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Your Skin is
So Fragrant
and Smooth
Fragrant daintiness
combines with purity.
For three generations
beautiful women have
selected Colgate's
Cashmere Bouquet
Toilet Soap.
Refined '
Jr. -v
A man from tlie backwoods of west
ern America visited New York for the
first time and went Into a restaurant
to have dinner. All went well until
the waiter brought him a napkin. The
eyes of the backwoods man flamed,
and pulling a six-shooter from his
pocket he gave the waiter a piece of
his mind. .V
"You take that blamed thing away
at once," he said evenly. "I reckon
I have a handkerchief If I want one,
without having them darned hints
thrown out."
Rula With No Exceptions.
When you meet a wealthy old bach
elor you may be sure that you have at
last encountered a man who has
learned to say no and stick to It
Try a pipeful
or two direct
from the factory
Not that it will be any better than
the Edgeworth you buy in a store, but
we want you to have your first Edge
worth smoke at our expense.
You may repay us by finding that
Edgeworth just suits your taste. And
if it doesn't for there are some few
men to whom Edgeworth is not just
the thing there's no harm done.
i We are glad enough to send free
samples in the same spirit that we'd
hand you our pouch if circumstances
permitted. We wish it were possible
to save you even the little trouble of
writing for Edgeworth.
Edgeworth is a likable smoke. Men
who have tried it and found it to be
the right tobacco for them never
think of smoking other tobaccos.
They'll tell you there are many good
tobaccos and there are. And when
you offer them your pouch with
"stranger" tobacco in it, they may
use up a pipeful just to be friendly.
I But notice how quickly they get
' back to their beloved Edgeworth!
' Day after day Edgeworth fans write
to us. They tell us human little
stories, friendly anecdotes centering
around Edgeworth. Often it is the
number of years they have smoked
Edgeworth that prompted them to
Knowing how hard it is for the aver
age man to write letters, we consider
' these unsolicited
messages the great
est tribute to Edge
worth we could
possibly have
greater even than
It gives the busi
ness of making
tobacco a pleasure-
that runs
through the
whole gamut
from factory ex
ecutive to the
amoker in the backwoods.
If you have never tried Edgeworth,
I let us repeat our offer, "Try a pipeful
or two direct from the factory." All
1 you have to do is to write " Let me try
a pipeful or two" on a postcard, sign
your name and address and send the
postcard to us. The address is Larua
Brother Co., 41 South 21st Street,
Richmond, Va. If you want to add
the name of your tobacco dealer, we'll
make sure that he has Edgeworth in
To Retail Tobacco Merchants : It
your jobber cannot supply you with
Edgeworth, Lams & Brother Com
pany will gladly send you prepaid by
parcel post a one- or two-dozen carton
of any size of Edgeworth Plug Slice or
Ready-Rubbed for the same price you
would pay thyjubber , -
Southwest News
From All Over
New Mexico
and Arizona
(Wettera Nnrtptper Dnloa Nm Smloi. )
Insurance agents of New Mexico are
to become organized to raise the stand
ard of insurance practice In that state.
Over 150 car loads of cattle have
been shipped to the markets at Kan
sas City during the past month from
Glenrlo, N. M.
The first head lettuce of the season
from the Mesilla valley was shipped
from Las Cruces a few dáys ago.
From now on the shipments will be
All state highways in southern Ari
zona are In excellent condition, I. P.
Fralzer, maintenance. engineer for the
State Highway Department, declared
Nearly 200 students reported at the
first assembly of the summer school at
the State University at Albuquerque.
This will be the first summer course
held since 1918.
A boom Is said to have struck
Vaughn, N. M., since the oil operations
have started in that section of the
state. Many new buildings are now un
der construction.
Drilling was resumed this week at
the oil well of W. D. Owens near Ros
well. The first showing of oil in this
well was found at the depth of 450 feet
and the outlook Is good.
At a recent meeting of the city coun
cil of Tucumcarl, N. M., an occupation
tax was passed. The tax will be one
dollar on each thousand dollars worth
of business done in the past year.
Mrs. M. McKitterlck, mother of four
children, the eldest 22 years old, has
announced her candidacy for sheriff
of Maricopa county on the Democratic
ticket. She Is a Salvation Army work
er in Phoenix. Mrs. McKitterlck is
said to be the first woman candidate
for sheriff in Arizona. s
A conference of public utility com
missioners from far western states to
discuss the Southern Paelflc-Central
Pacific separation question closed re
cently with a telegraphic appeal by the
commissions of California, Arizona
and New Mexico to . the Interstate
Commerce Commission to expedite its
proposed consolidation scheme for te
two railroads uijder authority of the
transportation act of 1920.
Two Indictments returned by a spe
cial county grand jury which is inves
tigating activities at Phoenix of the
Ku Klux Klan, jointly charge Tom Ak
ers, former managing editor of the
Phoenix Gazette, and Harold Taffe, a
sign painter, with kidnaping and ag
gravated assault, it became known re
cently. The true bills were returned
in connection with a flogging adminis
tered to Ira Haywood, a negro, by a
band of men In March.
Mining excitement has been stirred
up by a find by a Spanish-American of
the vicinity of Gascon, N. M. It is re
ported that several parties have of
fered considerable sums for the prop
erty, but all offers have been turned
down. It has been a well recognized
fact that precious metals exist In the
foothills of the Supello, and in the Im
mediate locality around Beulah, but
sufficient capital has not been availa
ble to open up the various leads.
The B. B. Shots Product Company Is
the name of a new company formed in
Roswell, N. M., to market the piñón
crop of that section of the state in an
attractive manner. The nuts will be
cleaned, roasted and polished, and put
up In attractive packages under the
name of B. B. Shots. The packages
will be put up In display, cartons con
taining twenty-four packages which
will be In turn packed twenty-four to
the case for shipment.
Arizona's share of $195,000,000 ap
propriation recently by Congress for a
three-year road schedule, will be ap
proximately $2,608,009, according to
word received by . State Engineer
Thomas Maddock.
Five bandits were killed and three
are known to have been wounded In a
holdup of a combination freight and
passenger train of the Southern Pa
cific de Mexico near' Rosares, between
Mazatlan, Sonora, and Tepic, Sinoloa,
Mexico, a few days ago, according to
a conductor.
E. R. Rauniaker left Douglas recent
ly to give testimony before the Inter
state Commerce Commission In a case
filed by the Arizona Corporation Com
mission In complaint of railroad fares
both into and out of Arizona. The low
est fare per mile is 4.8 cents. A de
mand will be made for the same cut
down as In other states. The Arizona
commission recites In Its complaint
that there are no winter tourists tick
ets sold at special rates to Arizona
points, though such fares are sold In
El Puso and coast points. The Arizo
na commission again attacks the rail
roads In demanding a 10 per cent re
duction In grain rates.
Eighteen Chinese, most of them
armed with pistols and hatchets, were
rounded up recently across the border
in Nogales, Sonora, by police and sol
diers who asserted the arrest probably
prevented a battle between enemy fac
tions of. the Chinese royalist and Re
publican parties.
Three earthquake shocks were felt
at Yuma, Ariz., recently. Many resi
dents were aroused from sleep by the
first temblor. The others followed at
thirty-minutes Intervals. None of the
shocks was severe nor of long dura
tion and no damage was done. '
Figured Prominently in , Revolu
tionary War Days.
Pennsylvania Roadhouse That Stood
Squarely Between the British
and American Armies.
The advent of national prohibition
sounded the death knell for many
roadhouses scattered throughout the
country districts. The stopping places
of tourists, the Mecca of motorists
and the scenes of many Impromptu
parties, these places for many years
held a corner in the hearts of the
American public that gave them a
place of almost equal Importance with
the circus and the chautauqua. Few,
however, survived long after January
16, 1920, because the main source of
their Income was gone.
One of the most popular roadhouses
within several hundred miles of the
city, for many years a Mecca for prom
inent Philadelphláns on their hikes
and rambles, has to somé extent sur
vived and still opens its doors to thou
sands of tourlste each month. It Is
the old Jeffersonville inn located on
the corner of Egypt road and Ridge
pike, about seven miles from historic
Valley Forge and about two miles
northwest of Norrlstown. It Is better
known to Its friends as Tom Brown
inn, by which name It went for many
Surrounded by spots made famous
because of their connection with
events of the Revolution, itself per
meated with historical associations,
the Inn held the Interest and patronage
of many educated men because of the
stories and data of historical events
so closely connected with the old
building. '
The house was built In 1765 and was
besieged by the British and partially
destroyed ten years later. This site
was in the neutral gróund between
the established lines of both the Brit
ish and American armies, and was
constantly scouted by horsemen of
both armies. The Americans, when at
Valley Forge, had their most easterly
pickets at the Juncture of the two
roads at Jeffersonville. At that time
the Inn was owned by the Thompsons,
who, because of their relationship to
General Thompson and because of
their open hostility to the royal cause,
were objects of animosity to the Brit
ish troops. And because of this the
Inn was fired and partially destroyed.
There Is a blood spot on the second
Old Jeffersonville Inn.
floor, said to be the result of a skir
mish between a British and American
soldier. The floors themselves slope
toward the outer walls of the rooms
at a terrifying angle, but because they
are adjudged to be entirely safe, the
floors that have felt the footsteps of
many fighters of the Revolutionary
war still remain to be trod upon by
slioes of the Twentieth century.
Once More the
Nation Heralds
Its Natal Day
When Liberty called to a people op
press'd They sprang as one man to the fray;
They carried a banner by Providence
And it waves In Its glory today;
Long a?o on the fields that their valor
had won
Our fathers triumphantly stood
And lifted the emblem that glows In the
And stained Its bright folds with their
How they stood long ago on the fields
of their fame
Let Trenton and Brandywine tell,
Let Yorktown and Valley Forge echo
each name (
To the tocsin of Liberty's bell;
They sleep where the rivers flow down
to the sea,
Revered by all patriots true;
They rest 'neath the rose and they camp
'neath the tree
The men of the old Buff and Blue.
Who sees not our banner in pride as it
By the winds of America toss'd?
Who drops not a tear on our forefathers'
graves '
When he thinks what our Liberty cost?
We are proud of our land In its lovelight
Aye, próud of the men of our wars;
The stars In the heavens will never out
shine The beauty of Old Glory's stars.
We hall this bright day on the sea and
the shore
That tells us of Liberty's dawn,
And the old Continentals seem marching
once more
As they did in the days that are gone;
Their fame la eternal, for the fame never
When the cause that is fought for Is
Look up! see our standard that's set in
the skies.
And honor the brave who are dust
We are ONE in the land that they left
us today.
We are strong on the crest of the sea.
And Liberty rules In her own gentle way;
We are truly the home of the free;
Forever and aye may the happy bells
Till trembles the arch of the sky;
Forever and aye may we gleefully sing
Of the world's only Fourth of July.
Copyright, Hit, Waiura NtwipiiMr Uoloa.
8t, Louis Citizen Eats Anything on the
Table and Hat Gained Several
Pounds In Weight Gives
Tanlac Full Credit .
"The other medicines I tried before
didn't even budge my troubles, but
three bottles of Tanlac have fixed me
up in fine shape," said H. Mohr, well
known citizen living at 112 S. Fourth
St, St. Louis, Mo. v
"Two years ago my stomach went
wrong and my appetite failed me. Gas
formed from what little I would eat
and pressed on my heart until it pal
pitated so I could hardly breathe. I
wasn't able to do regular work, be
cause of pains in the back, bad head
aches and dizzy spells.
"But I have gained several pounds
now since taking Tanlac and eat Just
anything I want without any trouble.
The pains and headaches never bother
me any more, and I am only too glad
to pass the good word along about
Tanlac It is simply wonderful."
Tanlac is sold by all good druggists.
Kind of Office "Help" With Which
Most of Us Are More or Less
The Colorado building boasts the
"dumbest" girl In all Washington, as
serts the Post of that city. She's a
nectarine, a pippin' and a peach. Re
cently her boss, who Is, a very busy,
bellowing sort of man, told her to get
Agriculture on the telephone. She
jumped for a phone directory.
Time wore on. Late afternoon
came. The boss had been engrossed
In matters of grave importance, and
it was nearly 4 :30 before he suddenly
recalled that Annie hadn't reported
on his morning phone call.
"Annie," he thundered, "where's my
Agriculture call?"
"Why, I'm sorry, sir, but It hasn't
got a phone."
"Who hasn't got a phone?"
"Why, Mr. Culture, sir. I looked
through all the C's and all the K's,
sir, and I couldn't find Mr. Agra Cul
ture's name In either list, sir."
Made Bagpipes Useful.
An old adventurer who passed away
in Australia at the age of ninety-four,
was the only man I've known, says a
correspondent, to put bagpipes to a
useful purpose.. After being captured
when the Eureka stockade fell, he
Joined the Victoria police, and was
largely responsible for the capture of
the bushranger ".Tewboy." He was then
appointed second-in-command of an
expedition that set out to find traces
of Leichardt (another bushranger),
and he used to tell that one day the
party was surprised by 200 natives,
with hostile Intent, whereupon one Mc
intosh yelled : "The pipes, Charlie, the
pipes while we retreat." The old ad
venturer played the pipes and the
natives were so mystified that they
stood open-mouthed while the party
marched off.
The Next Best Thing.
Little Willie came home from school
the other day with a black eye.
"Willie, where did you get that black
eye?" asked mother.
"Johnny Smith hit me," answered
"I hope you remember what your
Sunday school teacher said about
heaping coals On the head of your
"Well, ma, I didn't have any conl,
so I just stuck his head in the ash
In 1950.
"I-saw a pedestrian on the road
"What! A live one?" Life.
A wise look won't carry a fellow
through life unless he dies young.
The Old
Important Truth
JL O make each part as strong as the rest," was his way oí "building
a wonderful, one-horse chaise that wouldn't wear out till judgment day."
This illustrates a fact that is keeping many doctors busy these days
human bodies, like chaises, break down because some part isn't as
strong as the others.
Very often it's because of ill-balanced food, lacking in some impor
tant element of nutrition. This is especially true of ills developed in
childhood, and carried on through life.
Grape-Nuts, that world-famous, ready-to-eat cereal, brings the plan
of building each part as strong as the rest to serve human need. Grape
Nuts contains all the nutriment of those best of the field grains, wheat
and barley, including the vital mineral elements, and it is a wonderful
food for building and sustaining health and strength.
The delicious flavor and crispness of Grape-Nuts make it a wel
come dish whenever you're hungry.
The 30 x ZlA Goodyear Cross Rib Tire
shown here alongside its companion, the
30 x ZlA Goodyear All -Weather Tread ,
Clincher, is a conspicuous example of
Goodyear value.
The Goodyear Cross Rib has in it the.
same high grade Egyptian cotton fabric
that goes into the All -Weather Tread
It has a differently designed but long
wearing tread, and it sells for considerably
less money.
In the past five years more than 5,000,000
of these Goodyear Cross Rib Tires have
been sold.
They haye everywhere given remarkable
Their fine performance and known value
have convinced thousands of motorists of
the folly of buying unknown and unguar
anteed tires of lower price.
Ask your Goodyear Service Station Dealer
to explain their advantages.
Western Made
Mrs. Mcintosh Had Other Reason
Than Affection for Making Second
Matrimonial Venture.
She was a comely widow, and, more
over, she was Scotch. She mourned
Macintosh, her late husband, for 18
months, and then from a flock of suit
ors chose honest, homely Maclntyre
for her second.
"I'm no guld enough for ye, dear!"
he whispered. "What for did ye
choose me oot o sae mony?"
"Ah, well, we see, your name's Mac
lntyre." "Yes, but " began the bewildered
"An ye ken," finished the widow,
"all my Unen is marked 'Mel,' that's
why, Donald."
We See the Point.
There seems to be a great opening
for humorists in the states. George S.
Chappell, who wrote that spoof South
Sea Island epic, "The Cruise of the
Kawa," seems on the strength of It
to have sprung Into prominence at
once. He is now, of course, lecturing
on what he forgot to put into the book,
and appears before his audiences
wearing a polo helmet which he states
Is "the original helmet worn by Marco
Polo during the first chukka !" A repu
tation as a wag seems more easily
gained over there than on this side of
the pond ! Passing Show, London.
The Superlative.
"Drought !" exclaimed the old timer,
"You folks don't know what drought
is. Why, in the early '70s my corn
made 18 acres to the bushel!" New
York Sun.
Not Too Fast.
1 "This Juror seems Intelligent."
"Let us examine him a little before
rejecting him. Perhaps he Isn't." .
GrapeNuts i
"There's a Reason"
Msde'by Postura Cereal Co., Inc., Battle Creek,
for Wnltri T r o
tittle Ethel's Brave Attempt to Con
ceal What She Felt Must Be
Matter of Poverty.
Little Ethel was an only child and
one day, when the minister called she
was told to entertain him In the par
lor until her mother could see him.
A few minutes later the mother,
on her way downstairs, heard the vis
itor ask Ethel how many brothers and
sisters she had, and, to her surprise;
and consternation, the little miss an
swered, "Seven."
After the minister had left, the
child was taken to task and asked why
she had said there were seven children.
Ethel replied:
"Because I didn't want that strange
gentleman to know that you were so
poor that you didn't have but one
child." Everybody's Magazine.
Want tibrary for Every Ship.
During the recent war the American
Library association placed for the use
of the men of the merchant marine
ships a total of 250,000 hooks. These
books were made up into libraries and
shifted from one vessel to another.
Recently the American Merchant Ma
rine Library association has been, or
ganized for the purpose of carrying on
this work, under .the slogan. "A Li
brary for Every Ship." The Class
mate. First Street Railway on Bowery.
The first street railway in the world
was the New York and Harlem road,
built on the Bowery In New York city
and opened for travel In 1832.
A smart man never makes the same
mistake, but there are a million kinds
of mistakes.
Matrimony would be all right if
the fools could be kept out of It.

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