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A large crowd was in town
Saturday and Monday and aU the
fcssiaess houses report a fine
xr v
1 111 V -
i It M im.-fif
f" There are twenty-five million boys
and girls outside of the Sunday
School in this country. Every child in
America should be in some Sunday
School every Sunday morning.
Every child should be accompanied to
Sunday School by his parents.
Tkt mother who doesn't bring her
clukt into the world dedicated to God
Sus wmmitted a crime against the
címU. The father who doesn't lead
lis child to the altar of worship, rcv
rrence, and devotion has committed a
rime against his child and against
sncw-ry; for he has left out of the
fe(fs training the greatest factor.
Piroits who refuse to bring their
3dreQ to church, and who refuse to
their children to unite with the
itirorch and become devout Christian
. workers are stumbling blocks; they
arc cursea to their children.
Ttrere h but one remedy for the
omlition m this country, and that is
salvation by Jesus Christ. There is
lot one place in which' that salvation
an be found, and that is in God's in
fallible Word. There is but one in
stitution authorized to teach that
Word, namely the orthodox Christian
Every child should be in Sunday
School and in the church pew on Sun
day morning sitting beside his parents.
Children are never too young to be
saved, but if they are neglected and
grow to be old men and women hard
i cued in sin they may become luo old
L á
. II vassiaí
Save Stacking Expense and Shrinkage
Grain threshed direct from the shock in-.
to a Columbian Metal Grain Bin cornea out
la better oondition than if "sweat in the
- " l --I.. .m.J TI. aAÍnfii
il?llinYtam does it. None i wasted, de-
ta clbOTttardamsedby weatharorfire. No
tatbac mem aid labor. Shrinkage tm teat
hmnim oompartd to 10 when atorad in
ttoapwu Tin difference between 10 and 1
atenkain eai 1,000 bushels of grail will pay far I
Cokudbit of toil sise i a a single season.
Kfrfs Dextroy Million! Yearly
X Department oi Agriculture letter etetee that
"moro grain ii eaten by mioe and rata or other-
K.,..:L.,.,.u 'ir3
BAUM BROS, Roy, New Mexico
On improved
Long time
Low rate
Write to
or see
H Roy, N. M.
R. W. Boulware and family
are up at Parker Colorado this
week visiting1' at the Hall and
Brown homes near that place.
D.D. IX. D. i
to be saved. It is extremely expensive
to the government for a child to
grow to be old in sin and crime. It
costs millions to save an old man
from the error of his way. A child
can be saved at. the threshold of child
hood and thus save his soul and so
ciety untold expense.
The father who uses his automobile
on Sunday to take his child away
from the church not only breaks the
Ten Commandme ts, but he is a curse
to the child and a menace to this gov
ernment. The father who spends his Sunday
on the golf links is a f-md so far as
a religious influence is concerned, and
he is a menace to the spiritual devel
opment of his child.
It is the business of the father to be
in the Sunday School, witli his child,
and it is the business of the child to
be in the church pew by the side of
his father.
Why do people neglect to bring
their children to Christ and into the
church? Such parents and such ne
glect are bringing untold sorrow and
expense and reflection upon this coun
try. The juvenile courts and the
penal institutions are full of the
children who come from such homes.
Parents, you are either a curse or a
blessing to y.our children. If you
neglect your Sunday duty ynu are a
curse to them. Children ought to be
in the Sunday School and church if
the nation is lu Lc o-.-J.
,rVimesb irom in snoot
wise watted tban ia shipped out of the counties where
grown." Two Hundred Miiii -i Dollars ia the yearly
toll of crops aod property dutroyed by these posti.
Starvation is the only effective way to berid of them
They eannot got to grainstorod in a Columbian Metal
Grain Bin nor oan fire send your crop up i n smoke.
Properly Stored Grain la Banked Caak
It ia more valuable than cash received from the
sale of grain at a loss on the prevailing low mar
kets of harvest and threshing time. Bomeoneelse will
storeyourgrainfor a higher tnarketif you don't. The
Columbian Meta I Grain Bin provides perfettf aro i stor
age a t a cost 0 fl ess than t o per buehel distributed over
tne many yswei wulsihiiiwi
Improved. Reinforced. Triple Joint
and Vertical Corrugated Construction
Section in the body of a Columbian Metal
Grain Bin are i oined by a triple flanged joint
which forms a four-ply band of steel around the bin
every S3 inches of ita height. This and the verti
cally etirrugated side sections combine to make the
etrongmt grain bin available. The roof ii of square boi
joint construction with ventilator in center. Metal
bottom is securely bol ted i nto bottom U -flange of aide
walls. Designed throughout to withstand any load
possible to putini t andsevere windstorms when empty
if encliorod to platform or earth. More than 60.000
Buy early and thresh direct from the shock. Prompt
delivenr now. but don't delay.
From Stock By
Flovd Ivev. one of the sales
men of the F.M. Co., ia taking
his annual vacation visiting rela
tives and - 'n Pueblo and
Denver. ,
W. R. Erashears, R.L.C on
route "A" is taking his annual
15 day leave and he and his fa
mily left for the mountains Sun-
day where they will enjoy an ou
Richard Kilmurray returned
from Pueblo Monday where he
took Henrv Stone to attend1 the
funeral of his mother. He reports
mud in several places on the
trip. " , i : i
Tom Pint who has been atten
rlinc to business on the mesa
for tne past two weeks returned
to his home in Gilbertsvine, la
Rnndav. He rented his fine ranch
to William Brashers and I. C.
Dodds, who will seed it to wheat.
R. H. Bentley and family, and
W. T. Jackson and Mrs King are
spending the week up in the
mountains. They took a comple
te camping outfit with them and
will enjoy their vacation up in
the cool breezes of northern New
The Spanish-American, Roy, Harding
Naval. Secretary, Flying Ovr
Great Wall, China, Unhurt
When Machine is
Edwin- Denby
Pekin. Julv 19. Sep.retarv
Edwin Denby narrowly escaped
aeatn here this aiternoon in an
airplane accident.
The American naval secretary
was flying; 4,000 feet over the
Great Wall when the engine in
the airolane broke down. The
machine was demolished landing,
but Secretary Denby was unin
There are a number of diseas
es that effect the udders of dairy
cows which should be familiar to
every dairyman. If these diseas
es are recognized in time and the
proper treatment given, compli
cations and serious loss of milk
production can often be prevent
ed. Simple or acute inflammation
or congestion, very commonly
found among producing animals
is a condition that responds very
readily to treatment, if given in
time. This condition is usually
accompanied with a falling off in
milk production, high temperat
ure; loss of appetite, staggering
Igait, jugularpulse and acute rest
iveness. It is not considered con
tagious.' As soon as noticed, a
purgative, either Glauger or Ep
som salts, or linseed oil should te
given, says Dr. Johnson of the
Agricultural College. This will
usually giveresolts within a sho
rt time, but the dairyman must
be familiar with the use of the
thermometer and watch the tem
perature of the cow carefully.
If she should register a temper
ature of over 103 for several day
after a purgative has been given
a graduate veterinarian should
be called. Garget is probably
the most common disease of the
j udder and may be confined to
one or more quarters. It can be
caused by injury or a germ.
When pus is found in the milk,
with a hardening on one or more
of the quarters, and there is a
tenderness with suppression of
the milk flow, it is very probable
that it is a case of the garget.
An excellent agent for treamert
will be found in the form of Chlo
rozene tablets,, obtained at the
drug store, dissolved in warm
water and injected into the in
fected quarters. After this is
accomplished and all the pus dra
ined out, an, injection of ether
can be made, in the following
manner: Fill up a small cylinder
with ether and attach a rubber
tube to it, using the ordinary
milk tube for insertion. The
ether will evaporate into the
most minute recesses of the udd
er without any injury to the tiss
ues, and will destroy any pus
producing bacteria that it en
counters. No force should be
used to drive the ether into the
udder; the rubber 'tubing and
milk tube -will be sufficient. -
Mr Johnson of the Contennial
School Supply Co, was in Roy
the first of the week on business
FOR SALE: Fordson tractor
and new John Deere three disc
engine plow; new fourteen disc
John Deere harrow, one new 34
wagon, three good Jersey cows,
one extra good three year old
Holstein bull. Will consider ter
ms on engine and plow. i
Call on or write to
at Wilson Co., Mill Office.
Mills, New Mexico
29- 5 12-19
FOR SALEAt a bargain,
section of good tilible land with
in 6 miles of . town, with good
improvements . If you are look
ing for a real buy, it Will pay
you to look into this proposition.
Inquire at the S A.- - ' . '
&r -t1 $
County, New Mexico, Saturday
Dakato Girl Now Mutres
of Famous Fortune
Mrs. Alice Sinclaire, forrticr mu-'
sionl comedy actress, who was born
find r.iisvd,in the Dakota, is. i
Mr, lorsc J. Gould. Ntw V
bunker and railroad inar. They
wen- married secretly in M.y and
are now touring F.iüope. iV Urst
Mrs. Gould died last November.
. Mrs Ernest Leatherman who
has heen reDorted auite sick at
the Plumlee Hospital, is slowly
Department of the Interior
ll S. Land Office at Clayton,
New Mexico.
July 12, 1922
NOTICE is hereby riven that
Marv G. Laumbach. of Roy, Har
ding County, New Mexico, who,
on September, 11, 1918 made
Additional Homestead Entry, No
024570, for
SEVi, Sec. 20., NW;
SW14, Section 29, Township 18
N, Range 25JÍ, W. M. Jf. Merid
ian, has filed notice of intention
t.n make Final Three Year Proof,
to establish claim to the land a-
bóve described, before F. H. í os-
ter, U. S. Commissioner at his
office at Rov. New Mexico, on
the 22nd day of August, 1922.
Claimant names as witnesses:
P J. Laumbach and Benancio
Mardid of Solano, New Mexico,
and Dan Laumbach and Alejan
dro Maestas of Roy, New Mex.
II. II. Errett,
22- 29- 5- x--19
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at Clayton, Nl
Mexico. ,
July 12, 1922
NOTICE is hereby given that
Leonore Laumbach. of Roy, Har-
disg County, New Mexico, who,
on September 11th, iy 18, made
Additional Homestead Entry, No
024571. for SWIi-NWIA. SWlf,
Sec. 30., WV2-NWV4, Section 31,
rownshm 18 N.. Ranee 2
M. P. Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make final Three
Year Proof, to establish claim to
the land above described, before
F. H. Foster. U. S. Commissioner
at hia office at Roy, New Mexico
on the 22 day of August, 1922.
Claimant names as witnesses:
P. J. Laumbach and Benancio
Madrid of Solano, New Mexico,
and Dan Laumbach and Alejan
dro Maestas of Roy, New Mex.
H- H. Errett,
FOR SALE Eighty acres of
land lying one and three quart
ers miles north of Solano. Add
ress Mrs. Martha Frank,
110 Emerick street,
San Angelo, Texas .-,
FCvR SALE About 1,200 bushel
of good clean seed wheat, tests
from 58 to fiO nounds ner bushel.
J.C. Cory, three miles north and
""-half mile east of Mosquero.
, - y - j
l&i - - ,f . sv
y$i$ -. r f AaSr
July 29th, 1922
Santa Fe, July 20, Martin
Baldonado, a convict in the state
iwiitoTirnrv here waa killed and
five other convicts were Wound
ed today when eight guards sta
tioned at the towers along the
rolla nneníxl fire on a mob of
convicts after they had refused
to enter the cell house.
Baldonado was shot through
f he la.-lc and died a few minutes
later. Over twenty-five .shots
were fired by the guards belore
the m-isohers stampeded for the
guard house.
The prisoners had proxesiea
tr t.Vie officials about their rat
ions and insisted that unless they
were promised more to eat they
would not go to work tnis morn
ing. They also demanded that
the usual amount of beans inclu
ded in their days rations be cut
off of the menu.
Warden Jaramillo warned the
prisoners to obey the orders giv
en them and after numerous re
petitions' called on the guards to
open fire.
We're still needinsr r :"in r.r.d
everything is looking dry.
Mrs. Don Bradley is enjoying
a visit from friends from Daw
son this week.
Little Mary Ellen Hazen was
very sick Wednesday.
0 A. Murphy was a Koyvisi-
tor Thursday.
Adam TrouD was, assisting
Homer Mae Kenzie in moving a
house last Friday. Mr. Mac
Kenzie is fitting his farm tor
Mamie Smith visited at ivirs.
Hall's Friday. .
Arthur Hazen and JNiels tano
exen were working at Lysle Ha-
zen's Friday.
Miss Virginia Woods called on
Miss Mamie Smith Sunday.
A fí. Hazen and L. E. Mor-
ford were callers at C. C. Moores
home Sunday afternoon.
O. A. Murohv was a business
visitor in Mosquero Saturday.
Loide Morford is working, for
P. Hall again this week. ,
Mrs. A. G. liazen and cnnaren
called on Grandmother Hazen
Very good, come again Brad
ley correspondent. Editor.
r.onntv Sun't DeFrees was up
from the County Seat Friday
and attended the Kebekah insta
Mrs R. E. Alldredge and son
Lewis spent severs 1 days last
week visiting relatives and frie
nds at Springer.
Word from Melville Floersh
eim and family state they have
settled down in their new home
in Taos and Melville is well plea
sed with his new position.
John Hornbaker and daughter
came up from the Oen ranch
lash Saturdav where John has a
Pnice carpenter contract. They
returned to the ranch the lirst
lof the week.
Co.unty Agricultural agent
R. L. Strong of Mosquero, waa
in town between trains Monday
and the S.A. acknowledged a plea
jsant call. Mr Strong is a hustler
and we can expect some excellent
!help from him for the farmers
of the mesa. He is a live wire and
is busy getting acquainted with
the needs of the farmers.
For several days this wee
the management of the Develop
er was in the hands of Mayor!
B. F. Brown, owing ta the illness
of the publisher. No, it was; not
the delicious home-made ice cre
am brought to us by our neigh
bor, Mrs. De Frees, that knocked
us out but an old ramus,-trouble
that often reminds us of our
physical endurance. Mr. and
Mrs. Dyke, Mr. Brown and other
neighbors were very kind . and
we thank them atf.
Harding Ccunty Developer
iev ,'V imams and Vivian Per
ry came down from Alamosa,
Colorado Tuesday to look after
their farms out in Kansas Valley
They came down in Ben's new
Dodge Coupe. They report plenty
of mud between Springer and
Mills, they also got stuck up near
Abbott and spent two hours try
ing to et out of the mud. Ben
tells us that our friend Ed Perry
and family are doing fine at Ala
mosa and they send their best
wishes, to their many friends on
the mesa. Messrs Perry and Wil
liams, are old homesteaders of
the mesa and both still own their
fine farms out in the valley . -
GeoE. Cochrane
Mills, N. M.
Dates at this of fice.
Fancy Comb : Extracted Honey
For sale by the case
' and in 5 gal. cans
Retailed by all
Leading Grocers
Italian Bees and Queens
Fatjo Apiaries
P.O. Box Springer, New Mex.
General Blacksmith
Machine Work,
J. D. Wade,
I am a graduate from the
Missouri Auctioneering School.
I will assure you of service
that brings results.
Will be glad to cry your sale
anywhere at any time.
Col. B. R. Reeder
Roy, New Mexico.
1 And
Full line of Caskets alwaysq on
nand, also suits and dresses.
Calls answered day or night
Phone No. 58
Foster Blk. Roy, N. Mex.
Rates Reasonable. 1 i
Can Make Inspection Soon. ';
Write, Phone or See, .
Remejio Lopez
Physician and Surgeon,
Bobby Gotlet, ot of Robert
Walton Goelct, ol New York, is i
6rt heir to the frmout Goelrt j
fortune, which U etiiruit4 Hi
$100,000,000, making him tht
wealthiest baby in the world.
WANTED : A good farm hand,
one who can handle a Fordson
and do all kinds of farm work
Jack Mahoney, '
i .ll 'I, III .IW "
1 "'i


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