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"With Malice toward None, with Charity for AH, and with Firmness in the Right."
1922 '
"VOL. XIX No. 24
The Fourth of July
li A K A j Ü f A K Í
ill. 2LkJlL2irj. IVA VJiü-üH V ui j
The Wagon Mound team accompanied by a num
ber of fans from that town, arrived in Roy about
11 A.M. Sunday morning, ready and determined
to stop Roy's winning streak of base ball luck, ana
stop it they did, the worst of it was that they stop
ped it to the tune of 11 to 6 with Wagon Mound s
side of the score book having the eleven tn it.. .
Some of the boys call it a "tragedy of errors,
but the outstanding features of the game so .far
as Roy was concerned was numerous errors, fum
bles and the distinguished characteristic of seve
ral of the players was their inability to grab the
elusive sphere just in the right time to push it to
the initial corner to head off the runners who we
re circling the diamond. However the greater por
tion of the "great tragedy" took place in the third
inning when seven Wagon Mound players crossed
the home plate; the Roy boys have one consolation
and that Is "that it never happened before this
season," and they say it will never happen again
So far as they are concerned it was just an off
day for them and a winning day for the visitors.
Dock McCargo was on the mound for Roy in the
early part of the game and did good work in the
first two innings, Wagon Mound scoring twice in
these two innings and one of these scroes being
made on an error of a Roy player. However in the
third, Dock's curves begin to break right up agai
nst the visitors sticks with the result that the
said pill would sail over the infield, or through it,
and rambled around the outfield long enough for
the opposing trotters to step on a sack or two and
sometimes even three or four. The errors made
in this inning are also credible for a portion of the
runs. After 7 of the opposing team had found the
home plate, the Roy boys tightened down and got
busy and performed in a way we intended for
them to throughout the whole game .
Young Berry pitched the last six innings of the
game and allowed a few scattering hits, and du
ring these innings Wagon Mound was unable to
make but two scores while the Roy team dug up
: six, but could not overcome Wagon Mounds lead.
Even with the numerous runs made in the first
three innings, there were only a few safe hits ma
de off of McCargo, but his support was very poor.
It just seemed as if the home team were not in
trim for playing while the visitors almost played
an errorless game.
We must say for Wagon Mound that they have
a mighty good base ball aggregation, good tossers
good sluggers and plenty of ball pep. Coates the
pitcher for the visitors had almost perfect control
of the ball throughout the whole game and while
the home boys got several hits off of him yet a
great deal of the credit for the splendid .showing
must be attributed to Coates good work.
The Roy team will go to Wagon Mound Sunday
and try and redeem themselves. We are sure the
game will be worth attending, for a game with a
team like their caliber always makes a good game.
We are sure Roy will profit by the defeat of last
Sunday as it has given us a lesson not to play our
team against such a club when three of the regu
lar players are away, and while we are not trying
to lay the defeat of Sunday's game on to this fact,
yet we are sure that a different showing would ha
ve been made if Williams would have been on the position in the big coal camp for
' mound and Ralph assisting in the infield. the past fifteen years.
No team can expect to win eve
ry game of the season and a de
feat occasionally is naturally ex
pected, but the home team says
there is to be no more such in
nings as the fatal third of last
Sunday. We hope they are right
and that a new winning streak
will strike the boys Sunday and
continue with them throughout
the balance of the year. We ha
ve a strong team and is so recog
nized by all the towns in this
part of the state, but as we said
before a defeat will put renewed
energy in the team and make
them come back stronger than
ever. ,
The work clone by young Ber
ry on the mound the latter part
of the game, shows that Roy has
another good twirler on her team
and we believe that Berry is a
coming winner, altho this is only
his second year in baseball, he
shows excelrnt head work and
has" the makings of a real player
The Umpires of the game we
re Schultz for Roy and Fraker
for Wagon Mound and both did
fine work. Not a single decision
being contested or disputed thro
ugh out the whole game.
The Wagon Mound team was
accompanied by a fine bunch of
good natured rooters and there
was no discord or ill feeling du
ring the game. The team came
by auto to the river and were
met at the top of the hill on this
side by autos from Roy. Thus
saving a travelling distance of
about 40 miles for the boys.
It is expected that a large
crowd will acompany the boys
to Wagon Mound Sunday and
TO the sages who spoke, to the heroes
who bled,
To the day and the deed, strike the
, harpstrings of glory!
Let the song of the ransomed remember
the dead,
And the tongue of the eloquent hallow
the story!
y O'er the bones of the bold
; ' Be the story long told,
Anl on fame's golden tablets their tri-
. umphs enrolled,
Who on freedom's green hills freedom's
banner unfurled,
And the beacon-fire raised that gave light
to the world!
They are gone m'ghty men! and they
sleep in their fame:
i Shall we forget them? Oh, never! no,
Let our sons learn from us to embalm each
great name,
And the anthem send down "Independ
ence forever!"
Wake, wake, heart and tongue!
Keep the theme ever young;
Let their deeds thru the long line of ages
be sung,
Who on freedom's green hills? freedom's
banner unfurled,
And the beacon-fire raised that gave light
to the world!
Chas Sprague.
Where liberty dwells, there is my coun
try. Benj. Franklin.
The God who gave us life, gave us lib
erty at the same time.
. Thos. Jefferson.
God grants liberty only to those who
love it and are always ready to guard and
defend it. -
Daniel Webster.
Jimmy Turner and family ca
me down from Dawson Monday
and will spend a few days in Roy
visiting with friends.and relati
ves, after which they will leave
for Los Angeles, California, whe-
Ire theyT make their future ho-
- ill ! 1
me. Jim nas neia a responsioie
The R.S. Wool Motor Co
of Roy, is selling r.ll standard
make tires at ID to 20
off. If you are looking for
real bargains, nor is the ti
me to take advantage of this
offer. Adv.
G . D . Haworth and wife of El
Reno, Oklahoma, drove in to Roy
Wednesday evening in their car
after, being on the road several
days taking in-the sights of the
western country. Mr Haworth is
a brother of Mrs Connor of this
place. They expect to spend a
few days here visiting with The
Connor's before returning home .
(Continued on page 8)
A Glorious Fourth
And a Hearty Appetite
The revival campaign which has been in prog
ress here since June the 4th, will terminate next
Sunday evening. It is expected how-ever that the
revival Spirit will continueto enrapture the hearts
of men and women in the community at all times.
Mr Pope the Evangelist and. his Choirester Mr.
Meier have been engaged to hold a campaign in
Grenville, New Mexico under the auspices of the
M.E. Church So. beggining July9th, and will leave
Roy early Monday morning for a few days rest at
Las Vegas and the Eagle Nest Dam, before their
campaign begins in Grenville.
This week is proving to be the greatest of all
preceeding ones of the campaign so-far, as far as
numbers, interest and conversions are concerned.
The preceeding weeks in which Mr Pope has given
strong. Bible teaching has - just laid a sure and
fiim foundation and has made it easy for people
to see the Truth, Grasp it and give their hearts
and lives to God. Many have come forward and at
their sins, expressing Faith in Christ as their Sa
viour and has re-eived a blessed old time HEART
FELT JOY in S JYationThe Angels in Heaven
have been rejoicing over the HOMECOMING of
many repentant Sinners
Not only the home coming of the unsaved, but
the Church people as well. The stirring messages
have awakened r.any professed Christians to the
i fact that there li es have been merely an empty,
powerless proies;;ion, but no reality of Chnst of
the power of the Holy Spirit . We praise God for
such a mighty sti? A step back to the old fashio
ned way- A step back to the manifestations of
God and possession of that which the Christian
Church is privileged to have today, in the face of
Christian cie::cc,. Spirit" :2iz:, , Acihlsm, Agnos
ticism and all other such "cults" and "isms" inclu
ding Evolution.
It is encouraging to hear the pastors voice, their
hearty "AMENS" to what the Evangelistic party
has been proclaiming and it is evident that they
too are going to preach a message which w ill con
tinue to stirRoy and vicinity for God and Right
eousness. '
What we believe to have been the most powerful ,
soulstirring and sin- condetrinr msage. wps rea
ched last Sunday evening, by Evangelist Pope, .
Baptist Church was filled to OVER-FLOWING by
7.30; many peop'e not being able to gat near the
out side steps by the time tho meeting was under
way. Thanks to the uf" ars how-cver,who did s.l
they could to seat t!:o reat congregatior,. Due to
the early gathering of t,he people, soas to be as
sured óf a seat, Mr Meier began the song service
at 7.25 and we shall always remember the music
in song that filed the old church. It seems to be
most natural for every one to make a joyful noise
and forced enthusiasm was unnecessary for the
Choirister. The Trombone, Cornet and Violin swel
led the grer-t chorus of voices .At the conclusion
of this great meeting the Evangelist was kept bu
sy for some time shaking hands with almost the
entire audience who through the handshake voiced ,
their approval of what had been said and publicly
pledged themselves to take a defínate stand agai
nst the modern Evils that have received such a sea
thing denounciallon in trie message .
-. --1 "It is evident that the OLD
I BOY has gotten a BLACK EYE
here tonight" said the Evange
list in closing. -
I The morning services held in
i the Community Hall are of spe
cial interest this week as Mr.
Pope is dealing with subjects
that are of vital importance to
the entire community.
-We have a fine stock of new
and staple groceries including all
of those delicacies that are nec
essary to make the Fourth of
July dinner or picnic enjoyable.
All aboard the special excursion train with
the base ball boys to Tucumcari on Tuesday
morning July Fourth. Train will leave Roy bet
ween seven and nine o'clock, arriving in the
Quay County metropolis three hours later. You
will have six or more hours in the city, allowing
you ample time to witness the ball game and
otherwise enjoy youryelf .
Come along and see the boys give Tucum'
the second degree!
Floersheim Mercantile Company
The S. A. is in receipt of a let-
jter from our old friend Prof.
R.S. Trumbul stating that he
I had accepted a position with the
oitice ot Agricultural kxtention
of the University of Arizona at
Tucson .
Mr Trumbul will take over his
new work on July first, he hav
ing leased his fine ranch near El
Paso. The Prof, has many frie
nds, on the mesa that will be
glad to hear of his success and
we know he will be a valued ad
dition to the staff of the Arizona
Mr Trumbul tells us that he
will be glad to have any of his
friends on the Mesa to call at the
University and see him when in
Tucson. Here's success to you in
your new work Mr Trumbul.
Born to Luis Gonzales and wi
fe on the 17th, a fine daughter
all doing well. Luis is the. bro
ther of E.D. Gonzales of this
place and Daniel is all smiles sin
ce he has become uncle.
The Village Board is having1
tho dump grounds fenced1, which
v. ill coor: ba ready for use .. ,

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