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The Spanish' American, Roy, II arding County, New México Saturday July 1st 1922:
"Iteplin lambrel and Mabel
0 erso ' ove down to Mosque-
- o est , lesday evening, June
j j w.i itcu up uuiiy v.cxiv .and getting the correct pa
l ierso: .. id received the neces !ro ..ii., nnI1T1tv r,lArk. we-
-y pc-r'-J then went over to
judge AlcGlothlin's office and
had him say the words that ma
de them man and wife. Im media
teíy after the ceremony they re
turned to Roy or rather started
to and of course he car had to
get stuck in a mud hole, but love
laughs at such trivial things as
a stuck car, and after several
hours work the car was extrica
ted and the happy couple came
on to Roy and which place they
will make their future home.
The groom, Mr Gambrel is one
of Roy's young men and was a
student of the Roy schools du
ring the 1920-21 term. He is the
youngest child of Mr and Mrs
J. G. Gambrel of this place and
an exempliary young man .
The bride is the second eldest
daughter of Mr and Mrs John
Emerson of Dawson, but former
ly of the Pleasant View neigh
borhood. For the past two years
she has been living with her gra
ndparents Mrand Mrs B.F. Erne
rson of this place and was one
of the students of the Roy Public
Schools the past year and is one
of the prominent young ladies of
the town.
The Spanish American extends
congratulations to the happy yo
ung couple and wishes them all
the joys that go to make life
worth while.
"' een received in Roy
'';- nderson formerly of
mis place but now of LaPorte,
Ind, and Miss Lillian Cavender of
that place were quietly married
at La Porte, Ind on Saturday eve
ning June 17th.
Mr Anderson has spent the
greater portion of his life in Roy
or on the farm near this place,
having comento New Mexico fr
om Indiana when a mere child
and received his education in the
Roy schools . Three years ago he
joined the U.S. Army and ser
ved his enlistment and' received
an honorable discharge and after
his return home went to LaPorte
to visit his father and brother
and while there secured a posi
tion at Michigan City and later
with the Rumley people at La
Porte and which place he met
his bride.
Mrs. Anderson is one of the
popular ladies of LaPorte and we
are sure that Lysle has chosen
wisely in taking for himself this
young lady who will be his fu
ture helpmate thru life's long
journey. We extend to this yo
ung couple all the joys of life and
hope their fondest ambitions
may be realized.
F.M. Hughes and wife were
up from Solano Tuesday evening
and while here they attended the
revival services.
find our
It M
7 c 4 mn.1A arA Miss Daniel
i Qu' n th TGinta Canvon
neighborhood drove quietfy down
to the county seat last Thursday
pers from the County Clerk, we
nt across the street ana naa jua
ge McGlothlin say the necessary
words that made the two hearts
beat as one and they then went
back to their LaCinta Canyon
home man and wife.
Mr and Mrs Arnold are young
people of that neighborhood and
at which place they will make
their future home. The groom is
the youngest son of. Mr and Mrs
Arnold, old time resndents of
eastern San Miguel County and
is a prosperous young farmer of
that comunity for the past two
years, he has" been residing on
the Pint farm southeast of Roy.
The bride is the daughter of Mr
and Mrs John Latham who is an
employe of the Oen Co., which
purchased a part of the Trigg
ranch and is an accomplished la
dy. The S. A. which will visit this
home from the day it was esta
blished extends this happy yo
ung couple all the joys that go
to malee a real American home
and may their future life be one
continued round of bliss.
T. A. Brown of Clovis, was in
town Wednesday ; Mr Brown ca
me up after his cement mixer
and tells us that he is ready to
commence work on the new sc
ool building within a few days
Hardin?! Travels
J tí
i t.ií it, i'
atters Not
What your wants may be
line, you will alway
stock full and
Also, remember that we buy
your butter, eggs and produce.
All kinds of fresh and smoked meat
Fresh vegetables
S. E. Paxton Grocery Co.
"The Food Store"
News was received' in Roy
Saturday that James Lloyd
was severely injured on the pre
ceding day while assisting She
riff in removing a pump from
his well on the racnh below the
David hill. The pipe had been
practically all removed from the
well except one joint and this
was being hoisted and was prac
tically out when the chain slip
ped which was being used as a
hoist, letting the pipe drop and
as it went down it caught on the
end of a lever with which they
had been lifting the pipe with
and caused the pole to fly up str
iking Mr Lloyd under the chin
and arm and knocking him seve
ral feet in the air and leaving
him in an unconcious condition .
Dr Daniels was hastily summo
ned and after an . examination
found that the lower jaw was
badly bruised and the flesh torn
from the bones with several te-,
eth knocked loose. He was re
moved to his home the followinb
day and became concious and at
present is reported slowly reco
vering altho he is badly bruised
and' shaken up, he will be laid up
from work for several weeks .
W . T . and Walter McFarland
of David, N.M. stopped at Roy
Thursday morning enroute to
their home from L Vegas where !
they have been the past few
days attending to busines mat
ters . Walter is the proprietor of
the Mosquero Picture Show.
son Pathway
"5i" f't-
is a clo
r.) pliotogranh. of
iü Ik; walked the
l iare
pathway so often trod by President
VV ilson to receive the decree of
IX. I). at Princeton University, a
recognition bestowed upon the head
of the nation following tnc recent
dedication of the- Princeton Mem
orial Jiattle Memorial.
Encarnación Lucero came to
town last Thursday evening with
the tooth of a giant mastadon
which his son Vivian had found
in the Sabino canyon about 17
miles northeast of Roy. . .Young
Lucera was walking along, the
banks of the Sabino lasí Wednes
day noting the damage that had
teen; done by the. recent, flood
in that vicinity when accident
y noticed something resembling
a giant tusk protruding from
the gravel bank which had been
partly washed away hy the re
cent flood v. After careful inves
tigation he found it to be a tusk
f a huge matitadon, and with the
assistance of some neighbor boys
he tunneled into the bank and
was successful in removing the
tusk,, or rather a part of it, as
f 3 the complete remains were
,roken up during the process of
x nearthing them . He also found
i mammoth teeth that weigh-
c .1 about twelve pounds each and
ere about eight by five inches,
i size . Portions of the skull of
t ie huge animal were also un
c irthed but the complete recov
ery of the remains was made im
Í ossible owing to the caving in
cf the bank.
The tusk partly decayed is 10
Í3et and four inches long anda
! out nine inches in diameter at
the largest place. It appears that
a portion of the outer covering
( f the tusk has decayed or re
l ioved From the curvature of the
tusk one would árrive at the
conclusion that the full length
will measure over fifteen feet
vhen it is finally unearthed, The
remains were found on a lime
ctone cliff covered by several
feet of gravel, sand and dirt. In
order to remove the balance of
the skeleton it will be necessary
í to move several hundred tons of
dirt and it wil cost a great dóal
of money to make complete exca
vations' The Smithsonian Insti
tute has been notified of the dis
covery.. From the surroundings, about
it would appear that the balance
of the skeleton lies on the bed
rock cliff under the large depos-
: its of gravel and it will take sev
jeral days to make a full invest
ligation. A number of Roy people went
out to Sabino Saturday morning
and looked over the situation and
also took several pictures of the
find. The boys in digging out
the remains used a pick and by
so doing broke the tusk in sever
al places A portion of it Í3 now
at the Omefiashome and the bal
anco at the Lucero place near the
scene of the discovery. The disco
very was made a few hundred
feci east of the Sabino school
house on the south bank cf the
creek and the email end of the
tusk was washed from the bluff
I by the flood of two weeks' ago.
The Mastadon was a species of
the elephant and is now extinct .
Fossil remains occur in America
as late as the Post-Pliocene per-
iiod. The mastadon closely re
sembled existing species of elep
hants differing with them main
ly in the formation of the teeth .
They had .a vaulted and cellular I
skull, large ' tusks and a heavy i
íorm. Skeletons found m vari
ous portions of North America
indicate they were about twelve
feet high and from eighteen to
twenty feet long, with tusks that
ranged from eight to ten feet
in length..
From the portions of the fossil
discovered at Sabino creek it ap
pears that the one discovered
there is probably among the lar
gest ever found in America.
It is probable that a collection
will be taken -up and men and
teams hired to scrape away the
bank in order to determine if the
complete skeletton cannot be un
earthed under the bank beyond
where the present tunnel has
been made .
Mr and Mrs Young Fan, for
mer residents of Walsenburg,
Colo, and well known in this co
mmunity, but now are residing
at Long Beach, California, have
visited with Mr and Mrs Henry
Farr of east of Roy the past few
days. Mr Young Farr is a bro
ther of Henry, and he 'intends to
spend a few weeks in New Mexi
co attending to business and tak
ing advantage of our climate be
fore returning to California.
T.J. Heiman was in from the
ranch near Albert Tuesday. We
understand that Tony is conside
ring seriously of entering the ra
ce for sheriff. He also informed
us that he lost all of his row cro
ns b the recent hail sterna.
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i with Williams on the mound, the
boys expect to get revenge on
the visitors' for' the flogging gi
ven th esrr last Sunday .
Qtu Tuesday July 4th, the Roy
team goes to Tucumcari to give
that town a chanca t get even
for the defeat of the 18th. The
home team is practicing every
day and' unless Tücnmcari im
porta some extraplatfers there is
every reason to behave that Roy
will' attach Tucumcaxi's scalp to
her belt once more-. '
The El Paso-and Southwestern
has agreed to run an excursion
from Mills to Tucumcari on that
day with a fare of $.05 for the
round trip. Everybody that can
should accompany the home club
to, Tiicumcari. and give them all
the support possible as this pro
mises to.be one of the best ga
mes ot the season.
The Villa ce Board met in ad
journed session last Monday eve
ning and transacted considerable
business of importance, to the
Village. They decided to erect a
windmill at the village well at
onr.e and connect it on to the
Floersheim tank. They cAzo de
cided to lav water mr.5T. h the
town district ; the four inch pipe
purchased tor the deep wen win
be laid for city mains. The Boa
rd also finished up the deal pur
chasing the city dump grounds
and considered other questions
of imDortance to the town . The
Board will meet again somtime
during the coming week as their
regular meeting is the first Mon
dav of the month, tut on account
of this being the evening before
the Fourth it will probably be
postponed until later in the week
LOST Rear Bumper from au
tomobile, with spade strapped to
it, lost near Mills, finder please
return to
F.S. Frown, Roy
O.A. Buttler and Chas Depew
have been enjoying an outing
with a fishing party in the mou
ntains for the past week.
FOR SALE the house for
merly occupied by Ray Carr. Will
sell on easy terms and at a price
that is right. Now is your
chance to have a home and save
paying rent. Mail me your of
fer. Any offer in reason wil)
not be refused. F. A. Sargent,
Box 158, S. Tacoma, Wash.
17-24-1-8.- N.P.
Department of the Interior,
United States Laad Office
' Clayton, New Mexico.
June 8, 1022
To William M. O'Connor of
Tucumcari, N. M. Contestee:
You are hereby notified that
Pedro T. Montoya who giver;
Roy, N. M. as his post-office ad
dress, did on April 28, 1922, file
in this office his duly corrobora
ted application to contest and .e
cure the cancellation of your
homestead Entry No. 022013,
Serial No. 022015 made March
8, 1919, for EiNW14, NEit
SWit, SWViNEVÍ., SEVL Section
24 Township 19N, Range 25E.
N.M.P. Meridian, and as grounds
for his contest he alleges that
William M. O'Connor has wholly
abandoned his homestead entry,
as he has not established his re
sidence thereon, or improved it
in any way whatever, and these
defects exist and have existed
from date of entry and up to da
te hereof. And that said absence
from the land was not due to the
entryman's employment m the
military or naval organizations
of the United States of the Na
tional Guard of iaiy of the seve
ral States.
You are, therefore, further no
tified that the said allegations
will be taken as confessed, and
your said entry will be canceled
without further right to be
heard, either before this office
or on appeal, if ycu fail to file
in this office within twenty days
after the FOURTH publication
of this notice, as shown below,
your answer, under oath, speci
fically responding to these alle
gations of contest, together with
due proof that you have served
a copy of your answer on the
said contestant either in person
or by registered mail.
You should stats in your an
swer the name of the post office
to which you desire future noti
ces to be sent to you.
H. H, Errett,
First publication June 17th,
Second " . Juno 24th
Third " . July 1st
Fourth , " July 8th '
; . . .. a..
Guaranteed for three Years
For your cat
No Acid
No Water
No Attention
30 percent
cheaper than
any other
June 1st.
Baum Bros. Tin
Shop with a full
line of deep well
pumps, gas pipe,
cylinders, cream
separators, Mo
del 'Z tvoenumD
ing engines
Pump jacks
Well casing
Stock tanks
Self-oiling wind
Oil stoves and
Samson roller
bearing wind
mills-oils once
every 7 years.,
Roy, N.
Cornbelt thorobred stock
positively out of the best
herds in the U.S.A. Duroc
Jersey Hogs, Poland China
I logs, all big type and from
Sires weighing 1000 lbs and
I can furnish vou any
breed of dairy cattle that
you want, at pnces you can
Get in the thorobred ga
menow for a few dollars
while prices are at rock bot
tom, and make yourself in
dependent in a few years.
You need better dairv cat
tle and hogs, and more of .
them on this mesa. .
Leo M. Wagner,
GilbertsviUe, Iowa. '
' " .

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