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'With Malice toward None, with Charity for All, and with Firmness in the' Right."
VOL. XIX No. 25
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: 1 - 1 1 r
Roy had the pleasure of get
ting even with Wagon Mound
last Sunday for the trouncing
she, gave Roy on the previous i
Sunday on the local diamond but
in turn the home team allowed
Tucumcari to get even with
them for the defeat they gave
that team at Tucumcari two we
eks ago when the Roy team won
by a score of 9 to 5. Both games
were very interesting and if Roy
could have wiped the fatal fou
rth from the slate Tuesday, a
portion of this write up might
have been diffei'ent.
Í The game last Sunday between
Eoy and Wagon Mound was a
, sort of one sided affair ,the score
being 13 to 2 ; It was an off day
for Wagon Mound and the Roy
.sluggers batted their pitcher as
; they pleased and this coupled
with several errors was the cau
se of the numerous scores made
by the Roy team.
' The team from this place went
in cars to the top of the Red ri--ver
and walked across the can
yons and were met on the west
side by cars from Wagon Mound
and in this manner shortened the
distance many miles from the old
way of going around by Springer
: The boys were, accompanied by
. a large number of rooters and all
report a nice time in our sister
city on the west side of the river.
Berry ." pitched for . Roy and
held the opposing team down to
3 hits. He pitched an excellent
game and considerable . of the
credit for the fine showing made
-by the home team is due him.
This makes three games play
ed with Wagon Mound this year,
Eoy having won two and Wagon
Mound one. They will probably
' play two more games this season
the championship going to the
team that wins three or more of
the 5 games.
On Tuesday July 4th, The E.
P. & S.W. R.R. ran an excur
sion from Roy to Tucumcari so
that all who wished might accom
pany the team to that place and
watch them "Get a good
trouncing" and get one they su
re did.
The game was called at 3 P.M.
.and a tremendous crowd was pre
sent from Tucumcari and the
.surrounding country all ready to
give their home team every sup
port possible, the boys were in
excellent practice and played pra
ctically and errorless game.
The Roy team was also in good
shape and played fine ball until
the "jinx" that accompanied the
Tucumcári team when Roy play
ed them at that pace a few weeks
ago and came in the game on the
fatal fourth allowing Roy to get
8 runs, again came into the game
Tuesday on the said fourth and
allowed Tucumcari to get 7 runs
in this inning, however in the
other eight innings Tucumcari
got but one run and tsat was ma
de thru an error of a Roy player.
Williams and Justice was the
battery for Roy at the beginning
of the game, but in the fatal
fourth, Williams withdrew from
the mound and Berry pitched the
balance of the game. Nutt was
in the pitchers box for Tucumr
cari and pitched a splendid game
;and at all times had almost per
fect control of the ball and the
support given him was excellent.
Only one error being made by
the Tucumcari players. He allo
wed only 7 hits while 10 hits we
re secured from the Roy pitchers
Tucumcari scored their first
run in the second, and 7 in the
fourth and failed to score in the
balance of the game. Roy took
one in the 6th, one in the 7th and
one in the 8th .failing to score
in the ninth.
The greater portion of the
whole game was a pitchers, battle
and it simply read one, two,
three and a goose egg, however
in the fourth it seemed as if Wil
liams lost control and seeing that
he was not in pitching condition
he relinquished to Berry who had
not even warmed up and to the
fans it looked like murder to the
Roy team to put in a pitcher who
had not even . practiced a few
throws; Before Berry could get
-warmed up he had allowed three
safe hit3 and which added three
Í Continued on page eight)
Prof. Gillmore of the Smith
wnian Institute of Washington,
D. C. arrived. in Roy July third
in answer to a telegram from Dr
Plumlee asking him to come here
and investigate the finding of
fossils of a Mastadon which were
partley unéarthed by , a recent
flood in the Sabino Canyon about
17 miles north east of Roy.
Proi Gillmore accompanied by
J. Floersheim, Dr Plumlee and
E. DV Gonzales went , to Sabino
Monday afternoon" and looked
over the ground where the tusk
and teeth were found and Prof.
Gillmore made the necessary ar
rangements for the excavation
in the bluff to see if the balancé
of the skeleton can be located . . :
He states the tusk and teeth
seem to be the fossils of a giant
elephant, as the teeth do not
seem to be those of a mastodon.
He further stated that the tusk
was among the largest found in
the United States and if the re
mainder of the skeleton is under
the bluff he says the find will be
very important to science.
The fast Maxwell Base Ball
team will be here Sun to cross
bats with our local boys. Every
body should be present.
Andres G. Trujillo, prominent
ranchman of the Solano neigh
borhood was trading with Eoy
Merchants Thursday.
Afresh supply of Whit
mans famous candies
has just arrived--get a
box for her.
Floersheim Mercantile Company
Kids Is Kids
I f oNTiL put WM lli!!i.H f!Mká '
f i! this crsaM oh- EgM! 1 tiifimW Til'
The Roy-Kephart Star Route
started Saturday and all mail
for Gadstone, Kephart, Pasmón
te and Grenville as well as a por
tion of the mail for the C . and S.
will be sent over thi3 route, "Whi
ch leaves Roy at 8 A.M. on Tu
esday, Thursday and Saturdays
and connects with the Grenyilla
Gladstone and Kephart route at
Kephart. This new route ma
kes it possible to get mail to the
Kephart, Pasmonte and Gladsto
ne community with in a few hou
rs ' which previously required
from two to. three and someti
mes four 'daysi Mr Cobura of
near Gladstone is the carrier and
will move his family to Roy in
time for the opening of school. ''
There will be. a Mass Meeting
of the Citizens of Harding Coun
ty at Roy, Saturday evening
July 15th, for the purpose of ma
king preparations for entertain
ing the Interstate Highway Con
vention here. You are urgently
requested to be present.
By order o fthe Committee:
J.C. Hester, Sec.
W. W. Gilstrap and family left
for southern Oklahoma Monday
at which place they will visit
friends and relatives for a few
weeks. They went in their new
Essex Coach and will take their
time in making the trip and we
are sure they will enjoy the va
cation very much.
Special Bargain Prices
Solitarie Coffee, 1 pound cans at 45 cents
s S. E. Paxton, manager of the
Paxton Grocery Co., of this place
was taken serriously ill last Thu
rsday morning and Dr Plumlee
wa3 called and after an examina
tion, pronounced his ilness an at
tack of appendicitis. Mr Paxton
grew graduall worse and Satur
day evening he was taken to the
hospital where it was thought
that an operation would be neces
sary on the following . morning,
but he was so much improved
Sunday morning that the Dr felt
best! to defer the operation until
a later date. At present Mr Pax
ton is able to be up and around
but surely shows the effect of
his illness.
Robert McLaughlin of Pitts
burg, Penn. and the owner of a
fine ranch out by Yatesville, was
in Roy last Saturday and made a
pleasant call on the S.A. Mr Mc
Laughlin is in the Postal work at
Pittsburg and bought the land
that he owns here through the
Great Divide and had never seen
it until his trip here last week.,
To say that he was well pleased
with his purchase is expressing
it mildly. Mr McLaughin hai
been a reader of the S.A. for
years and said some kind words
about the paper.
Floy4. Ogden of Denver Colo,
spent several days last week
with relatives in the 1 Liberty
at 90
at $1.35
50 cents
Just received a beauti
ful line of men's ties very
nifty patterns. Get a
half dozen of them.
- During the electric storm Thu
rsday afternoon, lightning stru
ck" the barn at the E.E. Leath
erman place northwest of town
killing two horses, a mule and a
colt for him. Mr Leatherman
was at work in the Post office
when the accident occured and
the; news was brought to him by
Beülah Gibson who lives near the
Leatherman home.
Mrs .: Leatherman had put the
horses in the- barn when 8h saw
the storm approaching and just
reached the house when the bolt
struck the barn .' There weré 6
head in the barn and four were
killed, but the barn was not da-
A small bolt of the Ugh-
i f - '
tning flashed across to the house
uut, uiu nú uttumgc moo. giTuig
Mrs Leahterman and thé child
ren a good shock.
Mr Leatherman's loss will be
about $300 and leaves him with
out a team just ..when he most
needs them.
Mrs J.B. Duvall, Harry King
sbury and wife and Paul Kings
bury passed thru Roy Sunday en
route to the mountains for a few
weeks outing.
A fine rain fell Thursday af
ternoon in the Chicosa neighbor
hood. F.A. Roy, J.M. Johnson,
the Davis's and others report
plenty of moisture.
Roy vs Maxwell at the local
diamond Sunday afternoon.
What is considered by many
as the greatest Revival ever held
in Roy and in fact on the "whole
mesa, closed last Sunday evening
with probably forty of fifty con
versions. ..; , ,
The revival began four weeks
ago and was held in the Baptist
Church at this place with Eev.
Pope the evangüist from Tulsa,
Oklahoma in charge, assisted by
Mr Meier who had charge of the
music during the meetings. The
revival was given by the Metho
dist an'd Baptist churches of Roy
and the attendance was large
thruout the entire time.
Rev. Pope is a great man spi
ritually and an excellent talker
and during all of his preaching,
he hid behind nothing, but gave
hearers plain facts and pure Bi
ble teachings. He held his audi
ende spell bound and told them
of the present day conditions of
the church, of the people and the
pitfalls that are encountering so
many who are trying to lead pu
re Christian lives. In bringing
out these worldly facts, Rev.
Pope quoted statistics upon sta
tistics showing the ruination
that the people are daily encoy.
tering. r
The revival was probariy the
largest attended meetipg ever
held in Roy, and on anday eve- '
nins especially, when it was im- ,
possible for all those present to
get is. tic larcffl church wnere-
the services were held and many
sat in autos on the outside of the- .
church. -
. Many of the sermons were in
the form of lectures and parti
cular subjects were liandled on
certain evenings whichx added
much to the interest of thfr mee
ting. ; ; ' : ..
The music for the services was
hushed by a local choir with
ryir Meier as leader with nis trom
bone and assisted by Miss Mc-.'
Guire of Mosquero at the piano,
Miss Dollie Brown with the cor
net. Dr Self and Mr W. Walker
with the violins. Excellent mu
sic was furnished for the entire
meetings and helped much to
make the revival a wonderful
We were unable to learn the
exact number of converts from
the meetings but they probably
numbererd about a half hundred
and in addition to those conver
ted many gave Rev. Pope their
hand and promised to lead bet
ter lives in the future and devote
more time to spiritual work and
fight those things which were
continually trying to overcome
the works of the Master.
Services were held the grea
ter part of the time both, morn
ing and evening; the morning
services being held in the com
munity hall and they too were
largely attended and most of the
business houses of the town clo
sed from 10 to 11 A.M. when
these morning services were
The sermon given on the third
Sunday evening, "Morphine Ta
blets of Hell" was one of the
strongest and ablest sermons
ever heard in Roy and we believe
this sermon will have a lasting
influence on the lives of the
young people of the mesa, and
in fact on all those who heard
this masterful address. We may
add that one of the largest mis
sions of Chicago, at which place
Rev Pope preached this sermon
a few years ago, has had it prin
ted in leaflet form and is distri-
Jbuting it all over the United Sta-
We believe that Rev. Pope 13
one of the strong evangelistic
) vniiYcta vi hub cuuiiiry, ana me
plain manner in which he gives
his facts to his hearers makes
them the more impressive and
leaves no doubt in the minds of
his audience as to just what he
means and as to his views on
Bibilical teachings.
We feel sure that much good
will come from this revival and
that the whole mesa has bees
made better by his works, and
his forceful talks, for they will'
have a lasting effect on those '
who attended and listened to
him, for it is not often thát so
small a community or rather sna
rsely settled community has an
opportunity to have a man with.
(Continued on page eight).

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