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J v. ? ' - Published By ' " "
Trank L. Schultz, Editor. Wm, G. Johnson, Associate Editoi
! Subscription $2.00 per year, payable strictly in advance. !
MnTfrK of sale:
Entered as second-class matter at the post office m Roy, N.
, - Registered August 27, 1912. -
Las Vegas, N. M. May 13,
Rates of one and one-half fare
fo the round trip with return
limit September . 1, have been
ganted by the railroads of New
Mexico to summer school stu
dents of the New Mexico Nor
mal Univerity. Going tickets
may be purchased at any point
in New Mexico and at El Paso,
Texas, May 31, June 1, 2, and?.
: School work begins June 5. ,
This the most liberal conces
sion the roads have ever riven
the Normal students, who are per
muted, if they desire, to remain
here for the continuation school,
which will follow the close of the
summer school in late July, or
' to enjoy a vacation in the moun
tains. It is believed manv teach
ers who have families will avail
themselves of the - opportunity
to bring their wives and children
for three months' stay in a climate-that
is particlarly enioyable
-during the summer montns.
The tickets will be sold on the
certificate plan, the purchaser
paving full fare on the going
trip and recieving a certificate
permitting him to buy his re
turn passage at one-half fare.
- providing 150 tickets are sold.
A s -the Normal University annual
ly has a summer school atten
dance of over 1,000, there is no
doubt but that many more than
the required number of tickets
will be sold.
The rates have been author
ized so far by the Santa Fe the
El Paso and Southwestern, and
' the Southwestern, and the South
ern Pacific railways. "The Den
ver and1 Rio Grande Westen and
the New Mexico Centrál are pre
paring to announce a similar
rate in a few days.
Get up early Saturday morn
ing, crank up the Ford or hitch
up Dobbin and bring the whole
family to Roy and let them see
Gentry Brothers big show which
will be here all day. 1 he parade
will be in the . tnoning so come
early and make plans to stay all
day. Your only , chance to see
a large show on the mesa this
year. . .. .
A fine rain came Sunday and
everyone is rejoicing over it.
It will enable all to get meir
rrnns in now.
r -- - . ,
Sunday School was not so wen
attended Sunday. It seems rath
er hard to get used to Sunday
School in the morning but we
will all get used to it and be
there on time soon.
Mrs. Aspgren has been under
tVio weather the nast few days.
Chas. Woods has moved on the
same place. he rented last year.
The nlrt Knrkvist Diace.
Mrs. C. Driskei ana jnrs. i
Beem were in the county seat
Mr. and Mrs. Lysle Hazen vis
ited Authur Hazen and family
Sunday. ,
We are so sorry to hear oi
Mrs. May Morford's illness. She
will have to submit to an oper
ation soon. We are all hoping
for her early recovery and re
turn. '..
-Miss Keller of Mosquero spent
a few days with Miss Blanch
TTn.ll" Miss Blanch is a fine en
tertainer so we know Miss Kel
ler will enjoy her visit.
Tell Bradley was in Roy Wed
noarlav .
Grandma Hazen our assistant
Sunday School Supermtendant
hna un); ta so well the past
while but she gets to Sunday
School just the same.
Mrs. Sllarry Kingsberry visit
ed, at the parential home Wed
nesday Mr. and Mrs. Chas Sanger
went to church at .Mosquero Fri
day evening. - ,
Quite a few have been attend-
The Southeast Colfax Count v
Sunday School Convention held
its Fifth Sunday meeting at the
"Mofax Church on April 30. The
vice after which Rev. TrinMt ng church at
, oí JNeweon gave an msuwuvc week.
address. . , . '. ; Mrs. Ralph Hazen has got her
i At the noon hour a fine din- some fine turkeys and has gone
ner was served and to which all into the chicken and turkey bus
did ample justice. The after- iness just now.; .
noon session opened at 1:30. The !. Mr. Hall is ready to errect a
first part of the evening program windmill over the fine well he
tinnr oflrlracn hv rural has. Tie is e-oinff to build
Mrs E. O Hildreth; then an ad- a fine house and farm with his
dress by D. R. Carpenter alter rordson mis sumniei, ou wC
which Rev. Owen gave an excel- see he means business. .
lent talk. Mrs Banks spoke on Miss Clovis Moore spent bun
organized Class Work." then a 'day with Mrs. Bertha Cory.
,-. w h. Tiimra nf the Mofax I TCnnte Asnerren and C C.
OUÍ1U UV w-. w " v f i. i.
-Sunday School. Uloore were m the county seat
The reports from the differ- Saturday.
W Rnnflav Schools showed that! Oscar Aspgren
' Whereas, F..M..Woodard now
oi the county of Harding, State
of New Mexico,, as. mortgagor,
by two chattel mortgages dated
June 9th, 1920, and; February
9th,. 1921, respectively., and. filed
in iho Cmmtv Clerks office in
the county of Union. State of
New Mexico, that being the
county of his then residence.
sold and conveyed to Koy irusi
& Savings Bank, of Roy, New
Mexico, as mortgagee, the fol
lowing described personal pro
perty, to wit:.. Four holstein
cows," one rea yearung, si.
one black yearling holstein steer,
nno red vpfliTin? heifer, one red
whitefaced calf, one red calf and
tyo black calves, all unbranaea
rr hranris llllknOWTI. One half in
terest in registered holstein bull,
two black mares one uuver anu
nna Mniinff íln-neviL one two-
Wark-liawk nlanter. and
wherpaa said notes therein des
.riW navsiMa to said mortgagee
and duly transterred to me rusi
National Bank, ot Koy, successor
to said Roy Trust & Savings
Bank., to secure which said conv
iviroTiPoo was made are now due
nd unpaid and whereas me nuiu
r of said prommisory notes eems
itself insecure; now, tnereiore, i,
r. T. Justice. Cashier and auth-
nUvaA no-pnt nf said First Nation
w..u o -
al Bank, of Koy, in pursuance oi
the powers m said chattel moii-
gages granted, ana at me it
quest of the holder of said prom-,
issory notes do hereby give
notice that 1 will, on me nu
day of May. A. D. 1922, between
the hours of 10 A. M. and 6 P.M.
of same day,, at the Hugh Mit
chell Ranch, twelve miles norm-
east of Roy, in the county oi
Harding, State of New xviexico,
offer for sale and sell th pro
nartv cnnVPV pA as aforesaid to
the best and highest Diaaer iorj
cash, or satisfactory credit ana
upon full and complete settle
ment of the purcnase-money
thereof will deliver the property
so sold to the purchaser, and
will apply the proceeds of the
sale as directed by said chattel
mortgage. . '
This 25th day of April, A. D.
1922. .
C. L. Justice.
Cashier First National Bank,
By ir
. J. K. LiUSK,
29 - 6 - 13 - 20.
l bUUU I r o .
all were doing excellent work puiioing m me cuuu
and having1 a fine dai y atten- ne is a iirsi tw f"-'.
dance The banner was award-and will get all the work he can
ed ' the Mofax Sunday School '.do. He, expects to move his
ft making me highest score dur! family to Mosquero m the near
iiwthe past few months . Jn't forget Sunday School
AS SS ll íte'andeChurchW 21s,
Newton School House on the 5th come. . th Br d.
'In some manner the above .
Department of the Interior
ton. New Mexico. April 25th,
1922. '
NOTICE is hereby givep thai
Victor E. Bixby. of Koy, Hard
ing County, New Mexico, who
Mnrph 10. 1918. and May. 3
1 99.1 . made Homestead Entn
No. 025873, and No. 026063
for El2 SEI4, SWii SEit, SEi4
IwiA RWU; Sec 30. NKj NEW.
is very busylE NWi4; NWix NW J, Sec.
if waa Inst in the mail and
'has not reached the office altho
it was mailed May 6th, but in as "A ,
i. - : in imt rrnnA naure TAN t
are publishing it. -Editor.
Brown's Minstrels' will 'jour
ney to Wagon Mound on Satur
day June 4th and give our sis
ter town to the west a real treat,
by putting on the minstrel -show
at that place on the evening; on
the following day the Roy ball
team will cross ' bats witn wa-
iTiiWv Hill bouclit a fine cow
and cali and a few other head
of stock in this community last
tw tprr fif. wind storm we
hA frr twn or three days moved
quite a few out houses and blew
a lot of garden stun out we
hope this will be our last for a
while, anyway.
Mrs. Peter Hall .returned to
Trinidad with her daughter and
husband who have been visiting
at the parential home. We are
a) tA see Mrs. Hall take a va
cation we know it , will do her
51 Tnwnshin 21. Ranffe 25 E. N.
M. P. Meridian, has mea nonce
of intention to make Final Thre
Year Proof, to establish . claim
to the land above described, ce
fnro V. IT Foster. U. S. Commis
olnnor at his office at Roy. New
tJfVMV f WW - '
Mexico, dn the 6th day of June,
Claiment names as witnesses-
Otis Arbogast, M. M. Brugge
man. T. M. Brown all of Mills
New Mekico, and Vick Noble 0
Roy, New Mexico.
r II. II . Errett,
.' ;;,'r: ,;: " ; Register
: (By Helen Barr.)
What are cood habits? They
are: the eating of the right kind
of food; the eating of the right.
amount of food;, the eating. of
this food at the right time and
in the proper manner '''
At what age should good hab
its -be started?. The nursing
babv should be taught the first
good habit of eating regularly
and at stated times, uthergooa
fwl habit should be started
as soon as 4he child begins to
eat solid food. Children may
be taught to like almost any
food, but it is very hard for
adult to learn to. like new toods.
It is a waste of time and ener
gy to try to break bad habits
when good habits might have
been started in their places.
How can you teach a cnua. to
Me anv food? Be patient but
persistent-persuade rather than
than force, ua not give up
to give up or to give m may
arm the r.hi d's health. fo
not get something in place of
what the child retuses to eat.
Introduce new foods gradually.
Serve only a small -amount of
each new food at a- time 0
teaspoonful) serve it frequently
until he acquires a liking for it.
Make the food as attractive as
possible, and prepare in a varie
ty of ways. Serve cereal in an
attractive dish, hut cooKea
dried fruit in the cereal. Con
ceal spinach in scrambled egg.
Add . vegetable pulp to wnue
sauce and pour over toast. It
may take two years to teach a
child to like vegetables, but two
years spent educating a child
to eat the right foods are better
spent than from 2 to 20 years or
more of misery with only half
wnrkirur abilitv.
Give The Children 1'lenty ui
Milk And Watch Them Grow.
What everyday proof have we
hat milk has good growing
material for boys and girls?
't. is the onlv food the majority
of children get for the first nine
months of their lives, yet tney
live on it, they grow on it, tney
do their work of playing, kick
ing, and crying on it.
and crying on it. .
What does milk supply.' 11
supplies building material for
the bones, teeth ana muscies, it
keeps the heart beating reguiar
lv it. strengthens the nerves and
every other part of the body. It
has a growing force ' which
makes vweak. bodies grow into
strong ones. ' - '
Would other tood do as wen :
No other food could be used in
its place. No , other one .food,
contains as many of . the various
growing materials needed oy
children. No other one food
supplies enough building mater
ial for bones and teetn. uooa
bones and teeth need lime for
building. Crildren need a var
iotv of o-rowinff materials, and
they must all be supplied if ev
ery child is to be a strong, neai-
;hy man or woman. ..
Note All Questions regardmv
fhoo -oH-irles will be answereo
tllVMV vv '
thru thesA rnlumns if sealed. and
rddressed to Helen Barr ber-
vice Bureau, 825 Larimer &c,
Denver, Colo. .
í 'tSv1 xc5denssd: Statement of the Cor.diiion of ;. -
Membei Federal Resei-ve Bank .
. Charter No. 115S.
At close of business May 5, 1922
Loans arid Discounts 1 ........ . $ 176,228.52
Overdrafts .... . ..: v , 33.79
" Stocks and Bonds 1,202.67
. Federal Reserve Stock ......... v 1,800.00
T'urnitui-e and Fixtures 1,850.00
1 Interest , Earned . . . , 4,173.16
Cash and Sight Exchange ...... . 57,832.51
TOTAL ..I...... ? 213,120.65
Capital Stock ? 50,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits . . . 10,750.17.
, Deposits ........ 135,262.93
Rediscounts . . ." .". ............... 17,107.55
I certify the above statement corred
Premier Tires
Í ha;
R. S. Wood Motor Co.
Mound and the Rov boys ex
w.. ....w.. - . .
. . . -f..i I frrvnH
pect to return bunaay eveunS ( Br&dley
-with Wagon Mound's scalp hang- -& to clayton Friday and
ing to their belts. . returned Sunday evening.
I Lysle end Ralph Hazen and
' Karl Guthmann, foreman at Grover . Ames are among our
the S. A. office and his father ' ambitious farmers who are plant
W. H." Guthmann. went to Daw- ing corn. , ' .
son last Saturday afternoon on All the children are rejoycing
business returning Monday morn for the end of school and anx
ing in the mud. Karl tells us iously waiting to see their pro
thai the Dawson boys did not motion cards.
ret home from the Roy game
Sutil 2 :30 Monday morning. He Quite a number from P.oy were
says a terrible hailstorm visited in Mosquero, Tuesday attending
the Springer and Chico country the opening of the bids of the
and that the roads were almost Solano, Mosquero and Kephart
impassable for miles at a strttch. school buildings.
Gentry Brothers Famous Show
and Wild Animal Arena, which
will he. seen here on Saturday
May 20, have many, new features
nrinnng nmonor wnicn IS LVJLISS
AtiTiotto neiano. who. erracefully
mounted on a blooded nign
school horse, sings with the voice
of theoperatic tar, wniie me in
telligent animal which she rides.
rounds the hippodrome iracK
nnrfer the bis- arena tent per
forming its splendid repertoire
0 f unusual accomplishments.
MissDelnno is known as "The
Austrailian Prima Donna Eques
trienne " and she more than uves
II T in her title. The climax of
er performance is reached
when four score of white car
río v niowms released from all
cides Af the ereat tent, circle
above her head and then flutter
Hnwn to nerch on her head,
shoulders and arms and on her
veins and horse's neck and back
Money is getting cheaper, we
have plenty of it to loan on
good farms at 97c Call, write
or see Schultz & Johnson, Roy,
New Mexico.
a ' --- .
Mr v. T. Roberts of the firm
rtf ttnherta & Olver of Amarillo,
Texas, was looking after busi-
MS intoreatn in Kov me iirs.
li-O- 1-ifVivv.- v
tKa woelr Mr. Roberts 13
WJ. LrlLVy vv"i ----- .
well nleased with their local
..... r- , ii
business in kov ana was x.tu
to see the fine rain visit the me
sa Sunday and Monday evening.
rvmhe1t thnrohred stock'
positively out of the best
herds in the U.S. A. Duyoc
jersey nogs, ruimm
Hogs, all big type and from
Sires weighing 1000 lbs and
I can furnish you any
breed of dairy cattle that
you want, at prices you can
Get in the thorobred ga
for a few dollars
while prices are at rock bot
tom, and make yourseii m- '
dependent in a few years.
You need better dairy cat- '
tie and hogs, and more of
them on this mesa.
Leo M. Wagner,
Address me at; '
Gilbertsville, Iowa.
. 1
" '" "Extracts from Annual Statement' Dec 31, .1921
Acceta 1 $65,199,201. 16
Uabilites . ' 61,983,482.48
Capital Stock and Surplus ; . . . 5Í15J68 68
We want live agents of good character to sell the famocs
Pacific Mutual Five Way policy
) 1 1 For information write
575 Albuquerque, N. M.
Yes, it's all in
knowing how
'i ,
This is our motto and we
want to assure you that we can
' deliver all, in workmanship, that
the slogan mplies. :
When your car leaves our
hands it must be mechanically,
perfect; no little adjustments
that cáuce so much trouble in
W the future, are overlooked. All
' parts are adjusted to a "gnats
. :. eye brow."
We believe in real, honest-to-goodness
repar work so we are
: able to guarantee each and every
piece of work that leaves our
shop. Try us and be convinced.
Dodds Motor and
Electrical Co.

ir... Ki.nn.np nmttt. W iSfaae, SUttrwky M 1822 . : '- ' "
Mosquero mis
,.r-r-., v.- mt

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