweet In this note, and I hope you will
think It is a sweet one but not as
sweet at the real sweet one I would
like to
At this point Eamsey impulsively
tore the note into small pieces. He
turned cold as his Imagination pro
jected a sketch of his mother in the
act of reading this missive, and of
her expression as she read the sen
tence: "It is the sweetest thing now
you are mine and I am yours forever
klddo." He wished that Milla hadn't
written "klddo." She called him that,
sometimes, but In ber warm little voice
the word seemed not at all what it did
Illustrations hus,
W. 'Irwin AVyer
Copyi'iqfvtJbu.Doublexuiy, Page & Company.
in ink. He wished, too, that she hadn't
said she was his forever.
Suddenly he was seized with a hor
ror of her. - .
Moisture broke" out heavily upon
him; he felt a definite sickness, and,
wishing for death, went forth upon the
street3 to walk and walk. He cared
not whither, so that his feet took him
tn any direction away from Milla,
since they were unable to take him
away from himself of whom he had
as great a horror. Her loving face was
continually before him, and Its sweet
ness made his flesh creep. Milla had
been too sweet. " ;
When he met or passed people, it
seemed to him that perhaps they were
able to recognize iipon him somewhere
the marks of his low quality.
"Softy! Ole sloppy foot!" he mut
tered, addreslng himself "Slushy
ole niusht ... . Spoonerl" And
he added, 'Tours forever, klddo 1"
Convulsions seemed about to seize
him. '
Turning a corner" with his head
down, he almost charged into Dora
Yocum. She was homeward bound
from a piano lesson, and carried a
rolled leather case of sheet music
something he couldn't Imagine Milla
carrying and In her young girl's
dress, which attempted to be nothing
else, she looked as wholesome as cold
spring water. Eamsey had always felt
that she despised him and now, all at
once, he thought that she was justified.
Leper that he had become, he was un
worthy to be even touching his cap to
her! And as she nodded and went
briskly on, he would have given any
thing to turn and walk a little way
with her. for It seemed to him that this
might fumigate his morals. But he
lacked the courage, and, besides, he
Pausing In an Alley, He Read Her Note.
considered himself unfit to be seen
walking with her.
He had a long afternoon of an
guishes, these becoming most violent
when he tried to face the problem of
his future course toward Milla. He
did not face it at all, In fact, but mere
ly writhed, and had evolved 'nothing
when Friday evening was upon him
and Milla waiting for him to take her
to the "band concert'1 with "Alb and
Sade." He made shift to seek a short
Interview with Albert, just before din
ner. . ' . . .
"I got a pretty rotten headache, and
my stomach's upset, . too," he, said,
drooping upon the Paxtons' fence. "I
been gettin' worse every minute. Tou
and Sadie go by Mllla's, Albert, and
tell her If I'm not there by ha'-pas'-seven,
tell her not to wait for me any
"How do you mean 'wait'?" Albert
Inquired. "You don't expect her to
come pokln' along with Sadie and me,
do you? She'll keep on slttln' there at
home just the same, because she
wouldn't have anything else to do, If
you don't come like she expects you to.
She hasn't got any way to stop wait
in' !"
At this, Eamsey moaned, without af
fectation. "I don't expect I can, Al
bert," he said. "I'd like to if I could,
but the way it looks now, you tell her
I wouldn't be much suprlsed maybe I
was startln' In with typhoid fever or
pretty near anything at all." He
moved away, concluding feebly: "I
guess I "better crawl on home, Albert,
while I'm still able to walk some, tou
tell her the way it looks now I'm liable
to be right sick."
And the next morning he woke to
the chafings of remorse, picturing a
Milla somewhat restored in charm
waiting hopefully ,at the gate, even
after the half-past seven, and then, as
time passed and the sound of the dis
tant horns came faintly through the
darkness, going sadly to her room
perhaps weeping there. It was a pic
ture to wring him with shame and pity,
but was followed by another which
electrified him, for out of school he
did not lack Imagination. What if
Albert had reported his illness too
vividly to Milla? Milla was so fond!
What If, in her alarm, she should come
here to the house to inquire of his
mother about him? What If she told
Mrs. Milholland they were "engaged"?
The next moment Ramsey was project
ing a conversation between his mother
and Milla In which the latter stated
that she and Ramsey were soon to b
married, that she regarded him as at
ready virtually her husband, and de
manded to nurse him.
In a panic he fled from the house be
fore breakfast, going out by way of
side door, and he crossed back yarda
and climbed back fences to reach At
bert Paxton the more swiftly. This
creature, a ladles' man almost prof e
slonally, was found exercising with an
electric Iron and a pair of flannel trou
sers In a basement laundry, by, way ol
stirring his appetite for the morning
"See here, Albert," his friend said
breathlessly. "I got a favor. I want
you to go over to MlUa's "
. "I'm goin' to finish pressln these
trousers," . Albert Interrupted. . 'Then
I ve got my breakfast to eat".
"Well, you could do this first," said
Ramsey, hurriedly.' "It wouldn't hurt
you to do me this little favor first.
You just slip over and see Milla for
me, if she's up yet, and if she isn't,
you better wait around till she is, be
cause I want you to tell her I'm a
whole lot, better this morning. Tell
her I'm pretty near practlck'ly all right
again, Albert, and I'll prob'Iy write her
a note or something right soon or In
a week or so, anyhow. You tell her "
"Well, you act pretty funny !" Albert
exclaimed, fumbling In the pockets of
his coat. "Why can't you go on over
and tell her yourself? But just as It
happens there wouldn't be any use
your goln' over there, or me, either."
"Why not?"
"Milla ain't there," said Albert, still
searching the pockets of his coat
"When we went by her house last night
to tell her about your headache and
stomach and all, why, her mother told
us Milla'd gone, up to Chicago yester
day afternoon with her aunt, and said
she left a note for you, and she said If
you were sick I better take It and
give It to you. I was goln to bring It
over to your house after breakfust."
He found it. "Here!"
Ramsey thanked him feebly, and de
parted in a state of partial stupefac
tion, brought on by a glimpse of the
instabilities of life. He had also, not
relief, but a sense of vacancy and loss ;
for Milla, out of his reach, once more
became mysteriously lovely.
Pausing In an alley, he read her
"Dearie: Thought T ought to call
you up but over the 'phone Is just nix
for explanations as Mama and Aunt
Jess would hear everything and
thought I might seem cold to you not
saying anything sweet on account of
them listening and you would wonder
why I was so cold when telling you
good-by for a wile maybe weeks. It Is
this way Uijcle Purv wired Aunt Jess
he has just taken In a big touring car
on a debt and his vacation starts to
morrow so If they were going to take
a trip they better start right way so
Aunt Jess Invited me. Now dearie I
have to pack and write this In a hury
so you will not be disappointed when
you come by for the B. C. to-night. Do
not go get some other girl and take
her for I would hate her and nothing
in this world would make me false for
one second to my klddo boy. I do not
know just when home again as the
folks think I better stay up there for
a visit at Aunt Jess and Uncle Purvs
home in Chicago after the trip is over.
But I think of you all the time and
you must think of me every minute and
believe your own dearie she will never
no not for one second be false. So
tell Sade and Alb good-by for me and
do not be false to me any more than
I would be to you and It will not be
long till nothing more will Interrupt
our sweet friendship."
As a measure of domestic prudence,
Ramsey tore the note Into Irreparable
fragments, but . he did this slowly,
and without experiencing' any of the
revulsion created by MlUa's former
He was melancholy, aggrieved that
she should treat him so.
"Yes, "sir; that quiet Iitta
Milla's a regular old married
woman by this time, Ramsey."
Arctic Days and Nights.
The Arctic Is a region of snow and
Ice; for months In the winter the sun
is below the horizon, and though for
other months In the summer It never
sets, its heat is not strong enough In
most quarters to reduce the quantity
of snow and ice which form In the
cold season. The longest day and
longest night at latitude 70 degrees
are about two months each; 10 de
grees farther north they are about
three months each; at the pole they
divide the year almost equally. -
The Mummified Miner.
The collection of the Museum of
Natural History In New York has
been enriched by addition of a mum
mified miner from Chile, which was
presented by the owners of the mines
where the body was uncovered. The
miner was after copper and had bur
rowed into the earth a distance of IB
feet when ho was caught by a cave-In
and burled.
Doesn't Need Any rlelp.
A smart woman may be able to make
a fool of any man, but more often she
doesn't Philadelphia Inquirer. -
Omaha Cltixen Says He Is Now Rid
of Troubles That Had Kept Him
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"I was almost out of commission
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7604 North Twenty-ninth St., Omaha,
"My liver and kidneys were out of
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back and sides and was so bad off I
often had to stay In bed for two weeks
at a time.
"The results I got from Tanlac were
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fited me In every way and I believe
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Tanlac Is sold by all good druggists.
,' Foxy Old Boy.
"And you are ninety-five years oldT
she exclaimed. "How wonderful I
You look so well, so strong, so young.
How have you managed to do it?"
"My method Is very simple," the
venerable gentleman replied. "I have
never let any of my friends know it
if I dldu't happen to be feeling well,
consequently I've never had to take
anv of the things they would have
recommended if they had known I
was ailing." ..
A Feeling of Security
You naturally feel secure when you
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Are Men So Fickle?
Women members of the Republican
county committee were discussing
Assemblyman Steinberg's bill provid
ing that no marriages should be per
formed until thirty-six hours after, the
Issue of the license. Miss Mary Wood,
prominent in politics, opposed the
measure. "It gives a man too gres
a chance to change his mind," she
said. New York Herald.
Privilege should be appreciated and
used, but not "abused.
If one can't say it In prose, he can't
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Jein Brown's Helpmate Apparently
Ideal Woman for a Man of His
'Stern Disposition.
John Brown, whose body later on
lay "a-molderlng In the grave," once
described the lady who afterwards be
came his wife as a "remarkably plain
but neat Industrious and economical
girl." These latter virtues seem to
have atoned for her wunt of physical
charm, for he and Dianthe Lusk were
married when she was -nineteen and
he was only twenty.
Dianthe was a strong-minded wom
an, but she made John an excellent
wife, and their twelve years of mar
ried life terminated by her early
death were most happy. He was a
man of decided and violent disposi
tion, and his wife is said to have pos
sessed the faculty of getting lilm to
do as she wished and causing him to
believe that it was his idea all along.
She died In 1832, twelve years aftei
their marriage and just after the blrtb
of their seventh child. . "
Changing Figures.
"What is the population of Crlmsoi
Gulch at present?" -
"No telling," replied . Cactus Joe
"It was eighty-seven last night. Bui
If Cactus Joe is as unforglvin' toward
Three-flnger Sam as he was when th
poker game broke up, I reckon maybi
by this time It's only elghty-slx."
lealtli ándV.raoltii
and has brought contentment end happiness to thou
sands of home seekers and their families who have
settled on her FREE homesteads or bought land at
attractive prices. They have established their own
homes and secured prosperity and independence.
In the great grain-growing sections of the prairie
provinces there is still to be had on easy term
Fertile Lsnd at $15 to $30 an Acra
land similar to that which through many years
has yielded from 20 to 43 bushels of wheat
to the acre oats, barley and flax also in great
abundance, while raising horses, cattle, eneep
and hoge is equally profitable. Hundreds of farrr
era in Western Canada have raised crops in single
season worth more than the whole cost of their
land. Healthful climate, good neighbors, churches,
schools, rural telephone, excellent markets and
shipping facilities. The climate and soil offer
inducements for almost every branca of
agriculture, ine advantages tor
Dairying, Mixed Farming
and Stock Raisins
make a tremendous appeal to industrious set
tiers wishing to improve their circumstances.
Vorllhiatnted llteratore, nape, deaeriptiofi of farm
opportunities in Manitoba, Kaakatchawan. Alberts
Britno (JglQuuua, nasoad nuieaj rates.
Im" ...it r
4, Bee BldgH Omaha, Rtb.
tH, BM. ef tmmlenttee
two, BwnliMo Caoaa

was Colonia

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