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IX I CUT'S liCIlTornwra,
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when roa bay
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No rubber to rot. Phoaphor
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for Nu-Way Sasimuleni
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CO., Mtí4.. AdrUta. IA
Mich. laV'vThi
Easily killed by using the genuine
Stearns Electric Paste
Also BUBS DEATH to raw not mío. Thaas
5 esta ara the greatest carrion oí disease. Thar
ettroy both food and property.
Direction! In It language in ererj box.
loa-alieKe. lloi. altelLCO.
Inside Facts.
Alice had been to Sunday school for
the first time, and had come home
filled with Information. She was over
beard to say to her six-year-old sister,
as she laid a wee hand over her heart.
"When you hear something wlte here,
you know It Is conscience whispering
to you." : - .
"No such thing," responded the six-year-old
; "It's Just wind in your turn
my." Philadelphia Ledger.
Our race Is growing sturdier. Few
people now faint. - - .
"i hereby solemnly
promise to
any man s pipe
this promise is made in the letter
that follows. We had sent Mr. Lewis
pome free samples of Edgeworth (aa
we do to all who ask for them). Wo
didn't know that he was an Edgeworth
emoker until we received thi3 letter.
; Niagara Falla, N, Y.
Messrs. Larus & Brother Company,
Richmond, Va, ' -J " ., ,
Gentlemen: ,
I am a smoker of good tobacco for
over 40 years and have no hesitancy in
saying that of all smoking tobacco
Edgeworth in my estimation occupies
the first place.
Having smoked it for a number of
years in many different parts of our '
own good U. S. A., and also Alaska and "
Cuba it has always given me supreme
moke-satisfaction, at till times, any
where, everywhere, regardless of cli
maticchanges orany other hocus-pocus.
- " My object in sending for the "free
samples (if yon will forgive me) was
. todecerminewhetherornotEdgeworth
wag being made any different that
possibly the samples (like whiBkey ',
- samples used to be) were the best and
.. finest of the whole output.
But on smoking the samples I find no
difference whatever, and so I am con
vinced beyond the shadow of a doubt
that Edgeworth alwayt it of the same
superior quality in all its forms, and
further, that my little joke in asking
for and receiving something for noth
ing will be excused by you on the plea
of curiosity.
In thanking you kindly for your
courtesy in sending free samples, I
hereby solemnly promise to fill any -man's
(reasonable-sized) pipe with
Edgeworth tobacco of my own pur
chase, to convert him to that really '
' good imoki, "Edgeworth."
Very sincerely,
(Signed) Arthur John Lewis.
Edgeworth samples are no different
Irom the regular Edgeworth tobacco
you can buy in a
store. We wouldn't
keep "special"
samples any more
than we would H
have a special kind
of tobacco in a dif
ferent pouch in our ,
pocket to hand to
a mend.
We feel that
Edgeworth is
' good enough,
that its pleas
ant fragrance
and mellowness
will appeal to
most pipe-smokers. We do not think
our effort is wasted if we send free
samples of Edgeworth to a man who
doesn't find it exactly suited to his
If you never tried Edgeworth, let
us send you enough to fill your pipe a
few times. Smoke it, and then decide
whether or not Edgeworth was "made
for you." .
Edgeworth is sold in two forms
Ready-Rubbed and Plug Slice. There
are various sizes to suit all purchasers.
When you send for samples, address
Larus & Brother Company, 00 South
21st St., Richmond, Va.
. To Retail Tobacco Merchants: It
your jobber cannot supply you with
Edgeworth, Larus & Brother Com
pany will gladly send you prepaid by
parcel post a one- or two-dozen carton
of any size Edgeworth Plug Slice or
Ready-Rubbed for the same price you
would pay the jobber.
YOU ;CAF1 111
stow. Safe tonseu watir. Make jou look young
again. At all rood drngglats, 76 cauta, or direct
Iron HKttólO-BLLla. Caamista, Memphis, Tena.
DI - C O L - Q
75c at stores; 85c by mail Address
New Yprk Drug Concern, New York
" U, tit1wiS7NOr20922r
Southwest News
From All Over
New Mexico
and Arizona
'(Wtitwn Jrttirxper Union Nawi Strria.)
The Eighty-five mine of the C. ft A.
Company, near Lordsburg, N. M., Is
shipping about 7,500 tons of ore to the
smelter at Douglas each month.
Actual work In the repairing by the
State Highway Department of the
Apache trail from Phoenix to Globe,
via the Roosevelt dam, has started.
Between fifty and seventy-five out-of-town
delegates were in Nogales for
the annual state convention of th
Knights of Columbus lodge, held there
With the exception of peaches and
apricots, the fruit crop In the vicinity
of Albuquerque will be the heaviest In
many years, according to a report of
the county agent of Bernalillo county.
Plans are being made for the locat
ing of a Trl-State Masonic Sanatorium
In Silver City by the Masonic lodges
of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.
Elso Paso is also bidding for the big
hospital. ..... ,
',, The school bonds voted on at the
recent special election held in Aztec,
carried by a good majority, and as a
result that city will soon have one of
the best school buildings in the north
ern part of the state.
The famous old Deadwood mine, in
the Mogollón district, will soon be put
Into operation, according to news re
ceived in Silver City this week. This
was once one of the best stiver pro
ducers hi the entire southwest.
Governor Campbell of Arizona left
recently for Washington, D. C, where
he went in the interest of the Smlth
McNary irrigation bill. He will also
go to New York to bring back a mil
lion and a half dollars from the sale
of anticipation tax bond sales.
A series of local campaigns, each
conducted by a local organization, but
with the Arizona Industrial Congress
co-operating to make the, movement
state-wide in scope that Is what the
"Trade at Home Buy Arizona Pro
ducts" week, to be observed May 22
27, will be. .
. Necessity for the expenditure of a
considerable sum of money on the Im
provement of the road fromJRice to
the White mountains, thereby giving
access to what is generally regarded
as among the best mountain scenery
of America, was discussed at a meet
ing held at the county seat recently..
The, Las Vegas Cowboys' Eeunlon,
what pulls its show in Las Vegas
July 3, 4, 5, is threatened to become
plumb high-browed -and edieated. The
reason is because its headquarters Is
In the same building as the New Mexi
co Normal University, where the two
outfits are pullln' together like a pair
of Siamese twin mules.
The Santa Fé land office has han
dled more business than any other
in the country for the last four
months, A. M. Bergere, register, stated
recently. The territory under this of
fice includes eight undivided counties,
the bigger part of three more and
large areas In three others and con
tains 4,250,000 areas of vacant land.
A million and a half dollars of east
ern money will be placed in circula
tion In Arizona during the next two
months as the result of the action the
State Funding and Loan Commission
In negotiating the sale of tax antici
pation bonds in this amount. The
bonds were sold to the Bankers' Trust
Co. of New York City at 4 per cent
and $100 premium, the Issue to run
for sixty days only.
Because of the increased mileage oí
highways constructed with federal aid,
state and county bond funds, the su:.
pervlsion of the maintenance of.roads
lias become too big a task for one en
gineer, State Engineer Thomas Mad
dock said. He announced he has
divided the work into three districts,
with a supervisor for each district.
Sisters of the Holy Cross at Dem
Ing, NY M., -will convert Camp Cody,
training center for the National
Guard troops during the word war; In
to a $250,000 tubercular hospital. This
announcement was made by J. A. Ma
honey, . Deming hardware merchant
and banker. Trost & Trost, archi
tects of El Paso; are drawing the
plans for the hospital.
A new farming community has been
formed by forty-five families from
Texas and Oklahoma at Tennja, about
forty miles from the town of Grants,
New Mexico. All the farmers have
been furnished with seed by the coun
ty agent and will try out different
varieties to determine which Is best
suited to the locality. An effort will
be made during the summer to make
this a postoffice. -
William S. Estaver, accused of the
murder of Mrs. Anna C. Johnson, wife
of a Denver contractor, has been posi
tively Identified as Paul V. Hadley,
life-termer who escaped from the
Oklahoma state penitentiary, it was
asserted by Benjamin Stlllman, secre
tary of the Arizona state penitentiary
at Florence. He was recognized by
Charles Fletcher, an Inmate of the
Florence institution. . Fletcher, serví
Ing a term for robbery, according to
Stlllman, also was a prisoner with
Estaver, ' alias Hadley, in the Okla
homa pt''tentliry.
Women "Farmerettes" Make
Money in Western Canada.
Many Are Taking Advantage of the
Opportunity Offered by the Fer
tile Land and Fine Climate.
In many parts of Western Canada
are to be found women owning and
running farms for themselves, and
what is more, making them pay. May
Hazlett, an English girl, who lived on
a farm in the Touchwood hills, in Sas
katchewan, for the past four years,
looking after her stock and cultivating
her land, is one of these. The farm
was originally her brother's homestead,
at which time Miss Hazlett was a
stenographer. Her brother was killed
while fighting with the Canadian forces
at Vimy Ridge. Neighbors advised
Miss Hazlett to sell the farm, but she
decided that she was tired of the
"eternal pounding" and became a farm
erette. . .
Mrs. Mary J; Blackburn, a pioneer
woman farmer of Alberta, has Just
added 160 cres to her farm near
Hardisty. Coming from Eastern Can
ada, Mrs. Blackburn homesteaded a
quarter section . In 1902. She had two
Holstein heifers, a bull,, and $17 In
cash. She lived In a tent the first
summer and In a sod shock In the
winter. Her first crop put her, as
she tells the story, "on Easy street."
In ten years she had a herd of 60
pure-bred Holstein cattle and was op
erating a prosperous dairy. A fine
residence has supplanted the sod hut.
"I milked my cows, raised my cattle,
cut hay and stacked It all by myself,"
said Mrs. Blackburn. "I started on
bare prairie with no money, and made
good. I worked hard, but the experi
ence was wonderful." '
It has generally been conceded that
farming is a man's Job. It has long
been considered that a woman's place
on the farm was in the house, with a
few attendant duties, looking after the
chickens and the garden. But times
are changing.
Demonstrative of the present femi
nine Initiative, there are two" young
ladies farming extensively and with
good profit too, In Western Canada.
Some years ago a family located a 160
acre farm In the Oak Lake district,
Manitoba Later the father died, leav
ing his two daughters and aged wife a
mortgaged qunrter section. Instead of
selling the effects and moving to town
to take employment, the girls decided
to work the place.
While the mother looked after the
household duties the daughters did the
farm work. They did the plowing, har
rowing, seeding, haying, harvesting,
stocking, feeding and other farm oper
ations. Except at threshing time, the
getting out of wood, the help of man
was never sought. Instead of a 160
acre place, with seven horses and ten
cattle, which they started with, they
have a 1,120-acre farm, twenty-five
head of heavy horses and nearly a hun
dred head of cattle, mostly pure-breds.
Their farm buildings, equipment and
well-kept fields would be. objects ot
pride to the ówners In any country.
Their accomplishment has not only
been profitable but pleasant; and they
have enjoyed every home advantage.
They are two entertaining and bright
girls, and have all the feminine charm
of womanhood. Their manlike occupa
tion has not given them a masculine
character or appearance, as some of
the older generations might imagine.
Their gallant struggle for success sig
nifies the truth in tffe oft-repeated
maxim of Western Canada, "A little
assistance and the soil, with its natur
al richness and God's sunshine will
soon pay for the land Itself."
If you wish to lenrn more of what
Western Canada can do, write for a
copy of "Canada West" which will be
mailed to you free by your nearest
Canadian government agent. Adver
tisement. ,
A Bad Combination.
i Trollope I know a combination
which you may always take It for
granted Is bent on mischief.
r Needlmm What - combination " Is
that? ' " , - ' '
Trollope A small boy and a pin.
"Bayer" Introduced Aspirin to the
Physicians Over 21
' - Yttra Ago. " .J y.
To get quick relief follow carefully
the safe and proper directions in each
unbroken package of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin." This package Is plainly
stamped with the safety "Bayer Cross."
The "Bayer Cross" means the gen
uine, world-famous Aspirin prescribed
by physicians for over twenty-one
years. Advertisement.
The Principal Inducement.
"What sends men Into the far cor
ners of the world?" asks one of the
magazines. Our guess Is that it is the
hope of seeing their names in the
newspaper headlines.
Cuticura for Sore Hands.
Soak hands on retiring in the hot suds
of Cuticura Soap, dry and rub In Cu
ticura Ointment. Remove surplus
Ointment with tissue paper. This is
only one of the things Cuticura will do
If Soap, Ointment and Talcum are used
for all toilet purposes. Advertisement.
, Complimentary.
Lady I want to see some grand pi
anos. lo you carry them?
'Clerk Madam, you flutter uie.-Llfe.
v. OHM. 15111
(Western Newspjjw Union New, Serrlca. )
Genoa. The Genoa economic confer
ence will be reconvened on June 15 at
The Hague to disciiss Russian ques
tions, if . the plan agreed to at a pri
vate conference of the Inviting powers
be accepted by the subcommission on
Russian affairs, r - "
This decision to postpone action rel
ative to Russia is prompted largely by
the desireof the European powers to
Induce the United States to. partici
pate, and apparently Is merely a means
if dissolving -the . Genoa conference
without admitting that the differences
between France and Great Britain re
tarding treatment of Russian problems
tannot be reconciled In Genoa.
Sir Edward Grlgg announced that
this compromise plan suggested by
Premier Lloyd George had been ac
:epted by the inviting powers and will
e passed on by the subcommission on
Russian affairs. : ..,
Only vague details are given as to
now the proposed commission or com
missions to discuss the Russian ques
tion will be formed at The Hague, and
!he entire scheme seems to be still in
he twilight zone, awaiting America's
lecision whether she will help Europe
:o straighten out the tangle.
In his statement on the proposed
mixed commission, Sir Edward Grlgg
explained that It was practically Im
possible for all the power.s In the con
ference to have representatives ; con
sequently they would designate a
limited number to handle Russian af
fairs, just as was done at Genoa, and
that the Russians doubtless would be
illowed more members in their panel
thán any other single power would
have In the mixed panel.
In the meantime, a truce will oper
ate and all the nations are to refrain
from making separate agreements
with Russia. ,,
The economic conference seemingly
will last only a few days longer. Sev
eral delegates declared that this week
would probably bring it to a close.
Four months will be the maximum
time-of the truce suggested In con
aectlon with Russian affairs. The
proposed plan of The Hague meeting
provides that a decision must be ren
dered within three months on June 20
to 26, and an additional month will
be allowed within which . the powers
may reject or ratify the decision.
Consequently October 26 will be the
xtreme limit of the truce.
Millionaires Arrest Is Ordered.
Memphis. immediate arrest of
Miles C. Buckingham, wealthy Mem
phis capitalist, sportsman and man
about town, in connection with the
death of his wife, Mrs. Lorraine Buck
ingham, prominent social leader and
member of a wealthy family, was de
manded by T, J. Horton, chief of po
lice at . rickens, : Miss., where Mrs.
Buckingham was taken after she was
shot. Morton made his demand In a
telegram to Sheriff Smith at Canton,
Madison county, Mississippi, request
ing him to have the warrant issued
charging Buckingham with murder.
Explorers Find Peary's Canal.
.Copenhagen Lauge Koch, the Dan
ish arctic explorer, could easily have
reached the North Pole, says an article
published by the National Tidende,
written by Aage Bistrup, a prominent
Danish exnlOrer.. Bistrup writes, that
Koch discovered thé existence of the
much-disputed Peary canal, but says
It was much further north than was
-reported by Admiral Peary. "What
Peary saw," he quotes Koch as saying,
"was a mighty stretch of valleys, with
an immense lalfe only 200 meters above
sea level."
a Three Dead in Lehigh Wreck.
Batayia, N. Y. Three dead, twenty
two' In hospitals in this city and a
score or more with minor injuries
were the casualties in the wreck of
the Black Diamond express on the Le
high Valley railroad at North Leroy.
The wreck, according to Engineer
Moser of the Black Diamond, was
caused by the attempt of Thomas R.
Brodie to get his automobile across
the tracks at the Lake street crossing
ahead of the train. The train was mov
ing at sixty-five miles an hour, Engi
neer Moser said.
75,000 Homelegs After Floods.
Chicago. About 75,000 persons have
been made homeless and 3,500 square
. . i i i. . . n r ; !
miles inunuaieu, m urn ictoh oiuwio
sippl valley floods, said Marquis Ea
ton, chairman of the Chicago Associa
tion of Commerce Commission on
Floods, and also chairman of the Chi
cago Chapter, American Red Cross.
The disaster is said to be the most se
rious since the Ohio river flood, of 1913.,
and the rising waters in, the Missis
sippi are said to have reached the
highest points recorded In history.
ffiÉfo ífife íSP
10 tor 5c -X ife-.
' Sugar jacket just fíÍfai!& ; .
"melts in your mouth," ÍMWA
then you get the deleo 1, MlMMh'
table gum center. M
And with Wrteley three old ,
8tandbys also affording friendly CS. Jjkff
aid to teeth, throat, breath, sap- Vxf í J
petite and digestion. mWtwt I
Soothing, thirst-quenching. jX?&SA4?V Í V J
Making the, next cigar yíSSV
taste te
0-So-Easy to Use
Colors Silk, Wool
- - and Cotton
All at the Same Time
Putnam Fadeless Dyes
I ' But everybody knows H
1 JflÉ2j I Hat since that box of Taultleu' came,
i I My fortune's in my clothe." I
9S i J
The Black Sheep. '
Kansas exchange Mr. Brown leaves
nine children, eight of whom are hon
ored and respected citizens of this
state, and the other lives In Missouri.
Boston Herald.
More Quality for Less Money
There never was a time when Goodyear Tires were r
so good as now. .
They are bigger, heavier and stronger today than ;
any earlier Goodyears ever were. , ;
Yet Goodyear prices are lower now than ever.
Not even in those remembered days before the war
did Goodyear Tires sell at such low prices as today.
Look at the figures listed below.
They represent an average decrease of more than
60 from Goodyear prices of 1910.
When you can get these better Goodyears at such
prices, there is no question of the tire value at your -command.
Your Goodyear Service Station Dealer will tell you
that never in his experience as a tire dealer has he
known the equal of this value. See him today.
30 3J Cross-Rib
. $10.95
30 1 3VÍ All-Weather A
Tread Fabric $1475
30 z3K All-Weather
Tread Cord
Manujachntr't lax extra
"Wast era Made
Why Pay
Peckafs Dyef
Poetry of love is transformed Into
prose when matrimony reaches the
paregoric stage.
Modest merit may be recognized, but
it takes longer. -
32 a 35Í All-Weather - rrt
Tread Cord $25.50
32 x i All-Weather a , , .
Tread Cord $32.40
334 All-Weather
Tread Cord $33.40
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