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'With Malice toward None, with "Charity for All, and with Firmness in the Right"
No. S5.
I ' ON SErTEMüER 4th.
Last Saturday the Roy base r St. George's School opened
ball team motored to Springer with a large attendance, Wen
with the avowed intention qf the ptu ils. all return we expect
cleaning up on the team of that the mark to far exceed the num
town', but to their utter disap- ber enrolled last year. The par
pointment they failed to bring enta who Have not yet sent their
home the bacon by a margin of children should use every effort
two scores, the final count being io sena uwm as swn a pusiuic
11-9 with SDrinirerthe victors, i ine pupus are very muw ci
er Post
Eufracio Gallegos, of Gallegos,
Harding Co, for Lieutenant
Governor;; 11
PRUNED OVER $700,000
Budgets Show More Than $400,
QQ0 Cut With Still Mole
to Come off.
v The Republican State Conven
tion, at Albuquerque, N.M; last
Saturday morning,' completed
their nominations of the state
ticket . C , L. Hill of Dona Ana
rith Springer the victors. , ine pupus are very mucn ei - Governor, and Eufra-
American Legion Spring-, ! Gafes, pf Harding County,
it, staged a two day ; fair . iISSSS ' our present county commissioner
I R.W. Eoulware and family
jleft for; Colorado this week, whe
ire they will make their future
home. The Boulware's have ren- ' T
ted a large farm" about twenty. New Mexico's school bill for
miles from Denver and will try , this, year will be from $700,000
farming in that state for a year to $800,000 under last year's,
or two. Oh, no, they have not ' according to State School Audi-
sold their farm here. íust want i tor John Joerns.
Association Meeting Promises a
Large Attendance
to try a change for a year or
two, thats all. Dick says we are
The budgets for rural, city
and high schools for the year
xuova ínvitprl t.n nartiriDate.
Fridav the Springer team cross- e Domestic bcience uass hg ;t th rty rs ever put be.
J Z with the Oolmor team, wil be opened, this will give the foreHthe the Dublic.- The follow
ed SaWday the contest was Se se" and c oí? the publican . State
Se Tn both games. The ?rthey " their classes Dayig j of Mial
whine of the- game was to re- m Manual Training No efforts For CongresS( Mrs 0tero War-
ceive a purse of $75.00 plus 65 wUl.be spared, both teachers and ren orSanta County, For
Sent of the gate receipts. In ,PuPl13, J1 do all in their power GoVernor C- m of pona
the event that our toy? won, the. year a most success- Ana Cou'nt For Lieutenant
they would 'have ?been abouffor- M one. By all appearances we Goyernor Eüfrado GaJé &-of
tv doSrs to the good, but 'as it willhave a large graduating class Harding County. For Sécretary
was they 2-e about hat much u Sisters also have a num- of gta j t Des G H
was, tney are auoiu ber of pupils irom ' neighbomg TMg . . ,Foi state
t -o rmn, thnf hnth teams towns who fre boarders and at- it Hil Deigado of Santa Fe
It is-reported that both teams t d our j Th are. the , Treasurer
nlaved a rather loose game of . AAa tirw i7r!,n(,M pnll u.m7; . ror 5í,aie '
,rhinh tho inrp will vprifv ""ooco T, , Tm J, A. JViatson, oi ceiaiaiiuo oun
ball, wmcti the score win veruy. - t j rranroaii,u nf Tiimim- i . , .A ,
not saying we going for good j 1922-1923 show only $427,097
and have the tarm ready to co-1 cut from $4,967,850 for 1921
me we wish. Mr and Mrs Boul- 1922 to $4,540,853 for 1922-923
ware and family are among our But more is to come off. The
f ore:;iost citizens and have hel-: Tax Commission's decision to be
ped to develop the mesa from the guided by District Judge Harry
day it was a barren prairie. They P. Owen's decision in passing on
came here in 1908 and havedeve- the budgets means a further re
loped one of the finest ranches .duction. Then, Mr. Joerns ex-
on the tíiesa out in the Pleasant pects a big part of the balances
View neighborhcod. They have
also taken active part in the
church and social life of the co
mm unity and have done their
part to make this great mesa a
worth while place to live in. The
whole mesa will, miss them and
their active work and the schools
laid by from last year's budgets
for the first three months this
year to get the school system
on a cash basis to be saved and
used to make still another cut.
On top of this another decrease
is expected when the tax com
mission gets thru passing on the
' - . ,i . IJVC ttUU l iailVCQ 1111U VI x
Our boys oner xne excuse umt Getrude Swoyer o Hayden,
the Springer outfield is a vert- gUaabeth Copenhaver of Abbott,
ible sun-flower patch, and it was and FranceS Deghan of Michig
almost impossible to find a bail, aIliVThese ms too, have come
once it was knocKed beyond ine ... . -. . t k- Thev have
tv.' For Attornev-Geheral. A
A. Sedillo of Bernalillo . Coufity
For Land .. ommissioner,', Fritz
Muller, of Santa Fe County.
For School Superintendent, Airs.
oi Roy will miss those bright chi i budgets, as the result of a nibb
Idren in the school days to come, ; le here and a nibble there; mak-
iut our ia.i be a great gain ing a cut in the transportation
for the community in which they allowance for this district, cutt
are moving to. The Spanish Am-1 ing out an additional teacher in
erican will go with them to their that district and so on. ""
new home and tell them how the
mesa is coming along, the paper
Under Judge Owen's decision
only $990 a year is allowed for
nnof it was KnocKea iwyuuu .íj fxv n. hva. . , , ... . ., .
t " j iu-t-iA u Tt io "ii.uumm vv .. - " - - Maude u Bianey, uncom wun- tj, tu i0úM r "r"1
uounus oí tuc uy-ictu, r:r their hours for games and spon v vnr rm-nnt-nfinti rñmmis- fv . . . w V" """iOne, iwo or tnree room rural scn-
that. Berry for the locáis, neia- K- rV.t.n v,fl vn vino-a fnr ntnAv 1 tt t,: t- A:t,-
A o Koll in tViia trrnvp and after .i . . j7 i.- . "
v.iv - , UULWIieil.L
-d a ball in this grove, and alter h the - réad to up .
fingir, rr t and throwinff it m. it 'i. ii íu:
- -- -- - piay rur wuir u nimga jwun
took him exactly five minutes to tQ & promising year.
find his way back to where he F Felix Vach(
could see his team mates.
We have been unable to get
the full details of thé game ex
cept that Williams ; pitched a
-wonderful game and that his,
Fr. Felix Vachon, O. M. I.
The ticket which was üláded
before the public at the conven
tion is noteworthy from the fact
that it contains a liberal strihk-.
AID MEETS WITH ling of dark horses cómnencing
MilS. SAM RATCLIFF ,. ith the : mveraorshin but one
prominent lacx. is nonceaoie ana
of their many friends here. So
. here's success to you Mr and Mrs
Boulware and your children arid
nay your fondest ambjtions be
realized in your new home .
support was good until about th 'ast WJr,esday.
seventh inning, when some of Mra Sam Ratcl!
The Ladies' Union ;. Aid met tlvat is; geographically the ticket
afternoon- with ; snflnish Ameriran. however
ff at her home Santa Fe .County managed to
names on the ticket.
T TJI1I ..rVi A timn nftml.
ior vns upiwouig vcoiii, ivujr ier tns xcguar yusincaa niccniig jiated tor goveiTior was'notreYefi
.,cal 'diamond Suridayut this re- pent in. quilting and making penei,: but after Holt waí de-
tírti"1ihe M.títt. .Vftrefied as Vet nfhr nspfiil nHirVa tti hi ha- e
' '- -'i. ' ' 'uinij 1 1 , i-- : ... oar whiph 'tripv wi i ntífa atter: , tj.ii
The Union
vow int!prpst
home of Mrs. Frank A. Roy this their hostess arid ' before' they on the ticket it was easy toinom-
1 'm.amKa. r. íñi f Vi üi y li nnioc fliav mala . x 1. 'n. 1 1 1 j
ween,' wiin siAueeu nicmuciB im .v.. k vv ..,..0 ..v.. jiJaie nim especially wnen ne naa
ng 01 sxronj
Tlr Hill hn
Via TZsn vA rvf T? flfronf
Ci Vi VTiw , ' ' . 1UI.UL Vi WX &J11 L
twenty-fifth. It was decided to next Wednesday, beginning prom the A. and M. College, of New
Tieep the public inforriied as to ptiy at 1 Jf,iVl. All members Mexico under three, governors
the natui-e of this bazaar. The 01 ine Aid are respectively re- and is one of the prominent bu
remainder of the afternoon was quested to be present. 'siness men of that part of the
i ... , -j 'ovate ciiiu vuiiiuuxu ai M--
Roy S.. Wood who has been Icpptionally strong man for the
on the sick list the past few wé-'place,
,ks,is getting along very nicely, Hon. E. F. Gallegos cf Hardirg
nd expects to be himself again County was named as Lieute";uit
i a very short time . , . G ovenior and the placing of Mr .
sTipnt in sewins ánd social con
versation. This society is glad
-to. welcome any member w'ho is
interested in church Work.
ool. Not only the teacher's pay
but the janitor's, and practically
all other expenses must be paid
out of this sum. Since Chair
man J. E. Saint's announcement
the tax commission would be
Gallegoes on the ticket will add. guided by this decision budgets
a great deal of weight for he will allowing more than the umlt ior.
pcH an exceptional strong vote teacher's salaries have teen cut
in the eastern part of the state. ,down. How much this will re
Mr. Gallejos is capable of filling , duce the total bill cannot be told
the place and will make a good, until. the commission gets thru
pleader for the Senate, ; . r with the budgets. ' ? n p
í i Thé keynote spchoithe con-The budgets for only four
yentiori. was made by Hugh B . counties "8íow an : increase &r
íiWoodwaifd-DjstíTCt', Attorney oi this yeaivtrrBarnalillo's with $863
this district ;and in' his. speech Harding's with $19,441",' Hidalgos
Mn Woodwaid.ialléd attention. with $1,000, arid McKinley,s'with
to. the manyiigood and .effective-$1,64,5,. All of the others show
laws passed by, the last legisla- decreases, ranging, '..from. $469,
ture and ,. Of the economies of for Eddy to $41,338' for Rio' Arr-'the-
administration for the past.' iba.. . Some' of the bigger -cuts
two. years, he also cited many are Colfax, $30,583; Dona Ana,;
other things which has been do- $36,583; Socorro, $36, 184. ' .
ne by te party since it came into . v - t
ppwer two years ago. .' The Republican delegates to
' :tv,q -a,' v. 4.u the State Convention at Albuqu
1 ne convention as one of the tt j- n 4.
, . . , . . erque from Harding County re-
most, harmonious ever. held by turned the first of the week;
the Party in the state and practi they report that the republican
cally all ' of the ticket was named party placed an exceptionally
by acclamation; every candidate 'strong ticket in the field and
nnA j 1 , that the chances for carrying
named has a god clean record the gtate thig fall for the par
and will be a vote getter for the vvas, neVer better than it is this
News reached Roy. -Thursday j
rrioming befor:1 f omg . to pre-ss,
tbr.t tlie.MLis ll'oatre had ouiv
med to the fcVQU-about 12.30 -Wednesday
night The 'Jheatre
.was dpied by: ,VVm ScíioéTif in
stead t 'aiid was '- erected al)9ut:
-tw o jea'rs ago at a cost of akut
$4,000 The' building was of-fra-me
construction, but was well
built. It was used as: a picture
show for a while, but lately has
' been used as a public hall . ; The
last time the hall was used, was
last Saturday night and there
is no conceivable way in which
it could have caught fire and ma
ny believe it was of incendiary
origin. However Mr Schoener
stead has no enemies in Mills
and no one can see any reason
why the building should have
been burned by an incendiary.
The loss will amount to over
$4,000 as it was well equipped,
Mr Schoenerstead carried $2,000
insurance on .the building and
contents. . .
The Albuquerque Herald, now
an independent newspaper, anno
unces in an advertisement in
this issue a forthcoming . series
of articles in which it will dis
cuss in an informaeible way the
opposing candidates on the sta,te
and congressional ticket. At the
conclusion of the articles, 12 in
number, and beginning on Sept.
19. The Herald will announce
the candidates it will support and
its, reasons therefor; Voters are
promised a clear, impartial sta
tement of the qualifications of
each-candidate for the office he
seeks. '
!- . ....... . , . . v ... - if .
i Tr- .S .. .. , Vi 5-
i . v.-- ........ i (.,ti .
' 5 1 . V 1
mú 1 1 . li L,;ítiíMí-.--' ';:iiii
r-bsjp- Wear
For the whole family
has arrived. Lay in
.your supply while wa
have your size.
Our winter coats for Women and children
should arrive this week. We will have all
New Manish and Scotch weaves which w,ill
give you wonderful service.
Don't forget your tickets
' ord received from the var
ious towns along the route - of
the Texas-New Mexico Highway
tells us that Roy will have the
honor of entertaining a large
number of delegates at the con
vntion which is to be held here
on September 25 and 26. Near
ly every town along the route
will be represented by from 1 tot
a dozen delegates which ' alone
will mean a great number of vis
itors to the town. Besides the
various delegates, numerous visi
tors will be in town to attend
the convention. At a meeting
held inthe Community hall last
Saturday night all of the final
arrangements were completed
for the entertainment of the big
numbet of visitors. The finance
committee made a report wiiich
was indeed very favorable. The
Committee on arrangemnts re
ported that everythiny was be
ing worked out for the banquet,
at which 400 persons will be ser
ved. Messrs Baker and Scheier
were present at the meeting and
donated their fine garage build
ing for a rooniin which to hold
the banquet. Tables will be ar-r
ranged so that all of those who
hold banquet tickets will be serv
ed simeltaneously. . Mr. Paul
Haines and wife will have charge
of the banquet, which alone as
sures this feature of the program
of being a success. Rev. Homer
F. Cooke will act a toastmaster, "
this to; insure this part of the ,
entertainment a success. The
Sports Committee was given the
handling of the barbacue which
is to come on the second day of
the meeting. In addition, they
will also have charge of the basev
bal) games, races and other sport
The Reception Committee will
have charge pi the se.irirg tjt
quaii$ and. ( other :ci'iok-?
tiona for the visitors ; They will
also have Charge' Of the decora
tions as well -as coriductiiifthe
informatioa bureau and seeing to
the registration of all those who --
"are in attendance. ; ; 'i
(Chairman Gibbs of the Local
Association ajid Secretary Hes
er are woikLg cv.r.i . e to kakj
this meeting a great succ'ésá and
they are receiving the libtral
support pf the Publicity, and ail
other committees. Programs w ill
be off the press this week and
will then be mailed to the vari
ous towns along the route,
Governor Mechem, State High
way x!;Ilgiiieei Gillette and Air.
Springer, Chairman of the state.
Highway Commission vU Le
present and address the Couveu
tion. There will also be in attend
ance several of the' candidatei
for state ánd county onice3.
In order that the entertain
ment of the visitors shall lack
Luamig'Ave are authorized to an
nounce that the famous Fleers
heim orchestra cl .bpiir.ger viil
be on hand to furnisn miisic at
the banquet a..cl at otner u-aii-
of the - Association.
The manntr in which the local
burujos. ;nen are taking hold of
the arrangement at present pre
sages the meeting a vonutrful
success from every standpoint
Be sure to tell your friends and
everyone that you meet of the
Umvention tor we want all to be
present and to become interested
in this meeting for it will mean
a great deal to the citizens of our
county. And, remember, Roy
has a surprise in store for you
every minute of the tonveation.
Come-we are going to expect
Hon. John ,Motroif, pf Raton,
Democratic nominee ' f cr Cong
ress will address the voters of
Harding County at Roy in the
Lucero ría. I on next Saturday
evening at 7.30 and in the after
noon ac Mosquero at 2.Ü0 P.M.
Mr. Morrow is a forceful speaker
and the public is invited to hear
these addresses. Remember the
date Saturday September 16th.
A.A.Wynne and wife of Mo
quero, were visitors at Roy last
Wednesday evening atter.dkg ta
business matters. '

sioner, P. H. Hill of Rio Arriba
Vf. " , " r T á'i ;""-n' r 1CULCU AjUIlglCOO ' iie ucmcu

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