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'With Malice toward None, w ith Charity tor All, and with Firmness in the Right.'
"VOL. XIX No. 33
$1-75 PER ACRE. ,
The County Commissioners took action while sitting as a Board of
The County Commissioners of Harding County sitting as a
Board of Equalization have ordered the Assessor of the county to
place all grazing lands on the tax rolls at $1.75 per acre, the
amount agreed on by the State Tax Commission. This action was
taken by the Board of County Commissioners at their meeting
' Tuesday morning and has met the approval of the entire popula
tion of the county. The motion as passed by the Commissioners
cuts the assesment on all unplowed land m the county except Editors Spanish-American
The Spanish American received the following letter from the
County Commissioners which is to be taken into consideration
lands in( Incorporated Municipalities) that is used for grazing
purposes from $3.50 per acre to $1.75 per acre or just cuts the
lormer assessment in two. - .
This change in the assessment will throw a great amount of
extra work on the Assessors office, as it means a change in every
schedule containing unplowed lands, but Assessor Baca is equal to
the occasion and will hire extra help and try to get the rolls out
by the first of December if possible.
. The Spanish American received a generous support with its
petitions asking the State Tax Commission to ask the Commis
sioners to make the change, but in as much as the change has
already been made the petitions will not be necessary, however
we wish to thank those who worked so untiringly on getting sig
natures and the few days the petitions were out several hundred
names were secured from all parts of the county, Some farmers
taking their cars and driving for days over the county securing
signers to the petitions which meant that within a few days prac
tically every land owners name in the county would have been
on the petitions. - . ' ,
Harding County is fortunate in having the strong, reliable
set of Commissioners, for they are doing their best to give the
county a good, fair and just government and an ejual assessment.
They realize the situation in the .county and want every tax-payer
to receive an equal and fair assessment.
We realize the fact that cer
tain grazing lands in the county CELEBRATES FOURTH "
are worth tar more than grazing : BIRTHDAY
lands in other parts of the coun- i
ty, and the only way to get at t ' n r, c, . . , T
the matter fairly is to tíJijT?-'
all lands in every section in the fffM,1?8 f f 0Urth b rtLday
county. Lands close to rail- Iast MoTn.day aft ft Mos
roads are worth more than lands quem ILs mamm had mvited a
manv Sel from ti towS whi number of his little fliends from
EStSmSX lids moltiy Mos(iuero and Ry t0 come t0 the
Sed of Scks not worth ' Anderson home durin the after"
7 "C . . " .,; i Í A fine little lunch
was served
I to the guests late in the after-
The new assessment will lower ,Th nartv Hisw t w-., m.
of .the county be made until a
section classification is made.
the assessed value in the county
considerable and make the coun
ty a 5th Class County, but it
will surely offer relief to the
over burdened tax payers. The
Commissioners are economizing
in every way possible and doing
down, and each one of the little
guests wished Sonny many more
such happy birthdays. '
Miss Taylor, head of the Do
mestic Science and Domestic Art
n n the., n,,w n iAUmr th0 Department in New Mexico, was
tayes, and the tax-payers of the in Roy Wednesday making the
county are appreciable of the ; necessary arrangements for Roy
Roy, New Mexico. "
Gentlemen:' , .'
Tn view of the recent controversy regarding the calling of
a special election to vote on the question of bonds for Court-house
and jail at Mosquero, and which seems to have caused considerable
misunderstanding as to the position taken Dy tne uumy commis
sioners in the matter, we are writing this letter to you, and re
quest that in the interests of fair play you give it all the publicity
possible. '..'
You will remember that when tne petition regarding tne
High-schóol was presented to this board they offered to call the
snerial election, but suffsrested that the money to defray the ex
pense of such election be provided by those most interested, as the
county exchequer aid not at tnat time seem 10 jusuiy me expen
diture. This was a suggestion, not a ruling, and was in the interest
of every tax-payer in the county.
It as later decided by the delegation from Roy, that, under
the circumstances, the petition be withdrawn, and the matter left
to be voted on at the general election in November should the
application made for a re-hearing not be heard from before such
election. T
This board appreciates this action upon the part of the Roy
people in co-operating with them in their efforts in the direction
of economy. .
Should this petition have been left with the Commissioners
they would have had no option but to have called the election, as
the law is mandatory.
Now in the matter of the petition presented requesting a
special election to vote bonds for a court-house and jail at Mos
quero, we understand that many people think that the Commissio
ners have not taken the same stand they did in the High-school
The fact is they have taken exactly the same stand, and have
tried to avoid this expense to the tax-payers at this time, and in
fact, it was advised that the people of Roy and Mosquero try to
get together on the two propositions before deciding to present
such petition. This was done with result as you know.
The request of the Commissioners that the petition be with
drawn however, was complied with and the matter remains to be
settled at some future time, ánd' we hope, will be satisfactory to
all concerned.
The Commissioners did not attend any of the meetings held
by the citizens regarding this matter as they preferred to remain
in a position to act with impartiality.
We have tried to give a square deal to all and think we have
done so.
' ' . E. F. Gallegos,
J. H. Crane,
Raymundo Arguello,
Board County Commissioners, '.'
Mosquero, New Mexico, August, 30th, 1922.
Commissioners actions .
The Republicans
No. 3, (Roy Precinct) held their
precinct caucus at the Communi
ty Hall last Saturday atternoon
and quite n number of the G.O.P I
were pre?ent. The convention)
was called to order by the precin
ct chairman F.S. Brown and the
Secretary F.L. Schultz read the
call for the caucus, after which
the convention proceeded to na
me the delegates, 16 in number
to attend the County Convention
w hich will be held Saturday the (
2nd day of September at Mos-
quero. j
The delegates names were as
follows: ,
F.A. Roy; George Gonzales, P.
C. Haines, Leandro Archuletta,
E. J.H. Roy, Leandro Martinei,
C. Erucst Anderson, Dan Gonza
.els, F.S. Brown, Jose Meastes,
F. L. Scmiltz, Manuel Archuletta,
J.H. Mahoney, Mrs George Gon
zales, Mi-3 J.H. Mahoney and
.Francisco Sanchez y Medina'.
Several talks were made by
. local repubaoivns and the party
see:-.is united in Hording County
.and especially in the Roy Precin
ct. The County Convention which
will betield Saturday, will name
the delegates to the State Con
vetion which will be held at Al
buquerque September 7th.
to secure Federal Aid in this
work . Roy is one of the few
schools in New Mexico qualify
ing under the Smith-Hughes act
and will receive Federal Aid both
'in Agriculture and Domestic
of Precinct Science.
R. E. Alldredge made a busi
ness trip to Las Vegas and Spr
inger the first of the week.
Louis Waters who has been
visiting at Springer for several
weeks returned home last Saturday.
Jay Bradley of-Mosquero R.F.
D. is a new reader of the S. A.
this week.
Several committees have been appointed to make all necessary
arrangements to care of laige auenaance.that Will be present
The different committees appointed to make the necessary
arrangements for the Tekasew Mexico Highway which will be
held in Roy on September 25 h and 2oth, are working every day
to make the meeting not only a pleasure to the delegates who will
be present but to make the meeting itself a great success and of
much value to the Association. '
The arrangement committe is making plans for a banquet to
be given the visiting delegates cn Monday evening and plates will
be set for 400. On the secona Jay a big barbecue will be held for
the large crowd which will be p.esent. A number of other thing
will be arranged for the visitor.;, including base ball games, races
and many other forms of amusements. The meeting will be held
in the old Odd Fellow Hall. The hall will seat about 500 persons.-
The Masonic Hall will also be open during the convention and will
accomodate at least 400 or more. The Community Hall which seats
about 300 will also be used during the convention and it is probal
ble that any interstate meeting vhich may be held during the con
vention week will be held m tins hall.
It is planned to open the convention on Monday the 25th, at
10 o'clock and a business session will be held during the forenoon
and another session during the afternoon of the first day. At
the fair grounds a ball game v. ill be played, also various races will
be given during the afternoon'. At night the banquet will be held
and following the banquet a dance will be given by the American
Legion.. The forenoon ot ths bond day will be given to business
sessions and at noon the bit; barbecue will be pulled off and fol
lowing this will be another oail game and some more races, fol
lowed at night by another bij dance. -
' Hotel accomodations are being
LITTLE GIRL SERIOUSLY made for the big crowds whicu
. INJURED are expected to be present. Mills
i 0Ur sister town to the north has
Elizabeth the five year old dau agreed to help us care for the
ghter of Mr and Mrs H. Cheney people and will send down cars
who live on the Regoni farm abo
ut 10 miles north of Roy was se
riously injured last Wednesday
evening when a team became
frightened and the wagon pas
to taite a numoer oí tne visitors
to that town to be cared for in
the hotels at that place . All av
ailable rooms in the town will be
needed and anyone who can care
sed over the arm and leg of the for one or more visitors should
little girl. A man peddling beef notify the arrangement commi
had stopped at the Cheney home ttee just how many they can
and the little girl had come out care for. Large delegations
of the house and was standing jare expected irom a number of
near the wagon when something Texas towns and possibly every
frightened the team and they
made a plunge, jerking the wra-
gon against her and throwing
New Mexico town will send from
2 to ó delegates.
The convention promises to be
her to the ground and dragging one of the best attended road
the wagon over her body. The 'meet::;g ever held in the state
right leg was broken at the thigh a.- a number of prominent sta
and the collar bone was also bro- te officers have promised to be
ken and she was otherwise inju- present and address the conven
red. Immediately after the acci- tion including Governor Mechem.
dent, Dr Moon of Mills was sum
moned and he brought the woun
ied girl to the Plumlee hospital
where Doctors Moon and Plum
lee set the broken bones and gave
her other surgical aid. Little
Elizabeth is suffering terribly
from the injuries but the doc
tors say she is doing as well as
can be expected and will soon be
on the road to recovery.
R. A. Pendleton and f amilv re
trrnéd from a three weeks in 1 J-A. Hurst, of near Mosquero
the mountains fishing and enjo-'was in town Tuesday enroute to
yiríg vacation life.
Dawson on a business mission.
The County Commissioners,
Messrs E.F. Gallegos, J.IL Crane
and Raymondo Arguello were bu
siness visitors in Roy Wednes
day evening. The gentlemen ha
ve been busy all week on the tax
. schedules and took a little vaca
tion trip w) to th county Diet rosolis.
Use Your Telephone
To let us know your wants and we will get
them to you when you want them.
We are heádquirters for ymr-school -supplies, such as books,
tablets, pencil:, stationery Cz. '.Have your book hst ready wh
ycu come In so we casi wait on ycu promptly. -
1 ü '
your '-ticKets-
We will be closed all day Labor Day, Monday, Sept., 4th.
State Highway Engineer Gil
lette, Hon. Charles Springer, and
many other prominent men of
the state.
Commence now to begin ma
king preparations to attend, and
don't forget the dates, Monday
nd Tuesday September 25th and
County Clerk Anderson and
Sheriff George Spivey drew the
Grand and Petit Juries for the
October term of Court for Hard
ing County, from the big jury
wheel last Saturday. The follow
ing are the names of the jurora
GRAND JURY: F. M. Bailey,
G.R. Belknap, Ed Weisdorfer, w".
E. Carter, J. Coffeen, G.R. Abe-
rnathy, J.F. Arnett, John Horn
baker, Jose Leandro Martinez,
M.T. Nix, Emeho G. Trujillo,
Leonor Pacheco, Pablo Atencio,
Ben Sanchez, Ricardo Casados,
Bernardo Trujillo, D.M. Finley,
Raven Bean, Vidal C. Martinez,
Miguel Martinez, Sam Ratcliff,
J.M. Johnson, Pedro Padilla, W.
C. Wickham, W.M. Amburger
and Vicíente C. de Baca . ,
PETIT JURY: Proropio Mon
toya, W.H. McMinn, R.H. Ben-
tley, L.A. West, N.L. Benson,
Candido Urtado, R. S, Porter,
Claude Morris. Andres Jaramillo.
Santiago Martinez, Damián Cres
pin, C.F. Leonhard, R.D. Purcefl,
Alfredo Gonzales, Jose de Jesus
Garcia, Jose Arguello. Cictoriano
í!. Quintano, Wm. Hill, C.W. Jac
kard, Victor Griego, fiantiaíro Lo
rez, L.P. Robertson, Tobia3 de
! Herrera, Earl Case, ALL. Woods,
A.D. Spencer, Emeho Giwa'es,
T.O. Scott, T.E. Siler and Victor
T u cei o. .
Hoyd Lcatherman lott for Ka-
n ias City anr Joplin Mo. Thurs
: r y where he went on business
-..- also make a visit io fri
'.. -! bplin and ?:..' -ville.

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