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The Spanish American, Roy, Harding County, New Mexico. Saturday July 29th, 1922
1 1 . -'. . ...... -j 1 1
We can offer the
A complete line of
at the roost reasonable price
yet heard of
Also anything in the line af Groceries.
Nice clean stock to choose from. Our Grocery
stock is marked to sE.
Fresh Vegetables
Examine our line of chewing and smoking
tobaccos. Cigars, Cigaretts. Pipes etc.
New goods every day.
Lujans & Branch
i ai ('infcii'Ul'T' ' '
. ,, ni i i . ..i m m Hi r 1 1 I I
All kinds of auto repairing
Expert workmanship
Battery work a specialty
We are equipped to wash your car
ervice Garage
Eát wisely and
You will live well
This ad is more directly for people who are not
.ustomers of this store. Our purpose is to dir
ect your attention to the quality of groceries we sell;
to remind you that our prices are at bed-rock; to
convince yeu that by buying your foodstuff from as
you will be able to do justice to the demand that
nature makes upon your mentality and upon your
physicar self. And the only way we can convince
you is to sell you once. Will you be convinced?
ROY, N. M.
All orders carefully filled and promptly shipped by ex
press or Parcel Post Our membership in the Florists Tele
graph Delivery Association enables us to deliver Flowers
for you anywhere in the United States on a few hours
notice. Raton Greenhouses
P.O. Drawer 349 Raton, N, M.
Co. Treasurer Parkes was in
Roy on his way to Mosquero Thu
rsday morning..
Throw off that tired, rundown
feeling and build up your stren
gth by eating nourishing food.
Tanlae does it. Fairview Phar
macy. ,: i: '2
We are now handling the Dem
pster wind mills, but are investi
gating, several different makes
of mills before accepting thé age
ncy and will, only handle the
best-mills that can be obtained.'
repardless of price or make and
will receive in the near future
windmills that have no equal
ASv. Roy Tin Shop
P. T.Gibson, Prop.
i POLITIC?! Kumm
In this weeks issue of the
Spanish American will be found
the announcement of John E.
Brockman of Mills for the office
of County Treasurer subject to
the action of the Democratic
Convention and the November
Mr Ercckman is a young man
of excellent character and quali
ties and fitted in every way for
S the important office he is seek
J ing, and his nomination in the
Democratic Convention will me
an a Democratic County" Treasu
rer for Harding County for the
next two years.
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for Sheriff, subject to
the action of the Democratic
Convention of Harding County
If nominated and elected I prom
ise to conduct the office strictly
on a business basis with economy
of County Government as my
chief aim.
Henry W. Farmer.
I hereby announce myself as
a candidate for County Assessor
I Mr tfrockman is the son ot Mr i0f Harding County, New Mexico,
anu .luía i . u. iiw.Mi.aa ui si, isuuject to me action oi me uv
of Mills and is twenty seven yea- mocratic Convention. If nomina
rs old lie corres from a Demo- ted and elected, I pledge myself
tiaLit xiiLiiy wi:ute cícvciilciíio
are democrats, yes good old Mis
souri Democrats who have wor-
! ked for the good of the party
for many generations. He came
to New Mexico from Missouri
in 1909 and has been practically j
educated and reared in the sun
shine state, and altho the family
has spent 12 years on the rnesa,
none of them have ver asked
for an office before from their
Mr Brockman is ore cf the
boys who offered his life for his
country in the late war ; he was
one of the first to go to camp
from this part of the state and
amorig the first to go over sea3
and his war record is amorg the
brightest of any of the boys of
the mesa He was on the firing
line for seventy two days and
was in some cf the great battles
fought in the war. There is but
to personally discharge the du
ties fit said office without favor j
to anyone and at a minimum of j
expense to taxpayers.
A. I. (Shorty) Burleson
"inr i
I hereby announce myself al
candidate for Sheriff .subject to
the action of th Democratic
Convention of Harding County,
New Mexico. If it is the will of
the pecpla cf Harding" County,
I will serve them without fear
or favor and to the best of my
knowledge and ability.
James S. Christman
Business expansion is by no means haphazard.
It entails study and research. That our
country may win in the race for world trade
the Department of Commerce keeps its agents abroad
to search business opportunities. The details of their
viork are brought out. in the seventh of a sres of
foJders on Our Government which v- are dis
tributing each month. The complete series gives a
highly interesting and instructive account of Our
Government and its advantages to you.
Send your name and address and we shall mail you
the stones issued previously and each pamphlet pub
lished in the future one every month.
First National Bank
Member Federal Reserve Sy&iem
This is to announce that H.
M. Warner is a candidate for
sheriff of Harding County, N.M.
Havinc hepn urtrpA hv mv frie-
subiect to the action of the De-
. TT 1 ilUJ J Vil XJl Wlt.ri 11 t.
.uuc vuiciw,, iu ixoiuiug vuuij mocrauc tounty convention, ríe I hereby announce myself for th-
equal record for length of time
in trenches, and in view of the
fact that he did his part while
many of the rest stayed at home,
j is it not true that we owe the
jboys something for the great
jwork they have done? Both of
j the political parties in power will
have to take recognizance ot tne
fact that the Soldier boys must
be remembered when naming
their tickets this fall, for should
this fact be overlooked it will
sound the death knell to the par-
jtv who forgets the soldier boys.
We owe them much and the best
we can give them will be short
indeed of what is due them,
j Mr Brockman tells us that he
I will make a personal campaign.
!of the county before the conven
tion and wisnes to meet each de-
P.ocrat and he wants the public
to. know that if they see fit to
r omínate and elect him, that he
promises if nominated and elec- jis important office subject to the
tea, inai ne win give tne people action oithe Democratic Conven-
tne Dest that IS in him. Adv. tion. anff the Riihspnnent. eWtion
. in November. Jf elected 1 promise
NOTICE jto give my entire time to the
office as there is nothing else to
To the voters of Harding occupy my attention. Yours for a
County, N. M. Republicans, De-1 greater and better Harding Coun
mocrats and ladies voters of Har i1
ding County have insisted on me
running for sheriff of Harding
County and wish to announce to
the public that I have decided to
mn for sheriff regardless of po
litics and if elected will do all in
my power to enforce the laws,
stop boot-legging, gambling and
make Harding County a respec
table place to live in.
A vote for Gibson will be well
Jesse D. Wade
County Assessor Baca was up
from Mosquero Saturday morning.
Tanlac is a scientific triumph .
Results prove it.-Fairview Phar
Sam Dunn is
rm take personal cnarge of the
office himself and be on duty at) I hereby announce myself for
the office each day. jthe office of County Treasurer
So far he is the only man an- ;suDJ3Ct to the action of the De-
Cheyenne this week.
worth your time at the polls if Frontier Days
juu vtv m i lavs eniorcGd.
John F. Gibson
taking in the
Celebration at
The young Spanish folks en
joyed a dance at the Roy Thea
tre Monday evening.
ncunced for this important of
fice, and is the only person see
king office on the democratic ti
cket from the immediate Mils
vicinity, and he will no doubt be
nominated. Any support you can
give him will be greatly appre
ciated by himself and his many
friends of Harding County.
Mrs McColpin and Mrs Hep
burn and children motored to
Miami one day Jast week and got
some cherries. -Jy . ' . ;. ,i
A number of country people
were trading in Abbott Saturday
Mr and Mrs Clay Fausnaught,
Mrs Horn and Mrs Fausnauht
motored up from Tucumcari last
week. While hre they went up
in the mountains for a few days.
Mrs McColpin and children and
Miss Berrv of Tavlor Snrinra.
enjoyed the picture show at Spr
inger Saturday night.
Mr and Mrs R.H. Smith visi
ted Mr Smith's parents Saturday
night and also took the ball ga
me in at Mills Sunday.
Mrs McColpin spent Sunday
with Mrs Hepburn.
Mr and Mrs C. L.- Wood and
sons enjoyed the music at Mr.
Hislers Sunday afternoon.
Clyde McColnin returned Mon
day from El Paso, where he has
been in the hospital the past
few days. .
Mr and Mrs Albert Dav visi
ted Mr and Mrs Hepburn Satur
day night
L.N. DeWeese and wife and
Wm Lofton were up from Mos
quero Monday morning on busi-
mocratis Convention. If nomi
nated and elected, I promise toness
lake personal charge of the of-
fice and be on duty at my post I Tony Heimaan was in from
each day Any assistance given Hs ranch Tuesday evening. Tony
me will be greatly appreciated, lis one of the prominent candida
John E. Brockman ites for sheriff.
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at Clay
ton, N. M.
June loth, 1922
Notice is hereby given that
Leandro Archuleta, of Roy, Har
ding Co, New Mexico, who, on.
January 19 th, 1920, made addi
tional Homestead Entry No.026
355, for NVi-SE, Sec. 35. NVfc
SW14 NI2-SE14, Sec. 34. NWVi
SWVi, SW-NWi4, Section 35,
Township 19N, Range 25E, N.M.
P. 'Meridian, has filed notice of
intention to make Final Three
Year, Proof, to establish claim
to the land above described, be
fore F. H. Foster, U. S. Commis
sioner, at his office at Roy, New
Mexico, on the 26th day of July
Claimant names as witnesses :
Zacarías Ebel, Manuel Archu
leta, Julian Sandoval and Jose
Jesus Medina, all of Roy, New
H. H. Errett,
Harrison Cox of Mosquero is
in our city this week. We under
stand that Mr Cox is seeking the
nomination for Probate Judge
on the Democratic ticket.
Joe Ballard, prominent stockman
from Albert, was in Roy Wednes
day on business.
There's no excuse for getting
half sick and run down when
Tanlac will, make you well, stur
dy and strong-Fairview Pharmacy.
Mrs Ráy Carr who has been
attending summer school at Las
Vegas returned home Wednes
ot Weather
; r Gold Drinks
Of course you want cold drin
ks when the weather is hot, and
of course the weather is hot in
July. . Youi wwfll, find an excell
ent line of cold drinks., and ice
cream sundaes, at our Soda
Fountain. , '
'h -1
"'U,.,..M 'If 'J ,' ... ", .,. . ) r.

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