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'With Malice toward None, w ith Chanty tor All, and with Jb h mness in the Right"
VOL. XIX No. 32
Just as we went to press last
week the news was received in
Roy that J. C. Hester the oblig
ing Cashier of the Bank of Roy
and Miss Nan Virginia Bentley
of Salisbury, Mo. had been joi
ned in Holy Wedlock at Clifton
Hill, Ho. by the Baptist Minis
ter of that place, and we will tell
you of the happy event just as
we clipped it from the Press Spe
ctator of Salisbury, Mo.
Bentley- Hester Wedding
"In the personal items of last
week's Spectator appeared the
following item:" J.C. Hester of
Roy, New Mexico is visiting at
the T..M. Bentley home this
At the time of this writing,
had it been known that Mr. Hes
ter's mission to this city had
been to claim one of its most po
pular girls for his bride, they
would have not succeeded in sur
prising their friends in the man
ner in which they did - .
On Saturday morning Mr. Hes
ter and Miss Nan Virginia Ben
tley accompanied by Mr Forrest
Cox and Miss Lillian Ritzentha
ler left the Bentley home for a
pleasure drive and the drive took
them to Keytesville the county
seat where they secured the ne
cessary papers and then drove to
Clifton Hill and were married by
the Baptist Minister of that pla
ce, returning to Salisbury imme
diately after the ceremony and
keeping their marriage a secret
until evening when it was anno
unced at a party given by Miss
Ritzenthaler in honor of the bri
de and groom.
After the party the young pe
ople had a procession of cars
with which they paraded thru
the principal streets of the town
in true old charvari style and
proclaiming them bride and gro
om. :
Mrs. Hester the bride is the
youngest daughter of Mr and
Mrs T. M. Bentley, and with her
congeniality and sunny disposi
tion claims a large circle of frie
nds among the youner set and is
a most highly esteemed and ac
complished young lady.
Mr. Hester the groom is as
sociated with Robert II . Bentley
in the Bank of Roy, Roy, N.M.
and it was while visiting her
brother last fall that Miss Ben
tley met her future husband. Mr
Hester comes well recommended
as being a man of splendid cha
racter and business ability.
Mr and Mrs Hester will spend
a week or ten days visiting re
latives and friends in Missouri
after which they will leave for
Roy, to make their future heme.
The best wishes and congratu
lations of a legion of friends' will
follow them to their new home in
New Mexico.
(Press Spectator)
The above tells of the ending
of a happy romance which star
ted in Roy last winter when Miss
. Bentley was visiting at the Ben
tley's her Those who knew
' them best, knew that a romance
had been started, but few thou
ght it would end so happily and
quickly. Mr. Hester left Roy se
veral weeks ago, presumbly for
a few weeks visit with relatives
at Santa Rosa and Blum, Texas
nd most every one here thou
ht he was enjoying life down in
the heat of Texas when lo and
behold the news came to town
that he had fled to Missou
ri and taken unto himself a bride
in the "Shov me State."
Well Clint, you fooled a bunch
of them, but there is sure a mob
Tiere awaiting your return and
the rccscdon . vou wpre in at
Salisbury will be meek by the
one ycu will be in here in Roy.
Anaway here's congratulations
and may your future lives be fil
led with all the joys that go to
make life a great blessing.
A new democrat arrived at
the home of D. M. Martinez on
August 15th and is calling Mr.
and Mrs Martinez "Daddy" and
"Mamma". We understand that
D. M. has already decided to ma
ke him a democrat and here's
hoping that som.e day he may be
governor of the great state. Con
gratulations to Mr and Mrs Martinez.
The man who could, not be sur
prised, really was very much
surprised last Wednesday after
noon. This man was no other
than our good. old friend and
neighbor, Frank A Eruce of east
of town. Thursday,, the seven
teenth, was the fifty-third an
niversary of Mr. Bruce,and to
make him remember this date,
his wife and daughters success
fully planned and "put over" a
genuine surprise in his honor.
Quite a number of relatives and
friends came out to the Bruce
home in the evening in spite of
the fact that a heavy rain had
fallen in that community, and
they certainly gave Mr. Bruce a
good surprise and proceeded to
spend a pleasant evening at his
Ice cream and cake made up
the refreshments for the evening
and it is said that every one who
was present ate to their capacity
Games were played by the young
er folks and were enjoyed by the
older ones too. Conversation
and many other forms of enter
tainment were indulged in until
late at night when all departed
for their various homes, wishing
Mr. Bruce many more such hap
py birthdays.
A brother, H. E. Bruce, and
his family, of Kansas were pre
sent and helped Mr. Bruce en
joy the evening with his friends.
The Citizens of Harding Cou
nty are requested to meet at the
Community Hall at Roy Monday'
evening August 28th, for the pu
rpose of considering what action
shall be taken regarding the mat
ter oí a special election reques
ted by the citizens of Mosquero
for the purpose of voting bonds
for a county Court House and
Jail at Mosquero.
This is a question of importa
nce to all citizens of the county,
and every precinct should make
an effort to have one or more
representatives at the meeting. .
M. D. Gibbs,
Mayor of Roy.
Ivan (Riley) Johnson who has
been visiting Raton relatives for
the past week returned home Mo
W. P. Mealey and Ernest An
derson were up from the county
seat last Tuesday afternoon on
J.R. McKee, one of the Demo
cratic nominees for countv Trea
sure was shaking hands with
his friends in Roy Tuesday after
Fancy Colorado potatoes $2.00 cwt.
Diamond M flour $3.50 cwt.
Floersheim. Mercantile Company
The above heading tells the
tale of what at first appeared
to be one of the best base ball
games ever played on the local
diamond, but which 'took on a
different looking aspect after
the fifth inning. .
Mosquero came up with a good
team Sunday afternoon and the
way that the game started off,
the many fans thought they
were going to witness a real.ct & delegates to the State
contest. During the first three
inniTioVnpitW irte was nblp to
i6 ..xmvot. v,Mr, ...u: t 1 L.U
get a man across the home base,
however, in the fourth, Leather-
man scored on a bunt ' by Mc
Minimy and made the first one
piled up by Roy. Mosquero fail-
ed to score again in the fourth,
but in the fifth, Hephner their
pitcher, weakened and the good
suonort that he had been driven
the first four innings, wavered
and Roy began, marking up the
scores. During the next four
innings Roy added several more"
scores to her side of the tally
sheet which made the final count
read 13 to 2. Mosquero scored
one in the seventh and a home
run by Herbert Hughes in- the
eighth were the only two times
that the visitors were able
u-j 't-
deal of practice this year and
did not measure up to his usual
standard of pitching, however
the numerous errors made' by
both the infield and outfield
players, accounted m a gooa
measure for the many scores
made by the Roy boys. ;
The whole game after the
fifth inning was rather loosely
puiytu uy uutu &iue. iwy uiu!of j,jrs Charles Farlev of north-
iot do as good as her average
ifter the fifth as four errors
A-ere chalked up against them af
ter this stage of the game.
Williams was on the mound
or Roy and-pitched good ball,
....tv v... VVHW
rh.7 Kite invino1 tho (ramo wVii-
1 3 14 or 15 were secured off Ileph
ler. , The numerous home runs,
two by Roy in one inning, were
;he features of the game.
Mosquero has a good team and
has some fine players but they
are lacking practice that is so
necessary to do good team work.
If they had a good battery, with
a 'little diligent practice, they them man and wife,
would make Roy get up and play Mr Burns hails from Dodge
real ball to beat them. The . City, Kansas and Miss Gay from
game was played in a little over Kehart, N.M. They were ac
an hour and there was little 0ri"Panied 1 on their trip by Roy
,. r , , ' Gay and Mr and Mrs Hairy Lam
no wrangling. We hope to see happy couple wi make
the teams cross bats again in their home in Kansas where the
the 'near future and we may good wishes of the community
witness a close contest. !goe3 with them. , ' . ..
Is not large enough to enumerate all of our
among which are
30 x 3 auto casings at 0
Other sizes
The County Democratic Con
vention was. held at Mosquero
Tuesday and was attended by a
large number of delegates from
all parts of the county.
The convention was composed
of 72 delegates and practically
every delegate elected by the va
rious precincts was present. The
purpose of the convention was to
1" T'aVl wm ue ai. y, eiwea Deauraui scenery
on the 31st at Albuquerque . 1 he climbing over the hills, and the
following were elected ; J. Floer- .delightful exercises of swimming
eun'y; 5' V 8' gan I m Frank Smith accompanied
P, Fauli1,an' Rose-the campers and helped show
d; A A. Wynne, , Mosquero;. them the sights. Mr and Mrs
-F;. Chav0ez . Eueyeroá; D.M. ic.F. might and daughter Alice
Kart,mez', Sabmo. anf, Mr?" w- íand Leona joined the party a id
Charles Lason oí Gallegos. All jremained until Monday momhg
f the delegates elected will at-when they broke camp and retur
tend the convention. ne(j to civilization. It was a ha. J
Absolute harmony prevailed
throughout the convention and
a number of talks were made by
prominent democrats of the cou-
"-W, an delegates present were
very enthusiastic and claimed
this iü a Democratic year for
Harding county, which they
pect to prove in November.
No date was set for the next
county convention, which will
name the democratic county can-
I didp.tes, and this vf.s kit v. ith'
the county central committee,
They will later set the date and
name the place for holding this
convention and it is thought it
will be held sometime during the
latter part of .September.
Mr and Mrs McDaniel and chil
dren of Texas, are visiting frie-
i fi M McDaniel is a brother
east of town.
A number of bravo hunters
wont out to the .'Pleasant View
ni to cSpe;the wild animals
neighborhood last Tuesday mor-
xuaiinxig .nuu.uu -n-tHii uiiuuu."
;j-r V...4- ,,. nnnM 4-n
Mr. T. Burns and Miss Nellie
Gay, made a trip to Mosquero,
Monday where they called on the
County Clerk and came out with
some very important papers in
thrir hands. They drove toRoy
and Judge Foster pronounced
in proportion
MrandMrsR.W. Buffington
received a visit from their Texas
friends and relatives. This vas
a pleasant surprise to the Buf-
fington's. The party consisted
of Mr Buffington's brother Reed,
his sisters Miss Beth and Mrs
E. V. McLaughlin, the laters hu
sband and a friend. Miss Jrck
They were well entertained du
ring the week stay; Several days
were spent at the river where
I - 1 1 i
looking bunch that pulled in tc
.Mr J. L. Smith's at the ncor
,hour, but Mrs Smith as always,
had a splendid dinner preparec"
ior tnem. A pleasant aiterncon
was spent with the Smith's, til-
, ter. which the party dispercec
ex-jand went to their respective ho
mes to prepare for the evening
Mien they were to meet again at
Mr Harry btallord's and enjoy
.'dancing and ice cream.'
The visitors departed for Te-
xas Wednesday of this week.
They expressed themselves as
having had a wonderful time and
promised other visit
The Roy School will open on
Tuesday, September 5th. All
the teachers will be in their res-
pective rooms to receive the pu-
PliS anQ 10 &lve wnaieve uiur
mation inquiring patroiju..Tiay
desire rearding books, &c.' In
the next issue of this paper will
be given the assignments of the
various grades to their rooms so
; . ,
I Books are on sale at the Floe-
rsheim Merc Co store.- it ycu
will see me, I will help you to
classify and tell you what books
you will need.
Call at my home or step me on
the street.
I am at your service,
Cameron Bazzill,
J. S. Candelario, the Curio
man from Santa Fe, is spending
the week with the Laumbach's
south of town. He has promi
sed to send us some of his jum
ping beans, for exhibition, a wri
te up of which occured in the
Santa Fe New Mexican.
Grazing Land Cut to $1-73 per
Now that the State Tax Com
mission has lowered the assess
ment on grazing lands to $1.75
per acre, it is up to the dry farm
ers and cow men with small
ranches to see that their lands,
i which are not cultivated . are
placed on the tax rolls of Hard
ing county as grazing lands and
are assessed at the low rate that
is given the cowman and exclus
ive stock raiser. And, why
I should it not be placed on the
rolls at this value? Is not graz
ing land, whether it be "just a
few acres, or a ranch of thous
ands of acres and used as pas
ture land worth practically th"
same for grazing purposes all
over Harding county? We do
not know the intent of the coun
ty Commissioners in this matter
but we do know that at the May
meeting of the county board of
Commissioners the valuation of
tne different classes of lands
was placed as follows : Dry farm
ing land not cultivated, $3.50 per
acre; while lands used solely io"
grazing purposes were assessed
at $2.65 per acre.and this has
since been cut to $1.75 per acre
by the State Tax Commission.
Now, as we understand the mat
ter, the homesteader or dry
farmer who has reserved a por
tion of his land for grazing pur
poses will be assessed at the val
ue Oi $3.u0 p3x' ACic, jfiv . iv.iig
the same can be nlnwed.. when
it is a fact that thousands of ac
res of the land owned by the
large ranches can be plow ed and
should thus be assesed at the
rate that is placed on the small
íii'Uitií'á piow laad or else the '
fanner should be afforded ; the
gracing land rate on the land he
ucas for that purpose, the same
as the stockman. This is a
matter of great importance to
the farmers of the county and
we are of the opinio:; that they
fhould t"';e úr.tnediate.-etipn to-,
'.ee a like rate of assessment
Ú placed on all grazing ianis in
jhe county. In a tahc on this
subject with someof the voters
of the county they say that the
assessment will be cut down so
materially by doing this that we
will go to a fourth or fifth class
county. Our answer to this is
that it is far better to reduce
the class of the county th
make unequal and unjust
assessment. If grass land in
the eastern or the southern or
the central part of the county,
is worth $1.75 per acre for the
assessed value, then it is worth
a like amount in the western or
northern part, and no more.
Last year the dry farmer paid
on an average rate of $5.00 on
his grazing land, providing same
could be plowed, while many of
the ranches of the county were
assessed at the rate of $2.65 per
acre for the same class of land.
Was this fair? Some say, Oh
well, one is really farming land,
while the other is just pasture
land. However, the fact remains
that both are used for the same
purpose. We may just as well
say that because John Doe has
improved his place, placed a well
on it and fine buildings, that it
should be assessed more per acre
than his neighbor across . the
road who has let his farm grow
up in weeds. Should this be the
case, then we would encourage,
farmers to let their places grow
up in weeds especially . from a
tax stand point" The Spanish
American has given this, a great
deal of consideration and wef ha
ve waited patiently for some one
to take this matter i into their
own hands and get it threshed
out, but it seems that the taxpa
yers are negligent on the sub
ject and after talking it over
with numerous taxpayers, this
paper has decided to go into it
a.d get to the bottom of it. We
want to hear from the different
tare payers on the subject and
this paper is open to publish let
ters and views from any one in
the county cercerning the asses
sment proposition. We are not
doing this to antagonize the
County Commissioners or Asses
sor, as they are all friends of
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